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[PP-F11] Conflicting Hearts in the Hall of Countenance

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"This thread contains a debate between characters discussing topics that may potentially prove divisive or controversial to some individuals. Each character has their own set of beliefs, just because a character believes x, y or z does not mean the character's writer agrees with it, and vice versa. By no means is this thread intended to be a jab or poke at anyone and/or their beliefs. This debate between fictional characters should remain as such, and not become a debate outside the thread that may potentially tear apart friends and friendly acquaintances. Always remember that the content within this site, and therefore this thread, are purely fictional and have little to do with the outside world, if at all."

"Thank you for reading and understanding, hopefully you find this thread interesting or enjoyable, if not merely tolerable."

-Krysta(and, by Proxy, The writer of Vigilon, Krysta, Yona, and about 7+ others, as well as the various NPC-Players who will be featured in this thread)



                 Krysta walked outside of her shop and onto the streets of Taft on one seemingly normal morning, blissfully unaware of the events soon to transpire. She looked to her left, then to her right. Nothing much outside of the usual so far. Perhaps she should take a chance to go outside the safe zone today? For now, the Princess would simply take a slow walk to the town gate. Ever since the Titanium Incident over on Floor 26, Krysta had been wondering if she should be more alert. After all, what were the chances that another organization, be it player-ran or NPC-ran, would seek to break the peace for some personal gain? If there was one thing Krysta knew, it was that she must remain vigilant, for the seeds of evil, chaos, or disorder could very well be anywhere. "I have much to accomplish, but for now, I should focus on getting stronger...Don't worry, Alex, we shall be on truly even footing soon..." She thought.


Stats and Equipment:


Main Stats:


Level: 33

Paragon Level: 28(paragon stat bonus totals: +100 HP, +10 EN)

Paragon Rewards:

Lv. 5 | Gain additional col equivalent to 15% of EXP earned in that thread.

Lv. 10 | +1 LD to Loot and Chest rolls



Battle Stats:

HP: 780(Base[740], Resolve[40])
Energy: 112(Base[92], Energist[20])
Base Damage: 23(THSS R5[7], Combat Mastery: DMG[12], SS Ferocity[2], Meticulous[1])
Mitigation: 78(Lumino Regalia[48], Light Armor R5[30])
Accuracy: 2(Alediel's Grace[1], SS Precision[1])
Evasion: 2(Aurora Lux)
Loot Die: 0
T4 Recovery: Recovers 8 Energy on a CD roll of 7-12
Holy Damage: +8 Damage on BD 9-10
T4 Bleed: Inflicts Bleed on BD 9-10, deals 48 DMG per turn for two turns


Additional conditions:

-2 on all stealth rolls(Light Armor Rank 5)



[T4]Alediel's Grace(Straight Sword, Holy, Acc, Bleed)[Equipped]

[T4]Lumino Regalia(Light Armor, MIT II, REC)[Equipped]

[T4]Aurora Lux(Jewelry, EVA II, REC II)[Equipped]



Teleport Crystal x1




Straight Sword Rank 5(30 SP)

Light Armor Rank 5(30 SP)

Combat Mastery: Damage Rank 3(13 SP)

Battle Healing Rank 3(14 SP)

Energist(8 SP)


Shift: AoE(10 SP)


Extra Skills:

First aid Rank 5(30 SP)

Familiar Mastery: Healing(10 SP)





Purify(4 SP)

Barrier(6 SP)

Field Medic(6 SP)

Meticulous(4 SP)



Resolve(6 SP)

SS Ferocity(6 SP)

SS Precision(2 SP)

SS Stamina(4 SP)


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                        Yona yawned as she laid down on a bench in Taft. "So. Bored."

       She had absolutely nothing to do and no rumors or quests to take on...none that were her level, that is. Without much to do, she could do nothing of importance other than grind without motivation...but that would just be a slog, and Yona wasn't one for needless slogs. Sure, she needed to increase her level, but what's the point if she can't find an excuse to set her mind to it, to live in the moment instead of putting pressure on the future?

