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[PP-F2] Dual Trials and Tribulations <Completed>


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ID# 77930 results: Loot: 18 + 3 item + 1 skill + 1 skill item = 23 - +1 Material (4 total)

Shield jumbled the item for a moment before managing to secure it properly in his grasp. With a sigh of relief and an appreciative nod to Sey, he stored the item away.

"This will definitely come in handy," he said aloud, checking the specs in his menu. "Alcoholic items, though a little garish, are extremely effective for my build, more so than just straight damage."

With a glance over at Beat he held out his hand towards the town.

"It's about time for me to be getting back," he added. "You gentlemen are welcome to come back with us"

He turned towards the town and set out, stopping along the side of the road to nab one last piece of ore that he spotted before setting off at a more brisk pace.

It's odd to be in a guild again. I guess we'll see how all of this works out. If this goes well, maybe Beat and I will finally have some players who can keep up with us.


[Thread Rewards]

- All -

1 SP (Thread length)

100 Col (Thread length/4)


- Shield -

4 T1 Materials


- Beat -

2 T1 Materials

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