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[PP - F19] You Always Need an Onsen Episode [Baldur, Macradon]

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The quiet townhouse was becoming a bit of a bore, or maybe that was just him. Sitting around all day with no other company than the brown owl that could only respond in coos and screeches. Although, Jomei was starting to get a bit more used to his familiar's language, and their communication skills seemed to be improving... Or it was just the way cardinal programmed the familiars. Why have an animal companion that you could not grow to understand and vice-versa. "I'll call for you if I need you." Jomei said to Adere as they stepped out of his apartment. With a shrug of his shoulder, the bird leapt off of him and took to the skies high above Taft. Jomei, on the other hand, not proficient in the means of avian travel, took to going for a walk. 

He really hadn't been out much since the break up, aside from a few small occasions, so he had not had the chance to really take in the holiday decorations he loved throughout the city. Dressed in his simple, sleeveless town outfit with long gloves that covered most of his arm and bicep. His trusty green cloak took care of covering his exposed shoulders, though the <Survival> skill really helped to eliminate the painful bite of the cold, winter air. The ginger exhaled, turning into a cloud of fog that quickly dissipated before his form as he continued walking forward. He took to gazing at some of the window displays that players and shopkeeps put up, seeing it was still too bright for any of the strung lights to be turned on. 

As nice of a walk as this was to clear his mind, however, he felt it wasn't enough. He needed to do something with people to really break out of the funk he was in. Taking a seat on an unoccupied nearby bench, Jomei would strike up a conversation through messages with two of his friends, hoping they could all come up with some plan together.



To: @Macradon, @Baldur
From: Jomei

Noodle Club Meeting #2 ? 

Hey guys, hope I'm not catching you both at a bad time.
It's been a bit since our last meeting, so I was hoping we could get together today.
Could always do food again, I suppose, or anything else. Just need a day with my mates. 

Open to ideas.

Jomei's Stats:


Level: 31 | Paragon: 50 | Tier: 4 | HP: 820| EN: 120 

Jomei: 820/820 HP | 120/120 EN | DMG 23 | MIT 44| EVA 3 | ACC 4 | BH 41 | HLY BLS 16 | BLD 48 | FLN 8 | AA | LD 1 | F.Sprt.

Nihilim's Wrath  : Abs Acc | Bleed | Fallen
Vestige of St.Patrick: Holy B| Mit | EVA | EVA
Alatreon's Will: ACC | ACC | ACC

Rending Familiar: Adere

Saber R5 | TECH Spec.
Combat Mastery DMG R3

Cloth Armor R5
B Healing R5
Fighting Spirit
Survival (x)
Meditation (x)
Forgotten Kind's Authority
Photosynthesize (x)
Brawler (x)
Hiding R.3

Athletics (x)

Stamina (x)
Ferocity (x)
Precision (x)
Nimble (x)

Housing Buffs: 
Bedroom: -1 energy cost for the first two expenditures of each combat    
Bathroom: The first time you would suffer DoT damage in a thread, reduce damage taken from DoT each turn by 20% (rounded down)    
Dining Room: Turn 2 identical food items (same quality, tier, & enhancements) into a Lesser Feast.
Living Room: Increases out of combat HP regen by (5 * Tier HP) and decreases full energy regen to 2 Out of Combat Posts.


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The fizz of a can being opened, the heavy sigh of the drinking subject. The first floor estate sat empty apart from its now only resident. A big house for a single person, a whole lot of nothing to do all alone anymore. He brought the drink up to his mouth and began chugging, it was all he could get himself to do now, there wasn’t anything else that was giving him the entertainment and thrill of the fight that he used to strive for. He longed for the hectic daily battles, he couldn’t forget the action he kept meeting day in and day out, everything was now so … mundane and boring.

He finished his energy drink and threw the empty can on the floor of his living room, shattering it into crystalline shards as the item de-materialised. “Yeah no … the 15th was a mistake” he muttered to himself as he sat back up on his sofa … “Ok, a 16th can’t be that bad, right?” he thought and scoured through his inventory only to be interrupted by a message popping up in his HUD, someone had sent him a DM.

“Huh, who could that be.” he said and opened it up, reading through the subject and the body of the message. “Sounds nice, let’s do it!” he said out loud to himself, the echo of his voice scattering through the empty space of his house. With a few swift movements Macradon sent back a reply to the Emerald Duelist.


To: @Baldur@Jomei
From: Macradon

RE: Noodle Club Meeting #2 ? 

