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  1. Yona was finally ready to take on Aincrad, she'd been waiting for this day, for a long, long time. And yet, it kind of weighed on her, despite the growing excitement. She could die here...but she'd be dead inside if she stayed stuck in the Town of Beginnings forever, so it was now or never. She had everything prepared, and now she was ready to leave her "home" for a journey she'd never forget. She'd constantly heard stories about low level players who always kept losing each other, but maybe, there was actually a small benefit to starting late. With all the more experienced players making
  2. Purchasing the following items: Teleport Crystal x1(800 Col) Spyglass x1(800 Col) Water Canister x1(400 Col) Total: 800+800+400=2000 Col
  3. Yona was almost finished making sure she was ready for what lies ahead, she just had two more stops. First, there was this Alchemist's shop she'd heard of, so she was going to take a look. Upon entering, she wondered if she stumbled into the wrong place, as it looked more like a cafe than the usual alchemist's dwelling. Then again, there were all kinds of different designs to various shops, so she might as well take a look and confirm just to be sure. As it turned out, this was an Alchemy shop, after all. Yona was able to realize this when she took a look at the available wares. Well, she
  4. An item commission in which only the stats mattered, and possibly one more stop before heading out into the dangerous wilds of Aincrad. It had been Waaaaaaaay too long since she did anything, so it was time to get moving...past time, in fact. Yona would make her way through the alley, over to where the shop was, as marked on her map after asking for directions...obviously not from someone residing in the alley, of course. The building's interior had many shelves, fully stocked with various bits and baubles, from what Yona could tell, but it was also very quiet, too. Must be the low
  5. So much to do, so little time. Yona would need the proper preparations before going out, and yet she had heard of a Tailor who lived somewhere on what was apparently a peaceful floor? Well, it was better to take the quick route, as Yona had nothing to keep her alive from any hostile encounters, nothing but a weapon and the weakest stats ever. The trip would be a bit longer than anticipated, but in the end, She managed to get to the tailor's property(albeit she had a horse's help), for she had made an order for something that could actually help her out. If there was anything she knew
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    Virtues: "Deep down, there's a Light that never goes out." Flaws: "There is Darkness in every Heart, no matter how pure."
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    <<Yona>> Profile: Username: Yona Real name: Tora Amberhide Age: 20-22 Gender: Female Height: 5’7”(171 cm) Birthday: September 17 Background: Personality: Characters Sharing the Same Writer:
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