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[PP/F3] Never Make A Deal With A Fae <<Rumor Alert>>

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Never Make A Deal With A Fae

Among the Faune, humanoid creatures that sport quite large rabbit like ears, there have been word of disappearances of late.  Many can be attributed to the other denizens of the third floor, the Fae.  Whimsical creatures of their own right, they show an air of excellence and elitism, none so higher than some elves on higher floors.  These Fae are known to be quite hospitable and homely, but that is just a light ruse.  Their guise is two fold.  They can not outright lie, but their ways of spreading out the truth is quite remarkable.  It is easy for one such creature to insight intrigue and curiosity from their words, and it rings true for both Faune and players alike.  However, word around the main town of Aryut say:

Faune and Foreigners alike are being captured by the Fae.  Unspeakable dark acts are being acted upon them in the Cavern of the Faeries.  If only we could enter the Faerie and rescue them, but how?

It is up to you, to find out!


The third floor had changed quite a bit, just as every other floor the hunter had visited so far.  He wasn't here for loot nor the hunt for foes.  The Jade Hunter was there for answers, to a very odd rumor.  Hearing about the oddity, he had teleported to the main town of Aryut, a large sprawling network of huts and homes that settle along the roots and branches of the large trees that call this forest home.  It was odd to see this place, after so long.  Stepping away from the warp station, Hirru made his way to the notice board; looking for a particular notice or rumored tale.  It wasn't long before the hunter saw a very familiar poster, one that he made so long ago.  Hunter for Hire.  A poster looking for people to hire the Jade Hunter to complete difficult tasks for them.

"How long has it been, since I last saw this floor?

Combat Stats


Hirru Lvl 31 (PL 26)

720 HP (+100 PL)
110 Energy (+10 PL)
3 Accuracy
1 Evasion
20 Base Damage (23 w/ Ferocity & Impetus) [28 w/ Charge]
107 Mitigation
1 Paralysis
24 Envenom 


Shelob's Fang ...................... // +1 Accuracy, +1 Paralysis, +24 Envenom
Spirit of the Jade Dragon .......... // +2 Accuracy, +1 Evasion
Bulwark ............................ // +72 Mitigation
Blades Cloak ....................... // Vanity
Lun'Rael's Insignia ................ // Unique Vanity | 
Dimensional Backpack ............... // +1 B.R.I Slot

Battle Ready Inventory

<Teleportation Crystal> x1 ......... // Teleport to a town / out of a dungeon [Uses 2 posts: 1 for use, next to teleport]
<Betrayal of the Last Knight> ...... // +12 Damage
<Immolation Potion T3> x3 .......... // +30 Thorns
<Field Rations> x5 ................. // +12% Max HP
<Favor of the Golden Dragon> ....... // +3 Luck Die


Two Handed Straight Sword .......... // Rank 5: +7 DMG
Heavy Armor ........................ // Rank 5: +35 MIT
Search and Detect .................. // Rank 5: +5 LD | +5 Stealth Detect
Charge ............................. // Rank ?: +5 DMG on successful first strike
Energist ........................... // Rank ?: +20 EN
Combat Mastery: Damage ............. // Rank 3: +12 DMG

Extra Skills

Concentration ...................... // +1 to your BD / 5 turn cooldown
Survival ........................... // Heal 45 HP when out of battle each post / Negate environmental damage
Shatter ............................ // On hit, negate 15 Mit before dmg calc / -5 EN / 2 turn cooldown

Skill Mods

Reveal (Add on)..................... // +2 to Labyrinth searches|Post 15 searchs
Detect ............................. // +1 to Labyrinth searches|+2 Stealth Detect
Impetus ............................ // +1 Dmg
THSS Ferocity ...................... // +2 Dmg to all THSS Sword Arts
THSS Stamina ....................... // -2 EN to all THSS Sword Arts

Hirru | HP 720/720 | EN 110/110 | DMG 23 | ACC 3 | EVA 1 | PARA 1 | ENV 32 | MIT 107

Edited by Hirru
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Randal was returning from the Forest of Wavering Mists; his body still damp from the water vapour that continued to cling to his body. As he ventured deeper into the centre of the Aruyt. Glancing above himself at the gigantic trees that mottled the landscape upon which the Faune built their accommodations, he appreciated the serenity in the air and pushed his way forward.

Tranquillity was always the prelude to chaos, the town centre located at the base of one of the bigger trees was the home to the warp crystal and many inns made for players. Randal had not noticed before, but the words could not escape his ears.

“…help me find my daughter...” The Faune said, yelling louder than the other player beside him who was holding up a player made sign that listed the details of the request.

“Exploration into the Cavern of Faeries for missing Faune` Girl and Player Companion” The sign touted high in the air. Its wielder was a red-headed boy, his hair straight and spiky while around his waist was a dagger and shield.

Randal approached the duo at first to find out more. “Hi there, will you tell me more about the request?” Randal asked to the Faune, figuring that the NPC would be more forthcoming than a player.

“My daughter has b-b-been taken! It is dangerous b-b-but I have nothing more to offer, please help me find her.”

“Are you interested in joining the expedition, one of my teammates were lured in by the Fae and I need to rescue her, it would be a great help if you were to join us.” Randal squinted to see that the player details of the boy were not set to private, “Dwayne” was his name.

“All you other players, please hear out my request, we need to save the Faune and the Players who have been taken by the Fae, if not us then who?!” Dwayne said, loud enough to make the town centre turn to face him even if it was just for a moment, all before returning to its usual bustle.

Beyond the fact that other NPC’s had their own things to do and were uninterested in something that did not concern them.


Randal the Unsuspected
Level: 26
HP: 520/520
Energy: 70/70

Player Stats
Damage: 18 (+2 SA)
Mitigation: 20
Accuracy: 3
Evasion: 4
Luck: 6

Equipped Gear
Neptune's Tidings | Claw | Tier 3 | DMG 3
Cloth Trousers | Cloth Armor | Tier 3 | EVA 3
Ladybug Earrings | Accessory | Tier 3 | LD 3

Searching R3
2H Weapon (Claw) R5
Cloth Armor R5
Combat Mastery (ACC)

Active Mods

Inactive Mods

Active Extra Skills

Inactive Extra Skills

Battle-Ready Inventory

Broader Inventory

Lvl 26 Randal Info
HP 520/520 | Energy 70/70 | Damage 18 (+2 SA) | MIT 20 | ACC 3 | EVA 4 | LD 6 |

Edited by Randal
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Astreya gave a wide grin as she waved cheerily to the other player who she'd just helped through the quest for the Hoya.  She'd already completed it before, but that never stopped her from helping someone out if they were in need.  She had always tried to do her best for others- in here, or back in the real world.  Here she was doing her best to get outfitted as a tank, to keep herself (and others) safe from harm.  Back in the real world she was the captain of her volleyball team and the cheerleading squad both.

Despite the fact that the girl didn't really play a lot of games growing up or have much experience with them at all, nonetheless she had started to put things together rather well here, and was slowly starting to understand exactly what she needed to do in order to succeed.  The way the skills worked together and how things seemed to interact (as well as several instances of partying with others) had led her to question her initial thoughts, and try a new approach for her tanking.

However, at the moment she merely grinned as she reached into her inventory for a snack, humming to herself as she retrieved it.  The young woman moved along the streets of Aryut, snacking on her meal when she saw, near the center of town, a green-haired individual looking at some giant notice board with something akin to consternation on his face.  She had started to move toward him (the young woman not at all shy about talking with people) before there came a call from a short distance away, about someone who needed help.  "Ooooh!  Me!  I can help!" the girl called, bouncing in her heavy armor.



--Level 19
--HP: 410  
--NRG: 56

--Base Damage: 9
--Mitigation: 62
--Regeneration: 2% (Currently 8)
--Accuracy: 3
--Thorns: 18 
--Taunt: 1
--Prosperity: 1

Battle Healing: Journeyman
Fighting Spirit
|-> Focused Howl

Familiar: Hunting

2H Straight Sword: Expert

Heavy Armor: Grand Master
|-> Impetus
|-> Iron Skin


»Silver Frost [2H Straight Sword] | Rare T2
[Damage] - Gain +2 base damage per slot.
[Accuracy] - Add 1 onto your BD rolls (Cannot cause crits)

»Battle Dress | Rare T2 Heavy Armor
[Mitigation] - Prevent 12 damage from successful attacks against you.
[Thorns] - Successful non-critical attacks against you deal 18 unmitigated damage to the attacking enemy. Only activates on damage dealing, melee attacks.

»Hoya of the West | Perfect T1 Trinket
[Accuracy II] - Add 2 onto your BD rolls (Cannot cause crits)
[Prosperity] - Gain +1 to the base multiplier when receiving col from killing an enemy.