Sure thing, I’ll be there, wherever. Any place thought out of yet? If not, I think I still have the coordinates to the old KoB hotspring on the 4th floor. If any one of you could bring something nice, soothing, and cold to drink while relaxing in the spring water that’d be great.

He got up from his sofa and dismissed the HUD. The first that now came to mind was proper clothing for the 4th floor, if that was to be chosen as their meeting spot. “Yeah, warmer clothes than last time …” he said and looked through his wardrobe while also remembering his attire last time he met with the boys.


«Macradon» 920/920 HP | 114 MIT | 23 DMG | 2 ACC | 0 EVA | 8 REC | 49 BH | 99 VMP | 16(8) FRT | 16 FRS | 16 Holy | Phase | 124/124 EN

The Imperial Topaz
Level: 31(61)
«Macradon» 920/920 HP | 114 MIT | 23 DMG | 2 ACC | 0 EVA | 8 REC | 49 BH | 99 VMP | 16(8) FRT | 16 FRS | 16 Holy | Phase | 124/124 EN
Stats HP: 920
EN: 124
ACC: 2
EVA: 0
DMG: 19
MIT: 114
REC: 8
FRT: 16(8)
FRS: 16(2 turns)
VMP: 90
Equipped Items - Blade of the Bloody Dictator // +16 Holy Damage, Phase, 10%+Survival(101) Vampiric Offensive
- Silverlight ................ // +64 Mitigation, +16(8) Frost Thorns, +16 Frost Damage
- Templar's Necklace ......... // +8 Recovery, +2 Accuracy
Battle Ready Inventory - Empty inventory slot ....... //
- Empty inventory slot ....... //
- Empty inventory slot ....... //
- Empty inventory slot ....... //
- Empty inventory slot ....... //
- Dimensional backpack
- - Empty inventory slot ..... //
Buffs - Rested ..................... // -1 energy cost for the first two expenditures of each combat.
- Filling .................... // Increase the effectiveness of a single food item consumed in a thread by
                                  +1 T1 slots.
- Relaxed .................... // Increase Out of Combat HP regen by 5*Tier+Survival(22) HP and decrease full energy regen
                                  to 2 Out of Combat posts.
- Col Deposit ................ // +5% bonus col from last-hit monster kills and +10% bonus col from treasure chests.
- Paragon Level 60 ........... // +240 HP, +24 EN.
- Buff name .................. // Buff effect.
Skills & Mods

- 2H Straight Sword ............ || Rank 5: +7 Damage.
- - Ferocity .................... // +2 Damage.
- - Stamina ..................... // Decrease Energy Cost by 2.

- Battle Healing ............... || Rank 5: Heal 5%+Survival(50) each post In-Battle.

- Charge ....................... || +5 Damage -1 Accuracy on first hit.

- Combat Mastery: Damage ....... || +1*Tier*Rank(12)

- Energist ..................... || Add 5*Tier(20) Energy to your max pool.

- Fighting Spirit .............. || +1 Hate generation.

- Heavy Armor .................. || Rank 5: +35 Damage Mitigation.
- - Impetus ..................... // +1 Damage.
- - Iron Skin ................... // +15 Mitigation, +15*Tier(60) HP.

- Searching .................... || Rank 5: +5 Loot Die, +5 Stealth Detection.
- - Reveal ..................... || +2 LD when seargin for Sub-Dungeons or Labyrinths. You may also search for a
                                   sub-dungeon or labyrinth once every 10 posts (instead of 15). Reduces the
                                   personal post cooldown when searching for a labyrinth to 3 posts (instead of 5).

- Quick Change ................. || Allows the user to instantly equip, unequip, or swap any equipment in their
                                  battle-ready inventory.

- Aerial Ace ................... || Increase damage at the cost of ACC, EVA, & MIT while in Aerial stance.


- Disguise ..................... || +1 EVA for one turn, lesser critical doesn't autohit.

- Meditation ................... || Recover 4*Tier(16) energy with post action.
- Parry ........................ || Reduce incoming damage by 50%(rounded down).
- Survival ..................... || Increase all Healing from all sources by 10%. Immune to environmental damage.


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Baldur was sitting at his home, his toes dangling into the water that surrounded one of the many buildings. Koi fish swam about in the several ponds and streams that littered the island. The jingle of a message registered, but Baldur left it alone as he just enjoyed the warmth and peace radiating around him. The sounds of Calex and Cro practicing in the dojo echoed faintly over the water. Occasionally the clink of Shield counting his piles of money from over in the guild hall echoed like wind chimes. A second chime came, and Baldur fully opened his eyes, reaching over to check the messages.

