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[PP - F19] House of Cards (Mina and Morgenstern)

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**Color Key for speech reference listed at bottom of post

A pair of people were clashing weapons in front of a woman with dark brown hair, and teal eyes, as well as a young woman with bubblegum pink hair, and deep red eyes. One of the fighters wielded a two-handed Scythe that was nearly a full foot taller than her, which was saying something given her height. She had piercing steel blue eyes, and pitch black hair, and was wearing sliver armor decorated with gold plate. The other was a man that wielded nothing but black gold gauntlets that allowed him to catch the blade as it swung towards him.

"Glenn, If you ever do that again, I'll beat you over the head with that boar skull the boss got a few days ago!" the woman snarled, glaring at the man with fire in her eyes, prompting a snort from him in the process "As if! you're just salty I beat you, Ollie. Didn't she say drop it al-!" He was cut off mid speech by the woman slashing her scythe at his neck, forcing him to fall backwards in order to avoid getting his head lopped off (Not really, they were fighting in a safe zone, and in a training duel no less). "I don't care! If you ever do something that stupid again I'll beat the crap out of you, you utter fool!"

Rosa leaned back in her chair, stifling a groan as the two began to bicker heavily back and forth. When Violet had returned with her after the kidnapping, both Glenn and Olenna had been bitching at each other almost non-stop. It was starting to grate on her nerves a bit... actually, more than a tiny bit. "Can you two just shut the hell up over it?! you've been going at it since we got back!" She shouted, a tic mark appearing on her face as she stared down her friends. "I've already chewed Glenn out for breaking protocol, don't make me go after you for not dropping the damn subject, 'lenna! " Olenna glanced off to the side, still looking as though she wasn't done with voicing her displeasure on the situation. Glenn on the other hand was looking at Rosa with an innocent expression, tilting his head. "Shuryō-san, I was just helping her with her pent up agression, I don't quite get what you're on about..?" he said, frowning. Rosa let out a growl, before slamming her face into the table she was sitting at. "Both of you were acting like literal effing children, and you're expecting me not to be upset..? oh thats just fan-effing-tastic!"

Violet watched the scene with an amused look on her face, scrolling absentmindedly through the Aincrad times, a photograph from the recent raid meeting plastered on the story she had been reading. "Maa, Rosa... they're still going at it?" she laughed, shaking her head. "This is day... four..? I think its been four... no, wait, that was almost a week and a half ago. Yeah, they've been going at it for almost two weeks now. Somethin' tells me that Spade ain't gonna drop it any time soon." "She better drop this shit, or she's gonna be the next person I chew out."Rosa said flatly, glowering at the black haired woman. Olenna returned the scowl with one of her own, earning a whistle from Violet, and a growl from Rosa. "Lighten up a tad bit, Rosa. Its not like they're breaking shit like they did the first time. Oh! I asked Jon to come pay us a visit again!" Rosa seemed to perk up a bit. "You asked him out again? Che, here's hoping it don't turn out like that first date you two went on." Violet blushed a bright red at Rosa's statement, and let out a squeak of embarrassment. "Eff off Rosa! Like I'm ever gonna try to fuck that up like I did the first time! Just don't sit there embarrassing me like you did last time!"

Rosa's laughter echoed around the room, much to Violet's eternal embarrassment.



Character appearance Key 




Alex Benedetto | Anime Amino



anime boy with brown hair and blue eyes - Google Search | Anime guy blue  hair, Anime guys with glasses, Anime



Shanoa | Castlevania Wiki | Fandom

Color Key


Heart's (Glenn's) speech

"Try that again, I dare you"

'Try that Again, I dare you'

Spade's (Olenna's) Speech

"For Shuryō-sama"

'For Shuryō-sama'

Rosa's speech

"Memories of green"

'Memories of green'

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Stepping down the stairs, the green-haired girl would enter the basement of Riker's Edge where the sounds of battle ensued. The clash of weapons made her want to join in; however, she knew that the fight was more serious that it appeared. Her amber eyes fell on Spade, the uptight dark-haired girl wielding a scythe. The reason she was angry at Heart was because of the fact that he had talked to her. She finished walking down the stairs, finding Rosa to be reprimanding the pair. She took a breath, and put on her smile as she approached the group. She didn't want them to know that she was still feeling borderline unwelcome. 

"Hello everyone~!" She would say cheerfully, flashing a smile to the group of people in front of her. "I have excellent news to share! Just moments ago, I finished the first prototype to my blade throwing cards!" The girl brandished three cards in her hands with a mischievous smile. To demonstrate her creation, she twirled, using the momentum to send one of the items into the wall on the opposite side of the room. "And BAM!" She stuck out her tongue in Heart's direction and finished, "And someone said it didn't fit the theme!" She walked over, retrieving the card that was now lodged in the wall. 