»Spotlight | Rare T2 Trinket
[Taunt] - Adds 1 Hate generated from successful attacks, Howl and Furious Howl.
[Recovery] - Regain 2 additional energy on natural CD rolls of 7+. 

»Starter Healer Potions | Heals 50 HP
[3 Total]
»Tier One Damage Potion of Uncommon quality. (+1 Damage)
[1 Total]
»Tier One Health Potions of Rare quality. (+10% HP)
[3 Total]
»Tier One Immolation Potion (+10 Thorns Damage)
[1 Total]
»Fixer Upper (Salve) | Antidote I
[1 Total]


Astreya | HP: 410/410 | EN: 56/56 | DMG: 9 | MIT: 62 | BH: 8 | ACC: 3 | THORNS 18 | TAUNT: 1

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The hunter couldn't help but hear shouts for some people around the area.  It seemed that a player had just been taken captive by the Fae, as well as, another of the bunny race.  The red headed male was trying to find some people to help him in getting their friend back.  It seemed to get the attention of two separate players; one that seemed to be built for speed, that much can be seen from the brunette man's choice in armor.  The other seemed to be a girl of dark long hair.  This one seemed to be sporting a heavier build than the other one, while still being a dress at the same time.  Rather odd party, but the hunter had seen worse.  Hirru chuckled to himself while looking upon, what he could only think were, lower tiered players.  He couldn't say for certain, but there could be plenty of players that were his level and above now.

Seeing an opportunity to seek out more upon this rumor and investigate further, the hunter scratched his head, shuffling his green colored hair which was held up by a red headband.  Upon the headband was a unique emblem from a victory long past.  Hirru moved over to the three adventurers and raised his non-armored right arm slightly in front of him, in a gesture to give his attention towards another.

"Mind if I join in with you lot?  I may not have Tracking, but I can help in searching out different things."

Hirru would speak in a deep solemn voice.  

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Almost like the threads of fate had finally decided to spin for Dwayne, his call was finally answered, and good things came in spades, with three other players all deciding that they were interested in his call to arms.

Randal openly waved and reciprocated the lady’s enthusiasm, which seemed to brim even though the situation might have been a little more grim than she knew.

The green haired player was much more interesting that anyone else that he had ever come across, green hair was an incredible rare trait to have among people in the real world so for someone like that to exist in the game, Randal was unable to contain his question.

“Is your hair real?”

Almost as though to cover up Randal’s weird question, Dwayne piped up and thanked all three players for their gracious kindness. He looked to see that none of the other players or NPCs were likely to joun them on their quest and begun to relay the details of the situation.

“My party and I were escorting a faune male into the forest when a dark mist unlike anything we have ever seen before swept us up, I watched as party members that were right next to me were taken in an instant.”

“This Faune here was someone who shared my concerns when I returned to the village, his daughter was taken too and is willing to come with us. We were taken near the Forest of Wavering Mists and the Cavern of Faeries, and neither of us knows exactly where the menace is from. Please come with me to the inn and rest, we will leave at dawn.”

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Astreya wasn't long to keep away from the group, even as they looked for others to assist them, and so she made her way over to where the others were located.  Her heavy, two-handed straight sword was on her back, and the young woman kept one hand on it as she moved, but as she came to a stop, she clenched both hands in front of her in excitement.  "What's going on? How can I help?" the girl offered, eager to be doing something more to help someone.  

As she did, it seemed that the others were looking over at the guy with the green hair, and she turned her gaze that way as well, curious about him as he approached, seeking to offer his own services to the group.  "I think the more the merrier for sure!  The more people we can get, the easier this will be!  Whatever it is," she admitted, as she wasn't exactly sure what it was that was going on.

Dwayne looked like he was going to explain when the other guy blurted out his question regarding the other guy's green hair.  Astreya couldn't help but to snortgiggle at that, not really commenting too much further beyond that before Dwayne began to actually inform them on what was going on.

"In the morning?" she asked, the girl never one to just sit and rest if there was something to do.  "Where was it at?  Maybe I can go scout around a bit while everyone's resting," the girl offered, beaming a grin.

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Posted (edited)

The Jade Hunter was taken aback by the sudden question.  There weren't that many that really questioned it, and most just said it was odd.  This was the first time that he was properly questioned about it.  He had to turn it around.

"Is any of our hair real?"

Taking a more philosophical approach, but he couldn't hold his smile back before waving his hand out to the taller man.  While grabbing a tuft of hair, Hirru replied.

"Ha!  No, this is dyed.  You could get some from an alchemist, if they still care to make them anymore.  My hair was supposed to be green like a clover, for luck.  It's become pretty iconic for me."

He would explain while smiling over the small amount of memories that gave him that information.  It wasn't too long ago that he could remember it, but it gave meaning to something so important to his life here.

"Sorry, should introduce myself."

The hunter was about to beat his breastplate with his unarmored hand, but immediately stopped.  He didn't need to do that anymore.  He was no longer apart of the Knights of the Blood Oath; he didn't have to salute to anyone anymore.  Instead, he touched the emblem on his head with two fingers before taking them off in a quick wave.

"I'm Jade Hunter, Hirru.  Nice to meet you all."

When Dwayne explained his lot, and said that they were going to wait until morning to find their targets.  The hunter shook his head.  This person's partner was missing and he was going to wait more?  He has excellent firepower here, but chooses to wait.  That won't work for the front lines.  Waiting at the wrong moment will get you killed.

"The longer we wait, the worse it can get.  We should head out, as soon as possible.  If anything, the battle maiden here and I, can look into it.  Though, I think we can have a higher chance if we all went together now."

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As though he had not heard a single thing that the player named Hirru had said, Dwayne looked at the ground pensively, the only thing he was considering was whether or not they could leave right at this moment.

All players were able to notice that on his visage was the feelings of fear and apprehension before it was overcome with a smile.

“Alright, let’s not waste any time, Dwayne, Uncle, you will be coming with us right?

“B-b-but of course, quickly then, let’s go!”

Randal looked at his equipment and decided that even if there were some dangers on this floor, it was the first time that he would be exploring it with a full party and the last time he was here, he was hailed as a hero that slayed the Minotaurs.

“Surely, the rest of the floor would not be much more difficult than that.”  He could not stop himself from thinking that he had just activated some sort of death flag.

In only took a moment for him and the rest of the party to settle their immediate needs like restocking and settling their battle-ready equipment.

The moon was just rising about the Settlement of Aruyt and there was something more menacing g about the Forest as they paced through it. Dwayne was silent throughout most of the trip, his body visibly shaking, probably out of fear.

Conversations would have been sparse but Randal continued to ask for more information about the situation from Dwayne.

“What was your guild name?” Maybe he had heard of them before.

“Oh erm..we did not have a guild…we were on our way to investigate the Mist because we were going to go on an expedition there.” Dwayne seemed almost a little hesitant to say anything more and Randal chose not to push, the environment and monster may be virtual but the threat to all of their lives were real.

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Posted (edited)

[Enacting darkness debuff: -1 ACC unless Night Vision or Glowstone used]

It was dark by the time the group was ready to go.  Short words were given, but by the time they had set out, there wasn't much that would help them now.  It would take some time to get to the Forest of Wavering Mist from where they were.  Going south from Aryut, the party would roll through the small town of Flora.  A beautiful place in of itself, but one could feel eyes upon them.  Faune and Fae alike live in this village, which gave some concern to the hunter as he wasn't getting any nasty pings out of his search skills, but the feeling of being watched was ever present.

While passing through, the hunter would keep a close eye on everyone.  Since they were now partied up to keep everyone's health and energy gauged, the hunter was able to find the other two's names.  The battle maiden was called Astreya, and the tall nimble one was Randal.  It was great to associate names to faces, since neither had introduced themselves just yet.  Including Dwayne, their party would be full, which was something that most players don't normally get.  With that though, it would bring a new danger.  Hirru was probably a higher level than any of them here, which would lead to bad business if they come into combat.  He figured they may be able to hold their own, but it would be better if the hunter was alone.  Nothing he could do about that now.

Reaching the edge of Flora, which led towards the Forest of Wavering Mist, the hunter turned back to Dwayne.

"You said that they disappeared around the forest, correct?  Did you see anything strange other than the mist, or anything to determine that they could be elsewhere?"

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The green-haired fellow didn't seem to take a whole lot of offense to his hair being called out, and Astreya was glad for that, even if he took a relatively... odd approach in response, asking if any of their hair was real.  The girl blinked, reaching a hand up to her own.  She had to admit that there was some weird truth to those words- 

But of course, before she could consider it too much further, he began to laugh a bit, noting that it was dyed.  "Whaaaa?  Really?  I wonder if I should dye mine," the young woman spoke, glancing at the long stands of black hair.  She wasn't so sure- she kind of liked it how it was, but all the same, there was always a fun chance to do something different with it.

