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[F11 - NK - OP] To Have and to Hold at Arm's Length - The Wedding of Beat and Shield [Completed]


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<<Saying Vows>

This quest takes place on -any- floor

This quest is repeatable for the wedding only

This RP will not count in the benchmark




Players are falling in love all over Aincrad, and some wish to get married. If you want to take the plunge into holy matrimony, then take each others hands - hold tight and accept this quest. You and your partner may take this 'ques' and have a wedding. It can use any ceremony, and can be either a PP or a OP. It would be wise to invite friends to see the event, too!



-A thread with the word wedding in part of the title. For Example:  OP-F1:The Wedding of Brittany and Jason
- At the end of the ceremony you and your partner must open your HUD and select the 'Marry' button 
-At least two [1] FULL Page (21 posts or more)

-Weddings are open to players of any and all genders.



  1. A shared inventory and Col with your partnerNOTE: it is YOUR job to keep an eye on each other's inventory to know what you have and/or don't have. It's suggested to use a Google document drive or something similar.
  2. Any wedding gifts given by guests
  3. a Dowry of 1000 Col given by the NPC Celebrant 
  4. 1 SP

Parties or Groups of low level players are advised.
Recommended Level: -Nil-

While Shield had always been known for going to great lengths to min-max, this was a level of uncomfortable he was unfamiliar with. The whole affair of his and Beat's "marriage," as it technically was on paper, was supposed to be just that: Technical, and only on paper for the purposes of sharing housing bonuses. It was meant to be a private matter that would not be openly discussed, displayed, or disclosed. How he found himself at an actual altar on the eleventh floor in front of a sizable crowd of players was beyond his comprehension. He hadn't even dressed up for the occasion. There he stood in the the temporary safe zone of the wedding altar in nothing but his typical adventuring garb and armor.

The outdoor ceremony was decorated with white and pink flowers that spanned the entire front of the altar with a matching garland winding up and around the arch where the master of ceremonies would stand. He stood out like a sore thumb, if sore thumbs were to make a habit of surrounding themselves with things that were not other fingers.

Is it really necessary to have to have Beat marched down the aisle? Is the altar really necessary? Is ANY of this necessary?!

He shot a sidelong glance at the crowd before opening his messages and typing up a private missive to send to Beat.

"Wasn't the plan to NOT tell anyone this was happening? Why is there a crowd here? AND WHY ARE THERE SO MANY DAMNABLE FLOWERS!?"

Just before sending the message, he hastily added another sentence.

"And where is Norbert?!"

Firing of the message, he closed out of his menu, making very sure not to make eye contact with any of the assembled guests. Over and over again, he repeated in his head that this was all just something they would have to get through and then be done with.

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Beat stood behind a partition that had been stood up in the grass to prevent the groom from viewing the "bride", which was a title he wasn't appreciative of and one he would remedy soon. Partition was one of two placed behind the seating area that were joined by a pair of doors made to look like a door you would see in a cathedral. HIs stomach felt uneasy, but not because he was nervous to be getting married. He was more uncomfortable than he had ever been in his life. The only reason he had agreed to do this, besides the statistical benefits, was that no one would really need to know. Horus sat on top of the partition looking over the crowd, equally unsure why there were so many people there. 


Beat's brow rose as he received a message. He made a frustrated gesture as he read the message, angry that Shield was equally confused. He quickly replied back, his fingers mashing into the keyboard interface as his face turned red from embarrassment and anger. 

You don't know either?! I have NO idea! Maybe the game sends out a message when someone takes this quest? Have you ever been to a wedding without flowers? Probably part of the quest. You know, as long as no one we know if there, it's fine. Do you see anyone we know?" 

He hit the send button just as Shield's inquiry about Norbert came in. He looked around and quickly spotted the turtle in question. Norbert had been dressed in a tux that had been fitted to him with a cushion resting on his back. ON the cushion, there were two rings, the sight of which made Beat blush a deeper red. He opened his interface again to reply. 