     A passing player would mutter"I wonder if there's anything happening in the Hall of Countenance today..." 
Yona's eyes perked up. What was this "Hall of Countenance"? Was it important? A town location? A Dungeon? Well, now she had something to do, other than nothing, so she got up, and looked to her left, then her right. The player that passed by was already gone, but maybe some NPCs knew the location of this Hall of Countenance...


Stats and Equipment:


Level: 15


HP: 300

Energy: 48

Base Damage: 15(CS R5[7], CM: Damage[6], Athletics[1])

Mitigation: 27(Moonsliver Veil[12], Cloth Armor Rank 3[15])

Accuracy: 1(Resplendent Falchion)

Evasion: 2(Moonsliver Veil)

Loot Die: 3(Thuban's Eye)




[T2]Resplendent Falchion(Curved Sword, Accuracy, Bleed, Paralyze)

[T2]Moonsliver Veil(Cloth Armor, 1 MIT, 2 EVA)

[T1]Thuban's eye(Trinket, 3 LD)




Teleport Crystal x1




Curved Sword Rank 5(30 SP)

Cloth Armor Rank 3(14 SP)

Combat Mastery: Damage(13 SP)




Athletics(4 SP)


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                                Krysta would reach the town's gate, where the areas of the floor that were rife with monsters and dangers lay beyond. She took a deep breath, she looked to her right, then to her left, where she saw someone waving cheerfully at her.



                          The pink haired girl approached when Krysta's gaze met her own. "Looking to explore beyond town? I was considering doing just that...would you, maybe, consider going together? Strength in numbers, right?" Spoke the girl.
             Krysta blinked, but she was willing to respond. 
"I...do not see why not." She began. "I am Krysta." She introduced.

     That, however, is where everything changed. The girl's eyes lit up, in recognition of the name. "Ohhhh, so you're Vigilon's girlfriend! I've always wanted to meet you! You look so pretty! Pretty as a princess, in fact!" She exclaimed. Now Krysta was genuinely confused. "Erm...do you happen to...know Vigilon, by any chance?" Krysta asked, unsure of what to do in this situation.

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                     Yona's search wouldn't get her anywhere unless she went around asking questions. "Hey, do you, by any chance, know where to find the uh, place called the Hall of Countenance?" She asked to the first NPC that looked like they might know something. "You got trouble, miss, or is it a meeting for a guild you're in?" The NPC asked. Yona blinked, confused. "Uh...no. I only heard of the place two minutes ago and I wanted to know what it was and all." She responded. The NPC nodded. "Harmless curiosity, then? Well if you must know, the place has been open to gatherings of numerous kinds. It has often been used as a meeting place for small groups and organizations, and you can sometimes find civilians and adventurers alike settling disputes there through debate. Rarely, some people have tried to use it as some kind of...courtroom. I'm not sure why it gets all the use it does now, in fact, I'm starting to think it's original purpose may have been all but forgotten..." He explained, before walking away. Yona would receive a notification that her map had been updated, with a marker revealing the location of the Hall of Countenance.

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Posted (edited)

                       The yukata wearing pinkette smiled and nodded. "I do! We first met back in Middle School, and he was one of the two friends I made there...well, before my family moved, and I kinda had to go with him...I really like him, it's such a shame that I wasn't able to tell him back then..."
       So, a friend from late childhood, then? Krysta had yet to meet all the individuals who personally knew Vigilon, and she certainly was not expecting to meet a large majority of them. The odds and the result were kind of strange. "I see...Well, it is good to know that you were able to reunite with him." Krysta remarked. "Yep." The girl agreed. "I'm Koharu, good to finally meet you, Krysta!" Krysta nodded. "Pleasure to meet you as well, Koharu."

        The two players would move to the side of the gate as to not block the path of anyone going in or out of the safe zone. "So, how are you and Vigilon doing, Krysta?" Koharu asked. "Well, we have been doing well so far, despite all the adversities Aincrad has sent for us to do battle with." Krysta answered. Koharu giggled. "That's good to know, though I was actually talking about your relationship." She remarked.

