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[F1-PP] The Second Lesson is Also Free [completed]


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<<The Second Lesson, Is Also Free>>

This quest takes place on Floor 1

This quest is not repeatable and is level restricted.

Cannot be taken by those above level: 15

Image result for Dungeons and Dragons, Blacksmith

Background Information - An old NPC Blacksmith, dubbed Lyle Tealeaf, is in the Town of Beginnings. He plans on helping the new players of SAO by helping them understand the basics of Sword Art Online.

Quest Objective
- Lyle Tealeaf is short on rarer materials for his weaponry. He needs three(3) Boar Pup Tusks to complete his work. (Boar Pup Tusks are treated as materials, so you need to defeat them until you recover (3) Boar Pup Tusk materials)

Boar Pup Stats:
HealthPoints: 5
Damage: 3 (does not gain bonus damage on Criticals)
Boars drop Tusks on LD 11+

-Return to Lyle Tealeaf and hand over the materials.



-At least one [1] Pages (20 or more posts)
-Must have completed 'The First Few Lessons are Free' before taking this quest
-Must RP traveling to and from Lyle's workshop
-Maximum Party size of 2.
-Cannot Take if you are higher than level 15


  1. Questers will be rewarded one of the following items by Lyle
    - 1 Tier one weapon with one(1) slots damage or,
    -1 Tier One armor with one(1) slot mitigation

  2. A potion of 'Safeguard' that can only be used in the quest 'The Third lesson, Is Just as Free'

  3. 2 Additional Skill Points

If a party of players undertakes this quest together, each must succeed on their own task list (e.g. each must gather 3 materials)

Recommended Level: 1

Beat, having rushed out of the Blacksmith's after completing the previous quest in the chain was happy that Shield had stayed and talk to the old man, receiving a continuation quest that played off of the first in the series. Beat loved chains like this, even if they started out by requiring them to be gardeners. He held his hand behind his head, looking up at the rooftops as they made their way towards the city gates. 

"Good call talking to the old man. Who knew this game had quest chains? Wonder what the reward is..."

Beat assumed that the reward would likely be a weapon or a piece of armor seeing as how the Alchemist had stocked them with potions after they had helped him out. It was simple logic that a gamer with any sort of experience would pick up on quickly. He scoffed as he thought back to the herb picking they had been forced to do. 

"Killing boars! Now that's what I'm talking about! Why couldn't we kill plant monsters? Nope sorry, you're level one, pick crap out of the ground and make some kool-aid! haha!"


Locking in stats for this thread


- Stats -

[Level: 7]   [HP: 140/140]   [Energy: 14/14]   [Dmg: 5]   [Acc: 0]   [Eva: 0]   [Mit: 0]

- Skills -

SP: 16 | SP Used: 13 | SP Unused: 3

  Hide contents

- Non-combat -

- Passive -

Combat -


- Weapon skills -

Martial Arts [Extra Skill]: 2/5



- Sword Arts -

  Hide contents

Flash Blow - 1x1 - (1 Energy) - A basic right hook aimed for the target's jaw.
Embracer - 1x1 - Stun - (4 Energy) - An unarmed sword art that pierces the enemy with the fingers.
Aggressive Twins - 2x1 - AoE - (4 Energy) - A fast combination of left and right jabs.

Crescent Moon - 3x1 - AoE - (6 Energy) - The user pushes off the ground and performs a single back flip to connect a sweeping flash kick with their targets.
Delayed Sword - 4x1 - (4 Energy) - An advanced technique which uses kicks to disable an opponent and then chops their neck with the hand.


- Inventory -

  Hide contents

- Currency -

10,725 Col

- Materials -

T1 Materials: 10x

- Items -

  Hide contents

- Consumables -

  Hide contents

T1 Health Potion (Uncommon)(+40HP) [5x]

T1 Damage Potion (+1 Damage)           [1x]

T1 Over-Health Potion (+50 Temp HP)  [1x]

- Wearables -

Green Dragon Ring: +2 LD [equipped]

  Hide contents

Name: Green Dragon Ring

Your Profession: Artisan

Your Rank: 5

ID: 55845

Roll: 9+1

Item Type: Lucky Charm
Tier: 1

Quality: Rare

Enhancements: Loot Dice +2

Description: A small dragon that resembles a wyvern sculpted out as a ring. The dragon is made from a green gem and is slightly transparent. Makes the user very curious.



