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she's missing. so is this sword. she'll never find what she's looking for.

for @Vigilon



[#207461] | TIER 4 DEMONIC STRAIGHT SWORD | [state]: crafted
—the wash of starlight, the old paradox.
| it's you. i swear i'd find you in the dark.


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Vigilon can't even recall how he stumbled upon it, but there it was, lost, there for the taking by pretty much anyone. He could be content with his current weapon, Kyrkuran, and the "eye" on its hilt would open to look at Vigilon, as if telling him he didn't need it.

Vigilon's concern, however, was that he couldn't just leave this for anyone to take. He didn't know who it belonged to, but if the wrong person was to pick up something like this...

And now the blade was in his inventory. Vigilon would continue to use Kyrkuran, and this blade he'd found...

Well, all that's needed now, is for him to find a worthy individual who can wield it...


-Received Oathkeeper

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