"Nice to meet you, Hirru!  I'm Astreya!" the girl beamed, either unaware of the danger that was potentially about to befall them, or simply one who was able to compartmentalize it well enough to retain a sunny disposition regardless.

It seemed that with Hirru's vote as well to go now, it changed the thoughts on the matter from Dwayne, who agreed to start along now with them.  That was good- waiting around wasn't going to save anyone.


On the way, the mood was somber, but Astreya had done her best to try and keep some conversation going now and then, even if it was just on some superficial things.  There was little that needed to be said aside from what had happened, she knew, but walking along in dead silence caused more fear and uncertainty to spread and breed among them.  Although whenever things of import were brought up, she couldn't help but to quiet down in response.

But as she moved along, they made their way through Flora, before Hirru began to ask Dwayne more questions about the situation.  She frowned, watching Dwayne's expressions carefully.  Despite her rather flighty personality, she had a keen eye for people, expressions and body language.  "Anything like... y'know, lights or music or even weird wind direction?" she asked, tilting her head to the side, following up on Hirru's questions.  "Anything outta the ordinary will let us be prepared for it if it happens again, y'know?"

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“Yes, there was a large runic stone that we passed not long before it happened, but it did not seem weird all with the number of ruins that can be found. It was how I found my way out, come follow me this way.” Dwayne was uncharacteristically excited the closer the party drew towards the location that he mentioned earlier. At the edge of the town of Flora, Dwayne was nearly shivering with fear or excitement, it was hard for Randal to tell.

“Over there I see it!” Dwayne yelled. image.png.8f89284e401b52b70a035fd359b1d41f.png

Dwayne appeared to be nervous, holding on tightly to the Faune male that was with them. A mist began to roll in as they reached the runic stone.

The stone depicted some symbols on it and Randal was so absorbed in trying to understand it as he usually did, that he did not even realise that the mist was already up to his knees and that he had lost sight of Dwayne.

The runes seemed to depict a certain number of symbols, now 2 of 5 were lit up and one more appeared to be lighting up as he continued to observe them.

“Look at thi…” Randal said before he realised that he could not see anything but the runic stone, it was not that everything was blank, but more so that everything was blurred out and censored.

Randal felt his consciousness fading and he heard a snide chuckling in the distance. He looked up and made out the image of someone holding up a blurred-out Faune and killing him before pacing towards Randal, holding on to the stone for stability, Randal took on a fighting stance, trying to see if he could find what the other players were doing.

“Oh, don’t worry, I’ll be gentle,” An almost demonic voice leaked out as the shape and form of the creature that was talking to him morphed and shimmered revealing a different creature underneath. The bark like skin was unmistakable, this was a Fae creature. “Why don’t you player’s ever go down easy?”

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The hunter sighed as they ventured closer to the runic structure.  A small amount of mist was crawling out of the wood work as Randal investigated the monolith, which the hunter soon had issue with.  They were nowhere near the Forest of Wavering Mist for that to happen, and it was not morning, where the morning dew would could be seen as light fog as it hung in the atmosphere.  Neither conditions were met, so something else was the issue now.  His search skill immediately kicked in to alert him to a new danger.  Snapping his head over to where Dwayne once stood, there was now something different.  An elegant looking individual that seemed almost ethereal.  Other than its skin slightly changing from a human's to that of wood, before coming to a darker motif, the creature seemed to embody a sense of esteem and grace that would rival some of the elves on higher floors.

This was a Fae.  Below its feet, lay the remains of the Faune that accompanied them.

"Sh*t.. Everyo...! ?"

Before he could warn anyone, he felt that his senses were being heavily dulled down.  He dropped to one knee, while using most of his strength to keep himself conscious.  What was this all of a sudden?  The hunter had not heard of something like this happening before.  Was this part of that rumor?  Was this how the Fae captured their prey?  The hunter would have to study this more.

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Dwayne seemed to get a little interested and excited when he started to talk about the runic stone that he had seen.  Astreya frowned as he did so, the sudden change in demeanor not sitting well with her.  The young man had been quite fearful and uncertain back in the town- to the point where it had seemed like anyone joining him was far beyond what he had been expected.  But she was starting to get a really bad feeling from the way that he was acting... and she started to hang back a little bit as he went on about the stone.

The mist rolling in as the approached the stone was of far more interest to the girl than the stone itself- and it seemed that Randal was studying it anyway.  She didn't have any real knowledge in the area, and so she stayed near the back of their little group as the fog started to thicken... and she realized after a moment that she couldn't see Dwayne or the Faun.  Or Randal. 

"Hey!" she called as Hirru as well began to be swallowed up by the fog, and she was suddenly left alone within it.  Her heart hammered in her chest, and the young woman reached back to pull out her blade, when the exhaustion started to hit.  "What..? What's going on?" she called out, before she suddenly caught sight of something moving toward the glowing runes, and fear caught in her throat, turning her next words into a high-pitched whine as she took a step backward.  She didn't want to die here.  Not at all... but not here, alone and scared.  Her hands gripped her weapon painfully tight, even as she struggled to keep her weapon upright.  

But she couldn't abandon those two.  She swallowed, choking on her fear... but the young woman took a shaky step forward, the fog coming around her once more.  Her father's words echoed in her ear as she walked, the young woman struggling to keep herself steady with the exhaustion leeching at her body.

Relax.  Focus.  Concentrate.

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It took Randal all his effort to not faint in an instant, but with all of his vision gone sole for the lone fae that threatened his life and the pounding ache in his head, it felt as though his vitality was seeping from his body and into the ground.

Finally, he fell over, cursing at the absurdity of the game, he was not meant to die here, he was going to live and get out but that was the end of his thoughts as he finally gave in to succumbing effects of the mist…or was it magic.

A sudden splash of water shook Randal awake. It was one of many, evident by his damp clothing and wet hair. The area around him was locked, a cage meant to hold something a little bigger than him was the first thing his eyes noticed. Followed by a damp and musty smell.

Groggily and unstably, Randal stood up, first pulling himself up with his hands before his legs found the strength to support the reset of him. “Hirru and Astreya!” the faune that had accompanied that now long gone from this world.

Randal knew better from TV shows not to scream and shout when in a hostage situation because he did not want to alert his captors that he was awake. He silently and almost painfully tried to stick as much of his face out of the cage and managed to glimpse his two companions in similar situations to the right of his cage.

“Think come brain, what can we do? Break the door? Wait for help? Call for his captors?” Randal was lost in thought when he heard footsteps coming from around the corner on the left and Randal quickly slumped on the ground and saw through half-closed eyes, a mini procession of Faune chained together led by a Fae, they were raggedy to saw the least, not much was on their bones because they appear to have been starved or neglected for a while.

One of them suddenly pulled on the chain in defiance and was quickly smote by the Fae who looked disdainfully at the rest of the Faune as they craned back in fear. The cave was damp, but the many walls seemed to amplify sounds as it allowed for the sound to bounce many times in an enclosed space, so Randal heard the next few words clearly.

“Do as you are told and you will not be killed. Simple is it not? Now come, there are more important things for your life to be used for.” The true voice of the Fae was almost airy, like a whispering snake in your ear.

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The hunter couldn't handle it anymore, as the mist seemed to have some sort of narcoleptic properties to it.  His eyes drew heavy, and before he knew it, he was asle..