Jomei was reaching out about another meeting of the noodle club, and Mac was in. It brought a smile to Baldur's face, especially when they didn't really have an idea of where to go.


To: @Jomei @Macradon
From: Baldur

RE: Noodle Club Meeting #2 ? 

Sure, we could go to a traditional Onsen on the 4th floor. That sounds fantastic. Or we could go to this legendary spring on the 19th floor, guarded by an Ancient giant earth elemental. I've caught sight of the spring before, but wasn't able to get to it on my own.

So what'll it be gentlemen, R&R or a bit of adventure with R&R for dessert?

I'll see you at the 19th floor teleport plaza!

Baldur withdrew his feet from the water with a bit of a smile, and then headed out to leave his home and head down a few floors. They would be nerfed down to tier 3, but between the three of them, it shouldn't be an issue. Baldur passed by his rooms, grabbing his swords, and then headed into town to teleport out.

The floor 19 teleport plaza was very different from the floor 24. He forgot how oppressive parts of this floor could be, but all the more reason to not linger in the settlement.



» Baldur, The Gaijin Samurai vWKwiqS.png

  • Modified HP:
  • Modified EN:
  • Modified MIT:
  • Modified ACC:
  • Modified DMG: 25
  • Modified EVA:
  • Battle Heal:
  • Search:
  • Temp Buff:
  • Temp Buff:
  • Temp Buff:
  • Temp Buff:
  • Temp Buff:

» Base Stats

  • Base HP: 880
  • Base EN: 122 (includes 20 for Energist)
  • Base MIT: 78
  • Base ACC: 5 (includes AA and does not automatically miss on 1s)
  • Base DMG: 23 
  • Base EVA: 2
  • Battle Heal: 44 HP
  • Keen: +1
  • Recovery: +4 EN

» Items Equipped:

  • Warden's Fury - Absolute Accuracy/2 Paralyze
  • Muramasa - Absolute Accuracy/Fallen/Blight/Burn
  • Ethereal Tether - Zanshin - Absolute Accuracy/Keen/Freeze/Burn
  • Montsuki haori - 48 DMG MIT/+1 EVASION/+4 EN RECOVERY
  • Emerald Teardrop - +2 ACC/+1 EVASION
  • Hammerspace Backpack (HB) +1 BR item (allows stacks up to 7)

» Battle-Ready Inventory:

  • Medium Damage Potion x7 | Rare T2 Item | +2 Damage
  • Basic Teleportation Crystal x1 | Good Item | Teleports player to the Town of Beginnings
  • Max Mass HP Recovery Crystal x7 | Perfect T2 Item | +30*Target Tier (30/60/90)
  • Max T2 HP Recovery Crystal II x4 | Perfect T2 Item | +180 HP
  • Safeguard Potion x3 | Perfect Tier 1 | Safeguard
  • HB: Max Vitality Snack x2 | Rare Tier 2 | Grants +12 Energy
  • EWL: Medium Antidote Potion x1 | Rare Tier 2 | Immune to negative status effects for 2 turns
  • EWL: Muramasa or Warden's Fury
  • EWL: Emerald Matagama | Perfect | +3 Accuracy
  • SC: 


» Skills:

  • One Hand Curved Sword | Rank 1/5 | 
  • Katana | Rank 5/5 | 
  • Battle Healing | Rank 5/5 | 
  • Light Armor | Rank 5/5 | 
  • Charge | Purchased | 
  • Quick Change | Purchased
  • Extended Weight Limit | Purchased
  • Energist | Purchased
  • Combat Shift | ST Specialist

» Extra Skills:

  • Concentration | Equipped
  • Survival | Un-equipped
  • Meditation | Equipped
  • Parry | Equipped
  • Forgotten King's Authority | Equipped
  • Shatter | Not Yet Unlocked

» Mods:

  • Meticulous: Equipped
  • Emergency Recovery: Equipped
  • [Mod Slot Empty
  • [Mod Slot Empty]
  • [Mod Slot Empty]
  • ADD-ON Ferocity: Equipped
  • ADD-ON Stamina: Equipped
  • ADD-ON: Precision: Equipped
  • ADD-ON: Resolve: Equipped

» Housing Bonuses:

