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Hey everyone,

I figured I'd re-introduce myself since it's been six years since I've role played on here. While I don't think I will actively participate in the role play this time, I think I'll actively post in the forums in the other categories. I love reading role plays and I have a love/hate relationship with the Sword Art Online series. I'm mainly in love with the concepts but I am not very fond of some of the arcs. That doesn't stop me from watching/reading the material though.

I suppose I should start how I stumbled back to the forums and found out I was a registered user. I was looking for well thought out systems that incorporate numbers. I was browsing through several different types of Sword Art Online role plays, looking for something different. I was delighted to find there was a system here and I started reading. I then thought to make an account and found out I've been here before, six years previously to be exact. And here I am!

And now, to share a little bit about myself: I had gone through the AMT (Aviation Maintenance Technician) program and graduated but upon graduation I have had a change of heart. I decided to pick up accounting and am returning to school for that but with that there are several complications. The pandemic has kind of changed my life quite a bit so I find myself sort of stuck in limbo working on school assignments and researching mundane stuff (like role playing systems that involves numbers). Besides school, I am also learning to improve my mathematical skills and programming. Math because it's something that I feel I can always improve on and programming because its increasingly becoming in demand that people who manage/manipulate data have a surface to intermediate level of understanding of it.

Besides that, I am an avid gamer and I've done other activities such as dancing and martial arts. I don't really keep up with dancing or martial arts anymore but I probably should look into something to stay in better shape. The games I play range from competitive FPS titles (Val, CSGO, Apex Legends) to RPG titles. I've played titles as old as Final Fantasy I to something as new as the Final Fantasy VII: Remake. Although, my RPG experiences are not limited to SquareEnix titles but those are the main ones that I know people would really pick up on.

Yup, that's pretty much all there is to me. I hope to interact with y'all through Discord or the Off-Topic forums. Keep clearing floors so I can keep reading.

P.S.: I like sharks.


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