"̵̩̗͕̙̦͖̱͔̼͕̜̮̪̄̿̊̏͒͋̂̌̽̉͌̉̏͝͝ͅH̷̡̡̼̭̺̫͎̫͖̪̮̼͍̙̦̾̊̎͗̅͌͆̊̕̕͜͝͠e̷̡͇̖̝̥͙̭̍̚y̸̥̫͓̅͊̾̂̐͒̆͆͆͛͊̽͒̚͝͝!̴̡̦̰͍̟̳̤̗̟͚̋͑̐͜ ̵̧̫̙̫̼͚̬̝̪͉̹͈̱̍̉͑͑̓͊̑͆̐͗̚͜͠ͅ ̷̧̨̡͕̹̖̣̥̤̹̥̙͔̺̀̋̃̈̋̍̃̓̀̚͠͝͝S̴̢̡̡̟̤̱̣̖̼̥̤̫̤̳̯͑̈́̽̓̒͘͜͝l̵̜̠̩̼̮̳͙̪̲͔̻͔̺̔́̐͠͠ė̷͚͚̻̫̣̙̦̭̑̍̌̆̓͗͆͠e̵̡̧͈̲̫͙͇͓͉̠̖̮̘̥̬̅͊͌̈́̎͒̀̽̎̐̽͘͜͜͝p̵̢̛̛̺̟̆͑̒̏͒̎̑͊͂̒̓̏͘y̸̤͖̹̘̥͕̿͂̀̚ ̷̡̦̰̘̜̼̺̗̹͕͌̀̔̅̏͗͛͑̒̈́͛́̍͘h̸̡̩͍͔̹̪̬́̄͌̉̽ͅe̵̪͎͌̾͑́̿ą̸̰͇̬̜͙̲̖̠͚͕̲̣͚͑̎͋͐̈́̄͒͐ͅd̶͚̱̳͓͖̼̳͍̪̤̪̤͚͎̟̥͋͊̂ͅ!̶̧͍̣͖̃͊̾͋̇̚̚ ̶̡̪̲̤̝̀͗̉͋̿ ̸̛̲̞̖̮̣̃̒͋̊̽̔̚͠W̸̢̘̻̭̥̙̻̩͒̃̀̕a̵̧͍̮̤̬͈̬̯̺̝͕͉̖͒̃̋͌̓͊̿͌͐̅̕ǩ̸̺͕̳̟̙̘̔̾̀̿̓͊́̎̀̉̌͐̚ͅę̶̦̞͇͙̹̪͍̦̪̭̙̌̅̅̐̌̑͑͌ ̵̛̞̪̻͙͕̬̙̮̻̅̍̈́̀̓͌̋̏̐̾̀̽̔̚̕͜͠ͅư̴̩̻̳̼͕̞̘̲͖̈́̊̽̃p̶̼̈́̈́̆̆̈́͒̏̽͠!̵̨̱̬͍̻̼̮͊̌͋͗͊̐̇̐̍̐̎"̸̧̡̻̪͓̻̺̺̤̱̫͓̙̹̱̹̉͛̀̊̐̓̐͑͜͠͝
̴͖͈̩̘͕̤̣̳̥̒̔"̸̢̡̬̝̣̦̭͔̦͕̼̠̽̍̈́̓̕H̴̝̟̙̹̞̲̞͉̦̮̹͉̥̪̘̍̆̈́̄ͅĭ̵͖͛̽s̶͉͕̩͚̩̟̆͗͋͗̏h̸̢͖̦͔͗̅͌̔͛͒̇̿̓͠ų̵̹̜̳̗̻̮͍͚̻̋̀͂̌̕͠n̸̤͙̹͓̦̥̖̪̯͇͕̘͇̪͛͆̿̈͋̈̈́͂̏̓̂͘͘̕͜͝͝͝ͅǫ̸̖̘̣̳͉̠͎̦́,̷̱̜̬̣̻͙͖̄̔̎̆͊̇̄̓͆̂̊̄͊̔̄̉͜͜ͅ ̶̢̝͙̬̘̮̙̣̼͎̪̜̣̣̗̟̈͗͊̇͋͘Ì̷̤̮͕̬͖͚̔͜͝ ̶̢̢̢̛̺̩̯̳̝͓͇͔̝͔̮͍̺͑̉͌͂͂͊̑͝ṱ̴̨̡̨̡͇̼̳͖͕͉̦͖̣̩̔̽͋̈́̒̉ͅö̸̝̗̳͈̣̺͍̖͇́̑̎̐̅̔̇͛̈͊̕͜l̷̢̨͈͚͓͖̝̙̥͚͚̠̠͚̊̽͑̓̓͛́̒̆͗̒͜͜d̶̛̗̖̘͎͔̀̎̂̅̈́͒́͒̈͘͜ͅ ̴̢̼̩̼͔͓̲̪͙̪̥̓̈́́͠ͅy̵̧̠̤͖̮̬̳̲̱̪̥̠͈̭͓̥͆́͐̂̽͠͠ǫ̶̧̳̯̫̱̥̦̜͕̺̳̥͕͈̎u̸̦͒̚ ̴̧̢̛͈͇̘͕̠̠̖̯͔̲͉́̅̈́̌͗̆̚̕̚ͅţ̵͚̖̳̠̪̳͎̞̻͛̈́̃̅h̷̛͕̮̲̯̟͉͔̒͊̂͒͌̈͛̏͝ͅa̶̢̳̺̼̤̭͖̩̩̳̺͖̦̲̰͊̽͊̈̓̇̀͑̉̊͆̊̑͋̃̄t̴̨̪̟̖̥̫̰̭͈̰́͜͜ ̵̤̞͍͇̙̻͍͉͎̥̩̠̭̱͌̚ģ̵̘̯̳̠͔̜͖̟̭̮̘̭̰̇̈́́̓̐̊̐̀̇̿̌̕͜u̷̡͈̖̙̞̤̩̼͎̜͈̲͉̜̮̔̐̾̽̌̇̂͋͘y̸̧̭̩͖̰̜͎̑͗͌̊͑̇͘͝ ̸̧͚̹͖̩̳͖̞̝̘̤̭͍̣͙̳̺̄̾̿i̴̛̙͈̓̀̎̐̍̋͑̈́͊̋̾͝͠͝s̷͇͖̟̘̘̭͙͇͎̘̣͚̑̓̕ͅ ̷̢͕̟͈̯͐̽͘a̸͉͈͎̝̤͖̹͙̝̖̹̲̼̗͈̤͚͛̓̊̃̏̔̑̇͛̀̇̀̑ ̵̧̦͈̹͕̩͓͒̍̂̓̐͜͜͝ĺ̶̦̟͈͈́ơ̸͔̪̼͋͌͊̀̄̀͒̎́̕͘̕s̴̨̤̪̱̪̭̘͖̹̪͍̬͙͚͒̑̋̀̏̄̈́̿̕͠ẗ̶̫͔͖̖̭́̀́͒̈́̐̓̈́͌̉̓̚͝ ̷̡̝̱̲̄͊͂̑̈̌̉̇̈́̌͒̀̕̚̚͝ċ̶͙͈͍̲̖̲͕̠̈́̃̋̎̈́̎͂́̆͘̚a̸̼̱̭͔͓̭̘̤͓̩͙͚̣̩͗͛͒̉̒̀͋̌̕͝ų̵̑̑͑̋̿̀̚s̶̛̝̝͎̱͇̯̦̭̥͎̔̍́̓e̸̹̦̺̲̰̣̘̦̺͚̊͑̔͗̿̌̍̂̅̋̓̕̕̕͠.̴̡̨̛̳̲̬͚̺̹̋̂̐̿̀̾̓̓̓̑͒̄̊ͅ ̸̛̰̩̼̩̠̲͍̼̰̩͌͛͆͋̈́̚͜͝ ̵̙̙̊̃̍͗̈́̈̓͗̈́͐̑͗̕͠͝͝͝H̷̨͎̝͕̾͆̓̈́̉ę̷̡̣̫̲͈̯͇͔͙̈́̌̽̉̊̃͛̚̚͠'̵̡͎͖̣͕̺̲̺̌̉̎̔̈́̂͝s̸̞͙͒̔̆̿̏ ̷̛͈̘͙̱̱̽̆̃̎̃͋̈̈̀͑͌̎͘̚͝͝n̷̨̧͙̼̪͖̲̙̭̹̞̗̪͎̅̑͑̂ȩ̵̞̩͋͗̌̈́̏̅̀̒̑̏͆͠v̸̢̛̱̻͖̀͌͑͌̇́̀͊̒̐͆̇̚e̴̩̗̯͉̩͐̈́̒̐̓̈́̂̌͂͘͝r̸̡̮͓͍̩̭͕̝͈͉͒̅͌́͑ ̴̛̟̫̓̀͋͂̕͝͠g̷͚̯̳̠̞͚̱̩͇̲̭̞͕̖͋͋̅̔̂̍́̐̔͒́͛̋̚͜ͅͅǫ̵̫̖̩̍i̷̹̘̻͕̗͉̮̥̺̽ņ̵̡͎͇̱̹̘͉̦̜̩̭̝͎̼̎ͅg̴̞̖̫̯̏̈͛̈́̂̌̈̈́͜͝ ̶̫̒̉t̵̡̡̧̝̬͈̲̬̐̂̓͛̿̿̽̂̇̅̎̆̿̓͘͝o̷̡̧̧͍̯̪̯͊ ̸̧̢̖̩̠͎̜͉̭̣̱̆̔͊̀̐̏̽̐͋̑͘͝͝͠ͅͅͅw̵͍̠̩̖͖͍͓͓̦̤̖̺̻̦͕̠̲̉̌̅́̓̋͒͆͆̌̿̓̊̈́͑͘͝a̸̰͔̩͔̰͖̬̮̘̤̍̂̄̀̕͝k̸̨̼̰͉̳̮͖̫̰̙͕͍͇̣̦̎̽̒̆͂̓͝ě̵̢̥͉̱̟͗̿̽̑̔̈́̒̅̕̚ ̵̡̨̦̙̗̪̱̖͔̫̦̹̥̦͇̼̈́̉̀́͝͝u̸̜̠͒̆̎̋̎̽̽̓̃̍̅́̕͝͝ṕ̴̖͉̩͔̓̑̌̈́̏͆̄͝.̸͉̞̞͕̖͇̬̫̫͍̯̯̯̌͌̃̌̃͗̀͘"̷̗̜̖̱̔̑̄̓̒
