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[PP-F05] The One With The Land Shark |<<Bloodstained Land>>

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Racing towards the beast from its left flank, Freyd planted one foot hard into the slippery sand.  Creating a fulcrum, he pivoted up and over the beast's head launched by his own momentum.  Sparing only a moment to snare it by the jowls of its giant toothy maw, he used his own momentum to yank as hard as he possibly could.  The point was to flip and fling the thing over his head and let it smear itself all over the sands.  But, fate being what it is, his handwraps screeched as their bindings loosened enough to let loose the void contained within.  Instead of snaring the creature, Freyd's hands peeled open its hood like it was a potato, wrenching all of the 'skin' from atop its head and melting what should have been its brain by the passage of his fingertips.  Landing with still-catlike grace on the far side of it, Freyd's cowl kinked in a hound-like manner as he wondered what had happened. The rest of the mob's body seized, jerked, twitched, then slumped into the sand and disintegrated into a pile of find glass dust that melted seamlessly into the landscape in an instant.

"Huh," he added, surprised by the turn of events.  "Not really what I was going for, but I suppose it worked all the same?"  A stunned look still on his face, the Whisper just smirked, shrugged his shoulders and stuffed his lethal fingers back into cosy hoodie pockets.  "So, um... right then.  I guess this means we're done?  Who votes we send Ciela in to talk to Abdullah?"  Freyd and all three of their shadows instantly raised their hands.

"The aye's have it," he declared swiftly turning, a giant grin on his face, ready to lead them back to town.



Note: Added 1 hate to Ciela for last post's successful attack.

Freyd regains +1 EN
CD 11 (+2 REC proc) ID #221168
Cooldown: Charge (1/3), Grappling Familiar (CD 4/5)

Post Action | R4 AoE-2 (x16, 12 EN, +2 Shift, +2/hit): 16 EN - (Rested 1/2; Stamina) = 14 EN.  
Free Action | None

ID: 221167 | BD: 8 (Crit +1, Fallen +4).  DMG (16*20=320-35=285) to Sand Shark.  Dead.

Freyd (Tier 1 Adjusted) | HP: 1160/1160 | EN: 108/154 (119+1+2-14) | DMG: 15 | MIT: 60 | EVA: 4 (3) | ACC: 7 | BH: 63 | LD: 6 | FLN: 4 | HLY: 4 | PARA IMMUNE | REC: 2 | V.D.: 127
KnightessCiela | HP: 100/100 | EN: 21/28  | DMG: 5 | MIT: 26 | ACC 2 | BLGT: 8 | KEEN: 1 | REC: 1 | THRNS: 18 | Suffering from Bad Footing
Wulfrin (Tier 1 Adjusted) | HP 340/340 | EN 27/54 | DMG 11 | MIT 32 | ACC 5 | LD 2 | BLD 12 | PARA | REC 1

(2,1,2) Sand Shark | HP: 166/555  | DMG: 50 | MIT: 35 | BLD: 12 | ACC 1 | EVA: 2 | P.StunImm. (2/3)


  • Bad Footing | Missing an attack against the Sand Shark causes the Player to get bogged down by the sandy environment, making the next attack against them deal 15 DMG more.
  • Sharp Jaws | On an MD 9-10, the Shark will reduce the MIT of its target by 10 for <<Sand Shark’s>> next attack, which will automatically target the same Player regardless of Hate values.
  • Weapon Lock | Only Sword Arts of Rank 4 or lower may be used against this boss.
  • Tier Lock | For the duration of the fight, all of the participants’ stats that scale with Tier are calculated as though they’re Tier 1. [DMG/MIT/BLEED enhancements etc.]


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Posted (edited)

Having watched the boss desentigrate into a variety of fractal motes, Wulfrin turned his attention to the arena. He looked high and low throughout the area, hoping to find a chest of some sort. Unfortunately luck did not appear to be on his side. Dejectedly, Wulfrin returned to the group.

"Guess this boss wasn't the hoarding type," Wulfrin said as he shook his head.

Truthfully Wulfrin would have raised his hand even if his shadow hadn't done it for him. He was ready to be done with this trip and he was not looking forward to talking with Abdullah. He looked at Ciela and shrugged. He was the last to leave the arena, as he didn't want to leave the newer player exposed to a sneak attack.

"So," Wulfrin said as he sped up to walk in tandem with Freyd. "What's the progress looking like up on Twenty-Eight? Has there been any progress on finding and clearing the Labyrinth? I've been a bit busy lately so I haven't been keeping tabs on the frontlines."

* * *

Looking for Treasure Chest

ID: 221180 | LD: 10+2=12
Nothing Found

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Ciela began to object, "WOAHWOAHWOAH, why me!? Why do I have to talk to the mobster? Why can't the big strong scary men with big damage do it?" She pouted and looked at the two accompanying her.