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Basic Stats
  Lv 7 HP 140 Tier 1
  DMG 1 LD 0 SP 16
  ACC 0     Spent 15
  EVA 0     Remaining 1
  MIT 3        
  NRG 14        

Combat Skills:
* Heavy armor (Rank 1)
* Howl

Boar stats:


[Boar Pup 1 - HP: 5 - Dmg: 3 (no crits), Mit: 0, Eva: 0]
[Boar Pup 2 - HP: 5 - Dmg: 3 (no crits), Mit: 0, Eva: 0]
[Boar Pup 3 - HP: 5 - Dmg: 3 (no crits), Mit: 0, Eva: 0]
[Boar Pup 4 - HP: 5 - 
Dmg: 3 (no crits), Mit: 0, Eva: 0]

"If those tasks are so beneath you, why did you have so much trouble accomplishing them."

As Beat strolled half a step ahead of him, Shield gave his shoulder a little shove from behind. As much as he had to work to keep Beat anchored down to reality and the task at hand, it was good to have some enthusiasm. Some of his old guild members would complain endlessly about fetch quests and mob grinding, but in a situation like this, dedication was a measure of your willingness to survive and to push forward. If for no other reason, that was sufficient cause to adapt to the high-energy antics.

As they strayed further from town and towards the portion of his map labeled 'Boar Nest.' This whole setup was a good design choice on the part of the creators. Starting characters have a harder time accomplishing anything meaningful, so helping them through their early levels with tutorial quests was always handy.

They crossed a natural bridge across a ravine and began wandering along a desolate landscape of brown, dried grass and stony mounds jutting up from the weather-beaten clay.

They really went out of their way to set the mood for the newbies, didn't they?

As they rounded a corner, there came a distant squeal that echoed off of the hardened ground and rocky formations. Shield put up his guard, shrinking and practically disappearing behind his shield as he scouted around them for their enemies.

From around the corner, four tiny pig-like creatures shuffled, their bodies almost too big and round to be supported by their tiny hooves. Each of them had round, marble-like eyes that made them look more like plushies than enemies.

"You have got to be kidding me."

Shield almost felt guilty for squaring off against something so cute and helpless looking, but in the end, they were only ones and zeros. He filled his lungs and bellowed at them.


He was playing it by the numbers. With creatures this weak, he forewent using his Howl skill, instead choosing to pull aggro by taking the first swing. If Beat managed to hit without killing one, he would take an action to pull the aggro instead.

-Battle Rolls-


74428 results:  Battle: 3 - MOB: 4

74430 results: MOB: 10 - 3 Dmg [-3 Mit] = 0

74431 results: MOB: 9 - 3 Dmg [-3 Mit] = 0

74432 results: MOB: 1

With that, he charged in, jabbing his spear at the nearest round target. His point dug into the dirt, but even though he missed, the pup still somehow managed to fall over. The two on either side leaped at Shield, but bounced off harmlessly, despite the fact that they had made full contact with his body. The last one also fell over, not even having been targeted by an attack.

This couldn't be more ridiculous if a nearby band popped out of hiding and started playing Yackety Sax.

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Beat scoffed at Shield's challenge, his tone matter of fact as he held his hands out with an arrogant gesture.

"Simple, I suck at doing stupid quests."

Beat whistled to himself as he stayed just a little ahead of his tank, enjoying the trip by admiring the effort and detail the developers went into setting the mood for the beginners. His whistling stopped abruptly as Shield gave him and shove, causing him to stumble forward for a moment. He looked back and gave him a half-glare. 

"Hey, watch it meat shield. This quest can can take a day or 30 minutes, your call."

Beat smiled at the end of his quip, enjoying the playful banter. Shield's effort to reign him in a bit had worked somewhat, his attention now forward more consistently. As the boars came into view, a grin spread slowly across Beat's face. 

"See? This is cruel, not stupid. Cruel I can do for the right reward!" 

ID # 74433: BD-4=miss

Beat leaped into the air and aimed a flying drop kick at one of the pups that had managed to stay standing. His foot slammed into the dirt, blowing two of them off balance enough to cause them to slowly loose their footing and topple over. Beat's brow crumpled as he rolled his eyes. 


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Battle Rolls:


74434 Battle: 1 MOB: 4
74435 MOB: 2
74436 MOB: 2
74437 MOB: 3

All Misses

Shield could barely keep his composure. Between the utterly ridiculous design for the monsters and the way that they could barely stand, let alone fight, this felt about as difficult as bowling with the guard rails up.

I guess we'll keep at it...

