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[PP-F11] Conflicting Hearts in the Hall of Countenance

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                     Yona chose to disruptively insert herself into the discussion, but the moderator, Khavius, despite appearing to be disgruntled, allowed Yona's entry, and gave her a chance to speak. She made a point of the cluster of grapes example, claiming that it was impossible for a bunch of grapes to be equivalent to one instance of family due to the limits of one mother's potential. 

   Well, if Yona believed that she could simply jump into a discussion like this, she must be ready to have her stance challenged.


                       "There was a couple who had about nineteen children." Krysta pointed out. A smirk appeared on Yona's expression. It would seem that she was ready, for the current situation, at least. "Grapes grow in clusters of fifteen to three hundred. My point stands." She remarked.
             There had to be another example...perhaps a larger fruit-bearing plant would be more helpful, Krysta was not in the mood to lose to Yona on a subject like this... 
"What about other bunches, such as bananas?" She asked. Unfortunately, Yona's laughter seemed to suggest that Krysta may have made a very poor choice in this moment. "Twelve to three hundred." Yona answered, between laughs. Clearly that attempt had also failed, thus, onto the next fruit. "Blast… Perhaps Grapefruits?" Krysta asked. Surely, that had to be a significantly smaller bunch. Yona took a few seconds to settle down, and once she had done so, she gave her answer. "Eh, no solid number’s been determined, but their size and shape isn’t exactly optimal for hundreds per bunch…but even getting close to one hundred is still a nigh impossible task in terms of family count of two plus one woman’s childbirth count." She explained.


         Alanin sighed, rested his elbow on the stand's surface, and then rested his forehead upon his closed fist. "Perhaps it’s best to stop comparing metaphoric fruit to literal fruit." He pointed out. Krysta nodded in agreement. "And even then, there are instances of an only child, and many kinds of fruit do not bear their fruit in bunches at all." She added. 
                  Shulko shrugged, whilst shaking his head.
"I don’t think those fruits count in that metaphor, there’s not even two in such cases." He remarked before taking a sip of his energy drink. Koharu nodded. "Yeah, he’s right on that one." She claimed. Shulko seemed to be in thought for a moment. "So, if you two will humor me, I’ve got a question for ya."  He began. He took a large sip of his energy drink before continuing. "Say you fall in love with one person and marry them, and somewhere along the line, they die. Would you remarry if you ever fell in love again?" He asked.
      What kind of question was that?
"Of course." Alanin answered. "I currently fail to see why not." Krysta remarked.
          Shulko laughed, then he slammed down his drink onto the stand. 
"You just contradicted yourselves."
Krysta and Alanin were both confused. They blinked, looked to each other, then looked back to Shulko. With a chuckle, Shulko would explain. "You both claim that you’re monogamous, which means one lover only. If both you and your lovers past and present were heaven-bound, then you’d be committing polygamy in the realm of Eternity!" He called out.

*Take That!*

            Alanin and Krysta were stupefied. Shulko continued. "There are animals out there that mate for life. Sure, we’re not animals, but the devotion that those species have to their single, only lovers…it’s more commitment to the rule of one than monogamous humans seem to have, based on the answers you both just gave!"
            Krysta couldn't believe what she was hearing. "I beg your pardon?!?!?"
Shulko smirked. "Pardon granted. Need anything else, Princess?"

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               Shulko asked The two players on the opposition a question, and their answers would be pointed out to contradict their stance on the assumption that heaven was real. Yona couldn't keep herself from laughing when she saw those priceless looks on their faces. "Damn, he’s got you both. Should heaven and hell exist, you would be committing Polygamy in Heaven if you and both the people you married were all going there." She remarked. Well, there was nothing left on that little point, so onto the next branch of the topic, right? "Seeing that little detail noted, let’s get back to the present, “mortal” world that we all suffer in. Maybe what we can discuss now is whether or not it is possible to have a polygamous relationship that is healthy, as well as the differences between how monogamy and polygamy function as relationships." She offered.

          Time to really put this debate to the test. Time to get serious and really dig into it.

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             Krysta looked Yona in the eye, wondering... "What is she playing at...?" Her thoughts aside, she needed to get back on track and onto the discussion. "I still fail to see how polygamy can be healthy, but I shall humor you for the sake of our discussion." She stated. Khavius nodded, the players seemed to have the conversation flowing smoothly right now...and he could only hope it does not collapse. Koharu would get this part of the debate rolling. "As I mentioned earlier, polygamy might work if everyone involved was willing to get along and play their parts fairly and equally. The loved and the lovers simply need to keep each other happy, and whichever side that has more than one, even on the very rare occasion that it is both, should have equality rather than hierarchy, and be able to befriend one another." She explained.