The girl would walk back over to where the boss and her friend sat. "Feel like there was something I needed to say.... OH YEAH!" Mujo turned to face Mina and flashed her an innocent smile. "That boy that hangs around you has been looking for you upstairs for a few minutes now." 


Upstairs, the boy sat at the bar, staring blankly at the wall. He'd arrived a few minutes ago and had heard a few voices but wasn't planning on getting attacked over trying to find the right door to where they currently where. 



Image in Anime Girl collection by L munechiken


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Rosa snickered at Violet, elbowing the younger woman. "That being said, go ahead and go say hi to him, you crazy Gaki" she laughed, gesturing towards the door that Mujo had just entered from. "Rookie Ace here just said he showed up with her, and I think he deserves an official introduction where I'm not bein' an ass, and when I'm not kidnapped by people stabby stabbying my guildmates." Violet blushed, glaring at Rosa. "S-Shut up!" she squeaked, pouting slightly. "A-anyways, nice cards, mujo-chan..; I-I'm just gonna... go get Jon now..." Mina swiftly made her way upstairs, her blush deepening at Rosa's laughter. 'UGH! she ALWAYS does this to me now! gimme a break already dammit, I just wanna hang out with him without someone teasing me.' A few moments later, she opened the door to the tavern part of Rosa's base, smiling weakly as she caught sight of Jon, who was standing near the door. "Hey, Jon... you coulda just come downstairs. You're basically a part of this crazy ass family too, so I don't think the others would've stopped you from coming down." she held out her hand, a faint blush on her face. "C'mon, lets g-" 'C R A S H!' Violet jumped slightly, a concerned look on her face , as shouting suddenly started emanating from downstairs. "Uhm.. t-that didn't sound too good..;" she said weakly, peeking down the stairs.


"Oh Figlio di Puttana*! I told you idiots to cool your heels!!" Rosa was scowling at both Olenna and Glenn, who were both on the floor, unable to move because of status effects. Glenn was paralyzed, and had a frustrated look on his face, a glowing red mark marring his face. Meanwhile, Olenna was completely unable to move from the stun effect, her eyes glazed over with shock. A cross-shaped mark was on her chest. A wickedly sharp dagger was in Rosa's hand, glinting with a dark green light. "I've already said that I am not dealing with you to being literal fucking children over Cazzata**! I got kidnapped, sure. Am I a ghost?! Am I Dead!? NO, I'M EFFING NOT!!" She turned to Mujo with an apologetic look on her face. "Sorry kiddo, I don't like being mean like that, but those two were being stupid. I'm not mad at you or either of them, just a bit frustrated." Violet peeked around the corner, jumping in shock from the sight of Glenn and Olenna on the floor. Rosa noticed her stare, glancing behind her. "They were getting on my nerves, especially 'Lenna. I told 'em to charge at me to get rid of that pent up agression in a 2 on 1 first strike duel. Guess who won?" she snarked, tilting her head ."Anyhow, where's Rubacuori*** at? I thought you were bringin' him down with ya?"

* "oh Son of a Bitch"
** "Bullshit"
*** "Lover boy"


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His eyes traveled over to the opening door, a familiar smile greeting him. As she mentioned he could have come down, he shrugged and replied "Well, I wasn't sure which door. I could've kept opening but with my luck i'd stumble into some room that's off limits." The sound of a crash caused the floor to rumble underneath his feet. He tensed for a moment, but Mina's meek voice reassured him that it was something natural. As the girl moved down the stairs, he followed. His eyes captured the scene of Rosa standing over a couple of players, a dagger held in her hands. 

His eyes narrowed, noting that any stun attack performed by Rosa couldn't have happened in one attack. The two were knocked out in rapid succession. He didn't know the downed players or the green-haired girl that now moved to stand over the downed male. "And he's down for the count. With the longer reaching weapon, you should've kept her at a distance!~"  The girl exclaimed. Shouting caught his attention, and his eyes fluttered back to Rosa who seemed to be letting out a bit of anger. 'She's definitely the highest level of them here. I'm not sure what level she is, but she went toe to toe with Hidden for a bit. I'm pretty sure the reason everything worked out is their consistent teamwork. Had they not been so fluid, the battle would have gone much differently.' His eyes moved to Mina. 'I would've ditched the rest of them to save Mina. Or at least gotten her somewhere out of the battle.' 

"Anyhow, where's Rubacuori*** at? I thought you were bringin' him down with ya?"