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                            With the location in mind, now it was time to see if there was anything interesting going on in the Hall of Countenance. Yona made her way over to where the map said the structure was, and with a quick look around, she spotted what must be her destination. On the surface, the Hall of Countenance didn't look like much, but it might get interesting once she walks inside. Earlier she was bored out of her mind, and she was only hoping she wouldn't be bored for the rest of the day. With a nod of her head and a gaze to the doors leading to the interior, she began walking towards the doors as to enter the structure.

                     Watching something play out might not have been what Yona usually had in mind for an activity, but she was bored and therefore this would qualify as something worth doing at the current moment.

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                                  Ah, well that was a different matter. "Vigilon and I have been building our bond, mainly throughout our adventures, but we've managed to find the time to place a date or two within our itineraries every one in a while. We have enjoyed each others' company whenever we had the chance, and sometimes the best moments we've had in this game are the ones we've spent with only each other." Krysta explained.
           Koharu put her hands together.
"Awwww, that's so cute! I just knew he'd be a great boyfriend! I really am missing out..."


           Krysta blinked. Koharu continued. "I, um, don't think I'll be getting over him anytime soon...not that we can't be friends, and I don't see why we can't both have him, though...thoughts?" Koharu was kind of rushing it. She was getting impatient to asking the question she was hoping to ask. Krysta, on the other hand...
          Krysta's eyes widened in disbelief, her smile faded, and she slowly turned her head to make eye contact with Koharu. 
    She couldn't believe what she just heard. "Pardon me, I erm, I believe I may have misheard you, could you say that again?" She asked. Koharu, completely unconcerned, would speak again. "Well, I like him, you like him, I think you're a great person. We shouldn't fight or be rivals in any way, so, how about we both have him? Everyone wins!" Koharu said, as cheerfully as though this was not a serious matter that she had just dug into. The can of worms she had opened, it was undeniably writhing. "Sweet Heaven's Mercy..." Krysta muttered in disbelief. Was this a nightmare? Was she hearing things that were not? Or...or was Koharu actually suggesting Poly?

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                               The Hall of Countenance seemed pretty empty for the most part. Was something not happening here, or was Yona a bit too early for whatever juicy stuff was gonna happen? After wandering about aimlessly inside the structure, she soon found herself in the room where it happens. It looked...surprisingly, ready for anything that could transpire within. "Ah, this must be the room where it happens..." Yona remarked. She could have easily started singing from there, based on her choice of words, but she resisted the temptation. She then noticed that one player who passed by earlier, which she barely recalled. She walked over to him to ask, "Anything going on here?" 

     The player looked around. "Well, I haven't seen much happen, and no one's told me of anything I'd have to moderate, so I guess there won't be anything else happening other than that late night meeting the Sky Swords guild is gonna have, so I guess I might as well go..."

   Before the player could leave, however, an NPC came running up to the player. "Excuse me, sir! You're a moderator here by choice, yes?" The NPC asked. "Sure I am, did something happen?" The player asked yet again. The NPC nodded his head low enough that it could be confused with a bow. "I've just received word that a dispute has risen up, the two disputants are on their way here to have it resolved, and they'll be here any moment!"
      The Player looked to Yona. "I guess you're just in time, if you were hoping for something interesting." He remarked.

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                    Koharu only now began to look a little concerned. "Krysta, are you ok? You look a little pale."
           A paled expression was an understatement. "...No. No, I am not." Krysta answered. "Your suggestion goes against the values I believe in." 
                           Koharu appeared to be understanding yet disappointed. 
"You're against the idea of Polygamy? It really could solve the problem..." She asked. Krysta could only continue with honesty. "I am. I also fail to see how it could truly solve the problem, for I do not see it bearing any healthy fruit. Surely such a method would be rife with all manner of jealousy, competitiveness, strife, and excess of desire." She stated.

