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  1. The assassin made a bit of a display while disguised as Valna, as she threatened Dazia. So now another player had it out for Dazia. What else was new? Krysta then...pieced together exactly what the "issues with most people" meant in Dazia's case. Great, now there was this to deal with, too. Valna's expression uttered out what her lips couldn't. "SOS". Dazia took a deep breath, but in the end it failed her. "...So that's what you think, is it?" Dazia responded, her eyes meeting Krysta's. What happened then would be one pair of burning eyes looking towards another. One burned with
  2. Two Krystas...wonderful, that's just what Dazia needed right now. Oh, and the captive was tossed a teleport crystal, too, so that leverage was gone. Should have bound his hands instead of his wrists. Valna looked to the real Krysta, who seemed a bit taken aback by what she wore. Krysta asked why Valna wasn't freezing right now, and she was happy to oblige with the answer. "Survival Skill. Good for more than just regenerating HP faster." She replied with a wink. Dazia facepalmed over this. "Let's just get to why we're here already." Krysta would then take note how both players ca
  3. The captive seemed to be in more of a neutral standpoint in all this, probably because, as he'd said, no matter what happens from here, he'll be free. It was true, so Dazia would need to make his freedom count for something. The spy also made a good point, if the assassin was still around, they could have used stealth and overheard each answer to use against Dazia. Although the chances of the secret Dazia spoke being heard by more than just Valna alone were slim, it was definitely a risk that had been taken. "Don't worry, I still have more where that came from." Valna reassured. "I can only ho
  4. What the hell was that just now? Dazia could have sworn the snow just moved. The three players and their captive simply stood there in silence for about a minute or two. Dazia then looked to her allies and captive. Something wasn't right about the expression on Yinangi's face. "Yinangi, what's wrong?" Dazia asked. Yinangi would send a message to Valna, and the reason Dazia could tell was because Valna received a message as soon as Yinangi pressed send. Valna had a confused look on her face. "Yinangi...did...did you hear the details back over in the abandoned building? Kind of why we broug
  5. Dazia could have sworn she just heard a whisper, one so faint that it was practically inaudible. She stopped in the middle of the snowy path, and asked, "Did any of you just say something?" Only the silence in the air dared to answer. Dazia slowly began to walk once more, but she was just as wary as she was when she'd arrived. Her gaze darted around the settlement, looking left and right for any signs of danger. This may have been a safe zone, but players could still be grabbed and potentially restrained, for whatever hostile purpose a possible assailant had in mind. She knew her goal, of
  6. The situation was simple. Dazia was being forced into enemy hands, and their spy was captured by Valna and Yinangi...maybe there was a way to convince the enemy to let her go. Dazia pulled up her messenger. Even if it was still a trap in the end, The spy would still be bound, so numbers meant nothing if freedom had to come with forceful escape, as the actual numbers would be pretty even. The casual smirk faded from Valna's expression as she read the message. "Damn, looks like this 'Princess' found some experts, rather than idiots, to help her out this time around." She
  7. Dazia received a message from Krysta. The spoken words, even if directing her to the typical safe zone, were more than suspicious. "It's a trap..." She thought, before completely dismissing the message. She then received another message...from a player named Freyd. How...how did he...how the hell did he know she knew they were coming?? "This is it." Dazia decided. "I've come to a point in my life where I need a stronger word than F**k." For some reason, she was outmatched. Her nemesis was luring her to an obvious trap, and the "mediator" had a killer of their own on reserve to hunt
  8. Dazia soon reached the Starglades. Now all she needed to do was find a suitable hiding place and lay low. there was no shortage of patches of white around the wintry terrain, but were there enough branches or shadows to provide enough natural camouflage for her in this moonlit night? Dazia searched around, but didn't find much. It just had to be a full moon out tonight, and that always meant one thing for all nocturnal creatures reliant on darkness: Cover was sparse. For players seeking to hide, the situation would be no different for them. "Damn," Dazia thought. "Couldn't this night have bee
  9. Name: Soaring Shadow Your Profession: Artisan Your Rank: 2 Roll ID: 194262 Roll Result: 12 Item Type: Trinket Tier: 1 Quality: Perfect Enhancements: Accuracy(2), Evasion Description: A trinket shaped like a raven in flight. Silver makes up the back of it, but also outlines the edges of its defining piece, an onyx. Like the trinket itself, the onyx is shaped like a raven taking flight. Post Link: https://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/19936-f11-rank-2-artisan-ombre-di-cristallo-pk-accessible-closed/?do=findComment&comment=641489 Name: Lesser Lucky Ring Your Profe
  10. Crafting Results: ID# 194261 CD: 6, LD: 20(Material Salvaged) ID# 194262 CD: 12(Success, crafted Perfect T1 Trinket) ID# 194263 CD: 9(Success, crafted Uncommon T1 Trinket) Materials Consumed: 2 Crafting EXP Earned: 13
  11. Crafting Results: ID# 193466 CD: 3(Failed) ID# 193467 CD: 1 ID# 193468 CD: 8, LD: 2(Salvage failed) Materials Consumed: 3 Crafting EXP Earned: 4
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    Alignment: (Dazia's alignment can change slightly or significantly from her experiences in SAO. She can look towards light or darkness depending on what she does or how other players affect her.)
  15. old item: Reason for Re-evaluation: Used <<Essence of Steel>> Link to essence thread: https://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/20736-pp-f4-getting-back-what-was-earned/ New Item:
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