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Shin's Journal

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1543282356_Shin2.thumb.jpg.5df13919ea93e2c5ab1eea2d98ae666a.jpg PROFILE 

  • Username: _Shin
  • Real Name: Tiensão, Shin
  • Age: 22
  • Location: USA
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 5' 11"
  • Weight: 194 - Toned

Background: The Orphaned Survivor

Born into a close-knit family, he was the sole survivor of a devastating house fire that claimed the lives of his parents and siblings. Orphaned and emotionally scarred by the tragic incident, he found himself navigating the jarring corporeality of foster care. The system, in its entirety, was riddled with neglect and maltreatment, adding an abundance of trauma to this already shattered world. 

Enduring the chaotic and uncaring environment of foster homes, he developed a steel-like resolve to survive. The loss of his family left an inconsolable disturbance in his psyche, rendering him emotionally distant and serious. His experiences forged a man who struggled to express his emotions and show empathy. Often, he's find pure solace in solitude, rather than in the company of others. Though, despite his outwardly and rash demeanor, an ever-enigmatic heart brimming with kindness sat within. 

Shin found it extremely difficult to articulate his care for others, and often came across as caustic, particularly when faces with displays of vulnerability or complaints. He often talked down to those seeking comfort, masking his discomfort with demeaning affirmations through direct responsiveness and meaningfulness. Due to this, Shin became unable to befriend anyone in Sword Art Online for an extensive amount of time, and even now. Having to get by alone in this game of death is the reason for his progress halting so much so.He had met a handful of people, and retained some acquaintances. Not many though, and not for very long either. But in his heart, he harbored an intense desire to protect and help those in need. Such a sad, poetic fate. Alas, his desire to protect is but a remnant of the compassion instilled in him by his long lost, but never forgotten family.







1. Bravery: The tragedy that he faced and the subsequent struggles of his life have instilled a sense of bravery in Shin. He faces challenges directly, showing courage even in the face of adversity, no matter the consequences. Even when the odds look grim, he will never lose faith. However, that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t flee from a fight in which he is guaranteed to lose.

2. Loyalty: Built upon the remnants of shattered trust, Shin’s loyalty is an unyielding fortress. Even in Sword Art Online, he remains selective about individuals that he chooses to trust and remain loyal to. Once his loyalty is earned, it’s unwavering, becoming the embodiment of a steadfast commitment and concurrent support. He will stand by all he considers close, willing to protect them through thick and thin with a near unbreakable resolve.

3. Kindness: The kindness within Shin is a tamed, and well guarded ember that pulsates a soft warmth. While he’s developed a skeptical view of others due to his traumatic past and abuse, the kindheartedness still exists within him. However, he is extremely cautious in sharing this kindness and often reserves it for the underprivileged-the ones society often overlooks, or anyone he deems truly in need of it. Despite its guarded nature, his heart sympathizes with all who have endured struggles akin to his own.







1. Impatience: The urgency instilled by the traumatic, horrifying events in Shin’s life has burdened him with an irreparable case of impatience. Mainly, in situations where he feels vulnerable or threatened, his impatience for a change of scenery can occasionally be mistaken for restlessness. In almost all cases, a common factor in his patience unraveling is the suspense in a given situation. The more unknown a situation becomes, the more on edge Shin will be. 

2. Stubbornness: Borne from the pain of past mistakes and fear of repeating them, Shin’s stubbornness manifests in many ways. Shin being unwilling to change his methods, is rooted into this need of self-preservation and an intrinsic fear of vulnerability. While this can present challenges, it also reflects as an unwavering determination to avoid reliving past traumas.

3. Guarded: Shin’s past traumas have rendered him exceptionally guarded, resulting in a hesitancy to fully trust others. This guarded nature acts as a defense mechanism against vulnerabilities that past experiences have ingrained into his psyche. While it can be of us to shield him from further harm, the cautiousness also creates a barrier, making it extremely difficult to form deep connections with others. This guardedness may occasionally present Shin with challenges in forging new relationships and problems will arise when engaging in situations that require one’s vulnerability.





Straight Swords Skill - Rank 1


New Character Bundle:  Set D - 3 Starter Healing Potions (50 HP), 2000 Col, 25 Materials.



   Equipped Items   

Beginner Straight Sword (Common)

Red and Black Cloth Shirt (Vanity Item)
Red Cape (Vanity Item)
Lightweight Black Pants (Vanity Item)
Black Gloves  (Vanity Item)
Closed Toed Foot Wrappings (Vanity Item)





(x3) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50HP)


Roleplay Log:


None at the moment.


||SP: 1 || Col: 2000 || Materials: 25||



Edited by _Shin
added weapon, and weapon skill. adjusted SP accordingly
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