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Kyra's Journal

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Username: Kyrazz9JIb5.jpg
Real Name: Sofia Quist-Larkin
Age: Twenty Seven
Height: 5'9

History: Dane Quist and Leah Larkin met at Colby College. An anthropology major and a sociology major, respectively, the pair fell madly in love over study sessions and heated debates. The moment they received their degrees, the freshly-minted twenty one year-old graduates fled to tour the world together. Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, every place they could touch new soil with their own two feet. The love-birds had an endless thirst for adventure, and an endless stream of old money to fund it all. In fact, they were still exploring when their first and only child arrived, born in the tiny Russian town of Kyra. With a population of fewer than five thousand, Dane and Leah had only a midwife at their disposal. They named their daughter Sofia, after the old Russian woman. Then they whisked her away, and on to the next destination.

While her parents thrived off the travel, Sofia found it difficult to adjust. From a young age, she was forced to learn various languages, and adapt to numerous different cultures. There was no "normal" for her, as each month might bring about something entirely new. By the time she finally returned to the United States, her resume was well-rounded enough to land her a spot in Stanford's Psychology program. While there, Sofia met Rupert. The dashing business major promised her logic, stability, and none of the wanderlust her parents thrived off of. As they both completed their Masters programs at the same time, Rupert invited her to move with him to Japan, where he would manage a branch of his family's business. Sensing her hesitation to move again, he proposed, and she accepted. Together, they moved to Tokyo.

Almost immediately, Sofia's plans were put on hold to appease Rupert. Her brilliant mind was quieted, her ambitions set on a back burner, so that she could attend social gatherings. Though she quickly recognized she was becoming an accessory, a pretty thing to hang on the millionaire's arm, the concept of moving again bothered her. Instead, she found a job working at a crisis center as a counselor. Though the project was meant to be more of a hobby, she was quickly drawn in, and began to miss events Rupert planned for her. When he discovered she had been accepted to a doctoral program, he gave her an ultimatum - the work, or him. Without hesitation, she chose the work. In retaliation, Rupert admitted that he had been seeing other women for much of their time in Tokyo. Though this did not surprise her, it still stung.

With the engagement ended, Sofia moved into an apartment of her own. She threw all of her time and effort into the crisis center, and had only just begun her first semester as a doctoral student when Sword Art Online came across her desk. Many of the young people she spoke to played video games, and in an effort to better connect to them, she purchased a copy. Upon being stranded in Aincrad, her complete lack of gaming experience left her at a complete loss. Instead of getting stronger, she continued to offer her counseling services, helping players sort through the grief, the loss, and the fear.


  1. Intelligent: Kyra possesses a razor-sharp wit, and intimidating intelligence. Her analytical mind is constantly working, thinking through possible outcomes, or the best steps to take. Rarely is she left without a plan B when trouble strikes.
  2. Well-Rounded: Having spent the first eighteen years of her life traveling the world, Kyra is knowledgeable in most traditions and customs. She speaks numerous languages in addition to her familiar English: Russian, French, Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese. She can also adapt well to new situations, as she was forced to do so all her life.
  3. Empathetic: Though Kyra was mostly interested in the ins and outs of the human mind, she also chose psychology in an effort to help others. She is very in-tune with how others are feeling, and does an excellent job of helping them sort through these emotions. This allows her to be so successful in her work.


  1. Soft-Spoken: Kyra is not the type to grab the spotlight, even when it is offered to her. Though she is entirely capable of holding a leadership position, she simply is not interested in commanding a group of people. Instead, she is content to observe, and contribute in different ways.
  2. Inexperienced: Sword Art Online was Kyra's first and only video game. Furthermore, the first six years of her time in Aincrad were spent in safe zones, helping players who sought guidance. She has no idea what the world is like beyond the city limits.
  3. Fear of Change: What Kyra wants more than anything is to settle down and find some semblance of order in her life. She's established a routine in Aincrad, one she clings to after a lifetime of travel and uncertainties. Plus, though she doesn't care to admit it, Rupert's betrayal has left a lingering mark.


  1. One Handed Straight Sword [Novice]


  1. Support Package
    1. (3) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP)

Written by Shelby

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