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[PP/F3] Never Make A Deal With A Fae <<Rumor Alert>>

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As Astreya was letting Randal out of his cage, the Jade Hunter was still yelling to gain as much attention as he could.  He didn't have the tank skill <<Howl>>, but this would be enough for now to gain the attention of those around him.  That and his sweeping AOE attack that caused quite a bit of noise, too.  There were only three of the bloody Fae left to deal with, in the area.  There could be more as they go along, but that was for later.  This was now!   Taking his time, he would watch as the one that was torturing the paraded faune to places unknown would come towards him.  Another was coming around one of the cages that Hirru had not destroyed yet.  He could only assume that the third one was around where Randal and Astreya were.

"Well, what are you waiting for!  Come get me!"

He shouted before running over to where the other two were.  Rounding the corner, he could see the both of them were safe, for now.  As long as he could take care of these last few fae, they would be able to start looking into getting out of this dark depressing place.  Soon, he could see the pink crystal that wanted to hide in the shadows, and attacked.  His sword started to glow white before he started to spin like a top.  A very sharp and dangerous top.

Hirru slammed his blade into the stalagmites that made up a wall, which bounced him back and killed the two that were following him.  However, this gave the last Fae time to escape towards one of the jail cells that housed creatures within.

"Now you'll never get out of here alive!"

It said while cackling wildly while reaching out to unlock one of the cages that housed the 10's of unholy creatures within.

"Someone stop him!"

Cyclone (5+4=-9 EN) 23*7= 161 Dmg
[195233] [BD: 4+1+1(Concentration)=6] Hit 161 Dmg to Fae 3
[195234] [BD: 7+1=8] Hit 161 Dmg to Fae 4
[195235] [BD: 2+1=3] Miss
+4 passive en regen

Hirru | HP 720/720 | EN 85/110 | DMG 23 | 1 ACC (dim light) | 1 EVA
Fae 3 | HP 0/150 | DMG 45
Fae 4 | HP 0/150 | DMG 45

Fae 5 | HP 150/150 | DMG 45

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Randal had been freed, thankfully.  She hadn't actually been fully confident that her attack would have torn through the door but thankfully it had been enough to break through and let him out.  It wasn't clean or as neat as what Hirru had done, but hey- she was several levels below him, and so she just did what she could.  It seemed that he had managed to get out unscathed and made a beeline for his gear.  That was probably smart- but Astreya hadn't yet had a chance to go over and grab her own stuff yet.  But before she really had a chance to go over and grab it, she heard Hirru shout, and she glanced over her shoulder toward him.

The man had started his sword art, and had managed to start attacking the Fae that remained, stopping them from either escaping or alerting the other guards or anything else (not that they hadn't already made a lot of noise at this point anyway...but that was besides the point).  However, as he tried to use his spin-to-win strategy to slice through them, he managed to only cut through a pair of the Fae, leaving a single one behind, who seemed to be running over toward where the other cages were... and judging by what he said, it was a dangerous set of things that were kept away!

Even before Hirru shouted, Astreya was moving, the woman clad without her heavy armor able to move a great deal more quickly as she sprinted forward, holding the second-hand blade at the ready as she moved to intercept!  Of course, the weight of the sword wasn't something that she was used to... and the lack of weight from her armor was even less, and as she tried to aim her attack, instead she managed to overswing, not only missing the Fae entirely, but the force behind the swing, without her heavy armor to keep her sturdy, actually caused her to trip and fall onto her own weapon!  

She crashed to the ground with a slight groan, her HP bar missing a small chunk, but not nearly so much as her pride bar, a red hot flush on her features.


Post Action: Used Sword Art- Fight Blade vs Fleeing Fae 5
ID: 195472
BD: 2+2 = 4 (Miss!)
MD: 10 (Crit!  45 Damage Taken!)

Astreya | HP: 365/410 | EN: 48/56 | DMG: 6 | MIT: 0 | BH: 8 | ACC: 2 | THORNS: 0 | TAUNT: 1
Astral Hell CD: 1/2
Fight Blade CD: 0/2

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Post Action: Equipped Cloth Armour

Updated Stats as of being freed || Equipping Cloth Trousers | T3E3 EVA 3

Lvl 26 Randal Info
HP 520/520 | Energy 70/70 | Damage 18 (+2 SA) | MIT 20 | ACC 3 | EVA 4 | LD 3 |

“Thank you!” Randal shouted at Astreya as she swung and missed the attacking guards and falling to the ground. Randal continued to equip himself with his missing equipment and while doing so grabbed a torch from the wall and drew the mere ire of some surrounding guards while running around the cavern’s columns that towered up towards the ceiling.