He wasn't sure what the Italian translated into, but he gave a small wave from where he stood on the stairs. "Heya. Looks like a lot of fun is happening in here." His right hand moved to rest on the hilt of his weapon. "Anything else happen around here besides you know... fighting?" The entire group was odd, including Mina. They all had a past and a way of running things. It seemed like it was difficult to join such a crazy group, but her and Mujo had done it without much trying. 

'Also for such a fluid group, its surprising they aren't all at least at Frontliner level.' 

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Heart let out a moan. "Merdé*, I know I deserved that, boss, but why didn't ya knock both of us out?" he murmured, glancing up at Rosa with a baleful look in his eyes. "and calling blondie 'lover-boy' is probably the least creative thing I've heard come outta your mouth." Rosa twitched slightly, a tick mark appearing on her face. "Well excuse the fuck outta me for not having shit to work with, Jackass." she said flatly, turning away in frustration.  "I doubt you'd even be able to come up with something better-fitting for him." He raised an eyebrow, moving his shoulders slightly. "Well for one, I'd have probably gone with something like Sherlock, since he seems to be pretty eager to figure out how to capture criminals, and how to hunt the perps down." "Bakayaro*, Conan is a better reference than that and you know it." "Bullshit, everyone and their mother knows about sherlock, barely anyone knows about that show outside of Japan." "SCREW YOU!! I GREW UP WITH THAT MANGA AND IT'S AMAZING!!

Violet raised an eyebrow as she walked further into the room, following Jon. "Unless I'm very much mistaken, aren't pet names meant as a form of endearment?" she quizzed, staring at Rosa. "And heart has a point, Rubacuori is very, very unoriginal, rosa. almost as unoriginal as calling me Gaki. as far as nicknames go, I'd run them by him first, then go calling him those. Besides, neither of those fit him too well." Violet pulled out an antidote crystal, crushing it over Olenna, who sat up, glaring at Heart and Rosa. Heart had a look on his face that almost seemed to dare her to start something again, and Rosa had a mostly unreadable look. "Ché, not like I'd try anything after that crap, you think I wanna actively pick a fight with the boss?!" she hissed, a tick mark appearing on her face. "I dunno, she did tell you guys to shut up about what happened. If that was why you got knocked down like that, you kinda did ask for a fight... er, one-sided beatdown.." said violet sheepishly, glancing at the red marks on their bodies. "That being said, can we not fight like that while Jon's here? I thought you guys wanted to talk to him without the fighting going on..?! Wait, what the- WHAT THE HELL DID YOU GUYS DO TO THE TABLE?!?!" "I may or may not have broken it in a fit of rage..?" said Rosa, blinking slightly at the sudden shift in Violet's mood. "MY SHOGI BOARD!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Heart rolled his eyes, before turning back to Mujo, who was still laughing at their misfortune. "You do realize I fight with my fists, yes?" he said carefully, raising an eyebrow at her. "That, and the boss is rather hard to keep at bay unless you have rather fast reflexes. I'd much rather avoid fighting her, but you don't learn by sitting on your hands and doing nothing." He glanced over at violet, a bead of sweat rolling down his cheek as he witnessed the younger woman shaking Rosa like a ragdoll, the older female simply allowing her to do so as she ranted about the board. "And as a word of caution, Ma Chérie, don't break their chess board or their shogi board, they tend to throw a fit not too dissimilar to what Violet's doin' right now. just... just don't fuck with their games. for all of our sakes."


**roughly translates to asshole

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The blonde remained uncomfortably silent as he looked over the mess that was the group of players. A frown covered his face when they began to argue over nicknames for him. As they finished, he finally spoke up saying, "Well, sadly. The best of those was 'blondie'. I didn't even care for Sherlock much. I do my best, but figuring things out is usually one of my friend's forte." He gave a faint smile as his thoughts traveled to Itzal. While he didn't get to see the man all too often anymore, he was still a valued friend. 

"Wait, what the- WHAT THE HELL DID YOU GUYS DO TO THE TABLE?!?!" Even Jonathan himself was startled by the sudden outburst. As his lover began to lament the loss of her Shoji board, it was all he could do to sit there and quietly say, "That's the most passionate she has ever been... with anything." He contemplated the game for a moment. "Isn't that like the Japanese variant of Chess? I don't think I've ever played that one." He hadn't gotten much into the Japanese culture even though most of the players in the game were Japanese. 

"You do realize I fight with my fists, yes?"