  • Rested: -1 EN on first 2 uses
  • Tasty: Turns 2 food into feast for 4
  • Advanced Training: +2 SP to a thread 1/month
  • Filling: Add 1 extra tier 1 slot to food
  • Item Stash: +1 BR item slot
  • Relaxed: OOC regen 5*tier, recover EN out of combat after 2 turns in lieu of 3
  • Angler: +1 Mat when fishing


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It was not long before a response from each of the men cam rolling in. The first chime sounded, a response from Macradon. The ginger smiled softly, thankful that Macradon was indeed up to hanging out. Sitting forward, slightly hunched, Jomei tapped the incoming message with the side of his thumb and began to formulate a response. However, before he could finish, he was notified of a second response; this time from Baldur. While Macradon had suggested the fourth floor, Baldur went a bit further in their plans to also suggest tackling a field boss on the 19th floor. Both ideas had the same result in mind, a dip in a hot spring.

"Hmm" Jomei exhaled audibly, imagining the relaxing, hot waters. What better way to wash away the stress and bad juju. Jomei continued his response, now to both of the men. 



To: Macradon and Baldur
From: Jomei
Re: Re Noodle Club Meeting #2 ? 

Looks like great minds think alike. A hot spring sounds great right now. 

I kind of like the idea of a little adventure first, makes the dip sound much more rewarding. 
So the 19th floor it is.

I'll stop by a shop and grab a few tasty beverages. 

Meet you there.

Jomei felt, what he would call, a bit of relief after sending out the message and confirming plans. He could probably count on one hand the amount of times he had been out since the last boss fight, since the break up... if he could even count any times at all. Placing his hands on his knees, he brought himself up to a standing position. It was a new day, clean slate, time to take it day by day rather than let himself sulk all day. 

Slightly off course from making a straight shot to the central plaza of Taft, Jomei would make his way to a local general store. He looked at their beverage selection, stroking his chin as he thought what would be the best for the occasion. He decided on a six pack of various soda flavors, as well as a bottle of sake for the three to share. Sure, they couldn't get drunk off of it, but the throat numbing helped the mind imagine. Placing the bag of drinks into his inventory, Jomei would then head back out into the street. A few extra swipes while in his inventory, and Jomei's usual town attire and green cloak were swapped out for a grey shirt, tan slacks, and a long heather grey coat with green accents. With his rapier affixed to his side, he would let out a sharp whistle, summoning his owl companion to his shoulder. He would give her some scritches on the chin, "Looks like we're in for a bit of adventure today." 

A short trip back to the town square, and the ginger found himself within the gloomy confides of the settlement called Home. The Nineteenth floor wasn't the most.. welcoming, but Jomei trusted Baldur that the hot springs would be worth it. "Baldur" Jomei said with a smile as he approached the samurai-like player. "Its good to see you again, thanks for agreeing to meet up."

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Macradon had packed and donne some great gear for the cold cold 4th floor as he exited his estate only for him to receive Baldur’s reply “For fuck’s sake.” he exclaimed and went back inside and began packing other clothes for the occasion, something that was more … battle-ready, since an ancient earth elemental was guarding a forbidden garden onsen which sounded endearingly interesting to check out.


To: Jomei and Baldur
From: Macradon
Re: Re: Re Noodle Club Meeting #2 ? 

Aight, I'll take these change in plans, I'll probably be slightly later than the two of you, gotta change into something more ... adequate for the occassion.

He would begin to don his Frostlight after sending the message to the two, and heavily pack extra cloth on his ironclad boots, making sure that his feet wouldn’t get stuck in the muddy environment that was the 19th floor’s less ideal settlement settings. He would venture out with everything packed in his inventory and made sure that he was combat ready for when they were to meet whatever poor elemental would meet the might of these three musketeers. As he muttered the words “Floor nineteen, Home,” the knight was engulfed in the turquoise light transporting him up to the humble settlement that was Home, it wasn’t much, but it’s still an honest place to stay.


With every step he took, the sopping wet mud than span out through the entire camping area would make its presence known, not only by the resistance in steps, but also the sound it made with every step. Clas in bright white silver, Macradon's mist would fall behind him with his stride through the central plaza of the settlement to meet with his comrades "Baldur, Jomei, well met." he greeted with a very bright smile contrasting his current whereabouts. He looked down at his feet already covered in dark brown mud, Macradon chortled and looked back up at the Emerald Dualist and Gaijin Samurai "Welp, just as pleasant as I remembered it to be. Good to see you two again, I really needed some proper unwinding. Time at home hasn't really been the same lately" he added to his entrance and tried to add a super not awkward wink. "How have you guys been doing?" he inquired the two.