The four little creatures were so busy scrambling around Shield's feet and trying to climb up his legs that he had a very difficult time stepping around them to regain a good fighting position. As he went to pull his spear from the ground, he stepped, catching his foot on the back of his heel and keeling over face first into the clay.

With a chorus of excited squeals, the fat little monsters began trampling across Shield's back, tapping across the metal buckles of his chest plate where they fastened in the back.

"Oh my god... How... how is this even a quest? How did we end up in this scenario? I feel like I need to rethink my life..."

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Id # 74439: BD-2=miss

Beat turned around and eyed on of the prone pups, making cute noises and staring at them with their shiny eyes. Beat felt his heart skip a beat and he shook his head, forcing himself to feel ferocity.

"That won't save you!"

He pulled his leg back and aimed a soccer kick at one of the grounded pups, he eyes full of glee at the easy target, looking to redeem himself. Just before impact, the pup rolled over, just barely causing Beat to miss and propel himself through the air by the force of his kick, crashing into a nearby tree. It hadn't done any damage, but his patience was growing thin. This was the first combat where they had gotten to actually fight and their performance so far had been less than stellar. He slammed his fist into the tree, splinters flying from the moderate impact as he glared at the pups who had made him look stupid twice now. 

Okay...no more mister nice guy...

EP: 11/14

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Battle Rolls:


74441 results: Battle: 8 - MOB: 3
Mob miss. Shield hits! 
Boar Pup 1: -1 HP

74442 results: MOB: 9 - Hit! 3dmg (-3 Mit) = 0dmg

74443 results: MOB: 6 - Hit! 3dmg (-3 Mit) = 0dmg

74444 results: MOB: 1

[Boar Pup 1 - HP: 4 - Dmg: 3 (no crits), Mit: 0, Eva: 0]
[Boar Pup 2 - HP: 5 - Dmg: 3 (no crits), Mit: 0, Eva: 0]
[Boar Pup 3 - HP: 5 - Dmg: 3 (no crits), Mit: 0, Eva: 0]
[Boar Pup 4 - HP: 5 - 
Dmg: 3 (no crits), Mit: 0, Eva: 0]



-1 NRG +1 NRG
Lv 7 HP 140
DMG 1 LD 0
ACC 0    
EVA 0    
MIT 3    
NRG 11    

With the sea of wriggling, squealing madness that had enveloped him, Shield decided that he had had enough. Pushing himself up into a kneeling position, he brushed the less-than-ferocious beasts off of him, each of which complained loudly.

"Right!" he shouted, brandishing his spear. "Let's try this again!"

He sent a series of jabs with the butt of his spear, but the little creatures were zipping and zig-zagging around too much to get a good bead on them. Each stab missed, leaving dusty pockmarks in the clay as the boar pups continued to dance out of the way of each new attempt.

"Oh, for crying out loud!"

Shield turned his spear around, swinging it like a golf club through the midst of the weakling mobs. With a loud screeching snort, he felt his spear connect. A round blur shot from the chaos, hitting a nearby stone. A little piece of its health dropped away, and Shield gave an exasperated sigh.

"This is a nightmare!"

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ID # 74445: BD-7 = hit! 

Basic Attack: Dmg= 5 (2 Skill + 3 Base). Boar Pup 3 [0/5 HP] Dead

EP: 11/15

Beat took a few deep breaths and collected himself. Regardless of how weak they were, he was still limited by the system and his statistics. Playing smart was the key and they had absolutely no combat experience fighting things themselves. Failure was to be expected as they started out. Beat targeted one of the pups who had managed to right himself, currently distracted by Shield and took off towards his next victim. Once in range, Beat's left foot swung low as scooped the pup into the air, suspending it in the air long enough for Beat to bend the same leg and snap a fierce kick into the flying pup, sending it careening into the tree Beat had flung himself into before. He watched his target shatter into red shards, putting his put down and smiling, proud of his very first kill, despite how weak or cute the enemy was.


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Battle Rolls:


74448 results: Battle: 1 - Miss (-2 NRG, +1 NRG) MOB: 3 - Miss

74449 results: MOB: 10 - Hit (No Crit) 3dmg (-3 Mit) = 0dmg

74450 results: MOB: 5 - Miss


Lv 7 HP 140
DMG 1 LD 0
ACC 0    
EVA 0    
MIT 3    
NRG 10    

Beat seemed to be keeping his attacks confined so that both of them could get a chance to get some kills.

"Good. Just like we planned."

