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    Dazia's Journal

    Alignment: (Dazia's alignment can change slightly or significantly from her experiences in SAO. She can look towards light or darkness depending on what she does or how other players affect her.)
  4. old item: Reason for Re-evaluation: Used <<Essence of Steel>> Link to essence thread: https://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/20736-pp-f4-getting-back-what-was-earned/ New Item:
  5. Current Level: 32 Current SP: 107 Link to SP Tracking: https://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/14985-dazias-journal/ Item Upgrades: 2.6 | PRE-CONVERSION 3.0 | UPGRADED ITEM #1 Item Name: Gettu the Chopper Item ID: 81771 Item Tier: 1 Item Type: One Handed Axe Item Rarity: Uncommon Item Enhancements: Fallen Damage Description: An axe with a dark mahogany handle, and an even darker Obsidian head Item Name: Shadow Fury Item Tier: 4 Item Type:
  6. What an idiot. The red haired drunkard was really getting on Dazia's nerves now. She was tempted to draw her weapon, but she decided not to. The fool drawled, calling Sketch "A real saint", and then proceeded to say some words that really shouldn't have been said. "Weakling." The false thought echoed in her mind, her own take on this fool's words, summarized with a single one. Dazia's fists clenched, her left fist shook. She was really close, all it would take was a bit more, and she would be more than willing to forcefully show this punk the door. Hellish embers burned in her eyes, waiti
  7. The player gave his answer to Dazia's question. It was actually a good answer. "Looks like you're better than the common rabble, it seems." Dazia remarked. "Still kind of a dumbass, though, words sometimes go in one of your ears and out the other." She muttered in a way she hoped was inaudible. The player noticed the wrath Dazia had...or, rather, a glimpse of it. He made a suggestion, but it wasn't like Dazia hadn't already tried that. If anything, she should appreciate the thought. The player would then ask if she knew of a tavern in the settlement that served something other than roaste
  8. Turns out, Dazia had slightly muttered her thoughts, and this dumbass made a show of it. Agitated, she glared at him, hints of the infernal Wrath showing within. "I share no affinity with the element of water, unless it is a torrent that destroys. You think I haven't tried various methods? What you speak of may be foreign to me, but it changes nothing." She whispered to the player in a growling tone. She took a deep breath before listening to the next thing the player had to say. This Ariel person who the player spoke of seemed to be held in high regards from his opinion... Dazia raised
  9. Dazia? Calm as still waters? Like that's ever gonna happen. "Do you know what else is still and capable of showing a reflection? Ice." Dazia remarked. "Sharp spears of ice that can pierce those who think they can get past me, or destroy me." She thought, unwilling to speak the rest of her opinion on the matter. "Who was it that scolded you? I'm actually curious to know." She asked after hearing the player's next words. The player told her not to let herself be talked into agreements that make her end up losing something. She needed to not laugh at this. "Did you seriously think I had a sa
  10. The player would give his opinion on Galen, even though Dazia had muttered those words, and hadn't told very much about him, either. "I don't know about that, but I'll say he's convinced himself that he's always tired...sleeping for two years, I never thought it was even possible..." When the battle began and Dazia missed, the player made several remarks that made no sense do Dazia. So many terms she'd never even heard of. He also had the nerve to steal Dazia's kill...but she could let that go since he held up his end of the deal by tossing the Essence of Steel over to her. "Now all that'
  11. Dazia saw the skull in the distance, she knew what to do. The player Dazia was traveling with admitted that he'd been sleep-deprived for a few days, but blamed his environment. "Ugh, you almost sound like Galen." She muttered. The player seemed to remark on Dazia's Glare, but there was one thing he said almost inaudibly. Dazia didn't hear what he said, but she had a few guesses. "Were you about to call me short?" She inquired, her glare not fading. "You know what, forget it." She said as she turned around, and walked over to the bone and skull, proceeding to hit the skull with the bone, so har
  12. "Are you hearing anything I'm saying?" Dazia asked, irritated. She was really tempted to slap this player, it might realign some of those scrambled brain cells. No, maybe slapping is too light, she should really punch this dumbass, but she didn't want to risk an unnecessary infraction. "Are you drunk? Sleep-deprived? Retarded?" It wasn't long after those words, when a monster showed up. The player eliminated the creature, but he pushed Dazia out of the way like she couldn't handle it. While the player suggested that the two get moving, which was the obvious course of action, Dazia got up
  13. Vigilon clearly wasn't too happy about what Dazia did, which, honestly, was kind of expected. "Listen, you did the one thing I didn't want you to do: let your crazy ass girlfriend try to kill me. I just returned the favor, simply because you clearly aren't interested in Koharu...or, at least, I don't think you are, but I do know for a fact that she is interested in you. Hell, if something happens to Krysta, and it's not my doing, I will personally support a relationship between you and Koharu." She responded. "Furthermore, you have got to learn how to say no. It'll be a weakness the ladie
  14. Dazia, Koharu and Arnemis would lay down the cargo they gathered before the NPC. It would seem that both parties managed to gather all the goods. It made sense that the goods all had duplicates, as there were two parties seeking it out anyway. Arnemis simply nodded her head in response to her party members' farewells, and she would then leave the vicinity. Then there was Koharu. She was happy with the results of this trip, and here in the safe zone again, there was only a warm yet pleasant breeze blowing through her hair. She looked over to Vigilon. "Thank you so much for letting me
  15. Arnemis and Dazia would go right to gathering the Cargo, as they did not want any of it to be lost in the sands forever. Koharu would help as well, but she'd stick by Vigilon as she did so. Dazia was strong-ish, but she found herself more capable of trying to pull or dig the cargo out of the sand instead. Must have been a height thing...she'll get strong enough at some point, and her height couldn't change a thing...but she still hated the fact that she was short, despite its usefulness. She just thought it made her feel weaker, and she was once bullied for her height...but that's enough short
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