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Shirogane Chosa

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Username: Chosa
Real name: Shirogane Chosa
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 5'2


Shirogane is a typical teenage girl who likes to play role-playing games. She doesn't have a lot of friends outside of her MMORPG and tabletop RPG life. She's good at RPG games only as she can never compete with anyone and would prefer to help them rather than fight. As a result, she hasn't experienced PVP before and relies mostly on the help of her friends. She got stuck inside the game after her parents gave her the nerve gear as a present for having good grades. She has two older sisters and a cousin named Aya who introduced her to the concept of nerve gear. Now Chosa stays inside the settlements to ensure her safety as she is afraid to join battles even with her friends with her.


Shirogane is born from a family of musicians and she also has the talent to be one. Despite the encouragement of her parents, Shirogane decided that music is not her art but she is willing to be as good as her parents and older sisters. She grew up learning classical music on guitar and progressive rock on drums, this gave a unique taste of her music which resulted in her looking more creative than her parents. She was an upcoming talent but decided that her music is for her family only and not to be seen as a way of income. This thinking made her more respectable in the eyes of her parents and they also concluded that Shirogane will always be talented in music despite her interests not align with her high aptitude for music

Shirogane however was more interested in roleplaying games and always wanted to be part of it. She started out on single-player role-playing games and was known to her cousin as a "completionist" when it comes to playing games. This made her closer to her cousin than her older sisters who pursued music as their profession. The introduction of MMORPG to Shirogane gave her more joy than ever seeing as to how she can play along with others. Her cousin also noted that Shirogane likes to "dress-up" her character and the more rare the items were, the more Shirogane wants it for her character. 

Shirogane was known in her class as "the girl who can manage" because of her playing games and music yet still maintaining good grades. Shirogane however didn't like the title as she explained that the resources and character management that she does in her games are what taught her to be a good student. She is also shy to boys and was much more open to socializing with boys inside games than in real life. 

Her life inside Aincrad started out bad as she was so scared of coming out of the settlements and prefer to join large groups which was hard for her to find. She, later on, she joined a party who was trapped by the Sand Shark and with the help of a certain person was able to overcome her fear. Now she plans to tag along with this person in his quests and adventures. Hopefully Shirogane will be able to use her skills right this time.




Shirogane likes helping people around her all the time. She always finds satisfaction in the joy of someone else. Despite her addiction to role-playing games, Shirogane is always willing to set it aside for others. She also looks out for the welfare of those who can't be independent. At times it gets dangerous because she would, if the situation calls for it, use herself to protect others.

A bright outlook in life is one of Shirogane's noticeable features. She's always looking for a way to do things in a civil and peaceful way. This attitude of hers is what made her good at MMORPG because she always finds a way to get things done no matter how high the difficulty spikes. She also likes to encourage people and bolster their morale.

Something that Shirogane learned as she began playing games. Her skills to come up with strategies were honed through hundreds of death in games and fails on challenges, she wasn't the smartest player but her inputs are invaluable to any group or party that she joins. She also has tendencies to be too careful as she says that being careful is also being strategic especially that inside the game there are no respawns.

Reference: http://darkworldrpg.com/character-flaws/

Shirogane may be knowledgable in games but she is also dependent to others. Whether it be the real-life or inside the game, Shirogane would ask for someone's help on something if she knows she can't do it. Most of the time it's just her being scared which causes her to depend on someone.

Shirogane is easily swayed of those who are weak or needs help in her eyes. She doesn't know when to turn down someone who asks for help or anyone who she catches wind of having problems. This flaw sometimes gets her into trouble as her soft-heartedness is taken advantage of.

Shirogane has paranoia when it comes to her surroundings and this fear is doubled when she is alone in a place she has never been before. She also fears going into forests and ruins alone as she thinks she might get lost. Her biggest fear is to be left behind by people who she is with and thus tries her best to be good enough for them.

She's a girl who grew up in a wholesome family, rarely does she get herself into situations that guarantee for her to be in trouble. As such she is easily misguided if someone claims something. Want her to act like a cat? she might just do it if you explain it well to her. 


Profession: (Leave blank until the Earning a Living quest has been completed.)




»Heavy Armor Equipment 

Weapon skills:
Two-handed Assault Spear R1

Total SP: 14

Unspent SP: 9

Spent SP: 5


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Chapter I
» [solo/private/open] <<FFLAF>> Training Regime I [Complete] 5 SP
» [solo/private/open] <<SLAF>> Training Regime II - Conquering A Certain Fear [Complete] 4 SP
» [solo/private/open] Tanabata Celebration [Complete] 8 SP
» [solo/private/open] <<SLAF>> Meet The Shielder
» [solo/private/open] <<Third Lesson>> Training Regime

Relationships (optional)

Crozeph - Shirogane sees him as a senpai or senior. They both met each other when she decided to follow her friends who ditched her to do the Sand Shark quest. Crozeph reluctantly helped her but soon they became friends and at times she would request for Crozeph to do things for her. 

Story Thus Far (optional)

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