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  1. The night rolls on ID# 219041 BD: 10(Critical, +2 Base DMG), LD: 12, MD: 1 ST-I: 25x12=300 Damage to Ebony Knight! ID# 219042 CD: 2, LD: 12+1=13(2404 Col, <<T4 Rare Trinket 219042>>) Vigilon: HP 760/760 | EN 77/110 | 23 DMG | 78 MIT | 4 ACC | 2 EVA | PAR | 6 LD Dazia: HP 483/660 | EN 63/84 | 23 DMG | 44 MIT | 3 ACC | 4 EVA | 8 Fallen | 1 LD Enemies: Ebony Knight: HP 0/800 | 135 DMG | 1 ACC | 2 EVA Abilities: Nightmare's Charge: An attack that Inflicts Stun on Critical Hits. Used on LD 1-12. Blood Knight's Blad
  2. The path was looking beaten and worn. This was likely a good staging ground for ambushes... But as Dazia would quickly realize, there weren't many places she could take cover within. Despite the color of her enshrouding outfit, it would seem she was having trouble blending into her surroundings. Only an inattentive fool would miss her at this rate, and even the AI created by the Cardinal system would have better luck at finding her like this. "If only the stones and boulders scattered around the sides of the path that aren't beaten as the road were larger...even though I'm...ca
  3. It was always the same old damn thing. Monsters turn out to be smarter than expected, a clash of equal skill, and a lock of weapons...at least, that's what happened when Dazia went in to strike after Vigilon damaged it. Exactly how was Vigilon doing better than Dazia was? Was there some kind of luck the dumbass had that flip-flopped for better or for worse specifically on the situation? Dazia glared burning daggers into the cold red dead eyes of the Ebony Knight, but it didn't seem to care about Dazia's mood whatsoever. The two simply kept pushing at each ot
  4. It wasn't a problem that this player turned out to not be much of a fighter, the fact that he could support Dazia in case of emergencies especially made up for it. With a party formed, Dazia now had to think of how she could handle the situation... "They're likely to see you first." Dazia pointed out. "I'll be in the shadows before they fall. Whether they attack you on sight or not is irrelevant, but if they become hostile when you're in their field of vision, you might need to be ready to take a few hits if they somehow manage reach you before I kill them. Are you certain of your survivabilit
  5. The Green Haired Player spoke a few points, but was a bit stern at one particular one. "Did I not tell you? He blocked the only way in and out, to duel him was my only way out of the place we were in. If I didn't accept, he'd probably just remain there, and I'd be stuck inside a group of subterranean rooms where monsters spawn in. If I didn't fight him in a duel yet killed him anyway, the game would flag it as murder. He could have easily brought enough supplies to keep him from collapsing, whereas my own supplies could have been lesser, leaving me to a different fate...I didn't exactly think
  6. The green haired player didn't seem to hear the questions that Dazia asked him. Regardless, she decided to humor him for the moment, and answer the question he popped. "Oh, please, of course I didn't tell her." She began. "For starters, I had no clue at all that the two were even remotely related, never even heard of Krysta until she started coming for me. From what I'd heard from someone, she realized I'd killed him because she saw the Monument...and the Monument will always tell you who or what the cause of death is." She added. It was both a blessing and a curse, that feat
  7. So, the two clans were just a bunch of chess pieces...all that Dazia could hope at this point was that the rooks, bishops, kings and queens weren't too dangerous, as the pawns and knights seemed to be much easier to kill than expected. Even the Knight, whose HP was still above the halfway point when taking damage from Vigilon's attack...after all, the two players had been through far worse than this. Dazia prepared her sword art, and Shanno stepped back as the two other players fought. Dazia's attack slaughtered the three pawns, but the knight was left standing. Dazia prepar
  8. Dazia listened to the two players' conversation, but there wasn't much that Dazia could chime in for. Nevertheless, she listened, then allowed Shanno to take the lead. Of course, Dazia kept her weapon in hand just in case anything showed up. Everything in the interior and exterior of this damn place was white, so not only was there no use sneaking, there was hardly any way to properly remember these halls...but from what Dazia's memory and the present moment could tell, Shanno was right, while the strange rooms kept appearing, disappearing, and changing, the halls had no changes to them.
  9. Wonderful, two clans... NPC factions, and now they've been released. But this was a mission, and Dazia intended to see it through. Shanno needed to be brought out safely, no matter what. The three players managed to get out of the room that connected the Citadel to the Tower, so there ends the linear path. Now there was probably a maze of rooms to get through before they could finally escape, as Dazia wasn't able to retrace her steps beyond here. She tried to retrace her steps regardless, but they didn't make any sense. "Damn it, the way we came isn't making sense! The
  10. So suddenly, everything began to shake. "What the- What's happening??" Dazia exclaimed. Shanno looked to her left, then to her right, then recalled something she'd read. "The seals...the monster was guarding the seals as well as the way down! We need to get out of here or we could be overrun!" She realized. Being overrun was the last thing Dazia wanted. She'd already spent energy and health trying to take down a large target, she was not in the mood to get swarmed by whatever those seals were keeping in. "Then in that case, let's get the hell out of here!" She decide
  11. Dazia prepared her last attack as Vigilon had suggested, and with one simple yet cruel attack, the target was dead. Kalsnald crumpled to the ground, there was nothing more he could do...nothing...nothing... And what he'd previously kept sealed away with his life, would surely see the sun and moon once more... Dazia took a deep breath. While the items were of little use to her, the col she earned from killing the target was a pretty good amount. She walked back over to Vigilon. "It's done, then...Shanno is free." She stated. She pulle
  12. Just that quick, huh? Within only a few minutes, the monster that kept a player trapped here for over a year was being slain by two players, what were the chances?? Fallen energy surged through Dazia's weapon even further, as she activated her most powerful sword art. She would unleash a hellish devastation upon the target, not a single swing wouldn't meet the foe. Strike after strike, cut after cut, there was no mercy for this enemy, none whatsoever... Pain. Suffering. Death. That was all this blight would ever bring...but if th
  13. Getting an axe blade to her torso would realistically be devastating, but since this was a game with numbers, not all cuts were truly equal. The fact that she was slammed down by this towering figure was none too pleasant though, despite the fact that she didn't feel intimidated. This thing was strong, but while its survivability might scare off solo players and weaker parties, it seemed that the combined efforts of two tier four players was already proving to be too much for it. "I'm fine..." Dazia answered with a strained grunt. She got up, and readied her weapon. "I'm not de
  14. Dazia locked eyes with her target. There was something unsettling about this monster, but she unleashed her usual burning glare regardless. She would put the fear of her in this thing, and it would die in suffering. She had little to say about Vigilon's remark, but he was right, Shanno didn't receive any Fallen or Holy damage from this monster's attacks...so maybe they were limited to critical hits with that spin attack? For now, Dazia attacked with her sword art once again. Her target's HP was dropping steadily with each gash upon it, worsened by the fallen energies that
  15. Vigilon attempted his charge attack, only to get stopped and end up in a lock with the target. Two HP Bars filled up, and the monster's name displayed. ...What kind of a name was "Kalsnald"? Regardless, now that this thing was active, it really didn't look right...there was just something off about it... Dazia would follow by coming in with her own attack, damaging the monster with a fallen powered attack. The impact the fallen energy had didn't seem to be what it usually was, so Shanno's observation was proven...for Fallen as well as Holy. This thing really
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