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(F4-PP) Time to BEAT the snow <<Avalanche>> (Beat, Atzo) {Complete}


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The two adventurers approached the tavern. Atzo ordered them drinks. “Thank you for your help Beat. I enjoyed talking to you and gaining in site on life based on your prospective” Atzo smiled at Beat. “Well will have to do it again sometime.” After the drink Atzo bid Beat farewell and teleported back to floor two. It had been a long but productive day and Atzo was happy to have shared it with Beat. Maybe this was what it was like to have friends, to be able to count on someone that wasn’t Ren. Atzo knew he could always rely on Ren. Ren owed Atzo his life it was why Ren addressed Atzo as his King. Atzo really was a king in a way, a king of the mind. A king of manipulation and words. He would never be able to change that, he didn’t want to. Surely he could be a good person and still maintain what he had spent his life on before the game. 


ALL - <<Snowfrost>> | 3 SP | 200 Col

Beat - 2 T1 Mats | 4590 col

Atzo - T1 rare Armour | T1 Rare Weapon

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