With a squeal and a squish, the first mob fell.

"Atta boy, Beat!"

With one little piggy no longer in the picture, Shield could feel the tension in his forearms begin to slack. There was one fewer mobs to squeal and trip him up. Since the golf method was the only one that had proven even remotely effective, he continued to swing, the somewhat smaller sea of swine parting for each attack as the spear swished harmlessly through the gaps between them.

"Change of plans, Beat," Shield growled. "You know how we planned to share the kills?"

He took one last whiff before pausing to lean against his spear, porcine snouts bumping harmlessly against his shins, heaving a deep sigh off exasperation.

"Murder 'em!"

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ID # 74451: BD: 10 LD: 20 (18+2)

Crescent Moon - 3x1 - AoE - (6 Energy) - Dmg = 5 (3 base + 2 skill ) * (3x1)= 15

[Boar Pup 1] [0/5 HP] Dead

[Boar Pup 2] [0/5 HP] Dead

[Boar Pup 4] [0/5 HP] Dead

EP: 4/14

Boar Pup Tusks Gathered: 

Beat [3/3]

Shield [0/3]

Beats recent success calmed his mind and allowed him some clarity. He recalled Rain's weapon glowing before he would unleash waves of destruction upon the lizard men in the dungeon they had discovered in the desert on Floor 5. He opened his menu and scrolled through his sword arts, seeing one that he could not resist using given their close proximity to each other. Cross leaped high into the air and chose his target carefully, making sure to avoid hitting Shield with the attack. He rolled backwards in the air, dragging his leg up at lightning speed with a loud crack, sending a white wave of energy down towards his targets below. The wave of energy impacted all three of his targets, enveloping them in it's blast, kicking up dirt and rocks from the ground. When the dust cleared, a large fissure and three Board pup tusks were all that was left of his targets. 

"Yeah! Critical hit!" 

Beat landed and pumped his arm into the air, picking up the tusks and giving Shield a thumbs up as he recovered his energy, realizing why Rain had needed to rest so often. 

"Sword arts are incredible! We're half way done already!" 


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"I'll leave the sword arts to you, for now."

With his spear, he gestured towards the crater where the first batch of loot had fallen.

"They may have been weak, but I doubt that they would design monsters that deal no damage. I suspect that my mitigation points simply eliminated anything they dealt."

He turned to Beat and held out his fist, inviting the former rival to celebrate a small but important first victory.

"So well done. We've both done our jobs well."

He hovered his hand in midair until his menu options appeared, pulling up his combat stats to check the damage.

"Yeah. As I suspected. No damage, yet... my energy is lower than usual. I suppose misses still count against you, even with puny opponents. Looks like we should both rest."

With a few long strides, he closed the distance to the withered tree and turned to press his back against against the trunk. Keeping his menu open, he watched as his energy bar began to fill more rapidly now that combat had ended.

"They really did outdo themselves, finding ways to eliminate the grind and maximize the action."

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ID # 74453: LD: 17 (15+2) = 1 T1 mat found

EP: 5/14 [Rest: 1/3]

Beat grinned proudly as he returned Shield's fist bump. Beat had always understood that first impressions were important and his first impression of the combat system of Sword Art Online was nothing short of exhilarating. He was having a hard time keeping himself under control, possible only due to the fact that he had yet to fully catch his breath from expending so much of his energy. He noted a few things from his first experience, concurring with Shield assessment on energy expenditure due to misses. It was certainly true that in a real fight, empty swings drained more energy due to the effort required to avoid falling off balance. He spoke as he made his way over to the withered tree. 

"Yeah, and sword arts cost a lot of energy. They're worth it, but you have to make them count." 

Just as he was going to sit down, he spotted a thick spider web that looked just a little conspicuous. Trusting his gut, he reached out and gathered it up adding it to his inventory upon discovering an item tag, appreciating the extra reward for a job well done. 

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74455 results: Loot: 20 - +1 Material

Nodding, Shield replayed the skirmish in his mind. Had Beat not been there, the battle would have taken forever. Until he started to land a few critical hits, he would only be picking off little pieces of health.

It feels so strange, only dealing little bits of damage at a time. Crossreign had been a system where level determined some of your success with attacking, but in this setup, if you did not invest the points, you did not fare well on the offensive.

He was unsure of whether he disliked that notion or not. After all, in the right party, he didn't need to do damage. If he could really be invulnerable, it would take pressure off of the off-tanks and let the party focus damage.

