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Little Oni - Big Trouble

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[Username: Oni] [IRL Name: Sato Shinji] [Age: 21]
[Height: 5’5”] [Weight: 145lb] [Build: Short, thin, defined] [Hair: Auburn] [Eyes: Light brown]



Sato grew up in a crowded inner-city development on the outskirts of Kyoto. He did not excel in any particular field of study due to a lack of interest. His parents, though well meaning, were not attentive, and he grew up on the street more than he did in school or at home.

Eager for escape, Sato began serious gaming early in his teen years. That was how he discovered Crossreign - his first RPG. In that world, he discovered new authority figures he could relate to, in particular looking to his mentor and guild leader, Raynor (Shield in SAO), for guidance and a strong role model. Although not a player of great renown in the guild, he saw the decisive, calculated leadership of his guild’s officers, and it shaped him during some formative years.

Sato grew up tough, as many inner city youth do, and with his diminutive stature, he always had a chip on his shoulder. While online avatars allowed him to make taller, stronger-looking characters in games, the cruel mirror Kayaba planted in his inventory forced him to face his greatest insecurity in the one place where he had always been able to escape it. As such, he has become even more temperamental than in his former life, lashing out and getting into fights with other players. However, due to his lack of confidence, he has never ventured outside of the town of beginnings, choosing instead to rough up would-be challengers inside of safe zones.



Calculated - He sees the lines of influence in a fight the same way a chess master examines a board. Having grown up on a skateboard, he has a very natural sense for terrain in combat and how to use it to his advantage. He regularly uses feints and the like to reposition enemies to deal them more devastating blows.

Independent - He doesn’t need anyone to get by. Having grown up essentially on his own,  he gave up on finding anyone worth looking up to in the real world, eventually choosing to fend for himself by charming free meals out of strangers or otherwise absconding with food rather than paying for it himself like a chump. In his teen years, he learned to begin depending on his gaming guild, but with the new consequence of death in the game, he has kept his own company a vast majority of the time.

Street-Smart - Sato knows how people work. He can’t always use that knowledge to manipulate the situation as well as he might like, but he’s good at recognizing when he’s beaten or when things are no longer safe, as well as being able to spot most liars quickly. That is, assuming some of his impulsivity and stubbornness isn't getting in the way of his good sense. His motto regarding people is that when something seems too good to be true, it always is - even if you don’t see it at first.



Brash -  Despite being able to sense danger when he’s looking for it, sometimes his ego and his temper can make him “forget” to notice until he’s in too deep. He has lost many fights that he was too proud to back down from, and he considers these losses to be a badge of honor regarding his ability to take a beating. Although he has a good brain in his head, he will very often forget to use it.

Cowardly - Despite his pride, if nobody important is around to see it, he’s not afraid to make for the exit. In a world of life and death, he’s leaned more into his cowardice than he’s proud of. He would change that, but the stakes are too high. He learned from an early age that sometimes the best weapon you can buy (or steal) is a good pair of running shoes.

Loud-Mouthed - Sometimes, Sato just doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut. If he’s challenged, especially in public or around people whose opinions he values, he often begins writing checks that his fists aren’t capable of cashing. While his bark is far worse than his bite is, he is the last person to remember that until it’s too late.  

[Weapon Skills]


One-Handed Curved Sword - Rank 1



Tetsubo - Rare T1 Katana - Bleed/Bleed (Inactive until skill unlocked)
Vanity Spiked Pauldron
10 T1 Mats
2,500 Col
3 Starter HP Recovery Potions (50 HP)

[Friend List]




  • Shield - Mentor [Hasn’t met in game]

[Story So Far]







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