He's back here... X_X

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Atzo had heard through the grapevine that his two instructors were being wed. “There has to be something more to this” Atzo thought “Shield doesn’t strike me as someone who would willingly do this.” The day was today and Atzo ran to the teleporter to get to floor eleven. He had to see this for himself. As he approached the rumored  grounds he saw what, sure enough, looked like a wedding ceremony. He approached from behind the flowers and the altar to see @Shield standing there looking flustered as all hell, “Y’all was having a wedding and didn’t tell me?” Atzo said in a friendly, and joking manner. “I almost feel offended for not being asked to be your Bestman” he chuckled, he could tell Shield was uncomfortable, this wasn’t like the two warriors… well maybe @Beat, but definitely not Shield. In fact it almost looked like Shield had been dragged here by his teeth. Atzo almost felt bad for the guy, though Atzo had a guess as to why they were doing it.

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"Oh, dear lord," Shield said as soon as Atzo addressed him.

It was not that he had a problem with the player. If anything, he was one of the more pleasant people he had found to adventure with. He had just really hoped that they wouldn't know anyone at the ceremony. He punched the bridge of his nose hard and forced his eyes closed.

"Please, no," he groaned to himself, not even opening his eyes. "None of this is supposed to be happening. There isn't supposed to be a best man. There isn't supposed to be a crowd. How did people even find OUT about all of this?"

A noise from the arch drew Shield's attention, and he turned to see an NPC that had been appointed to direct the ceremony. The man, standing in impressive white and gold vestments, wrinkled face complete with white, wispy whiskers, gestured to a small gathering of players who all took out instruments and started playing a soothing rendition of Pachelbel's Canon in D that somehow only managed to irritate him further.

He heard the message notification, reading the hurried reply before scoffing at the question and hurrying his own response.

"Yes. Now can you please get out here so we can get this over with? This is super awkward standing up here by myself."

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Dominion got an invitation by word and story. That was the best Dominion could come up with as he attemped to teleport for his first time ever past the sixth floor. Somehow, he found himself with Enma on his right shoulder, not dressed for the occasion whatsoever. Solomon stood beside him, looking confused. This was a strange situation to be in. There was a supposed wedding taking place, but Dominion didn't know what that meant. However he did bring a gift for the people celebrating, but he would wait until the end of the celebration to give it to whoever it was. They made there was to what seemed like a congreagating assembly. Enma was defintely not interested by the decorations, to which Dominion gave a sign, allowing Enma to run off from the main sight. Solomon watched as people moved about, as if they were taking seats. Dominion remained standing with Solomon at his side.

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Beat opened his menu to check the time and let out an exaggerated sigh as he blew his cheeks out. His patience was running thin given all of the pomp and circumstance. He looked to one of the NPCs. 

"Hey, can we please get this over with? We have a house to build ya know?" He growled as he folded his arms and began tapping his foot. 

The NPC woman warmly smiled at the younger player, "This isn't something that should be rushed my dear. You two will be wed in holy matrimony for the rest of your lives. Besides, you have to wait for the rest of the guests to arrive." 

Beat's jaw dropped at the statement and he snatched the clipboard from her hands, though she didn't seem to mind. It was a live check list of all of the guests who had submitted an rsvp. Many of the people they knew were on that list. He shoved the clipboard back into her chest as he threw his hands up. 

"How does everyone know about this!?"

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Shield opened his eyes and ventured a glance out towards the audience, immediately regretting his decision to do so. There were even more people than there had been the last time he looked, and there were more people arriving.

"This is not happening. This is not happening. This is not happening," he chanted to himself over and over again.

Nothing about this made any sense. The only people who knew about the ceremony were Beat and himself, and whoever had been involved in the actual planning process.

"How are there still more people showing up!?" he hissed under his breath, though it was everything he could to to keep shouting. "Was there a system-wide notification? Did the Celestial Ascendants get wind and broadcast it?"