̷̨̪̲͚̻̭͎̘̺̳̓̎́̃̓̀͐̓ͅ"̶̧̨̠͎̝̪̜͚̺̥̬͙̪̘̈͗̓̂̔̽̊͌͘͠ͅN̴̢͓̬̱̩̤̣̝̪̹͓̥͕͍̥̂̋̈́̎̾͒̒͝͝ô̵͍̂̃͝n̷̡̛͖͋̋̍̃̄͠ͅs̴̨͙͈̮̝͙͓̝͋̉̔̾͆̋̃́̊͂̌e̸̢̛̛͖̞͇̻͎͍̙͕̘̱̦͉̬̻̍̆͌̂͗̕͠͠ͅn̶̯̳̥̯̑̉͗͛̋̆̓̃͘̕͝s̵̡͔̹͍̮̙͓̗̻̰͔͉̱̻̮͇̄̽̾e̴̢̛̘͇̼̠̲̙̝̳̗͈͚̖̮̕!̸̡̢̼͙̱̟̙͔̣͎̾́̋̈́̉͌̿͋͛̓͐͜͝ ̶̲̦͕͈̉̀̀̎̌́̍͋̂̅̀̋̈͝ͅ ̷̡͙̫̪̪͚̝͍̫͈̞̘̫͓̞̺̌̐̀͑̕H̷̨̹͔̻͕͔̦̖̹̱̮͓̠̗̹͙̺̽̎̈́é̸̞̮̗̖̥̬͍̪̤̭͈̐͗͂̀͗͂̍͛̃̚ͅ ̶͓͎̭̣̣͔̭̞̥͑̋͛͒ͅp̶̨̧͙̤͙͉̪̺͈͍̯̼̱̻̞͔̑̍̔͌̿̀̑̀̎̌́̅̿̽͠ͅṟ̶̠̳̟̭̌͛̕ó̷̳̱̘̦̳͓̼̯̯͓͚̰̀͑̌̓̈́͂̚̚b̵̡̪̩̥̳̜͙͓̫̻̣͓̫̾̈́a̶͓͖̰̤̹̜͙̥̺̝̓ͅb̵̛͙͇͕͇̲̃͒̆͗̍̈́̂̂̒͘͘͠ͅl̴̢̨̛̪̱̙̦̣̤͉͎͈͖̦̅̎̈̊̔͒̈͝͝y̵̺̎́̉͆̔̈̃̽͂̏̄̕͘͝͠ ̴̛͍̉̅̍͊͒̓̐͐̆́̿̔j̵̢̨̛͈̥̫̟̱̞̺̭͎̅̇̏̉̈́̏̀̈u̷̥̭̜̫͔̲͓̎́́́̒̊͌́̈́͌̆̚͝s̶̛̞̯͉̍̂̒̏̐́̎͗̚͠t̸̨̰͓̦̣̗̰̹̲͎̝̖̙̳̟͚͂̈̒̐̐̽̿͗͂̏̓̓͘̚ͅ ̶͎̮̰̥̼̜͍̱̘̾̈̔́̊͌͊̃̍̓̎͒͂͒͜͠͝ͅg̴̡̧̧͚̲͖͎̹̼̐̉̇̃̿̋̉̕ö̵̼̻͇̻̙̲́̋̔̈̄̇͌̍̆̏̚̕͝ť̶̠̮̰͕̲̙̯͇̟̦͔̣̤͊́͂ ̷̢̡͓̝̘͓̯̺͕̓̾̋̈́͌̂͑̓̋̚͝͝s̷̺̦̪͛t̷̩̽ṷ̵̫̟̣́̽̕c̵̢̧͓̤̳̯̮̻̭̩͙͙͚͈̹̀ǩ̷̛͚̫͖͖̇̓̑̒́͊̂̓̈̽̅̌͗̍͝ ̶͎̗̺̯̹̯̠̞̖̕i̸̛͎͚̹̔͐͌̋̀̋̌́̚n̸͓͕̎͗̇̾̈̉͛̔̀͠͠ ̵͈̙̖̺͇̱͇͔̜̖̬͖̪̭̽̆̍̓̒̈́̃̿̏͊̚ͅţ̴̛̳̦̪͎̺̼͉̩̮̳͖̆͛̓͛͆̒̔̂͆́̚͝h̶͕͎̹̞͈͈̗̫̦̜̞̙̐̈́̎̐̐͑̓ͅa̴̧̨̳̙̰͓̗̝̬̮̩̭͉̗̦͐̈́̈́͋͝t̶̨̧̝̪̬͈͙̍̂͑̅̎̋̎̓̕ ̷̨̛̫͉̓̑̿͋͐͐̆͐ḷ̶̡̨̲̮̝̩̫͎͎͚̮̟̀͌̎̏̍͊̄̾͑͠a̶̯̞͚͖̥͉͉͌̄͋̓́̌̀́̚͝g̸̢͕̤͎͎̰̲̝̭͎̎̈́͛̅̃̆͋̆̄̐͗̈́͊͆̽͝ͅ ̷̨̭̙̹͍̩̙̤̠̗̭̳̪̦̳̫̪̃̀͂͘͠s̵͍͙̣̦͉͖͚̹̪̲̳͉͓̘̼͌̋̾͊̈́̃̍̈͐̈́͛͐̇̑́͜p̵̛͙͎̙̖͔̹̤͔̦̥͐̏̀͌͑́̈́͗͌̕͠į̵̧͉̯̩̩̟̥̬̝̻̣͉̎̓̓̅̀̂͋̈́͊̆̓̀̕ͅķ̷͎͇͉͓͕̪͈̣̮̊̈́̂̂̆͗͗̊̄̆́̓̏̕̕͠ͅé̷̢͔̙̰̭̮̠̖̝̠͙̞̄̃ ̴͕͙̈́̔̌͒̀̑͂̆̄̈́̈͆́̀͝ţ̵̰̫̺̈́̌̃͋̚͘͘ͅẖ̴̯̜̲̳̥̬́̈́́̎͗̿̀ͅą̸̧̛̻̦̤̘̜͙̫̤̥̠͙͆̆̒̇̔̋̃͗̓̋̚t̶̨͕̖̹͖̗̲̱̖͉̬͇͈͍̘͙̅̿͌͛̚ ̸̱̰͍͎͍̠̞͎̬̗͕̀̈̉̀̌̒̎͑́̽͐͐̕̚͝ę̷͈͈̩̩͎̻̮͇̯̞͍̃̅̈̊̓̒̕͜͜v̸͎̭̜̣̤͓̱̦̹͎̦̫̯̝͉̩̦̿̓́̍̈́̇͗͝͝e̶̡̛͕̭͎͕̩͈̹̖̮̺̳̗̼͛̏̾̎̑̿̒͊̂̈̒̾͂̈͜͜͝͠ͅr̷̦͚̯͈̫̦͉̖̼͑̈̍̓̀͜͜y̷̡͎͇̖̥̖̣̙̖͕̖̆̌͆̃͂̔̈́̈́̆͋̌́̐̈́̕͠͠o̷̳̗͈̣̱̭̹̤͌͌͂̄͗̓͐̃̈́̓̍̒͜͝ͅn̵̤͔̙̣̪̤̖̮̑̂͋͗̆̀̋̓̃̄e̶̢̛̫̗̹͔͚̯̗̳͍͇͍̽͐̃͋̑̓̏̎̇́̔̀̿͘͜ ̶̛̝̠̬̖͇͔̯̊̔͒̀̊ġ̶̡̢̛͓̥̝͍̒͗̑̈́̅̋͑̈́̃͂̐̕̚͝͠o̶̧̨͕̥̹͈̻͈͎͈͒̅̓́t̶̤̪̤̜̫̪̗͔̲͚̬̲̒̂͆̀̑̈́͋̐̍̊͗̆̓̚̚͝ͅ ̶̨͕̃̈̉͊̚ć̶̞̖̲͎͈̗̪̞̟̬̹̗͜͜ͅͅȁ̵̹̮̦̘͎̦̠̾̃̑͊͒̆́̈́̇̉̿͛͘͝ǘ̷̮͖͖͈̾̒̈́g̷̨̛̘̯̝͍̣̞̞͕̣̪͇̩̈́̆̓̏͊̀̋͗͝ͅḧ̵̡̗̜̝͙͉̱̣̫̹̺̬̠̣͕́̾t̵̨̖͚̗͉̪̟͐̉̏̆̆ ̴̡̧̫͚̞̖̙͙̬͉̪̞͌̾ͅĭ̴̯̲̜̤̬̝͇͔̼̻̘̅̾́̾̆̀̿̈́͋͌̓̒͝͝n̶̼̫̮̗͍̘̈́͜.̵̰͈̣̲̉̃͗̿͒͆̆̏͑̒̿͘̚͘̚̚"̵̞̪̣̈̆̈́́̒͌
̴̢̠̬̩͕͔͕͔̮̙͚̭̳̽͆̈́̿͋̈́̍́̐̋̓̀͑̈́͝"̶̨̠̮̪͇͉͍͎͓͎̯̖̫̍̑̇̐̒̐̾̉̋̉͊͠͝Ý̵̧͚̞ǫ̷͈̥͗͐̃̆̎̄ų̴̝̺͍͙̠̳̯̤̖̳̲̖͙̈̾̈́͛̄͌͑̀̈́̐͌̎̂͋ ̶̢̓̇́̍͆̑̕̕m̶̛̞̱̝̰͍̘͕͈̓̉e̷̘̪̠̰̻͙͐͋̀ą̸̢̛̲̥̭̻̪̈̒̿̋̈́̔̑͐̓͘͜͝ņ̷̛̹̮͙̽͂̇͑̊̒͛̿̕͝͠ ̴̖̘͎̜͚͑͑̈́͐̍̈͗͌̋̋́̌̕̕͝t̷̮̝̰̪͈̰͓̔̅̄̂̀̒̌̋̇͆̅h̸̳͐̾͗͐̀̈́ę̸̢̛͎̩̘͓͎̮̔̓͛̊͒͘͝ ̵̨͈͉̺͇̭̝͍̳͔̱͇̱̘͍́̈̏͆̇̓̂̅͋͑̓̂͝͝ͅô̷̪̙̝̝͎̼͈͍̯̂̋͗̈́͑̐̈́̌̓̊͌́̄̈̏̎n̵̼͖̫̞̥̭̝͑͌̀̐̑̂͋̋̔̄̏̈̽̕̚͝͝e̴̳̞͙̥̙̲͙̮̤̭̤̯̩̮̘̝̿͒̓͋̋͛̆̅́͋̉̔̋͋ ̴̛̯̀͑͌̄̿͌͑́͠ṫ̷̻̹̪̼̙̫̮̮̰͛͂̓́̍͗̈́̄͆͛͝h̸̛̖̘̗̝̼͓̙͔̪͇̺͕͍͖͍̟̎̈́͛̀̀̊́̓̔͌̇̚͘͜͝ä̶͉̝̖́̽̆̐̆̃̇͑̏̉t̵̳̞͖̥̗̓̈́̂̀͐́̈́̈̋̈́̚͝ ̶̡̨͔̻̰̣̻̟̟͍͈͖̦̯̈́̒̑̈́̉ͅh̷͇͕̲̝͔͉̰̻̲͋a̵̡̛̭̰͕͚̠͎̹̗͎̰͕̻͙̖̺̥̾̂̌̒̕̚͠p̸̤̗̐̿̃̈́͊͋͛̓̈͠p̶̡̅͋͆̊͒̓̉̓̊͘ë̷̡̛͖̗̜͇̯̟͈̩͎͖́͐͊̑́͂̒͠ͅñ̵̡̡̝̞̺̞͖͉̦̼̗̲̻̠͐̅̔͝ͅé̷͈͕̻̯̼̟̪̠̝̼̜̘̹̳͔̍̇̀͊̏̌͌͛̆̉͝d̸̨̛͚̱͂͗̔͑̈̆̏̒̄̉͘͠͝ ̵̨̯͕͚̭̬̍̎͐̇̿͂͘͠a̵̩͒̇͛́̕͘ ̸̛̺̘̻̱̖͍̉͛́̎̈́͂̈́̏̕͘͠c̸̢̛͕̟͛̈́͂͂̃̄̀̎͘͝o̴͓̜͕̤͇̙̮̜̹̰͐u̴̡̨̩̭͚͙͉̹̘̽͊̀̿͠p̴̧̧̮͙̩̣̼͉̗̩͖̀̎̓͛̃̐͌͐̓̀͗͆͘͝͠͠ͅl̷̢̡̥͎̤̟̝̫̖̗̲̳̖̗̇̅̉̎e̸̪̝̟̭͖͚̭̻͕̻̐̌̎͂̍ ̵̡̞̣͚̳̺̬͒͌͛̚̕d̴̨̢̺̟͇̭̙̮͚̥̝̩̮̩̈́͂̽͒͜͝a̴̰͈̜̳͎̖̿̐̕͜ỵ̵̨͕̤̫̋͋̈́́͌̒͌̓͜s̴̰͚̬̭͈̀̐̏̐͋ ̸͔͇͉̉̉͘ã̷̛̩̤̦̥̤͚̺̖̟͈̙͕̙̈́̊̍͑̄̑͗̈́̔͜ģ̶̛̤̘̮̜͍̣̺̻̄͊̃̑̅̽́̃͒͝͝ͅͅo̶͔̦̳̠̞̻̹͓͙̖̤̗̜̪̜͙͙̾̅͂̿̓̈́̀̈́̉̀̅̚?̸̘̘̮̬̞̤͈̙̻̙͔͉̯͍̥̫̲̃͐̓́͛͑̚ ̷̨̡͓̯̟͈̦̗̼̙̣͚̱̙̚͝ ̴̘̱̝͍͉͎̮̥̫̹̩͈̼̣̰̫̖̎̑̅͋͊̽̔̑͗͒̅͑́͝͝T̴͇̳̠̗̤̬̳̼̗͈̞̲̓̀̈́̽͌͑͌͜h̶̨̨̤̠̤̠̠͖̼͕̲̗̝̰͔̿à̶̢̢̺͕͖͈̣̮͙͛̈̾̀̌̇̄͌̉̓̊̚͜͜͝͝ͅͅť̴̘͐́͘ ̸̡̮̬̟̜̠̬̠̅̄̄̀̈̾͂̔͌́̊̀̚͝w̷̺̹̖̱̯̬̦̲͌̓͒̈̍͛̑̎́̂̈́̽͑̔͐͜͠á̶̪̆͌̈́̃̿s̷̜͙͐̀̾͛ ̵͕̭̹͆̎̐ͅt̷̡̛͎̩̥̟̓ẖ̶̡̩͎̮̣̯̝̲͙̣͌̍͂̋̄̓̇̀̎͌̍͊ę̴̮͈̝̮̜̙̳͕̗̝̟̪̍̉̓̄͊̍̎̌̄̓̊͛̀͝ͅǹ̷̮̣͚̼̮͓̱̜̭͕̘͍̖͊͜͜ͅ!̴̢̳͇͎̤̹̥̊̓̅̑̉̃̆̕̚ͅ ̸̡͔̲͓̝͖̼̠͔͎̥͎͎̲̆̑ ̸̨̛̝̱̫̪̖͎͓̈́̒̔̀͗͘͠͝Ḩ̶̡͎͓̘͈͙̹͚̀́͑͊̆̈̚͘ë̴̢̱̳̝̟̟̗̠͇͙̰̦́͂̎̂̎̾̀͛̔̏̏̀̇̀͒̊͘ ̶̧̢̧̰̰̹̝̟̬̺̬̥̎͊̌̈́̃͜w̸̡̡̢͔͍̼͓̮̭͔̱̭̩̓̏̄̓̍̎́̂͌ḁ̴̢͖͙̤̝̤͈̟̙̋s̴̱̩͐̉̇̂̓̂̃̕ͅ ̸̛̭̜̏͆͑͊̂̓͌͛̌͘͝l̴̮̳̬̖͋͐̌͋͗̄̈̅̆̉͆̉́̒̉͠i̴̪͓̩̦͙̪͔̬̲̺̭͐́͌͒͐̈͌̅͐̂̐́̀͛̈́̕k̴̦̯̻͍̘̲͔͌͊̏͆̀͆̒͋̿̔̈́̐̓͗͝͝e̵̺͉̱̻̣̩̳̝͈̝̱͖͔̍̀ ̸̢̧̨̬̲͕̲̖̪̪̼̣́̎̃͜͝ẗ̴̡̼͋̏̑͜͝ḩ̶̢̼͈̗̜̲̗̗̣̻͓̙͍̞̥̄́̊̉̏̑͆̓͂͊ỉ̵̡̛͖͚̰̖͕̠̬̩̥̦̓̂͂̚͜s̴͔̝̰͍̅́͗̓́ ̶̛̮̰̣̯̳̝͍͍͉̦̗͔͓̼͙̄̔̇̂̽̔̓̐̅̋̕f̸̢̢̞̦̳̱̪̋̒̌̏̈́͌̀́̂͛̉̕̚r̵̜̤̯͔̹̟͉̜͛͑̃̽̇̃ö̵̞̯̘̣̥̝̼̭̬̩͖̻̣̬͓̂̄̋͗̋͗̈́̀͝͝ṃ̶̢̧̗̜̣̖͕̖̣̺͈̥̲̈͂͂̿̂͐͋̉̓́̓͝͝͝ ̴̧̡̨̢̛̹̟̤̹̙̖̟̗̦͈̯̣̉̃́̐͒̈́̍͑͒͂̎̈̚ͅḋ̵͕͚̱̥̤̬̘̹͕̯̦͓̭̭̜̚a̴͚̔̂͝ẏ̸̢̩̖̻̻͎̥͓͔̥̻͈̻́̽̀̕ ̴̛̲̣̥̪̘̣̱̰̓̔̔̐̓̂͌̚͜͝o̵̧̻̞͍̣͖͇̤͆̉̓̂̅̔̒͂̋̑̃̏̐̔͊͘͠ͅň̴̻͍̝͕̩̲͎̝̲͎͐̌̊̍͋͜͝e̴̡̧̟̯̭̖̟̝̟̠͚͖͇͖̗̍̎̃̈̆̈́̀́̉̅̀͠ͅ!̸̨̡̡͎͈̦̯̪̮͔͓͍̤̦̭̭̈́͛̔͋̆͐̒́̚̚͜͠"̷̛̤̌͛̋̌͗̊̚͠͝
̷̬̆͆͆͌̈̕̚"̵̢̨͖̠̥͋͌͗̓̏̒̆͘͝͝D̶̫́̐͘͜ì̶͓͍̠̩̟̃̃͗͠d̵̢̢̯͉̖̮̲͔̠͈͓̈́̅̃͌͜ ̷̭̺̪̟̣̬̙͍̞̹̹̅y̸̧̢͙͔̝͈̞͕͎͙͔̮̋͋̈́̈́̏̊͋͛̇̐̌́̐͂̀͘̚͜o̷̡̩̫̱̩̘͍͂̿̀̂̅̋̅̄̐̚͝͠ͅu̷̡̬͖͚̯̖̜͍̒̋̀̃́̓̓͂͒̌͝͠͝ͅ ̵̡̻͕̘̏̐̈̾̃̽̆̒̇͂͜s̵͉̋̌̈́̀́͂̇͐̏a̸̖͎̜̖͠ỳ̶̻͕̯̪̠̫͑͆̓͒̈́̇̀̀̄͑̚͘ ̴̢̨̡̬̖͓̜̮̼̌̓̓̒̀͋t̸̨̛̛̪̗̮̗̜̗̺̘͉́͊̉͜h̸͕̖̬̩̳̖͔̣̘̦̦́͌̄̃͒̓̏̂͑͑à̴̫̬̘͙̤̠̬̠̠̦̣̩͎̮̖͆̓̈́̇̉̎̎͆̓̒̊̚̚͠͝t̷̢̻̣̘͙̖̦̦̘̑̎̅̕?̶͈̄̎̀̐̾͊̽̀̆̓̂̌̏͒̌̕̕"̴͕͔͙̞̰̭̙̼͙͕͍̑̊͂͌̏͑̽̒͆̎̇̏̏͊̈́͠
̷̨̧̡̰̮͓͚͓̗͕̼̝͉̳̩̣̏̊́͆̾͌͂́"̷̡̠̞̰̯̰͖͙̂N̵̻̪̾̆͌́̾̍́ő̶̢̹̤̰͍̥̖̘͓̫͈͈͙̼̬̄̿̀͋̾͘ͅ,̸̖͈̅ ̴̛̳̽̆̈́̈́̀̿̃̐̏͋̎̔́̅͝d̸̨̥͉̟̣̻̥̬̯͚̪̤͉̿̀̿͜í̶̛̛̫͊̓̿̾̂̕̚͝d̴̢̩̪̰̰̺̠̗̬͋͜ͅ ̵̨̡̹̱̼͎̟̏͐̏̔̏͗̌̄̊́̀̊͠ͅy̴̗͎̣̮̻̻̞̙̯͇̫͌͐̊̑̕͘õ̶̞̫͕̬̦̲͖̥͔̹̩͔̫̠͖̜͔̀̿͒u̵̡͖̣̩̘̺̦̱͗̏̊͛̓?̷̢̹͙̮̟̬̊̏̚ͅ"̶̨͈̲̜̣̟͈̲̘̹͑̽̔́ͅͅ