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"It's good to see you both," The gaijin samurai said as he flashed them both a friendly smile, "I way getting a bit lazy and hermitty laying out on my deck. I'm glad you said something Jomei, otherwise I might have had to change my aesthetic and grow a beard." He laughed at the absurdity of the idea, and also of the possibility of growing a beard.

"And thanks for indulging me on this. I've been wanting to try this place out for a while."

Baldur turned and gestured to the expanse of the floor, but then pointed.

"If you guys look that way..." He squinted a little, and then moved his hand some, "See that mountain that looks like it's moving slowly? That's where we're going."

Several of the NPCs seemed to jump with surprise at Baldur's words, and shied away from the trio, making gestures to ward off the evil of Baldur's words. His eyes flickered towards their sudden movement, but paid them no heed. Baldur lead them over to an NPC and rented three horses for them to ride.

"It's a bit of a trek out there to <<The Ancient>> but I have it on good authority that by defeating him, the entrance to the gardens and onsen will reveal itself."

Baldur turned the horse, not with grace or practised ease, but with a basic familiarity. He did not often ride horses in SAO, but he had ridden them in the real world.

After chatting lightly on the ride out, they found themselves at the edge of some mountains and the scrub lands. A stone structure rose off of the mountains like an abandoned ancient fortress. They had been able to see <<The Ancient>> for a while now. Baldur lept from the horse and hit the ground running, slowly jogging to a stop.

"Oops, wrong button." He laughed with a bit of the fun he felt he was having.

"So the thing about this boss is that we'll get a debuff since we're all too high level. It shouldn't be an issue though. I don't think it'll last very long against the three of us. It also won't attack until we're ready." Baldur pulls out a potion (Rare T2 Damage Potion) and drinks it down, before offering one to each of them.

(We're not in combat yet)

The Ancient | HP: 1980/1980 | MIT 130 | DMG 225 | ACC 2 | EVA 2
Baldur | HP: 880/880 | EN 122/122 | MIT 66 | ACC 5 | DMG 25 | EVA 2 | BH 44 | Keen 1 | Rec 3
Jomei |
Macradon |

Edited by Baldur
Fixing damage to include buff
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Over his shoulder, through the sloshing of the mud they stood in, the armor clad Macradon approached the duo with near perfect timing. Jomei couldn't help but shine a grin, "Mac, always a pleasure." With Baldur expressing his need to break from the mundane, yet all the same peaceful sounding, lounging, and Macradon sharing a eerily too similar to Jomei's state of mind, the ginger would nod. "Guess we all had an urgency to get out and do something, eh?" 

Before the three could enjoy the time in the hidden hot springs, they would need to clear this field boss out of the way, The Ancient One, as Baldur called it. Jomei had not heard of it before, though the townsfolk definitely had. Raising a single brow, he looked at some of the nearby spooked patrons.. was a pretty good scare tactic, he had to admit. Turning his attention towards where Baldur was pointing, Jomei looked off in the distance. He saw the mountain, but he didn't see- Oh. That mountain is The Ancient One. "Jesus.. fuckin' huge." he would say in a mumble under his breath. The thought of taking on an enemy that large created a small knot in his stomach.. but less of nerves, and more of excitement. 

Being a distance away, Baldur opted the three take horses to get there. The Irishman turned towards the animal with a small grimace. Never in his life had he gone horseback riding, even in Aincrad the thought of ever using a horse as a mount escaped him. Chuckling as he placed a hand on the side of the horse, Jomei looked to Baldur, who made mounting his horse seem simple. "I guess we're in for an entertaining ride.. I've never done this before." Luckily enough for him, he was tall, so getting his foot up into the stirrup was a stretch, but nothing impossible. A few failed hops to start off, but eventually Jomei was able to find his balance as he lifted his body up along side the horse and gently swung a leg over. "Phew.. got it.. Alright, I'm ready." 


The ginger kept his main reasoning for needed to get out of the house to himself as they conversed on the ride over. Figured he'd want to keep his focus on the fight ahead of them.. save the gut spilling for when they were at the springs. Jomei watched in awe as Baldur hopped from his horse with grace and ease.. while Jomei's horse continued to follow the rider-less steed. "U-Uh hey hey. Slow down now." Jomei would say to his horse, gently knocking on the back of its neck with the sides of his wrist. Finally, he thought to pull back on the reins, and the horse ultimately listened and came to a stop. If he were to ever do this again.. he'd probably have to ask Lessa for a few lessons. 