The music that the band was playing began to swell attempting to compete with the hum of conversation from the ever growing crowd. This, of course, just meant that the guests had to speak louder to be heard over each other and the music.

"This is a nightmare."

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Mestophales was notified by a system-wide announcement that a marriage had been going on. She was not too keen on such things, in fact relationships were kinda scary to her. BUT, where there was a wedding there was gonna be free food and how could anyone pass up something like that? The feline woman had made her way to the Ceremony, a man standing tall at the front door with a sheet of paper, dressed popular for such occasion as a wedding.

"And who are you?" 

"Miss Mestophales! Cat-woman extraordinaire! MEOW, that's right!" she said with a salute. The man thumbed through his paper and then pointed his thumb at the door, "Go ahead," Mestophales eyes widened and she pushed through the door as she was given permission to enter. In her wild feline suit which was a rather scantily clad set of armor bearing little of anything over her legs, and the tiger stripes over her body, the woman began to smell the air around her. There was cake! And food! And even more food! Her stomach began to groan as she could smell all the delicious stuff! Sweeping a tongue over her lips she moved towards the buffet and was about to attack the shrimp bar when she was stopped, "Are you here for the bride or groom?" She blinked several times, "Whichever one is closest to the food table." she said pointing at the shrimp. 

"Please sit down and wait after the ceremony," Mestophales wined a little and looked around to see if she knew anyone. There was Atzo and a man close to his side who looked like a rather cute charmer, she wondered which hottie he was able to snag up in SAO to make a lovely wife. Mestophales turned and headed down the isle and sat in the bridal section, she wondered if this girl was going to be all dolled up in a pretty gown and stuff. Mestophales wasn't too keen on make up, but she did enjoy being pretty. She shifted her right leg over her left and waited patiently, just so she could get some food in her belly. 

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Soredell was passing through Floor 11, running some needed errands before his next outing, whenever that was. Soredell was unfamiliar with the layout of the 11th floor, only venturing as high as floor 18, and even then, only for a short time before leaving. It doesn't take him long to finish up the errands, and before long he is walking back to the teleport circle in town. On his way back, he notices there is some commotion nearby, players moving in. It wasn't a boss or event, he would've gotten a notification. He goes to where the other players are congregating at. Upon arriving, he meets an NPC at the entrance, letting most players through. No one seemed to be dressed up in any way, all of them just wearing their regular gear. He too makes his way inside, hearing something about a wedding from the man. "Wedding? I wonder who's-" he mutters to himself before seeing exactly who it was, and it sure as hell wasn't who he was expecting. At the alter of the outdoor service is none other than @Shield, looking embarrassed as all hell, almost angry. And nearby him is @Beat, talking to an NPC. He had too many questions running through his head. Were these two really getting married? If so, why? How did these other players know about this? He recognizes @Dominion and @Miss_Mestophales from some events that he participated in, the other, @Atzo was someone he didn't know. Going up to @Shield he taps him on the shoulder and says to him "Hey, just what exactly is happening here?" 

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Solomon stood, quietly taking in all there was to see. The area seemed adorned for that of a leader. The decorations that had been made for the occasion were well designed, and that was an understatement. Solomon carefully studied each symbol, sign, or item that was blemished with color. It made it seem as though there would be some sort of feast. to the side appeared to be some sort of food table thing, and in front of where Dominion and Solomon stood was an alter or sorts. Solomon didn't know what a table thing was doing in such a strange spot, but he wouldn't make any judgement about this until he understood. However, when asked that they take a seat, Solomon did not hear. If that was truly the reason, nobody would be able to tell by his blank stare, nor was there any social que to prove otherwise. Dominion didn't seem to react to whatever it was that was said. Instead, Solomon proceeded to memorize symbols in his mind, having to do with the decorations. 

