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  1. If the woman's odd antics weren't amusing enough, her question coaxed a grin from Kyra. Reaching up to shift her long silver hair from her face, she studied Quip for a moment. "Perhaps you're thinking of a psychiatrist," she countered gently. "They have the medical degree, and have a much easier time prescribing medications. Psychologists, on the other hand, deal primarily with the emotional and behavioral aspects of mental health. While we're certainly able to diagnose patients, and make recommendations, it is rare that we will hand out drugs." Did she have to quote Quip directly? No, but she
  2. Amusement came into Kyra's eyes, and the faintest blush warmed her cheeks. "No," she assured Quip, waving off the notion with a gentle flick of her wrist. "I assure you, there is no boyfriend involved. No relationships at all, aside from what I've established through my work." The comment, it seemed, was the perfect segue into Koga's initial question. But what was the best way to phrase her answer? More than a few people had let Kyra know that she was "wasting her time," and "aught to get a real job like a blacksmith or alchemist." Something to help the frontlines? Were you to ask her, Kyra wo
  3. It’s nice to meet you, Koga and Quip.” As she spoke, she looked to each in turn. “I am a greenhorn, yes.” When Kyra smiled, the expression was genuine, but it didn’t reach her eyes. “I took my time venturing out here. I found some other things to occupy my time.” As a gentle breeze raked through the long grass, Kyra paused to draw in a long breath. It wasn’t as if she hadn’t felt the sun on her face, or the breeze blow, since taking her dive; Starting City had parks. But there was certainly something a little different about experiencing the world outside the walls. Something thrilling.
  4. Had the dark-haired boy said something? Kyra would have sworn she saw his lips move, but any sound was lost to the galloping words of the Scotswoman. And while Kyra had spent considerable time in Scotland, there were many words that sailed right over her head. But she's just so charming. Kyra felt her smile widen, and she shook her head. "America, by way of Japan. But I have spent time in Russia, and their ballerinas are stunning, so I appreciate the kind words." I think. Tossing back her snowy hair, Kyra extended a hand for the customary shake. When her new acquaintance instead used it t
  5. The quest seemed easy enough. As Kyra's lilac eyes danced over the instructions for the fifth time, she chewed absently on the inside of her cheek. No combat, so no obvious threat to her safety. The material gathering appeared safe, though it would require venturing out of the safe zone. Was she ready for that? Was anyone really ready for that? The woman blew out a small breath, then her lips drew into a thin line. This was the beginner line for a reason. Surely the developers would make sure this introductory quest held no inherent danger. If the unexpected happen, she would adjust, as s
  6. Current Level: 1 Current SP: 5 Link to SP Tracking: Journal. No threads.
  7. "I don't know, actually," she corrected gently, a wry smile unfurling as something akin to sheepishness darkened her expression. "I know very little about how the game is meant to be played, nor the best way to do so." With a slight nod, Kyra thanked Alkor for holding the door. Then she tugged her glove on once more, a movement so practiced that it appeared robotic. "I have profound respect for those who fight on the frontlines. Were it not for them, there would be no hope of escaping this place. But I am limited to only reading about their efforts. My existence in Aincrad has been quite a bit
  8. Kyra chuckled at the man's suggestion, the sound a bit more throaty than was fitting for her soft, almost fragile appearance. "I make a point to never make things up," she countered, "unless I've made that fact very clear. While a little creativity is always welcome, I've worked with far too many who have lying down to a science." With a quick wave of her hand, she dismissed the notion. "I would hate to give them anymore encouragement." The shopkeeper's gaze bore into her, twin lasers that might burn a hole if they set too long. Even as she appreciated the character the NPCs portrayed, sh
  9. The amusement only intensified as she listened to the swordsman's reply. By the time he had finished, a small smile quirked her coral lips. "It does help," she answered, "as I had no idea where to begin to answer the question. My knowledge of weaponry is rudimentary, and only so much can be gleaned from reading beginners guides. This has been incredibly informative." Now the expression sharped into something more akin to a smirk, and she added, "Though I'm afraid 'neither of them is better than the other' is not going to satisfy a couple of disgruntled pre-teens. I'm quite certain a bet was ma
  10. Eyes widening, Kyra regarded the NPC with an expression of bemused puzzlement. Was this man selling weapons, or used cars? He was certainly pushy enough to be successful at either, if he didn't drive his clientele away first. "I appreciate that," she piped up when he paused for a breath. "But I admit, I-" And there he was, speaking again. Good lord, who programmed these merchants? Was said programmer this rude, or did they just have a sick sense of humor? When the chestnut haired figure spoke up, she flashed him a grateful smile. "I appreciate that," she said once more, this time addressi
  11. The bell atop the door jingled cheerfully, ushering in a sweep of cool air, and a woman dressed in white. The moment she entered the shop, Kyra felt as though she had stepped on-stage. Twin gazes bore into her expectantly, and despite herself, the player felt a blush creep up her pale cheeks. "Ah, hello," she managed after a moment's hesitation. With a hand sheathed in a sleek, snow-white glove, she gave a small wave. "I apologize if I'm interrupting... something." Kyra's polite smile never waved, though her glacial blue eyes tracked between the men. An NPC and a player? Based on the latter's
  12. Kyra

    Kyra's Journal

    Username: Kyra Real Name: Sofia Quist-Larkin Age: Twenty Seven Height: 5'9 History: Dane Quist and Leah Larkin met at Colby College. An anthropology major and a sociology major, respectively, the pair fell madly in love over study sessions and heated debates. The moment they received their degrees, the freshly-minted twenty one year-old graduates fled to tour the world together. Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, every place they could touch new soil with their own two feet. The love-birds had an endless thirst for adventure, and an endless stream of old money to fund it all. I
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