         The seriousness of the matter settled within Koharu. She appeared to be greatly saddened by this outcome of the question she asked. "Looks like we're at a bit of an impasse here." She began. "You believe one thing, I believe another. Chances are, we're both biased to our intended outcomes. Is there a way we could talk this out peacefully?" She asked.
                            As persistent as Koharu was, Krysta was at least relieved to find that Koharu seemed somewhat understanding instead of excessively argumentative. 
"A debate, then? In that case, we could settle this in the Hall of Countenance. We'd be able to discuss the matter with help from a trusted voice of reason as the moderator." Krysta suggested in reply. When Koharu nodded, Krysta would tap the shoulder of a passing NPC, in hopes that they could notify anyone at the Hall of Countenance that a moderator was needed.

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                                                Finally, things were getting somewhere. A dispute? Well, time to see what that was all about! Word must have been spreading, because now a few others were filing in, including a red haired player with heterochromia. "Hey, I heard there's some kind of dispute that's gonna come around here, know anything about it or what it's gonna be like?" She asked the player when he drew near. The redheaded player gave a smile that clearly held personal business. "Who knows, honestly." He began. "As an informant on multiple fields, I like to bring recording crystals for situations like these, if there's anything useful or important, I could sell them off to an interested buyer." He explained. "I could spoil the general process of how it goes for a low fee, but for a gorgeous lady like you, I'd say you could hear it free of charge." He added with a wink.

        Oh, he thought he was smooth, didn't he? Yona chuckled. "Aww, thanks, but I'll let myself be surprised this time around." She remarked.

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-10:45 AM, Floor 11, Hall of Countenance, Taft...


                 When the two players arrived at the Hall of Countenance, they would speak with the player who would serve as the debate's moderator. Krysta would walk over to the stand at the right, leaving Koharu to take the one at the left. The player taking the tallest of the three center stands at the end between the two sides of the room would then address everyone gathered, both participant and witness alike, not that there were very many witnesses here at all, of course.
"To all gathered here, the debate for dispute resolution will now begin. I am Khavius, and I will serve as the moderator for this debate. Koharu, you may begin with your first question."

      Koharu nodded. "So, it sounds to me that you believe the only true path for romance is monogamy. May I ask why you believe that is? Can you define it for me?" She asked.
                    Krysta already had something in mid for a question such as this. 
"Certainly." Krysta began. "Romance is an experience reserved for two kindred souls whose lives are to be intertwined. Searching for a lifelong Partner, seeking one’s other half, phrase it however you will, but the fact remains the same. It was meant for two and only two." She explained.

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                            The doors opened to reveal the two disputants. One was a cheerful pink haired girl wearing a Yukata, and the other was...Krysta?? Yona grinned. "Oh, this is gonna be good..." She remarked. For Krysta to be involved in a dispute that would call for a debate, and with a cute pinkette, of all people? This was gonna be juicy, that was for sure...in Yona's mind, at least.

     The player would go up to his stand, and the two players would go on to take theirs. The few who had filed into the building took their respective spectator seating on the sides, including Yona. The Moderator introduced himself as Khavius, as the redheaded informant readied his recording crystals. With this, the debate began, and Khavius would give the pinkette, Koharu, the right of first question. She would ask Krysta why she stood where she did on the debate's subject, which turned out to be...

     Oh...that's a big one. This was gonna get interesting for sure.

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                     Koharu let out a nervous chuckle. "That's...an ideology, Krysta. It's a personal, individual belief. What's keeping you from loosening up a little? Don't stress yourself out." She claimed. Krysta shook her head. "I live by virtue, I do what I must." was her response. Koharu crossed her arms with a slight grin. "Says the girl who wants to kill my rival." She remarked. "Who?" Krysta asked, confused. "Dazia, one of my two rivals." Koharu answered.
                 Krysta could not believe how casually this was being spoken, as though Koharu had no clue of the monster in human form that Dazia was. Krysta slammed both her hands at her stand's surface. 
"That woman is evil, I fail to see why people claim to find redeeming qualities within her." She declared.
       Koharu's grin faded, but she looked more concerned than upset. 
"That's...a biased opinion, but...are you okay?" She said.
  Krysta was unwavering in her belief. 
"Dazia has murdered four players thus far, must I really say more?" She responded. Khavius started writing notes onto paper, perhaps for future reference into an investigation into the alleged murders committed by Dazia.