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Atzo saw Shields distress and chuckled. “I’ll just take my place” He stood in the best man's spot. “I wish I had something more formal to wear but this will have to do” He said as he equipped his leather coat, Misguidance, And the Cloak of Changing Tide. The colors moving calmly throughout the emerald green background. Wolf ears forming on his head and his teeth shifted into Canine fangs. “I guess that it would make sense to be in battle gear as this is the wedding of two warriors.” He sent a quick message to @Raina stating “Hey, Shield and Beat are getting married on floor 11 Do you want to join me for the dance during the reception?” It seemed only fitting that he massage her, what better chance would they get to dance in this game? It wasn’t like there were any Ball’s happening… maybe he should host one at his cabin sometime. He could move some things in the lounge, Even if it was only him and Raina he would be happy. “Maybe I should take this with her at some point…”

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Beat listened as the music and thus the crowd became louder. He feared how many people were there since the last time he had looked.

“That’s it, I need to see.” He said, moving to walk past the NPC who was constantly fussing over the fact that he was not wearing a suit.

The blonde woman, who seemed like she was merely there for aesthetics quickly moved in his way. Beat stared with his mouth open for a moment in disbelief before he found his resolve again and glared at the woman.

“Move.” He said dangerously.

The blonde-haired woman smiled as she stood firm, but Beat could tell that her AI had been designed to keep the wedding in order and running as planned, even in the face of threats like the one she was subjected to.

“I know you’re anxious to see your groom but you will need to wait until everyone has arrived or we determine that all arriving guests have been seated."

“Your funeral lady…” Beat said with a grin as he balled his fist up, his patience finally running out.

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Before Shield had a chance to address the question for Soredell, there came a commotion from the far side of the crowd. Behind the partition, several of the NPC attendants had assembled to guide the ring bearer down the aisle. Unfortunately, the ring bearer didn't want to be guided down the aisle. The large, grouchy snapping turtle, Norbert, was shoved into view from behind the partition, his mouth gaping wide in defense, ready to snap at anything that came within biting range. As he scooted unwillingly into view, two poles emerged from behind the barrier, the tips of which were already splintered and marked from the powerful reptilian jaws.

Little by little, the poles poked and prodded him forward. His legs cooperated enough to move him a few feet and turn himself around to face the threat of the poles. Two very worried looking ushers emerged, each in full tuxedos to match the turtle's formal wear, each holding one of the prodding implements. As the first went to nudge Norbert, the turtle snapped, latching onto the pole. The other acted quickly turning the turtle around to face the front of the assembly as the first yanked his even more damaged pole from the turtle's jaws.

A few feet at a time, the ushers goaded the reluctant turtle down the aisle, having to block the lateral escape attempts any time that the turtle drew near to a new line of chairs. Each time, he darted under the nearest chair and attempted to hide, and each time, the ushers would have to carefully grab the turtle by his long, ridged tail and pull him back into the aisle, releasing quickly before he had time to bite. Every time an ankle came into range, Norbert lashed out indiscriminately, aiming for each target more out of spite and general irritation than actual threat of danger or hunger. Half way down the aisle, he stopped cooperating altogether and plopped down onto his belly, jaws open wide and head tilted back in a display of contempt and a challenge to anyone who sought to budge him from the spot. The ushers poked and prodded, but he only moved as far as the poles managed to push, which with a hundred pound turtle, was not very far.

Shield spread out his fingers, completely covering his face as he continued to chant his mantra.

"This is not happening. This is not happening. This is not happening."

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Beat paused his aggressive advance as he watched Norbert be prodded out into the aisle. He gestured angrily towards him, glaring at the woman. 

"See?! He's going out right now! I'll just go ahead now!" He yelled, likely audible to the the audience.  

The blonde haired npc continued to protest, unfazed by his protests, placing a hand gently against his chest as he solidified he position in front of him. 

"Sir, you really must wait. I'm su-"

Beat's fist slammed into the woman's chin, sending her rocketing upwards for all to see.

"BIG MISTAKE LADY!" He said, stomping through the doors. 

He quickly made his way to down the aisle, pushing the two npcs aside and picking up the hundred pound snapping turtle as his owner had shown him. His right hand gripped Norbert's shell just behind his head while the other lifted from behind. Norbert's protests become more pronounced at the sudden increase in movement and elevation. A faint hissing sound escaped his throat, his patience running as thin as Beat's. 