He awoke with a start after having been splashed with something wet.  His face was wet and so was most of his body, though the water physics of the game would have it fall off in a few minutes.  His eyes didn't need to adjust to any bright light or anything, as he found himself in a dimly lit cavern.  Here and there, small torches would flicker and flare around, showing more and more of the area.  With more detail, the hunter's eyes widened:  he was surrounded on all sides by metal bars. 

In fact, there were cages and cells all around the area.  Some were empty, but others seemed to carry some sort of life within them.  Each one had a different amount of movement and sounds to them, but it wasn't until the hunter activated his search skill and all modifiers that he saw the bigger picture.  Of the occupied ones Hirru could see; 6 yellow crystals that denoted NPC's, 3 green crystals that denoted players, and...

"This can't be right.."

There were one hundred red crystals spread out over ten different cells, meaning there were mobs locked away. 

Although, for Hirru, they were more pink denoting incredibly weak mobs; but, to someone that was more appropriate for this floor, they were all red to dark red.  The only reason they were dark red, was because the hunter was here.  His presence was causing all the mobs to try and meet his level, but the floor maximum cap wouldn't allow them to reach any further.  Thankfully, they were all weak to him, but it would be a difficult time for anyone else.  If anything, he could be glad they were all behind bars, as he didn't want to waste his energy fighting all one hundred.  Though, what disturbed him most was that he couldn't tell their descriptions except for the glowing red eyes that would sometimes pierce the darkness, if the torchlight flickered just right.

With that though, there were also several red/pink crystal creatures roaming around the cells too.  These ones seemed to only count in the single digits, about four to five of them.  These seemed to be like the elven creature from before, the Fae.  There was one that had positioned themselves each of the four cages that seemed to contain players.  There was another that seemed to be keeping a few of the rabbit eared Faune in a tight precession.  This was sickening to the hunter, but there were further matters to handle.

Opening his menu, the hunter could see that his initial set of gear was gone, but everything in his battle ready equipment was still there.  Although, they seemed to leave his bracelet behind.  Seems about right, they took what was readily on his body, but not stuff that was hidden in his inventory.  While the watch was doing it's thing, the hunter would switch into his readied blade, Betrayal of the Lone Knight, and await the next rotation, or if the others try to make a move.

[Main inventory weapons and armor are locked away until cages are broken.  You can still use your main trinket and switch into and use Battle Ready Inventory items.  The doors have 50 HP, the cage itself has 200 HP | 10 MIT.  Any damage will alert the guards, adding them to the mob pool.  If less than 2 Fae are left alive, it will unlock one of the ten cells releasing ten Twisted Ones.  Parties can only attack 4 mobs at a time.]

Equipped Betrayal of the Lone Knight (+12 DMG) from BRI 

[Modified Stats until cage is broken]
Hirru | HP 720/720 | EN 110/110 | DMG 23 | 1 ACC (dim light) | 1 EVA

Edited by Hirru
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The repeating of her Father's mantra over and over again in her head was supposed to help her to do what the words were.  To relax, focus and then to Concentrate.  However, that repetitious speech in her mind had the opposite effect.  That or it was whatever spell had been cast, or perhaps some mixture of both as the woman could feel her eyelids steadily growing heavier.  She tried to take another step back toward where the others were when she could practically feel the weight of sleep upon her shoulders.  

She slipped forward, but was asleep before she even hit the ground, an [Immortal Object] tag popping up from the ground as she struck it.


