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  1. "Hmmmm." Ivory vocalized thoughtfully at the question that Randal had posed. It was possible that these were just throw away bosses with no real story but that wasn't as fun as the alternative. She placed a finger in her lip on her lips, thinking. "What if they are brothers and warriors from an ancient civilization of minotaur people, who sacrificed themselves in order to save their people, but as a result are cursed to wander this labyrinth fighting players for all eternity!" She exclaimed, presenting her idea with visible excitement despite the fact that there was nothing to back up her wild
  2. Ivory wanted to celebrate, but she felt like she needed to respect the death of another creature. Its death had been necessary, but she felt a little saddened anyway. She glanced over at Randal. He was very strong, she had seen him fight before, but she was still very impressed. Hakai on the other hand... Well, she hadnt accomplished anything. She supposed that the girl was putting up a strong facade because she was weak; It was probably a defense mechanism of some kind, to scare off potential player killers or something. She felt a little bad for her. "Nice one Randa! I guess we turn aro
  3. Ivory smiled happily at Randal complimenting her, not really caring that Hakai said she didn't like her. If Ivory believed her she would have been devastated, but she knew that everyone liked her. It was just hard for some people to admit. "I like you too Randal, you keep things exciting, and even though you can be a little weird I feel comfortable hanging out with you." She responded looking down a little shyly. The moment was broken a moment later as she pitched forward, falling forward and barely catching herself with her hands. Upon further inspection she had tripped on a depression in the
  4. Ivory had no idea that Randal felt strongly about talking about loved ones, or she wouldnt have brought it up. And she still had no idea, as she wasnt known to be the most observant person in the world and she completely glossed over the fact in her mind that Randal had moved away from them because of the topic. She just thought he wanted some alone time. "Thats a dumb idea Hakai, people are great, and its better to love them and then lose them than never love them at all." She frowned, looking like she was thinking very hard. "I think that's a famous quote from something or other..." Sh
  5. Ivory hummed to herself happily. Despite first impressions Hakai seemed like a friendly enough person, and she certainly looked reliable. The woman was very straight to the point and didn't seem one to waste time, but those were admirable qualities, ones that Ivory tended to lack. Her eyes widened in surprise at Randals response to the question Hakai had asked. "Randal! Why are you rolling around in the dirt? And without me at that!" Being completely oblivious to how that might sound. She had no idea why he would be doing that, but it sounded like fun. She turned to Hakai as they added the NPC
  6. Ivory turned around, staring at the woman who was nonchalantly smoking after apparently shoving a faune over. Ivory would have been very distraught after whatever had happened, but the woman just seemed to not care like she caused commotion regularly and this was a common occurrence. "She doesnt seem like the kind of person you want around influencing you..." She whispered as Randal used her as a human shield despite the fact that they were in a safe zone. She had to wonder what sort of woman this was for Randal to be acting so weird. She looked up at the slightly taller woman as they arrived,
  7. Ivory decided to keep it to herself that she had already done this quest, although that might be given away later by the fact that she was literally wearing one of the quest necklaces right now. She was happy to help a friend, and she didnt want him to feel awkward about inviting her on a quest that she had literally just finished doing. her lips turned up in a friendly smile, glad that at least someone wanted her to hang out with them. "I would love to come, although there's only so much I can do to help." She responded to him, shifting on her feet uncomfortably at the thought of killing anot
  8. Ivory hummed to herself, tossing the Hoya of the West that she had just received up in the air. Her head hurt a little and she wondered if there was a bruise. Generally speaking headbutting a minotaur in the crotch was not the best form of attack, but she had tripped. Luckily her newest friends had finished it off for her. She hated that they had had to fight the creature, but it hadn't seemed capable of reason. Luckily she knew the secret strategy to beating it, and if she ever had to do the quest again she would definitely be pulling that trick out again. Speaking of friends... She glan
  9. It appeared as though the gryphon respected her standing up and being more active in her taming attempt as it started to meander towards her. Slowly, with the occasional stutter, but it finally ended up at her feet, the tiny creature looking up at her expectantly. not wanting to ruin this chance, she slowly pulled the familiar food out and gently lowered it down to the gryphon. The creatures beak snapped, and for a second Ivory thought she might have lost a finger. However, it seemed that the gryphon was just extremely excited and had devoured the food all at once. Making a strange purring sou
  10. It wasn't going great, and Ivory was running out of things that she could possibly do. Just like she had been thinking a moment earlier it came down to patience, but it really seemed like the gryphon wasn't respecting her sit there and wait approach. Seeming to rapidly lose interest it started to back up slowly. Seeing this Ivory stood back up slowly, trying not to appear threatening and motioning for it to come closer while waving the familiar food in front of her. This was rapidly looking like another case of very bad luck and despite the fact that this situation might discourage another per
  11. It seemed as though the mythical creature was still quite scared, but maybe its curiosity would get the best of it? She needed to make it realize that she didn't mean it any harm, so she sat down in the dirt with her hands open so that it could see that she wasn't holding a weapon or anything that might hurt it. The gryphon didn't move, and neither did she, staying as still as she could and then slowly moving to motion the gryphon closer to her. It looked like patience would be the key here, and even then it might not be enough. But she was will to sit there until the gryphon realized that she
  12. Ivory took the familiar food out of her inventory trying to slowly reach out to offer it to the gryphon. She the food slipped out of her shaky nervous fingers and disintegrated into little pieces after it hit the ground. She frowned. Whoops. The gryphon, a little startled by the dropped item backed up nervously, letting out a tiny growl. Ivory backed up a step, noticing a notification on her HUD for a friend request. Wondering who that could be from she opened her menu up, seeing that it was from Randal. She wasnt particularly surprised at who it was from, seeing as he was the only person she
  13. Ivory smiled up at Randal, her head still propped up on her hand. Luckily it seemed that Randal had already gotten them rooms so she could just go straight to sleep. she shrugged after reading the note that had been delivered to them. She cared, but she couldn't bring up the mental energy at that moment to really care. She'd worry about in in the morning when they actually decided if they were gong to do anything about it. Trudging her way to her room, she entered, shut the door and then plopped facedown on the bed, unequipping her vambraces and sinking very quickly into a deep sleep. The
  14. The woman groaned as she was shaken, groggily blinking her eyes and slowly sitting up, propping herself up on the bar counter with her hand. Her other rand rubbed sleepily at her heavy eyes. "What is it?" She asked slowly after a few moments, visibly resisting the urge to yawn. noticing the sound of the flute a few moments later she raised an eyebrow questioningly. She had no reason to think there was any connection to the flute from before and this, but it did make her think about what had transpired earlier. "Did you finish dropping that guy off?" She managed before waving the bartender over
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