As he prepares himself for battle, he turns to look at the bottle Baldur holds out to them each. A potion of increased damage... should make fighting this thing a bit easier. "Thanks" Jomei says with a nod as he places a hand over the bottle. With a flick of his thumb, Jomei opens the bottle. He spins the liquid around a few times before downing the contents. 

-Jomei consumes Rare T2 Damage Potion. +2 Base Damage

The Ancient | HP: 1980/1980 | MIT 130 | DMG 225 | ACC 2 | EVA 2
Baldur | HP: 880/880 | EN 122/122 | MIT 66 | ACC 5 | DMG 22 | EVA 2 | BH 44 | Keen 1 | Rec 3
Jomei | 820/820 HP | 120/120 EN | DMG 25(23) | MIT 44| EVA 3 | ACC 4 | BH 41 | HLY BLS 16 | BLD 48 | FLN 8 | AA | LD 1 | F.Sprt.
Macradon |

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Macradon snickered, “Glad to know I’m not the only one having just about nothing to do when raids aren’t upon us. Every excuse to get outside seems like a breath of fresh air, no matter how non-fresh the air ends up being,” he said and commented on their surroundings. It wasn’t the best of places to be, but it was something. This place wasn’t important, what was really important was what Baldur would be pointing out in the distance. 

“That mountain huh … so the mountain houses the boss we’ll be fighting?” he questioned but only needed a short while to piece the pieces together “Oh shit. That mountain is «The Ancient». Fuck.” he said with a light concern in his voice. “Well … we better get going then, doesn’t seem like saying «The Ancient» feels good to the people around us. We better defeat «The Ancient» as fast as we can before the people of the settlement begin to fear for «The Ancient» even more. The least we can do for them is to take out the mountainous «The Ancient» he said jokingly to a point where ‘the ancient’ no longer made sense to him.

“I guess … we’ll just leave.” he said while feeling the daggers and sneers the trio were getting from the locals. He would walk over to the closest pasture and find a good riding partner to venture out with. The knight, despite his self-imposed title, hadn’t used horses that much, he had just kept himself to walking, but it was exciting to get to a fight faster rather than later.


As the party finally arrived at their destination, Macradon leapt off of his horse and landed somewhat statically, bending slightly by the knees and readjusted back up again. “Alright, didn’t take too long, let’s quickly prepare ourselves.” he said while Baldur began drinking his potion for the oncoming battle. Jomei took one of Baldur’s potions as well and chugged it down “Seems like I’ll be fronting off this titan, give me a few secs.” he said and began consuming large amounts of food right in front of the others, making sure that he would be able to tank through this fight.

After chowing down on all his grub, Macradon flushed it down with the damage potion Baldur had offered, setting him up for the battle.

< Hearty Seafood Soup consumed >
< Carrot Sauerkraut consumed >
< Rare Damage Potion consumed >

The Ancient | HP: 1980/1980 | MIT 130 | DMG 225 | ACC 2 | EVA 2
Baldur | HP: 880/880 | EN 122/122 | MIT 66 | ACC 5 | DMG 22 | EVA 2 | BH 44 | Keen 1 | Rec 3
Jomei | 820/820 HP | 120/120 EN | DMG 25(23) | MIT 44| EVA 3 | ACC 4 | BH 41 | HLY BLS 16 | BLD 48 | FLN 8 | AA | LD 1 | F.Sprt.
Macradon | 920/920 HP | 124/124 EN | 25 DMG | 159 MIT | 4 ACC | 1 EVA | 8 REC | 49 BH | 99 VMP | 16(8) FRT | 16 FRS | 16 Holy | Phase | F.Sprt.

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Baldur looked at his companions as they drank down the potions he gave them, and then Mac confirmed he would tank and scarfed down more food. The gaijin samurai then turned his steel blue eyes towards the mountain. The monster was truly massive. While he had not thought Tanos, Mac had. It seemed this monster was even larger.

"Are you both ready for this?"

When his eyes focused on the creature it felt like the red diamond that hung above it's head was even larger than all the of them combined.

"Remember why we're here men. Between us and a natural hot spring getaway lay this giant AI controlled mountain of Hitpoints."

