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[F11] Beat's Eats [R7- High Mentor Cook] [New prices!]

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Hey @Beat,

I'm on my way.



The message was short but to the point. It wasn't that he was trying to be rude. Merely in his rush to prepare for the trek over he typed out something quick so as not to keep Beat waiting. It would be some time before Seul arrived at the shop, but when he arrived the swordsman wasted no time letting himself in. Greeted by the soft jingle of bells overhead his eyes would scan the room from behind a mask and eventually fall on the other player. 


A cozy restaurant wasn't the first thing that came to mind when he thought of black market dealings, but he wouldn't complain.  A trade window would appear before him and with a glance it seemed everything he asked for was there. Holding up his own end of the bargain Seul would send over the Glittering Snowflake he had kept for all this time.

"It has been a pleasure doing business with you."

Trade Complete:

Sent: Glittering Snowflake x1

Received: Easter Bunny's Favor x1 & Bunny Stamp x1


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Crafting rolls: 

     ID        CD     LD                                            Result
174694    12     18   Crafting T3 Dessert      
174693    1        7    Crafting T3 Dessert
174692    1        5    Crafting T3 Dessert
174691    1        5    Crafting T3 Dessert
174690    8        9    Crafting T3 Dessert
174689    2        20  Crafting T3 Dessert
174688    7        8    Crafting T3 Dessert
174687    6        9    Crafting T3 Dessert
174695    11      5    Crafting T3 Dessert

Exp gained: 58
New crafting exp total: 1088

Edited by Beat
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