"Well, at least it's a pleasant day out here, even if the scenery is..." he began, glancing at the dead, desolate surroundings. "-less so."

Even as he said this, a glinting piece of debris caught his eye among the cracked bit of clay surrounding the dead roots of the tree. Sure enough, there was a small piece of what looked to be obsidian. He pocketed it in his inventory before returning his gaze to their surroundings.

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ID # 74456: LD: 18 (16+2) = 1 T1 Mat found (2 Total this thread)

EP: 6/14 [Rest: 2/3 turns]

Beat nodded, tilting his head back and pressing the top of his scalp into the bark as he looked straight through the barren branches, into the clear sky. As he looked, he spotted yet another spider web, which always brought a smile to his face. He slowly got up and began scaling the branches, making sure to take it at a leisurely pace as he left his menu open so that he could watch his energy bar replenish itself a he made the short climb up to the web, reaching up and gathering it before adding it to his inventory. Materials would be useful when he pursued a profession, something he had not settled on just yet. For now, materials would buy him better gear, many craftsman taking materials over col as the material was often more useful to them. He decided to remain on one of the branches above Shield, enjoying the elevated view as he gazed over the barren landscape.

"Hey, what kind of profession do you think you'll go into?"

Small talk more than anything, but he was genuinely curious 


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74457 results: Loot: 8 = No mats

Tilting his head back and forth, Shield opened up the mental notes he had made for himself regarding the professions available.

"I'm by no means certain yet," he admitted, trying his best to rerun the numbers in his head. "It would obviously behoove me to have smithing skills, but in the long run, I'll have to craft myself armor very few times."

He summoned his inventory menu and pulled out a health potion, turning it over in his hands as he admired the mirror-perfect surface of the bottle.

"On the other hand, while consumables offer short bonuses, they stack with your gear, so having a steady supply on hand will augment an already impressive set of equipment. And you know me. If it makes sense numerically, I do it. As long as I have a steady supply of materials, I can keep certain bonuses up pretty much at all times."

With a wave of his hand, the potion was back in his inventory.

"What about you?"

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ID # 74458: LD: 15 (13+2)= 1 T1 mat found (3 Total)

EP: 14/14 [Rest: 3/3]

Beat spotted another spider web as thick as some of the fabric spools he had found before. This time it was towards the top of the tree. He carefully climbed up the tree, eventually coming within arms reach of his goal and snatching the material up and adding yet another material to his inventory. Even the rest period had been lucrative for him today. He was sure his ring, a gift from Hydra, had something to do with it and he made sure to remember to be grateful. Beat stayed at the top of the tree to enjoy the view as he looked skyward, contemplating Shield's return inquiry.

"You make a good point about alchemy, but if you're doing that, perhaps additional buffs might not be a bad idea. Cooking perhaps? That or Artisan, they make a lot of items useful for all craftsmen." 

His menu dinged as his energy bar finished filling, suddenly much more quickly than before. He hopped down and did a few unnecessary stretches to ready himself for more vicious baby boars. He laughed at how ridiculous the whole thing was. 

"haha! Alright! Let's slaughter some more baby boars." 

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Boar Stats:


[Boar Pup 1 - HP: 5 - Dmg: 3 (no crits), Mit: 0, Eva: 0]
[Boar Pup 2 - HP: 5 - Dmg: 3 (no crits), Mit: 0, Eva: 0]
[Boar Pup 3 - HP: 5 - Dmg: 3 (no crits), Mit: 0, Eva: 0]
[Boar Pup 4 - HP: 5 - 
Dmg: 3 (no crits), Mit: 0, Eva: 0]

Battle Rolls:


74459 results: Battle: 6 - Hit! 1 dmg, -1 NRG +1 NRG

MOB: 4 - Miss

74460 results: MOB: 6 - Hit! 3 dmg (-3 Mit)

74461 results: MOB: 10 - Hit! 3 dmg (-3 Mit)

74462 results: MOB: 6 - Hit! 3 dmg (-3 Mit)

Shield kipped up off of the tree, returning his weight to his feet, and the two set off further into the miniature badlands. It was a small section of map, so keeping his eyes on the map was more or less essential in case they accidentally wander into more dangerous enemies. As they made their way down a steep embankment that seemed to have once been a deep, though very narrow river, the familiar sound of squealing assailed their senses.

"I had forgotten how irritating that sound was."

 At the far end of the deserted river bed, four little clopping sets of hooves began tapping their way towards the two adventurers, the fat bodies that they belonged to bouncing with each bound their undersized legs made.