"I know! I know! I'm making this go faster. Just chill! He said, setting the turtle down in his designated spot next to Shield. 

He stood opposite of his soon to be wed and sighed, ready for the ordeal to be finished.

"That bi-....WOMAN would not let me go! Now let's do this!....please..."

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The NPC master of ceremonies nodded with a bright, genial smile, despite the violent display and the huffy attitude of the players in front of him. He opened his arms to the assembly, looking around with a level of peace and tranquility that can only have been forcibly programmed in. Taking a deep breath, he began his speech.


"Oh, Christ..." Shield said loudly enough for the front two rows to hear distinctly.

He brought his other hand up to his face his fingers digging into his hair just above his forehead. It was only with every ounce of willpower that he could summon that he resisted the urge to pull it out of his head altogether. On the floor by his feet, Norbert continued to gape his powerful jaws, hissing over the top of the sappy speaker.

"Mawwaige is what brwing us togevahhh... today."

"Can we please just skip to the end?" he hissed to the speaker, who ignored his request so completely that it was as if the NPC was incapable of straying from the script even in the face of an actual physical assault, which, given that the altar itself was a safe zone, was entirely likely.

"Mawwaige, that bwess-ed awwaingement. A dweam... wiffin a dweam..."

PLEASE let this all just be a bad dream!

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As the master of ceremonies came out and took his place, Beat actually managed to smile as his eyes rolled over once, despite his frustrations over the multitude of unforeseen circumstances surrounding what was supposed to be a simple and short ceremony. 

"Finally...now let's get this over with..."

His smile quickly turned into one of disbelief as the preacher spoke with what Beat would describe as an "Elmer Fudd" accent. IF he had been in a better mood, he would have burst out loud laughing, but instead his face merely contorted into one of disbelief as he turned to the audience and pointed to the man who seemed to pay no mind to his antics. 

He looked to someone in the front row of the audience, "Are you hearing this guy? Oh my god, I only hope I can be married by this guy in real life!" 

The preacher finished his introduction as continued on, looking at the two of them once Beat was attentive again. 

"Would the couple before us like to speak their vows to one another?"

Beat's face turned beet red and he shook his head vigorously, "NO PLEASE!" 

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"Kayaba, just kill me now," Shield grumbled to himself, turning to look at the speaker, who returned his glance with doe-eyed contentment. "Your happiness should not make me angry... and yet it does."

He shook off his incredulity for a moment, turning towards Beat but avoiding his gaze as if he were the snake-haired Gorgon sister. He fumbled for words, knowing that the ceremony would likely not continue until they each said something.

Just wing it. Make something up.

"Um... Beat..." he said, floundering as words failed to materialize in his mind. "You're uh... good at punching things... um... and you're not nearly as insufferable as I used to think you were."

He made a circular motion with his finger as if to say 'speed this up,' wanting to have this particular splinter removed as quickly as possible.

"But..." said the speaker, making big, quivering puppy-dog eyes at Shield, "...awwen't you going to take youww bewwov-ed's hands as you make youww vows?"

Shield stared back at the man, mouth opened like that of his hissing familiar as he tried to find words to express his exact sentiment on that matter.


With that he turned outward, staring over the crowd's heads, carefully avoiding their gaze. Or Beat's gaze. Or the blasted speaker's gaze. Or really anything that was conscious enough to be even remotely aware of the goings on.

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"I think he was giving us a choice dude...aww come on..."  He said as his face continued to turn a deeper and brighter shade of red. 

He did follow suit by avoiding the gaze of anything that could return his own, praying that it would be over soon. While not in an actual relationship, he and Shield communicated well enough and had spoken a great deal about their stance on a variety of topics. What Shield had said was redundant, but, Beat would be lying if he said it wasn't pleasant to hear. Beat visibly relaxed as Shield declined to hold his hands. 

