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  1. Ah, so Ellyria was one of those people...wonderful, just wonderful... Koharu questioned Ellyria, and the situation that sparked the debate would be explained for all present to hear. So it was true, this was about Vigilon... Ellyria proceeded to claim that Vigilon shouldn't be dated at all and that all three in the opposing side of the debate were not healthy. Yona blinked, just what kind of condescending ass says stuff like that? Alanin took a deep breath. "…Are all of your claims, points and stances going to be aggressive ones?" He asked. Ellyria looked to Alan
  2. Unbelievable how this masked player would turn out to be the biggest ass in the room. All she's ever done in this debate is take up the aggressive stance. Each point made is a deliberate attack or proclamation of personal belief. Ugh, she needed to get a grip. The moment Ellyria made a direct verbal attack on Shulko in response to his comment, Yona would react with words. "Whoa there, that’s a excessively aggressive and assumptive stance you’ve got right now! Tone it down!" She called out. Koharu pointed out that Ellyria's jab was uncalled for, which was an understatement. Koh
  3. Yona wasn't liking this. Not at all. The opposing side had practically returned to the beginning of the discussion as Krysta repeated her opening, and Ellyria took to the aggressive method pretty quickly. Shulko made points to diffuse the situation and weaken Ellyria's attempt. He, of course, made some excellent points with particular lines. "Clearly you won’t find a guy or girl walking around with 69,420 lovers." Yona smirked and nodded her head. "Nice." Ellyria would continue the aggression, and Krysta would comment on the issues that existed on both sides
  4. A masked woman called out, which at this point meant that she wanted in on the conversation. Oddly enough, Yona didn't like the look on her face...it was way too aggressive. Khavius looked to the player, then looked to the actively debating players. Perhaps letting it be a three on three would be a better option than two on three. "I'll allow it." He stated. Krysta seemed to recognize this player, addressing her as Ellyria. Despite Krysta's confusion, the player took her side of the debate. She then proceeded to prepare a nine-part opening statement, a claim followe
  5. Shulko asked The two players on the opposition a question, and their answers would be pointed out to contradict their stance on the assumption that heaven was real. Yona couldn't keep herself from laughing when she saw those priceless looks on their faces. "Damn, he’s got you both. Should heaven and hell exist, you would be committing Polygamy in Heaven if you and both the people you married were all going there." She remarked. Well, there was nothing left on that little point, so onto the next branch of the topic, right? "Seeing that little detail noted, let’s get back to the present, “mortal
  6. Krysta needed to experience growing pains, Others who may be listening needed to know that not every free aspect of life was "evil", and now Koharu and Shulko were cornered. Yona took a deep breath. It was time to act. "Hold it!" Yona leaped from her seating, and onto the proper position of a stand beside the one Shulko and Koharu were in. "Weren’t expecting me to show up, were you? Well too bad, I’m here." She remarked. Khavius took a deep breath. "Always wanting to add on, always wanting to make sure the side they support wins...this happens every time..." He
  7. Khavius had his palm to his forehead and his face down on his stand. "At this rate, Taft should be paying me to put up with this shit..." He grumbled. Not that they'd pay him enough if they did. It started going downhill in terms of seriousness when Shulko came in yelling "Objection!" like it was an Objection.lol video on Youtube... But even when the topics were serious, the air certainly wasn't, not that the tension and heat of the debate changed, only a few additional words thrown around...maybe it was serious after all, it was just that the thrown words began throwing him off...after all, t
  8. Krysta asked if Alanin's claims of Shulko having body pillows were true, and if he actually had five waifus. Shulko would give an honest answer, revealing that he had a whole list of waifus and a small collection of body pillows. "Damn," Yona thought aloud. "This guy's got some serious courage..." She began to wonder if Shulko's taste in waifus was based. The guy gave a multitude of vibes, so it was difficult to tell what the answer would likely be. Krysta remarked that this sounded promiscuous, but fiction was fiction, it wouldn't be relevant in real life, it just tells how many fictional gir
  9. Things were getting heated in the wrong way again. Shulko would continue the conversation, but Alanin decided to strike the wrong nerve with his counterpoint. Shulko's response caught Khavius's attention, in what probably wasn't a good way, judging by the man's expression. When Alanin spoke again, both Krysta and Koharu did what they could to try and diffuse the situation. Khavius kept his eyes on Alanin for the time being, watching to see what he would do next, what he would say next. While the others were doing their best to moderate themselves and each other, it wasn't necessary, for that w
  10. Yona waved and winked when Krysta made eye contact with her. She didn't care that she'd drawn the attention of others as well, she was just having a good time watching this go down. Khavius would ask the debating players to continue, and the redheaded newcomer would speak. He claimed that those who seek polygamy and polyamory are under delusions of their own making. Yona already disagreed. Shulko made a remark that jabbed at the player for his personal experience, which was actually true, as he turned out to be Alanin, the Knight rejected by a princess. Now it all made sense. No wonder Krysta
  11. Yona watched the debate continue. Shulko made the point of relationships being a two-way street, which was undeniably true. Krysta would claim that resources would prove to be a factor, which, unfortunately, was also true. Koharu would make a remark that could easily be considered political, for, regardless of where one stood, there were many who could agree that greedy swine were running the show. "Louder for the people in the back!" Yona called out. Wealth was a form of power and influence, which not many believed, yet it was true. Sure, Yona wanted to return to a
  12. Yona was kind of surprised that the debate was happening in such a way. Maybe Khavius was seeing their discussion as flowing well enough that he wouldn't need to intervene very much? Koharu provided two examples of theoretical relationships, one healthy, the other unhealthy. Perhaps her examples would have held more water if she had a healthy and unhealthy example for both relationship categories? And with another Objection, another player entered the debate, taking Krysta's side and attempting to break down Koharu's example. Yona wasn't feeling very sure about this, where would
  13. This was just getting better. Krysta was definitely holding herself exclusively and tightly, and from Yona's perspective, Shulko and Koharu were trying to help her see the light and question where she really stood. Whatever was holding her to this standard, it had to have been rooted somewhere within her past...after all, such things usually are tied to one's past and childhood experiences. She could have easily become strict because she grew up in a strict environment. Yona knew well of excessively standardized parental rule, for she was one of the ones who became a rebel instead of an enforc
  14. Yona continued to watch as the debate proceeded, now that the message situation was over with. Krysta declared herself as strictly monogamous, to which Yona raised an eyebrow because this may have suggested to her that Krysta did not fully understand the situation...or perhaps had a certain perspective on the situation. Shulko pointed out within her words that she said difficult, rather than impossible, but Krysta would then claim that it would be easier to put a horse through the eye of a needle...what kind of comparison was that? That's, like, literally the definition of impossible.
  15. The debate met a bit of a slight pause, due to the impeccable timing of Vigilon's messaging. Yona chuckled when the message popped up in front of Krysta, but the mental image of seeing her with a sour expression on her face while the words "Krysta is typing" visible like subtitles on a video, that Yona was currently imagining would make her chuckle even further. As someone uninvolved in the matter, Yona could safely observe and take it as amusement, for she wasn't in any form of harm's way in this discussion at all. Krysta would then explain the message situation. ...Yep, Krysta
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