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  1. (this is arabelle) for post drafts, please ignore. if i see you lurking here, i will bonk you i swear.
  2. [ ALERT: Update Complete ]  Lost in the forest. The player had awoken from another long slumber to a world changed, and now she stood in the corner of a glade with her sword drawn on one hand, squinting up at the break in the great trees’ canopy. | here stood her memory of the entrance: a quaint stretch of a trail paved with flat stones, two
  3. you don't remember the journey that led you to this point. you're alone in the midst of an ocean as boundless as the night sky it reflects. the spread of stars across the cosmos's black canvas is senseless, as though it were a product of a child throwing glitter all over an art project, the task of constructing patterns all left to the beholder, rather than cardinal's careful placements reflected all across aincrad's night skies that you know so well from the nights you spent without a roof over your head? your 's writings? and the reflections are so perfect, the divid
  4. the [gleaming scale] slips between your fingers, but is right by your side (when did she start moving?) and she catches it before it could fall back into the lake. "this is..." you're both at a loss for words. her eyes are on the window still hovering in front of you; though you had your preferences set so that no other player could read your system notifications but you, she glances down at the glimmering coin-sized scale in her palm and puts two and two together. "right." "um. wow." "something like this," 's voice trails off, then she pauses, light
  5. "or, i'll just bring this in now--" "keep it. give it a chance to roll." the float stays in the water. you really shouldn't be letting your travel companion dictate your actions so, regardless of how much she knows by simple association with hermes, but you have to admit, you're just jittery. from letting help you down the cliff, to meeting anthony gill, to 's demonstration -- if none of these happened, or if you just disentangled the mess in your mind a little, you'd probably arrive at the same logic without her aid. you chew on your lip and ret
  6. a cheap fishing rod you'd bought from a random store in hand, you peer into the tin and wrinkle your nose. [blessed bait], your ass, they look like ordinary worms... that are still alive... and covered in soil... and wriggling... you have never been more grateful for your gauntlets. couldn't cardinal have gone for something cleaner? more enticing? gingerly, you take one from the container and lay your fishing rod on your lap, taking the hook and carefully piercing it in place. "so if this runs out..." you begin, too focused on your task to spare her a look. "so long as you don't lose the
  7. there are actually two dwelling places in the area -- or you at least assume they share the same function because they look identical. small, square, made of wattle and daub (it must only be by the enforcement of cardinal of this place as a quest area that they look pristine despite their weaker make), the only difference you could glean from the two is that one is built further inland than the other. you are no scout nor lore-chaser however, and your appreciation of the build is only surface-level at most. "it's not inside." and not in plain sight either. the two of you stop by a wooden
  8. [ A L I C E ]  [Earning a Living: Fisher] ::: ::: ::: | ???, ??/??/???. the name associated to the marked location in your trusty notebook spelled [anthony gill]. haha. funny. eleven out of ten character design. you bet somewhere in the black void that had been aincrad moments after being completely flooded and moments before being completely remade into whatever game board kayaba wanted to tinker around wit
  9. So this rumor was quite the popular one. Unfortunate. A blonde player stood by the lakeshore, a single hand pointed towards a rippling in the water not too far from the land. Alice traced her steps back to where the small group of curious passersby was gathering, a hand still held up to cast a shadow over her red eyes. She stopped a considerable distance from them, her oft-vague expression tugged downwards into a scowl; Alice couldn’t afford any more setbacks on her commission, and the rabble was not only an unwelcome element to the landscape but also a glaring dent to her concentrat
  10. the first thing alice takes note of is the yellow cursor. "business. with the district alchemist." she rushes to respond. the knot that had formed in her throat upon her first sight of the entity had loosened -- but only a little. "is he in?" "he is, as he always is. but as i'm the one who had to answer the door this time, i'd say you caught us at a time when he's too buried in his concoctions to take notice of anything else." slinking past the crack she opened in the doorway, the woman closes the door behind her with care and shuts one violet eye, a raised finger held to her lips. "
  11. [ A L I C E ]  another early morning. the last spark crackles and dies in the fireplace, wisps of smoke rising from ashes and burnt wood. it's cold and quiet as it always is just before the break of dawn -- the very same hour she loves to spend curled up at her usual table in the deserted tavern with a borrowed novel. she only leaves when the tenants in the rooms above begin to stir. alice passes her usual p
  12. [ A L I C E ]  The [King of the Lakes]? The [Gilded Princess]? Can you eat those? Well, despite the dominion they held over the waters of the Lake of Reflection, the prized beasts were only just another sort of fish in Aincrad: numbers to be beaten by bigger numbers -- albeit too expensive, too exotic and deadly for an ordinary woman's palate but point withstanding, the second player to arrive at the scene was unfortuna
  13. Alice blinked -- slowly. Inches from her feet, a sunlight-kissed doorstep led into the polished interior of a little blue shop. Evening... Star...? The words passed through her head without any real meaning. She wasn't quite sure of how she ended up in this part of town, but the artisan's workshop didn't appear as imposing as its neighbors. Her aimless foray continued. "Um. Hello?" Her voice was nearly inaudible, even in the midst of empty space. The fog in her mind cleared just enough for her to give an involuntary flinch at the sound of it. She wasn't alone, she realized then.
  14. [ A L I C E ]  Placeholder.
  15. LEVEL 1 HP 20 | EN 20 | DMG 4 SKILLS USED 4 | UNUSED 1 01. 2H Straight Sword I
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