The fae were not stupid creatures and the simple waving of fire barely got their interest as they focused on the true threats in the room Hirru and Astreya.

“Insert colourful language here.”

To get their attention, Randal resorted to using the most colourful of languages that he could muster in the moment and tried his best to taunt them without using the actual skill taunt. This caused the Fae who were not currently in combat with either Hirru or Astreya to turn and move towards him. This made sense because according to the game system, without actual skill, monsters that were already engaged in combat with a player will not be able to retreat unless it was already coded to do so.

At the very least, this move could provide them a certain amount of breathing space as there was more free space that they would be able to manoeuvre around.

Soon, Randal would be able to join them in combat, if there was anyone left to fight by the time that Hirru was done with them.

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Posted (edited)

When Astreya missed, that signaled the end of their battle as the Fae and dodged her attack and had enough time to unlock one of the cells with the Tainted Ones.  He snickered before that started to grow into a maniacal laughter, as the cage door was pushed open in front of him, and the shambling mass came fumbling out.  Creatures that slightly share their Faune traits, but they are twisted and shriveled.  Their bodies seeming to be amalgamations of multiple faune combine in unnatural ways.  They seemed to crawl out of the cage quite slowly, but soon began to get very fast.  Several of them had locked on to the Fae that unlocked them, and had pounced upon him.  He shrieked in surprise and fear.

"No!  Not me!  Not here!  NnnOoOoooOOoo!"

He would shout as he was torn apart, limb by limb.  The Tainted Ones ripping away before the Fae shattered into crystalline death shards.  They seemed to bite out at the shards, as if seeking every single morsel left.  As for the rest, they seemed to take notice of Randal and his expletives.  Hirru had to think fast.  He couldn't handle all of them attack him without his armor.  Spying that Randal had put his armor on, the hunter did the same.  Running over to his armor, he would grab it while selecting to equip it immediately.  As soon as he did, he ran straight into the horde.  If he could get some of them to attack him, he would be able to save the two of them.  Instead, it seemed to split the entire swarm in three.  Four had latched onto Hirru; four were attacking Randal; and the last two had finished snacking upon the fae to leer at Astreya.

"If you have any armor, I would suggest equipping it now!"

He shouted as one tried to take a bite out of him.

"You'll need it!"



Action: Equipped Bulwark -> +72 Mit (Heavy Armor skill active = +35 mit)

Mob Attacks:

  • ID: 196421 MD: 3-1=2 Miss
  • ID: 196422 MD: 9 Crit 45 -107= 1 (Minimum requirement)
  • ID: 196423 MD: 4-1=3 Miss
  • ID: 196424 MD: 5-1=4 Miss

Hirru | HP 719/720 | EN 89/110 (+4 en) | DMG 23 | MIT 107 | 1 ACC (dim light) | 1 EVA

Twisted One 1 | HP 150/150 | DMG 45 (Attacks on Hirru's turn)
Twisted One 2 | HP 150/150 | DMG 45 (Attacks on Hirru's turn)
Twisted One 3 | HP 150/150 | DMG 45 (Attacks on Hirru's turn)
Twisted One 4 | HP 150/150 | DMG 45 (Attacks on Hirru's turn)

Randal | HP 520/520 | Energy 70/70 | Damage 18 (+2 SA) | MIT 20 | ACC 3 | EVA 4 | LD 3 |

Twisted One 5 | HP 150/150 | DMG 45 (Attacks on Randal's posts)
Twisted One 6 | HP 150/150 | DMG 45 (Attacks on Randal's posts)
Twisted One 7 | HP 150/150 | DMG 45 (Attacks on Randal's posts)
Twisted One 8 | HP 150/150 | DMG 45 (Attacks on Randal's posts)

Astreya | HP: 365/410 | EN: 48/56 | DMG: 6 | MIT: 0 | BH: 8 | ACC: 2 | THORNS: 0 | TAUNT: 1

Twisted One 9 | HP 150/150 | DMG 45 (Attacks on Astreya's posts)
Twisted One 10 | HP 150/150 | DMG 45 (Attacks on Astreya's posts)



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