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  1. Vigilon had no clue who this Apparition had taken the form of. Which was to be expected, as he was never there that day. "She looks like Lupix, though I know for a fact that she's not." Dazia stated. The Apparition shot a quick glare towards Dazia. "And what makes you think I'm not?" She demanded, before turning her attention back to Vigilon. "Because I killed Lupix. If I didn't, an innocent player named Yinangi might not have lived to tell the tale." Dazia answered, as she held her weapon, looking for a proper opening to time her attack to as the enemy clashed with Vigilon. "Tell me, do you t
  2. Dazia heard something land behind her, but before she could turn around with her blade drawn, a dagger plunged into her avatar from behind. Dazia struggled to free herself from her assailant's grip as Vigilon was drawing his weapon. After struggling free, Dazia turned around to see her assailant. "Ugh, damn it..." Dazia muttered. "Another apparition." The apparition pulled off her cowl, revealing her face. Dazia knew this face, it was the second player she'd killed. "Apparition, you say? Well, that's not a very nice way to describe someone you fatally wounded." The appa
  3. The room had literally nothing else of interest, save for a statue with some kind of token. Dazia would take the token, and the door would open. Realizing she wasn't in the entryway, Dazia proceeded to wander cautiously, for that apparition might not have been alone. She soon noticed a familiar face, before checking above him for a non player cursor. Seeing the green player cursor, she then walked over to him. "Apparitions." Dazia began. "If there's nothing here, they heard apparitions." She crossed her arms and looked to the side, her expression agitated. "I suppose the rumors of me
  4. "And an Assassin." Dazia repeated. "Both Freyd and this assassin's cursors were green, so it was likely they only hunted killers. The assassin is a greater threat, and I didn't catch their username. They always used disguise, so I know nothing of what they look like, either...but they only seem willing to remain in the fourth floor from what little I know. Freyd, however, might be willing to keep an eye out to try and find me." She explained, irritation in her expression as she realized she didn't know very much about the most dangerous of her potential assailants. "I don't know if either of t
  5. The green haired, armor clad player was confused as to what Dazia meant. This could be easily clarified. "A Player named Krysta. She's been a thorn in my side since before I even met her. I defended myself in combat against a player, and now she'll stop at nothing to kill me, simply because said player happened to be her cousin." Dazia explained. The NPC specters were watching, though their stance on the players' presence wasn't easy to figure out. Who knows what they might be thinking? "...If you really want to hear more, we should move to a different spot of the safe zone. I know I'm le
  6. The purple haired one didn't seem to be a problem, but the armor clad, green haired player was still a possible threat. Unfortunately, it seemed that both took her stance as one of offense, rather than defense. Dazia rolled her eyes, not that this action could be easily seen from under her cowl. "This isn't about you being here." Dazia began. "I've just had enough of people coming after me because some Princess wants me dead." She finished, growling at that last part as she remembered the main source of her current frustrations. Dazia kept her gaze on the green haired player for a bi
  7. No time like the present to act. If even the NPC specters could see her, anyone would know something was around. Dazia slowly left her cover, coming into the view of the two players. Her weapon was still held in her left hand with a firm grip, and her cowl remained over her head. "I guess I should be in agreement with you." She remarked. "These specters don't seem to care who you are, as long as your cursor remains unchanged." Dazia then shifted her stance to a defensive one that left her ready to counterattack if anything happened. "No sudden moves, or we're going to have a real problem.
  8. "Funny, I had the same thought myself..." Dazia thought. She had to stay hidden, however. If either of these two knew, she'd be in for it. For the time being, she kept to the shadows, unwilling to leave until either she was forced out, or she could confirm whether or not it was safe. Unfortunately, While her position was good, Aincrad itself decided to not leave her alone. A passing, silent NPC specter or two would glance to Dazia at her hidden position. Wonderful, now anyone with an attentive eye would know she was here. She couldn't risk changing positions now, she could only
  9. Everything is a risk. That is what Dazia probably would have said if she were in the conversation. The purple haired player, as of the current moment, was of no threat unless she was among those who believed Princess and saw Dazia as an enemy. The green haired, armor clad player, it was harder to determine. He hadn't tried anything yet, but all the one player needed to do was get too comfortable while the other assured themselves that there would be either no resistance, or no witnesses. But if he spotted Dazia earlier, and hadn't done anything yet... then either he believed Dazia was a w
  10. Due to the armor clad player's unique method of searching, Dazia had not realized she'd been discovered. She remained behind her cover, her weapon still drawn, waiting for something to happen. Until then, she would listen in to the conversation as to gauge the situation. The two players spoke of whether or not the playerbase had been forgotten by the Cardinal, or if there were few among the more active playerbase that the system could care about. It was most likely the latter, as some NPCs had begun to have certain...requests to ask when they saw Dazia. With certain individuals making li
  11. So far, there didn't seem to be anyone trying to point out Dazia's position, but she had yet to see anyone look at her with the expression that showed that she'd been found. Dazia still gripped her weapon in her left hand, she would proceed with caution, ready to strike out at the nearest threat. She heard a call, saying "Central Square", noting that it was a safe zone and while it didn't feel like one, there was no need to worry. But anyone with enough sense would know that all it takes is a strong enough grasp to pull, and a future victim would be taken outside the safe zone and ki
  12. The Tenth Floor of Aincrad... The year before, there was an apparent Monster Overpopulation scenario going on, in which Dazia and her much hated sister, Haimi, would attempt to cull the population. Whether it happened again this year or not has yet to be seen, but the apparent presence of some final traces seemed to show that whatever Dazia had come for, she was too late. If only she hadn't gotten stuck in that cavern in the upper floors. Dazia didn't want Haimi to have anything to gloat about, because if she did, then no one will ever be able to hear the end of it. However, Daz
  13. Dazia got up, and stared daggers at her foe. "I'm done with this." She decided. "I've had it with you and your shit, this ends now!" The false Wardege stood firm and readied himself for what was to come next...but instead of attacking, he would declare, "If you really want to end this now, do it right this time. Have you really changed at all? Do you understand what you're doing? Tell me, Dazia, are you still willing to kill me with hatred, or will you end this without malice?" If this stupid apparition knew anything about Dazia, there wouldn't even be a need to say this. This appari
  14. So much for making this quick. Dazia made several attempts to attack and get past the enemy's armor, some of which almost didn't fail. The latest attempt, however, had the worst outcome. The enemy's weapon got caught on Dazia's cloth armor, despite not actually damaging her, but the enemy proceeded to move his weapon upwards, in a sudden, swift motion, effectively tossing Dazia several meters/yards in the air, flipping in midair about three times in the process. Dazia could only see the white of the room, so she was unable to tell where she'd land. For some reason, despite the shock of th
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