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Ivory Lotus

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Username: Ivory Lotus
Real name: Neve Tempest
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Height: 5'9"

About: History/personality

Ivory is a very excitable and happy young woman. She was born in America to a pair of unmarried shop owners. Despite not actually being married, they functioned as a normal family, except for the peculiarness of the shop itself. The shop was one that sold home made poultices and potions and the like to help with pain, disease, or injury. Ivory's main motivation is her desire for everyone to be happy. She has devoted her entire life to the study of medicine and healing. She wants to eliminate pain so that everyone else can be happy. On her nineteenth birthday, she received Sword Art Online in the mail from her parents. Her parents couldnt be there, due to the fact that she was interning in Japan for her degree in medicine, but had sent her the game and the appropriate equipment so that she could have something to do as a break from all of her studying. Ivory had just planned to test the game out a bit, but couldnt imagine that she would get stuck in the game.


Empathy: Ivory has a lot of empathy and finds it easy to understand how others are feeling. She is very good at comforting other due to this. She also has an incredible hatred for player killers, as she imagines death to be the complete and total absence of happiness.

Excitable: Ivory is a very excitable young woman. She finds it very easy to become motivated to do something, and when she is motivated she rarely backs down for any reason. She is almost always excited to do anything, and it's incredibly rare for her to be in any sort of slump.

Dedicated: Ivory is dedicated  to making the lives of everyone stuck in the game better. She wants everyone to be happy, and if she cant do that she is determined to make sure that she prevents the deaths of as many people as she can. When she has a goal in mind she is dedicated to it until she realizes that its impossible to achieve or until she has achieved it.

Reference: http://www.darkworldrpg.com/lore/flaws.html
Dedicated: Ivory can be dedicated to the extreme, sometime not realizing that what she wants to achieve is impossible. When someone is doomed, no matter what, Ivory is likely to rush in and try to do something anyway and be hurt because of it. Sometimes her dedication is good, and other times its a bit too much.

Caring: Ivory is a very caring person and has vowed never to hurt anyone. Because of this she wont let anyone die if she can help it, even player killers who she hates. She doesnt want anyone to die, and it can put her in some very bad situations.

Ignorant: Ivory can be ignorant of how others feel about her. She always tends to think that others love her, even if they hate her and want to kill her. She always blames others flaws, anger, or cruelty on something that can be fixed, even if its an ingrained trait thats a part of them and will probably never change.

Profession: (Leave blank until the Earning a Living quest has been completed.)



>> First Aid: Rank 5 (30 SP)

Extra Mods:

>[Rank 2 First Aid Mod] Purify (4 SP)

>[Rank 3 First Aid Mod] Energize (5 SP)

>[Energize Mod Add-On] Hyperactive (5 SP)

>[Rank 4 First Aid Mod] Barrier (6 SP)

>[Rank 5 First Aid Addon] Field Medic (6 SP)


» Heavy Armor: Rank 5 (30 SP)

>>Combat Mastery: Mitigation R1 (0 SP)

>>Howl (10SP)


>>[Rank 5 Heavy Armor Addon] Iron Skin (6 SP)

Weapon skills:

Spent SP: 102
Total SP: 105

» Starter Two Handed Straight Sword

» [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle
» [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle - in progress
(no "in progress" means its complete; "incomplete" can mean one or the other person stopped replying for a long time)

Relationships (optional)

Story Thus Far (optional)





Manta Gaul: 

SP Log: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ddkNd6Ni50y839zqmpwWDr-EaLqrs5l6w0urOf1BSHU/edit?usp=sharing

Total SP: 152

152/3= 50 SP

Starting SP: 50


Other Active Characters: Hakai

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