    Koharu blinked, then she spoke. "Self-defense, things happen. But we’re getting off track here. You say you 'live by virtue', what makes you think that love needs to meet such standards?"
                  Krysta would stand firm, and make her claim. "Monogamy focuses on partnership, an equivalent, mutual bond that will endure. It is two that become one, clearly it was divinely designed, and we are nothing like the animals we observe. Polygamy is not true commitment. It is nothing more than primal, carnal desires left unchecked, nothing more than either a woman being insatiable or a man wanting a dozen mistresses. Polygamy isn’t love, it’s lust!" She declared.

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               Well, that escalated quickly.

    Koharu let out a nervous chuckle and suggested that Krysta shouldn't stress herself out and loosen up a little instead. Yona could agree with this. Krysta then proclaimed that she "lived by virtue".
    Ah, right, she was one of those types of people...

                      The two players nearly got sidetracked on the topic of Dazia, which was a whole other can of worms for a later day...it didn't stop Khavius from jotting down a few notes, however. What would be next? Would Dazia be put on trial for alleged murder? Honestly, Yona was curious to wonder how such a thing would play out. 

    Koharu would ask why Krysta would hold the life aspect of love to the standard that she did, and the answer...
                    Yona's eyes widened.
"Whoa." She blinked. "That's...uh..." Despite this, not many were reacting just yet. And the informant? He pulled out the popcorn. Yona could feel the heat of the debate rising, but not in a good way.

                                                 This could be a problem.

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                         Koharu's expression showed considerable amounts of concern this time, and clearly not for Krysta alone. The statement Krysta had made may have been a bit too firm. She took a moment to think, then she would give her response to Krysta's claim. "Krysta, that's kind of... an extreme take…You know, I’ve met quite a few monogamous people, and heard their reasons for why they prefer monogamy, but…wow, that’s…well, clearly you seem to despise polygamy…is it because you think it has to be you as a one and only, in which you’d otherwise feel inferior? How do I know this isn’t some personal issue you’re trying to avoid? You wanna be better, you wanna feel better, about any relationship you’re in, so the less you feel like you need to compete, the better, and what better method could you seek other than ultimately possessing your partner?"
                      ...Now that Koharu thought about it, she could have worded it better. Krysta didn't look to be in a good mood after that one. "I beg your pardon!?!? Possession?? I cannot believe what I am hearing… No, this has nothing to do with personal possession, it’s a mutual partnership! It would not be healthy if it was a lover having their partner in possession. I do not bear sole possession of Vigilon. At present, we are only dating. There is no necessity for possession, which in terms of relationships, is actually quite wrong." She responded.

              There was a right way and wrong way to say certain things, but if only the two disputants could remember to speak peacefully...thankfully, Khavius had yet to see anything seriously wrong with the discussion just yet.

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                    Koharu's response ended up cutting deep and striking a nerve...for its inaccuracy, that was, based on how Krysta responded to it. Both of the girls' claims did at least give a little food for thought, however. The informant kept eating his popcorn, for the fact remained that this was only just beginning. Yona took a short moment to dwell on it.


"Ok, actually, some of these points are actually pretty sound so far, maybe it'll turn out good after all." Yona thought aloud. Initially, she was hoping for some laughter and amusement, but now she had been drawn into the ongoing conversation. All she could hope now was, humor or no humor, the debate would just get better. She'd hoped for an interesting time here, so she was looking forward to just that.

                    "I wonder what the next thought-provoking point's gonna be..." She wondered.