Taking a few steps to gather speed first, Shield kicked off of the hard ground in earnest, careful to stay ahead of Beat until the enemies had focused him. As he closed the gap, he swung his spear high, bringing it down in a rounded swooping action to slash at the forerunner. The tip sliced through cleanly, leaving a streak of red particles tracing through the air behind it. The health bar dropped a little, but it was enough to satisfy Shield for now.

That feels really good. We cannot finish these things off soon enough.

[Boar Pup 1 - HP: 4 - Dmg: 3 (no crits), Mit: 0, Eva: 0] - 1dmg

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Id # 74463: BD: 9= Crit! +1 Dmg

Basic Attack: 5+1= 6 dmg [Boar pup 1: -1/5 Hp] Dead

Beat wasted no time rushing into the crowd of boars, but he wanted to give the little boogers a chance to aggro Shield, so he picked one out and moved closer, using concise, deliberate movements that his skill allowed him. Beat cocked his left leg and snapped the balls of his foot into the boar's face, caving it in with a sickening crunch before the poor creature shattered into red shards. It didn't drop any loot, but Beat was just happy to be getting the hang of the combat system, his movements far beyond what he could ever hope to accomplish in the real world, the adjustment taking some time. Despite the novelty of his acquired skills, he had a feeling that he had trained his whole life earning his skill, which was simply not the case. He grinned as he got into his grove. 

"That's one! Who want's to be next?"

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Combat Rolls:


74465 results: Battle: 5 - Miss (-2 NRG, +1NRG)

  MOB: 6 - Hit! 3 dmg (-3 mit)

74466 results: MOB: 5 - Miss

74467 results: MOB: - Miss


Lv 7 HP 140
DMG 1 LD 0
ACC 0    
EVA 0    
MIT 3    
NRG 13    

As the first boar pup burst into crimson particles, the others seemed completely unfazed, still galloping around Shield's ankles and occasionally colliding with them to no effect. In the midst of the fray, it became very difficult once again to get a clear shot at any of them, instead, he attempted to step backward a little at a time while sweeping with his spear to keep them back, if not connect with one of them. His hopes were to create some distance to maybe give Beat a clearer shot. As he did so, one of the wild piglets was so startled, more so than the death of its companion, that it followed in the proud tradition of those who came before him and fell over of his own accord.

"These things are a more formidable opponent to themselves than I am."

He continued swiping with his spear, but with very little result other than to agitate the, and heighten the pitch of their unbearable screeching.

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ID # 74468: BD: 5 = miss

EP: 12/14

Beat, growing confident in his skill decided to take it up a notch, his eyes finding his next target as he moved behind Shield to conceal his movements before moving directly behind the unfortunate creature. The squealing coming from the creatures annoyed him more than anything and at this point, he just wanted it to stop. Beat bent down and drew a fist back before driving it into the ground and, to his surprise, the pup had actually leaped out of the way, making a sort of growing noise before landing on it's feet and arching it back at him as if to say "come at me bro!" He chuckled as he pulled his fist out of the small indention he had made in the ground.

"I think they're wising up a little. The first patch wasn't nearly this spry."

Beat bounced on his feet, still feeling fresh and preparing his next move, anxious to continue experiencing the new combat system. 

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Battle Rolls:


74469 results: Battle: 10 - Hit! 1dmg + 2 Crit (-1NRG +1NRG)

 MOB: 8 - Hit! 3dmg (-3 mit)

74470 results: MOB: 7 - Hit! 3dmg (-3 mit) 

74471 results: MOB: 5 - Miss

As he continued the process of backing them up a little at a time, Shield began to see patterns in the squealers' weaving and winding. He used the butt of his spear, fending them off when they got too close as he waited for the inevitable, keeping an especially close eye on the first of the little blights that he had first struck. When it got too close, he nudged at it with his spear, sending it sprawling onto its side.


Leaning into the thrust, Shield drove the tip of his spear deep into the creature. It shrieked, flailing as it fought itself free from the piercing tip, but the damage was done. Its health had dropped off almost entirely.

I got my eye on you, you little pork ball!

Echoing their litter-mate's panicked sounds, the sharp, piercing cries of the pups stabbed into Shield's ears with redoubled intensity. Having sustained real injuries now, the patterns of the first struck target became sporadic, and Shield had to start over on tracking the spastic motions.

[Boar Pup 1 - HP: 1 - Dmg: 3 (no crits), Mit: 0, Eva: 0] - 3dmg

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