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I need to be re-added to the Skype Chat considering something I only meant as a joke (Which I made clear with an xD before hand, so there was no room for misunderstanding) apparently was extremely offensive to Zero, enough so for him to kick me from the group. He didn't even tell me in no unclear terms that it was annoying him that much.

Neosonic97 is skype name, again.

(Oh, and uh, sorry for the Necro. if Zero hadn't forced my hand I wouldn't have done it).

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I remember being ganged up on by Zelrius, Zero and Life for one of my own stupid jokes that are not anywhere near as offensive as the subtly disguised pretentious manner of many staff members. Edit: "Reported one situation to a staff member and only got an answer that told me they stick together against complaints, and don't take things seriously when it is given near constant evidence." I still have the ability to provide photos of this Skype discussion, but I am sure this will all be swept under another rug. The reality is, there is tension for a reason.

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