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A New Challenger Arrives?

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Hi! I've been around the Discord for a bit but I always like livening things up here too!

I'm Izzy, playing SuzuNa. I tend towards playing female characters because I don't have the balls to play males. Hehe. Get it?

In regards to who I am...

  • I like puns and just general lame humor. Where do you go to give a sheep a haircut? The baa-baa shop!
  • I have two cats I adore to the moon and back.
    Zorro, as in the swordsman, is my 7 month kitten and Inu, as in dog in Japanese, is my 3.5 year cat.
  • I like to draw sometimes, but my muse is as fickle as my cats desire to cuddle.
  • I have dipped in and out of gacha hell and my current fascination is with Alchemy Stars. I don't have enough brain to play more than one gacha tho.
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