"Oh thank god..."

The master of ceremonies along with everyone else there, save for Shield, who was looking for anything else to look at, all stared at him expectantly. It took him a moment to notice it, but when he did, the jumped back. 

"I never said I would-!...fine..." He said, finally surrendering and walking back to his post and looking across at Shield. 

"You're not as grumpy as you were when we started this adventure and you're funny when you want to be!" He said, blurting out the first thing that came to his mind as quickly as possible. 

The preacher seemed disappointed, but an attendant approached with the pillow the rings had been set on and was awaiting her queue from the preacher to present it. Beat's eyes were immediately drawn to the woman's missing index finger, though she seemed to be in no pain at all. It actually helped distract him from the situation as he looked to Norbert, who seemed to have calmed down significantly with a hint of a grin on his face. 

Atta boy Norbert!

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"No..." Shield said, very slowly and very deliberately. "No, we're not doing that."

The attendant stared at him, unmoving, smiling brightly as she continued to press the ring forward towards Shield's hands. He stepped back. She followed him.

"Oh, for the love of-"

He took the ring from her and, turning towards the backdrop of the altar, tossed the ring as hard as he could, turning back around to find the attendant, still smiling just as she had before, with an identical ring still in her outstretched hand.

"Son of a..."

With much grumbling and groaning, he took the ring from her again, this time forcing it into Beat's hands. As soon as he released it, though, it vanished, reappearing on the attendant's palm. She offered it again, the same absent-minded smile on her face.

"...are you kidding me? So unless I actually... Oh fine! Have it your way," he griped loudly, taking the ring forcefully from her and grabbing Beat's hand, forcing the circle onto his ring finger. "We are never speaking of this again. You got that?"

At their feet, Norbert had come to the conclusion that nobody was paying attention to him anymore, and with a slow lead of a few careful steps, he also realized that nobody was going to pursue him. Darting as quickly as his little turtle legs would carry him, he made a beeline past Shield, directly towards the band. The instruments let out loud squeaks and squawks as their owners felt sharp, powerful pinches on their feet and ankles, each one standing quickly out of their seat before sitting once again, as if doing a very small version of the wave at a sporting event.

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ID# 78987: LD: 18 (13+4+1)= [F-11]Beginner Dungeon Found. 

The color of Beat's face had improved somewhat as he began to understand that this was simply going to happen, though he did enjoy, with some amusement, the lengths at which Shield had tried to avoid placing the ring on his finger. Beat would be lying if he had said he wouldn't have tried the same thing, but luckily, no one needed to know that.

"It was a good try friend. Let's finish this alright?" 

He swiftly took the ring from the pillow and placed it on Shield's finger with a dexterity and speed he had probably never used before. He looked expectantly at the preacher who actually reacted by shaking his head for a moment before returning to his former, happy self. 

"By the power invested in me by the world of Aincrad, I pronounce you, husband and wife." he said before looking at Shield warmly, "You may kiss the bride."  

Beat's brow furrowed as he hugged Shield as briefly as possible before looking at the preacher with an annoyed expression, "We don't kiss man!" he said, playing along with the premise to simply get it over with. 

"But surely this occasion calls fo-" 

"Excuse you!?" Beat shouted, making a move for the man. 

Before Beat could lay a hand on the holy man, the quest completion window appeared between Beat and his would be victim. The player smirked at the older gentleman and scoffed, "That's right!" 

The quest completion screen directed him to his HUD, which he opened, his eyes immediately drawn to the pulsing, blue 'Marry' button. He quickly pushed the button and watched his status change before putting his hands on his hips as the band began to play. He looked around expectantly, "Now where is my cake?!"

He marched down the aisle only to suddenly lose his footing, tumbling down what he soon discovered to be stairs. The carpet had given way to a staircase that ran down into what appeared to be a dungeon entrance. He laid, sprawled out on the stairs at the entrance of the dungeon, laughing as he shouted up to the surface. 

"Hey look honey! It's our honeymoon suite!"

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