      As the conversation was becoming active earlier, another player entered to witness the debate. Unfortunately, she was dissatisfied with the state of the discussion. "They're fools..." She muttered to herself. When Koharu made her latest point, This player could take no more.

"Hold it!"

           The player would exit the spectator seating that was on Krysta and Alanin's side. Similar to Yona, she took her own stand to position herself, but was on Krysta and Alanin's side. Krysta recognized this player. "Ellyria...?"



           Indeed, it was Ellyria. Still bearing that hardened expression, and wearing that metallic Half-Mask on her face. Krysta hardly understood this woman. On top of that, She remembered the time when she crossed blades with her in a duel during her assault on the Bardiche. The time that mask broke, Krysta could have sworn she saw the hair turn blue and the eyes turn yellow, but she then disappeared before Krysta could get a good look at her at that point, leaving Krysta to wonder what even happened, not that it mattered, as Ellyria showed up just like she did before the color change and mask breakage to chase down Krysta as the assault was reaching its end.
              What Krysta failed to understand this time was, why was she helping Krysta?

  Ellyria would look directly to Koharu. "“I’ve been around people long enough to know that’s nearly impossible. Thanks to my allies and subordinates, I’ve managed to collect some audio-based examples of why polygamy is nothing but trouble. A list of stereotypes, if you will.” She stated, before pulling a small collection of recording crystals. "Among the lovers, we have four common subtypes. First, we have The Chosen."

    The crystal activated, releasing its audio. "I’m the one who was chosen above all others. No other affection will reach my beloved as long as I have anything to say about it! I will make sure that all who dare approach are at the sidelines, awkwardly positioned, their love unrequited!”
      Ellyria moved onto the next Crystal. "Second, The Unrequited."
  The crystal activated, revealing its contents. "I am in love with my crush, but we’ll never get together. Whether it be an obstacle, another woman, or even just him/her being so absolutely dense, everything keeps me from having a romantic relationship with him/her, leaving me on the sidelines in a totally awkward position in what’s not considered, although technically a harem… Please, just notice me…”
      Then came the next Crystal. "Thirdly, we have The Jealous."
   "Why is one or more of the other lovers more loved than me? I should be the one receiving more love! Does my beloved even love me at all? Give me more, dammit!” was what could be heard from this crystal.
         Ellyria positioned the next crystal. 
"And Fourth, we have The False Oblivious."
     Ellyria activated the crystal, releasing another stereotype quote that might as well be satirical at this rate, as the others seemed to be. "I love my crush, but I’ll never openly admit it. I would prefer that he notice me and pick up my hints, and I’ll deny anyone else’s attempt to get me to admit my feelings. I’m sure he/she will come around, I just know it.”
          Krysta thought about this one. "That sounds familiar..." She thought aloud. Yona did not seem to appreciate this thought, however. "This isn’t the time to be picking on me, you priss." She retorted.
     Krysta blinked, innocently enough. 
"I wasn’t talking about you.  ...But now you’ve revealed that you’re in this category. Worry not, I'm aware it shan't be nearly as excessive as the record seems to suggest." She noted with a smile. Yona's mood did not appear to improve. "...Oh, shove off." She grumbled.

             Ellyria was not done yet, however... "With that out of the way, let us move on to the beloved, in which we have three. Firstly, we have The Dense Master." She continued.
      The recording crystal activated, letting its captured quote be heard. 
"I have no idea why I’m being followed by all these people. They seem to be really nice and are always looking to do things with me. I guess I’ll make the most of it?”
               Ellyria pulled out the next crystal. "Secondly, The Emperor."
      The expression on Ellyria's face showed much disgust and distain as she activated the crystal. "I run this shit, be it socially or literally, and I’m not afraid to admit it. I am loved by all and hated only by those I mutually hate, and no one can take my harem from me! Hehehehahahahahaaaa!!”
      What a dreadful take... Ellyria pulled out another crystal. "Thirdly, we have The Master Sub."
   The recording crystal activated, releasing the quote stored within. "The people who love me are more important than my own well-being, and I will go to great lengths to keep them all happy, as their happiness will bring happiness to me. …but I’m tired, I don’t know how much longer I can last. I love them back, but…”
        Ellyria had one Crystal left. "Not necessarily involved in either of the two categories, but relevant nonetheless, we have here: The Envious Friend."
                          With the last crystal active, the last unheard, alleged stereotype would be revealed. "Damn it all, why is it that my friend gets all the boys/girls? Why can’t I have someone for a change? My life is a joke and all my efforts are in vain, am I cursed? I don’t want to hate my friend, but for crying out loud!!!”

