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  1. placeholder notes: - flinch and frown at the lightbang tyvm for that warning my dude - disoriented and struggles to spot any of the materials while looking around bc she can't tell the difference between light particles and the ui sparkles - ask about his broken sword thing
  2. She stiffened at Yona's outburst, heat creeping up her neck and reddening her ears. Sure, her life was on the line, but death was nothing in the face of her stubbornness. "I was just caught off guard! I've got this!" The boar snorted, kicking up dust with its forepaws. It charged in a straight path, head poised for ramming. SuzuNa sucked in a deep breath through gritted teeth, dropping her weight closer to the ground and narrowing her eyes. It was time to show she was more than just talk. She shifted her arms, hitting the sweet point of her movement. The recently-familiar feeling of
  3. Watching Yona's sword skills versus a living, moving target was entirely different from watching those same elegant strikes against an immobile tree. SuzuNa was quiet, taking mental notes of every step - from Yona's careful approach to the hoard, luring a tiny boar away from the group, to the strong swing cutting diagonally across the boar and ending its life. As Yona looked through some UI, inspecting the drops, SuzuNa approached. "Didn't you need those for your appraising quest?" She scratched the back of her head. "This learning experience has been more than enough for me. But, if ther
  4. She'd lucked out on this person. He looked fit to play the role of Prince Charming, and acted like one too. "Logging out? That's easy. Just pull up your menu, it's the button at the bottom." She stared at him, hesitant. "And… where's the menu?" He chuckled, then held up his hand. "Like this." With his pointer finger and middle finger together, he reached out and dragged through the air. A series of translucent boxes and circles appeared in front of him. She nodded and mimicked him, reaching out with scrunched brows, and flicking her fingers. Sure enough, the 'menu' bubbled into
  5. She nodded along as Yona explained everything to her with surprising detail and care. Maybe when she was alone, she'd do some experiments, trying things with and without her equipment to experience the differences. But for now… the concepts made enough sense. Sort of. She'd asked more than enough questions, talking more than she usually did, and she'd rather get to the practical demonstrations than any more discussion. She watched Yona's movements with narrowed eyes, carefully noting each detail. The shift of her feet, the slight pause at the height of her movement before the sword starte
  6. She nodded, the puzzle pieces of information clicking together in her mind. She'd spent all this time slaving away in the town, certain she was too weak to do anything in this game-like world, unable to comprehend it. But… if she worked hard enough, she could catch up. She could live, possibly thrive, instead of just rotting away. Her lips settled on a firm smile as she rolled her shoulders back, looking up at the sky for a brief moment. She'd spent so long, feeling alien in this world, but it didn't have to be that way. She wouldn't let it be. At his reassurance, she started looking arou
  7. She cleared her throat, gaze pointedly dodging Yona as she followed her instructions. She flicked a hand out, index and middle finger together, and dragged down through the air—she'd practiced this motion over and over in the inn the night before, to the point it was almost natural. Any ease she had stopped once the menu was actually open. She scanned the UI with squinting eyes, and poked at icons with a single finger, like an elderly person stabbing away at a keyboard. Once her equipment tab was open, SuzuNa looked up, taking a deep breath. She wasn't really able to navigate the UI and d
  8. It had taken her ages to figure out how to open the menu for logging out. An embarrassingly long time had been spent whispering various commands. "Logout! Exit! Abort! Leave!!" She'd lost track of how many variations she'd come up with. When that proved to be a futile exercise, she moved further away from the large mass of people and trying to shout it a bit louder, as if maybe the system couldn't hear her and would obey her if she was just loud enough. By the end of it all, she'd been standing in the middle of a large, open field. Grass stretched as far as the eye could see. There w
  9. SuzuNa whistled, brows arched to her hairline. "You've done your research." That was the result of actual effort and research, right? She wasn't exposing how utterly lost she was by being impressed? Still, no matter how lost she'd been before, that explanation had at least helped her understand a little bit more. But once Yona got planning the nitty gritty? She was lost again. "Wait." Mitigation? Evasion? Tank? Aggro? So many words she couldn't even begin to try to comprehend. "You're saying I don't gotta be actually physically dodging the 'enemies' and stuff? Our armor just does it for u
  10. She was prepared for the invite box this time and accepted it after only a moment's delay. Smooth and casual. Her lips twitched, restraining a grin as she eyed the new information popping up in the corner. It was a new feeling, being excited about all of this instead of disgruntled and confused. It was the small victories in life. "I'm level one, too." Her brows furrowed as she faltered to a stop. "But… you saying 'keep us alive' like we walking right into danger. What kind of dangerous profession you trying to get into?" Was that just the reality of this world, where trying to do anythin
  11. She noticed the roads first, paved with large stone. As she looked around the grand, circular plaza, she found her gaze never strayed too far from the impressive domed structure. She took a few steps towards it before her path was blocked by several colorful squares, which soon transformed into a person. "Ah—" The person darted past her, his shoulder crashing into hers, waving and shouting at a group of friends across the plaza. She rubbed her shoulder, staring at it curiously. It hadn't hurt, but she'd definitely felt that contact. She reached out to one of the many stone pillars encircl
  12. [Official Launch Date of Sword Art Online] Natsume closed her eyes. Her feverish head pounded. The helmet was stuffy, far too tight on her. Made sense. It had been fitted for a kid after all. She hadn't wanted to adjust it too much, or it'd be hard to get back to the right settings when everyone came home in a few hours. Not that she planned to play for that long. Just a quick glimpse, in and out. See what the big fuss was about. Nothing wrong with that, right? But as light and color bloomed all around her, the pressure around her temple disappeared, as if her senses were being
  13. SuzuNa watched the glory that was Yona speaking, always expecting a breath and being surprised by yet another word. As the other took a breath, SuzuNa made the mistake of assuming that a question meant she should speak. "Sure—" It was not meant for her to speak. She pursed her lips and leaned back as Yona continued. After Yona's apology, she waited a moment to respond, just in case there was anything else. No? Alright. "Much 'ppreciated. All's forgiven. And sorry, for not watchin' around me." She rubbed her neck as Yona barrelled straight on with her explanations, this time about her over
  14. SuzuNa had been strolling through the streets, most of her vision blocked by large boxes of floating UI. She'd spent far too much time burying her head in the sand, ignoring her problems instead of trying to adapt to this 'game' world. So she was playing catch up to everyone else. But that was fine. She wasn't in a rush for the frontlines, just… anywhere away from the stagnant position she'd maintained for so long. She muttered to herself as she scanned another vibrant box. A button, somewhat familiar, caught her eye. She squinted as she reached for it. "So this button opens the—" A stran
  15. She's not sure what to do when another box covers her vision. 'Invited to ChaseR's party. Accept / Decline.' It takes her a moment to notice the countdown. Ticking away. 5... 4... Leaving no time for questions or decisions. 3... 2... Panic sends her hand sailing through the accept button, and more stuff pops up in the corner of her vision. Great. Lovely. She follows helplessly after ChaseR—she assumes that's his name, at least—as he leads her through the open field, more worried about other invasive boxes than she is of wild monsters attacking her… for now. At least he has a good hea
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