Sometime later, (she had no idea how long it had been,) she felt a splash of cold water on her and startled awake.  "Wh-" she began, but didn't actually vocalize in full what her mind wanted to.  Where was she?  The young woman blinked several times before glancing around, able to see a few other cursors here and there, but for the most part, she only really saw the other cages that were around the others.  Of course, there was a delayed realization that she, too, was in a cage.

Immediately, fear leapt back up into her throat.  Why...was she here?  What did they want?  She couldn't be sure, but all the same, the young woman blinked her eyes rapidly, looking around at the other cursors.  The two green ones had to be Randal and Hirru.  Or at least, she very much hoped it was.  

The girl was about to speak when the chain-gang of faunes were trailed by, before one of them seemed to try to resist and was promptly obliterated.  She shrank back into her cell, her heartbeat hammering in her chest as she waited, but there were a number of guards all around.  She glanced up, seeing Frosty sitting on a ledge, and her heart steadied a little bit.  Okay good- they hadn't harmed her pet.  Reaching back over her shoulder for her weapon, she realized with another startle that it was gone.  

The girl swallowed, before also realizing her armor too was missing, leaving her in just the plain, blue and white dress she'd gotten  when she first made her character forever ago.  The Hoya charm was still with her but... that wasn't going to help.  She took a deep breath before exhaling.  Relax, focus, concentrate.  Maybe she could use Frosty somehow... to retrieve her armor?  The bird liked shiny things... but it would depend on just where they'd stored her stuff...

She accessed her inventory- at least she still had that.  She had her old sword from when she'd started.  That was... pretty lame, but it was something at least.  She kept it hidden (as best she could) trying to reason out a way to get out of here...

Post Action: Equip Uncommon T1 2HSS: [Damage]


Astreya | HP: 410/410 | EN: 56/56 | DMG: 6 | MIT: 0 | BH: 8 | ACC: 2 | THORNS: 0 | TAUNT: 1

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ID Battle Craft Loot MOB Character Link Purpose Time
194583 4 12 5 2 Randal http://www.cydel.net/images/saorpg/diceroll/Msg_hover2.png Break Cage 2021-05-28 07:55:18

Updated Stats as of being caged

Lvl 26 Randal Info
HP 520/520 | Energy 70/70 | Damage 2 (+2 SA) | MIT 0 | ACC 3 | EVA 0 | LD 3 |

Cage Door
HP 48/50

Randal hits the cage BD 4+3=7 (HIT) | 2 dmg
Guard Pool Count: 1

As the line of Fae and Faune alike crawled past his cage, Randal began to feel a strange pulsing sensation, as though there was something within the caverns that was beating. The feeling was akin to being at a concert and having the bass speakers rumble and vibrate as one enjoyed the music, only this one was not for enjoyment.

The feeling and emotion came and left like a wave. Randal had to refocus. He gripped at the iron bars at the bottom of the cage and found that a life bar appeared in front of him. This was it; this is a sign from the Cardinal that he was supposed to break the locks ahead of him. There would surely have been a way to more stealthily escape if he had the foresight to invest in some lock pinking skills, but hindsight was 20/20.

Randal never had very much on him at any given time, the clothes that he adorned and kept him warm had been taken from him, he barely managed to find some random rags to put on, but he was losing a lot of his strength. “I put in so much effort to craft those claws I swear if I don’t get them back at the end of this!”

He waited until the procession was a little out of sight before calmly observing the situation. Randal was not able to see any other Fae guards near him but that was because his cell was blocked by cascading stalactites and stalagmites. He also failed to notice the other creatures that lurked in the darkness but figured that the longer he waited the less likely he would be able to find the others if they were being taken away like the Faune he saw earlier.

Edited by Randal
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Posted (edited)

Hirru heared a small cracking sound coming from one of the green markers, indicating that one of them was trying to break out.  He couldn't see the other two, but there was one that was near him.  He couldn't make out any figure or silhouette, so he hoped it was someone he knew.  Standing up fully, the hunter pulled out his sword just as the Fae that was keeping watch on him made notice.

"How did you get that, you.."

Before it could finish, Hirru giving a heavy grin before stomping hard on the ground, which activated his highest sword art: Galaxy Destroyer.  With a large sweeping strike, the hunter swung around once before ripping through his cage and the fae that was about to question him.  The art continued through and clipped both the next cage over and the Fae that was watching that one too.  A small chip was enough to kill them all.  As they shattered into little light particles, the hunter could see his old armor and sword on the ground.  He would leave them there for now.

"Astreya, Randall, everyone else in this cave!  We're breaking you out!"

Hirru could see from the sudden looks of confusion and hate from the Fae and Faune alike, that Hirru had everyone's attention.  That was good.  It was what the hunter wanted in the beginning, anyway.

Galaxy Destroyer [-12+8 EN}23x17= 391 DMG

[194584] [BD: 8+1] Hit 391-10= 381 Dmg to Cage (Hirru is Free)
[194585] [BD: 5+1] Hit 391-10= 381 Dmg to Astreya's Cage (Astreya is free)
[194586] [BD: 10] Crit +2 25x17= 425 Dmg to Fae 1
[194587] [BD: 7+1] 391 DMG to Fae 2

Combat Phase
Hirru | HP 720/720 | EN 90/110 | DMG 23 | 1 ACC (dim light) | 1 EVA
Cage | HP 0/200 | MIT 10
Cage (Astreya's) | HP 0/200 | MIT 10

Fae 1 | HP 0/150 | 45 DMG
Fae 2 | HP 0/150 | 45 DMG

Edited by Hirru
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Astreya took a step toward her door, the weapon that she had managed to access from her inventory in her hands and at the ready.  However, before she could get too much closer, she heard the clang of another cell, and realized that the others were trying to get out as well.  She exhaled slowly, excited despite herself even in the fear that hammered in her chest.  This was extremely dangerous, and there was the cold grip of fear that clenched her heart, making it hard to breathe.

But even if she was pretty sure she was the weakest of the individuals here, she was still someone who wanted to be to the front lines, one day.  She wanted to get out of here and to make it back to the surface, and no matter what her body wanted to do, she wouldn't let it cower in fear, or flee again.  She had to stand up here, and to show what she could do.

Of course, the sound of another person trying to break out filled her with some degree of confidence and she couldn't help but to smile to herself as she readied her weapon... but before she could do anything, she became aware of a shimmering color across the way.  "Wh.." she began, but immediately darted back and away, not entirely sure just how much force was going to be coming from that attack... and it was a great deal.  The attack slashed through the Fae that stood outside of her cage, and even went so far as to tear through the entire front half of the cage she was in.  That was... some real crazy power.

"Nice!" she called out, taking a step outside of her ruined cage.  As she did, a cry came from above and she glanced up to see Frosty sitting above a cell, and just below it on the ground was all of their gear, just sitting out like it didn't matter.  "Randal, stand back!" she called as she followed the green cursor toward the other member of their crew as she whirled around the weapon she held- it wasn't as good as her main one, but it was something.  And thankfully, it was still a two-handed straight sword... so she could use all of her techniques.  The girl unleashed a flurry of attacks at the door, aiming to break it apart and let the other fellow free.  She wasn't going to be as good in a fight as the two of them, but at the very least she could help!


Post Action: Used Sword Art- Astral Hell vs Randal's Cell Door
ID: 194714
BD: 7+2 (Hit!  6 * 12 = 72 Damage dealt to the door!) [Guard Alerted!]

Astreya | HP: 410/410 | EN: 46/56 | DMG: 6 | MIT: 0 | BH: 8 | ACC: 2 | THORNS: 0 | TAUNT: 1

Cage Door (Randal's) - 0/50

Edited by Astreya
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Post Action: Equipped Weapon

Updated Stats as of being freed || Equipping Neptune's Tiding T3E3 DMG 3

Lvl 26 Randal Info
HP 520/520 | Energy 70/70 | Damage 18 (+2 SA) | MIT 0 | ACC 3 | EVA 0 | LD 3 |

From an area that was hard for Randal to see, there was a sudden crashing sound, a voice almost boomed and echoed through the cavern. It was recognizably his green haired companion; he did not manage to hear exactly what he said because he was first and foremost relieved that his companions manged to survive the attack like he did. He did manage to catch the name Astreya so he was confident that they were both locked up near each other.

Speaking of which, Astreya appeared from behind the obstruction coming from the sound of the noise and told Randal to step back, which he complied with obediently, having not carried any spare weapons with him on the handy, he was in no position to argue, not that he really needed or wanted to.

As the gate around him shattered under the force of her two-handed straight sword, Randal finally managed to get access to his main equipment as he put on his gloves and got ready for anyone that might try to creep up on Astreya. Randal was not yet sure if there were anymore enemies that would come from the numerous entrances around the cavern but they had only seen a few fae guards around.

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