"Yeah, but you aren't using it properly to your advantage. If you can manage to disarm her, you have the reach advantage." Mujo looked over to Rosa. She supposed their fighting styles were much and the same. They both were quick fighters that used Status effects and speed to win the game. Hidden had also used a dagger but used the Shadows and brute fighting prowess to push through. That was the difference between them. However, Hidden and the Faceless were gone. They had left her. 'I wonder if Hidden ever found what she was looking for.' Her eyes fluttered back to Heart. 'I found what I was.' She stood, a confident smirk playing on her face. "So what's your excuse with Spade? She uses a Scythe. If you get in close, her weapon is next to useless. Her weapon relies on momentum and for you to be at a certain distance. Honestly, are you actually suited for fighting?" Her words were spoken in a teasing manner. "Yeah yeah, their games and whatnot. Mina's poor blonde boy, he gets ignored and then made fun of, and then ignored again. Tough crowd."

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Rosa patted her dear friend on the head, a sigh escaping her throat. "Sorry kiddo, I'll get ahold o' an artisan later and make you a new one, better than this old thing!" She said kindly, a wry grin on her face. "'sides, you'll probably like it better than this one. A nice one carved outta darksteel and platinum, with a nice glass overlay~ Mahogany and teak pieces, with hand-painted kanji. Would that suit the 'lil hime? Weeeeeelll?" Violet elbowed the older woman, a bright red blush on her face. It was like dealing with an older sibling 24/7 when Rosa was around. "W-w-wait, cut it out! Are you making fun of me, Rosa!?" she spluttered, before dashing away from the brunette, who was practically doubled over with laughter, and ducked behind Jon, her blush deepening as she gripped his shirt.. "Jon, she's teasing me! She's teasing me!!

"Well, I certainly don't think that he's being ignored right now, is he?" commented Glenn, shaking his head in amusement. "Looks like the boss just can't get enough outta embarassing the poor girl." When mujo questioned whether or not he was even a good fighter, he choked in surprise. "Ah..! see, here's the funny thing, I'm not even supposed to be a fighter! I'm just the resident Medic of our guild's higher ranking members. I took up martial arts to make it easier to stay alive and get levels without having to ask for help from my guildmates." Olenna scoffed at him, shaking her head. "Funny, I recall you being better than Kuran in a fight, despite damage being his specialty." Glenn calmly flipped her the bird, eliciting a snort from the other woman. "Point still stands, Bastard. Just take the compliment, and quit your bitching." Glenn growled at Olenna, before turning away, a faint blush on his face. "Your compliments are worth little in my eyes, you rat bastard."


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Watching over Mina's and Rosa's interaction, Rosa drawing out her words as she spoke about getting her another Shoji board. Stifling a laugh, he watched as Mina ran over to him and tugged on his shirt. "Jon, she's teasing me! She's teasing me!!A smile spread across his face, as he wrapped his hand around hers. "Oh the little birdie came back to the nest. Too bad, mama said FLY!" He give her a slight shove, barely enough to even push the girl off balance. Only a drunk would've fallen from it. 

Listening to the conversations surrounding him, he heard the one known as Heart explaining exactly what he did for the group. "That just sounds like you got bored to me and just started punching things. An angry white mage." He joked to him. He turned back to Mina and Rosa. " 'nuff about shoji boards. I'm starving, what do we got?" He asked, a smug smile resting on his face. He was purposely acting way too comfortable around Rosa. She was a different kind of person, and in the real world talking to her like this would've probably been dangerous. Besides, maybe food would get the others to stop bickering over pointless nonsense. Though, for all he knew it was the way they showed their affection for one another. 

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Violet stumbled slightly as she was shoved rather gently by Jon, who seemed to be in a rather teasing mood, eliciting even more laughter from Rosa. "Haha! Lover-boy actually has some spunk!". A pout crossed her face as she spun around to face him, stomping her foot daintily on the ground. "You're being mean!" she whined, before turning around to face Rosa. "You keep teasing me and Jon and I'll start selling all the rare cooking ingredients to one of your competitors you arse!" Rosa actually looked offended by that, her jaw falling open in shock. "Oi, oi! Not that I can't do that myself, but you ain't handing over shit like Ragout Rabbit to the competition. That's a lil far, seeing as all I was doin' was offering you a new board, and doin the usual ribbing I do when Lover boy visits."

Glenn looked aghast when Jon Referred to him as an angry white mage. "I can't even be upset about that, you aren't even wrong!?" he groaned, putting his face in his hands as Olenna shook her head. "Yeah, but you're more of an angry white wizard than a white mage. You do damage, you just work with heals more often than not." Glenn sighed, nodding at Olenna's response. "Can't even really argue with that one, can I... dammit."

Rosa glared at Jon, her eyes darkening slightly. "Watch it, Moccioso*. Just because you're friendly with Violet doesn't mean you can get away with sassing me like that." she growled, before moving towards the stairs. "Anyhow, regarding foodstuffs... I got some Ragout Rabbit stew, and Fried Gnocci with Diced Dire boar, topped with parmesan and diced tomatoes. Hurry up before I serve it to the patrons!"


*Moccioso: Brat

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