       Ellyria would finally close out on her opening claims. "As you can see, there is nothing but devastation within polygamy. There will always be at least one of these unhealthy stereotypes within. There is no escape from it." She claimed.

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                A masked woman called out, which at this point meant that she wanted in on the conversation. Oddly enough, Yona didn't like the look on her face...it was way too aggressive.

               Khavius looked to the player, then looked to the actively debating players. Perhaps letting it be a three on three would be a better option than two on three. "I'll allow it." He stated.

   Krysta seemed to recognize this player, addressing her as Ellyria. Despite Krysta's confusion, the player took her side of the debate. She then proceeded to prepare a nine-part opening statement, a claim followed by eight stereotypes to serve as "evidence" for the claim.

      Yona had thoughts on the first crystal. "Ha! That sounds like Krysta’s take on the situation!" She remarked. Koharu didn't look very encouraged...

      Krysta made a remark with the fourth crystal's quote. "Uh, excuse you." Yona thought. "This isn’t the time to be picking on me, you priss." She retorted. Krysta blinked. Was she feigning innocence? That didn't seem like Krysta to do such a thing... "I wasn’t talking about you.  ...But now you’ve revealed that you’re in this category. Worry not, I'm aware it shan't be nearly as excessive as the record seems to suggest." She remarked with a smile. Yona didn't like being called out like this. "...Oh, shove off." She grumbled.

    The crystal quotes continued, all the way through. Yona slowly shook her head as she crossed her arms. When Ellyria was finally done, Shulko chuckled. "…Yeah uh, let me level here with ya, lady. I’m pretty sure you just pulled those out of fiction and exaggerated them to the power of satire. Kinda leaves your claims to be awfully weak, don't you think?" He pointed out.
       Ellyria was unfazed.
"Art imitates life, your argument is invalid." She shot back.
   Yona's arms remained crossed, she was not getting the best of vibes from this Ellyria character... 
"Oh please, like that'll help you..." She remarked.

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          Alanin shook his head. "No no, she does have a point. Plenty who make fiction make from more than what’s simply drawn by one’s fantasies, some inspiration comes from history or one’s real life experiences. So as satirical and exaggerated as it may seem, there is some relevance here."  He pointed out. Krysta nodded her head. While these takes on the subject that Ellyria had were rather horrendous, there were some potential facts that could be gleaned from them by applying common sense and a level head. "I have already mentioned that Polygamy isn’t love, but lust. Even if love appears to be the focus, there will be something wrong at its core." She commented.
             Ellyria snapped her fingers.
"Exactly. Polygamy is nothing more than a hedonistic pursuit of pleasure and desire, and it will never last." She declared. 
       Shulko shook his head.
"Not necessarily. Pleasure and desire are only small aspects of the equation. They are physical and flesh-driven aspects, I can’t deny that, but love also contains commitment, emotional connection and a respect for all partners involved." He commented.
         Ellyria crossed her arms. 
"As if a man can actually support many wives." She shot back.
    Shulko shrugged. 
"Well obviously there are going to be limits, we can both agree that a single guy can’t have a huge squad, let alone a whole army’s worth of women. Clearly you won’t find a guy or girl walking around with 69,420 lovers. What we seem to disagree on, by the looks of it, is whether or not it’s possible to have a relationship with multiple partners that actually works out." He remarked.
       Ellyria scoffed, Shulko's response was not enough to deter her or make her reconsider the aggression of her stance. 
"Polygamy promotes competitive and jealous behavior by default. There will always be a favorite, and it only makes the rest envious, like they aren’t good enough, or that they may be left behind for someone else. It is likely to be even worse if two sets of the beloved combine their relationships, leading to even more competition among the lovers." She stated.
                     Krysta thought for a moment. 
"Admittedly, scenarios like this can also occur within monogamy. People are dumped, left behind, and cheated on because 'they weren’t good enough'. It is a heartbreaking truth, and it is more likely to occur within polygamy and polyamory…not because of the amount of people involved only, but it is that factor alongside the risks of jealousy and envy that will exist within every such relationship." She commented. Just because something sounds possible or easy, does not mean that it would be so simple in practice.

