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WATCHER | in silent regard of the stars.

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  ALICE (████████, ████)
   she/her   •   19 ~ 21   •   5'3"
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[This recording was made for archival purposes and was not originally intended to be shared with the public.]

The channels were flooded with emergency news reports.

Rarely did she ever startle at the interruption. And just as rarely did it catch her eye. When you leave any old television to buzz along 24/7 at the same corner of the room where you stash your forgotten bottles, you'd find that such occurrences are more common than you initially thought. It comes and goes and the world goes on.

And she knew this because she just couldn't bear the sound of Tokyo's busy streets.

Ah, she should clean that up too, right...? Tired eyes, slouched, and pale as a ghost — the girl wandered past the set and tossed a wad of neglected mail onto the foot of her bed. She let herself fall backwards, the envelopes fanning out beside her, and she turned her head to peer at them with a small frown. Bills. Letters from her university. Perhaps her internship results sprinkled in. She chose one at random and lightly picked at the seal.

Then back to the pile it went. That was enough bravery for today.


It wouldn't matter.


She cut everything away. And all... for what? The realization that loneliness weighs heavy enough to drag you even further beneath what you once thought was absolute rock bottom. When she'd finally satisfied enough of her morbid curiosity, her gaze drifted to the shiny black object seated atop a stack of textbooks on her dressing table. And she found the will to pull herself up and take it into her hand.


The television droned on and on and on—

And [Alice] settled the NerveGear over the crown of her head. 



+ Minimalist.
Has healthier spending habits than most. Why concern yourself over luxuries? She never quite got the point. If something works to the barest minimum, then she has little reason to replace it. 

+ Considerate.
She would not cause any more trouble for herself than she already did, at least in this respect. Though she may be leagues away from what you would consider 'caring' or 'thoughtful,' she makes it her objective to remain civil, carry her own weight, and speak not a word of offense in any situation — unless provoked. Stay out of her way and she'll stay out of yours.

+ / - Perfectionist.
Keen at pointing out mistakes, and even more determined to fix them. Give her something to do and you would be sure that the result would be refined down to the very last detail. Sometimes, this habit of hers extends to her opinions of other people, but she isn't quite concerned over voicing them. 

She's her own worst critic. Her self-esteem is directly rooted to her own perception of her performance. It's easy for her to lose motivation when things aren't going the way they should be, and even easier for her to reach a point where she's at a complete standstill.

Has never quite attained a decent skill in spoken communication. Often, her main point or the words she needs to express it simply eludes her, or she fails to think of a response that sounds 'just right' by her standards. Under pressure, she stammers and loses her nerves. She doesn't speak much, as a result, and when she does, her words are hardly of much value.

On some days, you'd just notice she's acting a little different. Irritable, quieter than usual, and even plain uncooperative, as though she'd woken up with the firm belief that her day was going to be terrible and stubbornly decided to stick with it. Unfortunately, she never shares her thoughts — and she has an even firmer guard on what bothers her the most: the reason why a girl who knew about the tragedy was among them.

● FILE #02 | LOG.


Imagine having a plot.




*sad violin music.*



PLAYED BY Arabelle
FACE CLAIM Skadi (Arknights)


  • PFP: @haruno_intro
  • journal (1): @tokkyusan
  • journal (2): Arknights Official Art
  • stat block (1): pixiv ID 14981930
  • stat block (2): pixiv ID 8349252


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  LEVEL 1  
HP 20  |  EN 20  |  DMG 4    



  01. 2H Straight Sword I











  • [marseilles.]

    A black greatsword. Simple. Lighter than the typical model. Look no further; there is n̵o̷t̴h̶i̷n̴g̷ else to see here.

  • Red Onamori
    A small charm made with red fabric and tied up in gold string.

    [purchase (182775)]


  • (3) Starter Healing Potions
    Heals 50 HP.


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