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                                        Koharu wasn't sure what else to say on the matter, other than... "Well, I don’t know, to be fair, you seem kind of territorial about him…besides, monogamy isn’t impervious to the grasp of lust, either."
                    Krysta understood Koharu in this moment. The tension between the two players lessened. Relieved that she would be discussing instead of bickering, she let out an exhale. "That’s true, but it is far easier for polygamy to be lust centered than monogamy." She pointed out. Koharu nodded. "Yeah yeah, but my point was, you seem pretty determined to keep him to yourself." She noted. Krysta knew what to say here. "Defense of one’s lover is normal. To allow them to simply drift into another’s arms is reprehensible, and a sign that there was never any love between the lover and the individual in the first place." She stated.
                Koharu smiled slightly, and scratched the back of her head. 
"That’s fair…although, what’s still barring you from letting someone else in, even if said lover was also willing to let them in despite still loving you as well?" She asked. Krysta shook her head in disagreement. "As if healthy love could be directed to more than one at a time."

The doors then burst open, as another participant in the debate entered the verbal fray.




            Shulko would make his way over to join Koharu at her stand. Khavius silently decided to allow it. With that, Shulko made his first contribution to the discussion. "On the contrary, Princess, it’s possible for actual romantic affection to develop for more than one person. It’s entirely possible for Red Eyes to let Sakura here in on his love life, even if you’re still involved in it. I’m not saying you and him can’t be a thing, I’m totally all for you two getting together. I’m just saying I don’t see why Sakura can’t join in." He explained.

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                            Yona watched as the two girls' conversation continued. There wasn't much that was big, save for some obvious points people could agree with, regardless of which side one took. Then everything changed when Krysta thought it was a good idea to claim that it wouldn't be healthy for love to be directed to more than one person at a time.

                The doors swung open, as a player called out a word as if this was a courtroom...yet, he was unpunished and allowed to enter the conversation. The informant put away his bucket of popcorn and pulled out a bucket of what looked to be extra buttery popcorn. Yona smirked. "Yeeeaaah, you can just tell this is gonna be productive." She remarked. Now things were getting interesting. "You could say that again." The informant added. The newcomer to the discussion would give his thoughts on the scenario, believing that it would be possible for someone to let both girls in on their love life. Oh yeah, it's all coming together, and the reason for the dispute was starting to become clear. This wasn't just about ideology, belief, and preference, this was about Vigilon.

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                       As the plot thickened, it came to Krysta's realization that Shulko and Koharu knew each other. "Wait...'Sakura'? Do you know her, Shulko?" She asked, waiting for confirmation. Koharu would be the one to do so, however. "Yep, from back in Middle School. Vigilon was there too. We were kind of a trio, in a sense, but I never got my chance to confess my feelings before my family and I moved…" She explained. Krysta blinked. "…And neither of you thought to exchange contact information?" She asked, confused. Koharu raised her hands in a shrug as she shook her head. "It came as a surprise to me, I didn’t get a chance! Besides, confession is something I believe should be done in person." She revealed. 
                   Krysta nodded her head. 
"Alright, that’s understandable…although I do not see why neither of you exchanged contact information even before then." She noted. Koharu scratched the back of her head with a slightly awkward grin. "I didn’t think that I’d need to back then, we saw each other almost every day." She admitted. Shulko would then try to get the conversation back on track. "Anyway, you should know that Red Eyes isn’t the type to hurt good people on purpose. He sees you as a good person, Princess, so even if he were to consider letting Sakura in, I’m sure he’d talk to you about it first." He added.

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                        Yona should have brought popcorn...or caramel corn...
               The plot was thickening, and it came to be learned that Koharu and Shulko were friends, both of each other, and of Vigilon. Krysta was outnumbered by Vigilon's middle school friends on this subject matter. Yona also noticed that Krysta was now alone in her side of the debate, which, admittedly, didn't seem super fair to her side...welp, nothing one could do about that!

    It did kind of confuse Yona that such tight friends would totally forget to exchange phone numbers or other contact information, however. Shulko would try to assure Krysta that Vigilon would mean well regardless of his decision, that he wasn't the type to hurt good people on purpose, and, honestly, Yona did get that kind of vibe from Vigilon, not that she liked him or anything, but she saw him as a good person who stands up for other good people whenever possible.

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