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  1. Well, this was a room, all right. It looked like some kind of hall, decorated only by glowing blue crystals along the walls and some strange decor in the corners. This decor looked like plants with flowers not fully blooming, but they were made of stone and completely white. It was very odd, seeing things like this. Dazia began to explore the next few rooms of this floor, and found evidence of activity. "Vigilon, over here." She spoke as she gestured for him to head over to her. "See that over there?" She asked, pointing towards an open book with a quill pe
  2. Dazia was growing tired of the shifting rooms. She didn't care what they were, or what purpose they served. She'd already had enough surprises from the place, and if this was where a missing person was stuck, there better be a spot that doesn't change, otherwise, finding the Sky Swords Guild's "Nightingale" would basically be a goose chase due to the entire place being inexplicable. Out of all the things in the tower, all being the same damn color, a porcelain white, there was but one thing that stood out within that one empty room, the statue that seemed to alig
  3. A pedestal...with slots shaped and sized like tokens...like that one token that appeared in her inventory when the two left the room. She held the blue token in her hand, staring at it for a short moment, thinking it over, before placing the token in. The pedestal plunged into the floor, and Vigilon wondered if this was really the right decision. The ground shook, something was happening. "We need to get up the tower! Now!" Dazia commanded. She then began making her way up the spiral staircase, under the assumption that this must have been the tower of
  4. Dazia watched as the monster took advantage of its form, wrapping itself around Vigilon's weapon and flailing him about. Dazia closed the distance while it was distracted, and attacked when it was finished flailing her ally about. The monster fully collapsed within itself, before becoming a singularity that shattered. The battle was finally over. "Finally...damn thing was more trouble than it was worth..." She remarked. "I'm starting to wonder if we should keep exploring, I don't want to encounter more of these nuisances. The fact that this one was nearly a legitimate threat
  5. Words were no longer needed. There was just the battle. However...Vigilon's attack not only dropped the monster's HP into the red, but revealed it for what it was. The eyes of the false Lupix glowed a different color, something was breaking down as it had a frustrated expression on its face. "FINE THEN! If you want to stop playing about, be my guest! Let's end this!" The monster became translucent, before collapsing into its cloak, now it had many cloaks, all shifting between black and white, while the glowing red eyes could be seen from this strange, u
  6. Based on Crozeph's response, it didn't seem like he'd done anything stupid just yet, but he was definitely plotting something stupid. As long as Dazia had a clear path to the target, Crozeph should also be given a chance to let loose once the two players were inside the city borders. At this rate, there was no escaping trouble, so she could only hope that he put whatever he was thinking into action once chaos strikes the city. If anything, he was likely to draw attention, and if that didn't stop Dazia, it would mean less enemies focused on her, allowing her to reach the target with ease...
  7. The agreement was held on both ends. Night's informant would have the information requested, and Dazia would acquire a weapon with Devastating Power. This was exactly what she needed, now if she could get the rest of her equipment in line, she would have less to fear...and it will be her enemies that experience fear instead. -Recieved Adjudicator
  8. Night unleashed her sword art against the center head, and Vigilon proceeded to finish it off with an attack laced with his weapon's fallen energy. Dazia checked her inventory for anything different once the Target shattered. Two items were found. One was a Cerberus Etching, and the other... <<Earthen Sun Key>> Dazia pulled the key out, and held it in her hand. The key's top was shaped similarly to an artistic design of the sun, made from metal black and reflective as obsidian, and a fire opal within the top's center. She stuffed it back into her inventory,
  9. Before Dazia and the third head could clash, Night finished off the third head. Dazia would have preferred to kill it herself, but she would give a nod of appreciation to Night nonetheless. She then looked to see Vigilon try a similar tactic as before, but he clearly didn't notice the environment rumbling from the force of combat, the consequences of a giant three headed canine moving about in a cavern, one made from volcanic stone in which some were still burning or laced with embers. Stones and stalactites began to fall from above, one of which landed directly in front of Vigilon.
  10. Dazia had gone on ahead, hoping to scout out and see who she was up against next. Just like last time, the monster the players were after was right here in the innermost area of the cavern. "Target sighted." Dazia thought, as her gaze took in the sight of the beast. This one was stronger, all right...now all she needed was the right timing. Cerberus stopped, its three heads began sniffing the air around, as if noticing that someone was nearby. Before they could spot Dazia, however, Night arrived and caught the Target's attention with her attack. On top of this, Vigilon also attempted to make a
  11. Night's attack missed, and Vigilon saw fit to finish off the last Infernal Hellhound at Night's request. Dazia waited to see if any more Infernal Hellhounds would show up... But nobody came. "Seems that was all of them." Dazia observed. "If this is anything like the progression of the weaker Cerberus's quest, the Target should be just up ahead, deeper into the cavern." These Hellhounds seemed tougher than Dazia expected, not that any of them managed to deal any damage except through what must have been thorns damage. In terms of damage taken, the Hellhounds were slain as
  12. Once again, Night was in agreement with Dazia. While her words were taken literally rather than figuratively, Dazia's point had gotten across. Vigilon asked for more details, and Night took back the necessity of joining the raid, offering an alternative in case Dazia would remain averse to joining the raid after seeing how she fares against this greater Cerberus. "...It's true, Vigilon. I don't know what you thought of the frontliners during those days, but they definitely weren't what you think they might be. That black haired Tank you spoke with, who also addressed the players who gathered..
  13. If failing to get the most advantageous pricing for an item didn't hurt Dazia, she was definitely ill prepared to handle the words that came to her ears. "i'll consider it if you'll considering joining the raid against the floor boss." Dazia's expression was a blend of shock and scowl. Join the front lines? Was this woman for real? The memory of that day became as fresh as if it were yesterday. The day when Aincrad tested as many players as possible with an event that determined the fate of a floor. It wasn't for the faint of heart, but Dazia was i
  14. Dazia wasn't too pleased when Vigilon admitted that he'd failed once again, though he did offer a hint as to these constant failures: Princess wasn't letting her guard down enough in terms of the situation. All it takes is a mention of her name, and Krysta's ready to fight. Is that princess really triggered by her name like this? what was up with that woman? Night made a trade offer as to have the weapon returned to her. Vigilon would agree, but Dazia couldn't help but be attentive to the scenario, and the offered weapon, as she started on a consumable or two. The offered weapo
  15. "No shit, Sherlock." Dazia remarked when Vigilon commented on her explanation of the situation to Night. All three players had a common enemy. This was just what Dazia needed, no sarcasm included. Night would pull out some consumables, for this would not be an easy task. Dazia knew this, otherwise she wouldn't be needing a party. Night asked about Vigilon and his equipment. Vigilon gave his explanation, including the fact that he would probably need some consumables for this coming fight. "This," Dazia began, gesturing to Vigilon, her eyes closed as her face showed, or, rather, what li
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