She thought about it for a moment, and smirked as the group began to move on. She got in between the two and grabbed their hands, dragging them back to town as she's done previously with Wulfrin on their quests. "If I have to talk to him, I get scary guard dog privileges. You two are the scary guard dogs."

As the trio approached the town, she led them toward Abdullah's abode. Abdullah was lounging in the same chair he was in the last time they came through here. At this point she had let go of both of her companions hands and approached Abdullah. "Ahh, who's this that approaches me? Last time it was the red mongrel." Abdullah takes her hand and places a soft kiss upon the back of her palm. 

Ciela looks over to Wulfrin with an extremely confused look on her face. She clears her throat awkwardly. "We got rid of Terra Firma for you." She wiped her hand on her skirt, obviously creeped out by the NPC.

Abdullah seems offended by the fact that Ciela wiped his gracious kiss off her hand, "Well another mongrel to join the lot I suppose. Dispatching of Terra Firma was the least you could do for being in my GLORIOUS presence. Now, get out of my sight!" Abdullah raises his voice as he begins to be tended to by his servants.

Ciela left Abdullah's home with her two companions in tow. "WELP, that was the uncomfiest I think I've been in a very long time? Does he always kiss peoples hands or was that just a one time thing?" She shuddered. 
* * *


ID: 221255 | LD: 10
Nothing Found.


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2122940869_LadyFreyd.jpg.a786a93751cd6e51990219cc34e2036a.jpgNot quite ready to let Abdullah realize he still lived, but also unwilling to spoil Ciela's maximum moxy moment, Freyd chose to play coy and follow along with a minor unanticipated twist.  By the time the beaded curtain plied its way over them, the Whisper's appearance had been completely transformed.  No longer the spoopy, brooding figure most commonly familiar among the residents of Fortaleza, Ciela now dragged behind her an elegant courtesan in a loosely fitted black kimono.  Sporting barely coifed indigo hair and hauntingly pale blue eyes over the most demure of smiles, it was an appearance he reserved for the most provocative occasions. 

Turning its allure against the foppish mobster the moment he soured at Ciela's silent rebuttal, Lady Freyd was already making eyes to distract and entice.  No words were spoken, only a gaze held and the very briefest of exhales granted through an achingly slow parting of pale, slender lips.  Wulfrin might have heard Abdullah's jaw shatter when it hit the floor, a lingering glance hinting empty promises as Ciela dragged his latest obsession from the room.  The novice player's head and heart were likely still pre-occupied by overwhelming anxiety.  Strands of twilight swung like a curtain to conceal her features once more, perfectly timed to tease out a fading wink that vanished with another clattering of beads.

Restored to his original appearance, Freyd acted as though nothing strange had happened, nodding sympathetically at Ciela's exasperations.  Sparing Wulfrin a bemused look that silently spoke to what had just transpired, Freyd kept the motives behind this particular game to himself.

"Yes, well done, Ciela," he applauded, reclaiming his hand and stuffing both of his back into a pair of invisible pockets. "Let me know if you two feel like hitting up another quest anytime soon. You've both shown a lot of promise today, and should be proud."  Someone sounded a gong nearby, signaling the cresting of the sun and marking midday for all of the sandy town's residents.  By the time they both looked back, Freyd has simply disappeared.


Thread Closing:

Wulfrin receives:

880 EXP (Word Count [6501/10*2*0.6] + Quest [n/a] + Field Bosses [100])
7,800 col (1 page [200] + Loot [7600 from Freyd])
1x Terra Firma Scale (T3 - Unique Consumable - Gain additional Mitigation equal to one T3 slot of the Mitigation Enhancement. This can exceed Mitigation Enhancement caps. The effect lasts one thread.)

Knightessciela receives:

2,990 EXP (Word Count [6501/10*1*0.6] + Quest [2500] + Field Bosses [100])
5,200 col (1 page [200] + Quest [5000])
1x Terra Firma Scale (T3 - Unique Consumable - Gain additional Mitigation equal to one T3 slot of the Mitigation Enhancement. This can exceed Mitigation Enhancement caps. The effect lasts one thread.)

Freyd receives:

6m340 EXP (Word Count [6501/10*16*0.6] + Quest [n/a] + Field Bosses [100])
936 col (1 page [0] + Loot [7600 given to Wulfrin] + 15% P5 Reward [936])
2 Materials (Loot [2])
1x Terra Firma Scale (T3 - Unique Consumable - Gain additional Mitigation equal to one T3 slot of the Mitigation Enhancement. This can exceed Mitigation Enhancement caps. The effect lasts one thread.)
T4 Rare Trinket 220964

Note: Assault Mode extra skill was not unlocked.


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