Baldur faced The Ancient and let out a roar of battle, "For noodle club!"

It was... Not how Baldur usually chose to start a fight, but this was a mental game. The boss was intimidating, even if they should have no trouble with it. He hoped with his silly battle cry it would lighten their hearts and remind them that with the three of them here, the monster was trivial.

Then the Samurai rushed forward. The Ancient had turned to face the wannabe samurai, but the man leapt up onto it's arm and began to run. It lifted it's massive arm up as of to throw him back to Home, but the man in blue leapt from the elbow towards it's face. His blade erupted with cold for as Baldur actived his sword art mid air, and the particle effects glitched out as they often did against oversized mobs. When the particle effects hit a creature, their effects are the size of the creature. And Baldur had just procced both Freeze and Burn.

ID 204191 BD10 (Crit) Freeze, Burn, Keen Proc, CD 12 (ST-B unlocked)

ID 204193 CD10 Rec Proc +3EN

DMG 22x15=330 RAW-130MIT=200 DMG


The Ancient | HP: 1780/1980 | MIT 130 | DMG 225 | ACC 2 | EVA 2(-1) Freeze (48 DMG 0/1) | Burn 32DMG 0/2 Turns
Baldur | HP: 880/880 | EN 113/122 | MIT 66 | ACC 5+1 | DMG 22 | EVA 2 | BH 44 | Keen 1 | Rec 3
Jomei | 820/820 HP | 120/120 EN | DMG 25(23) | MIT 44| EVA 3 | ACC 4 | BH 41 | HLY BLS 16 | BLD 48 | FLN 8 | AA | LD 1 | F.Sprt.
Macradon | 920/920 HP | 124/124 EN | 25 DMG | 159 MIT | 4 ACC | 1 EVA | 8 REC | 49 BH | 99 VMP | 16(8) FRT | 16 FRS | 16 Holy | Phase | F.Sprt.

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"Thats a big boy..." Jomei said as he took in the full height of the mountain of a monster the three were going to deal with. His chin continued to tilt upwards as his gaze traveled up and up until he was able to see the large red crystal floating above its form. Left hand gradually made its way to the opening of his scabbard, his eyes still locked with the oversized creature. He thumbed at the hand guard for a moment before pushing at it, revealing the very base of the darkened steel of his blade. The opposite hand moved across his waist and grabbed the handle, but did not pull the blade free. 

His attention finally turned from the beast to his two friends beside him, "Alright. Lets do this." The excitement and determination prominent in his expression as his lips hooked into a smirk. "For noodle club!" he shouted after Baldur, getting caught up in the battle cry.

Matching Baldur's approach, Jomei took to the opposite arm of the beast. As it seemed to turn its attention towards the samurai that traveled up its one appendage, it began to straighten out the arm that Jomei used as a passageway. "Shit shit..." the ginger cursed to himself under his breath as his way up the mountain quickly became steeper and steeper. A quick use of his Charge skill propelled him up the nearly 90 degree surface. Once even with what he believed was its shoulder his feet touched down on the rocky surface. Finally pulling his blade out, shadows seemed to cling to the already blackened blade, leaving a trail of darkness behind as he cut deep into the side of the Ancient's face.

ID 204198 | BD 7(+4)(-1)(-1) 9 Fallen Procs | Charge 
Tech-B: 22 + 6 + 5 x 16 = 528 (-130) 398 | Delay -1 ACC
Rend Familiar: 21 DMG for 2 turns

The Ancient | HP: 1361/1980 | MIT 130 | DMG 225 | ACC 2(-1)| EVA 2(-1) Freeze (48 DMG 0/1) | Burn 32 DMG 0/2 Turns | Delay 0/1 | REND 1/2
Baldur | HP: 880/880 | EN 113/122 | MIT 66 | ACC 5+1 | DMG 22 | EVA 2 | BH 44 | Keen 1 | Rec 3
[2] Jomei | 820/820 HP | 108/120 EN | DMG 22(20) | MIT 38 | EVA 3 | ACC 4 | BH 41 | HLY BLS 16 | BLD 36 | FLN 6 | AA | LD 1 | F.Sprt.
Macradon | 920/920 HP | 124/124 EN | 25 DMG | 159 MIT | 4 ACC | 1 EVA | 8 REC | 49 BH | 99 VMP | 16(8) FRT | 16 FRS | 16 Holy | Phase | F.Sprt.

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