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                           Yona wasn't liking this. Not at all. 
       The opposing side had practically returned to the beginning of the discussion as Krysta repeated her opening, and Ellyria took to the aggressive method pretty quickly. Shulko made points to diffuse the situation and weaken Ellyria's attempt. He, of course, made some excellent points with particular lines.
"Clearly you won’t find a guy or girl walking around with 69,420 lovers."
 Yona smirked and nodded her head. "Nice."
             Ellyria would continue the aggression, and Krysta would comment on the issues that existed on both sides of the discussion. It still ended up looking bad for the side Yona was on, unfortunately...

"Hold it!"

           "Are you two suggesting that Polygamy is inherently toxic??" Koharu asked, confused as to why such a claim would be made, and hoping to clarify the situation. Ellyria nodded her head. "Yes. It is more than that, actually. In fact, it is unchecked desire that is multiplied by the factor of addiction." She claimed.
     Uh, what? Yona blinked, with disgust on her face. 
"Um...excuse me?" She remarked.
   Alanin seemed to be in thought for a quick second. 
"This is a valid potential take on the situation. One of you, would you explain what you believe love is?" He asked.
           Yona raised her hand. 
"I'll take that question." She began. "From any other standpoint, it’s a wonderful thing. Love is an experience unlike any other, one that, in an ideal relationship, lasts for all our lives. If we’re going into that territory, then… Love is a combination of helpful neurochemicals. Sweet, sweet serotonin, wondrous, rare oxytocin, and 'yes, yes, oh, yes' dopamine." She explained. Unfortunately, she should have saved that remark for a different point in the discussion, based on Ellyria's reaction. "Pfff,"
       Ellyria then pointed to Yona. "Which proves my point, as those who crave love are usually lonely, and lack those three neurochemicals to the degree that they become addicted to the mixture in a desperate search to fill that mental hole they claim lies within their heart or soul. They are more likely to see Polygamy or polyamory as a satisfactory answer if they are addicted, though anyone sensible will know to drink from only one cistern. Even then, there are difficulties all around." She claimed. Yona nearly slammed her arm down onto her stand's deck, a scowl on her face.

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                             The tension in the debate was starting to get out of hand. Koharu questioned if Krysta and Ellyria were suggesting that Polygamy was inherently toxic. "Er, I would not necessarily say tha-"
          Ellyria answered the question, and Krysta was uncertain why this player even showed up to the debate in the first place. The aggressive stance she was taking, it was uncalled for, and it was a bit much, to boot. "Alanin, should we do something about our unexpected 'ally'?" Krysta whispered, wondering if he shared the concern. Alanin looked to Ellyria, then to Khavius, who was now keeping a close and attentive eye on the conversation. "That would be the moderator's job. Best that we do not interfere." He whispered back. It was a fair point. Alanin listened to Ellyria's next point, in which he'd create an opportunity to try equalizing the field instead of letting one issue make the two sides look morally black and white in complete contrast, by asking for the definition of love.
       Yona tried, and she failed, as Ellyria used it to try and press her view even further. Krysta shook her head, this was getting nowhere fast. Best to just be in the discussion and let the moderator handle anything that goes too far.
                         Koharu blinked, looking unsure of what to say next. After some seconds of silence, Koharu chose to speak up instead of back down.
"…And? There’s a problem with one person having many hearts while their lovers are content with their one beloved?" She questioned.
                      Ellyria nodded her head.
"That’s still technically Polyamory to the lovers with only one beloved, because on the other side of the relationship, is one with many. Not to mention, there are forms of Polyamory where everyone around is in love with everyone else involved." She commented.
              Koharu shook her head while her expression seemed to show confusion. 
"But that wasn’t the point…"
       Shulko took a swig of his energy drink. "So you really think monogamy is the way to go because it’s otherwise just hedonism? That can happen with monogamy too, you know. The only thing that changes is the lover count, as long as the commitment's there, and the necessary communication as well, what's the hurt?" He commented.


         "Stupid boy, there’s only one real reason why you’d choose polyamory. You simply want to satisfy your addiction twenty-four seven." Ellyria remarked.

*Take That!*

           Shulko's eyes widened, Krysta's jaw dropped, Alanin wasn't certain what to think, and Koharu hastily wrapped both her arms around Shulko. "That was uncalled for!" Koharu shot back.
               Koharu's response was sound. Krysta believed that if Shulko was Vigilon's best friend, he'd be far more trustworthy than Ellyria seemed to think.

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          Unbelievable how this masked player would turn out to be the biggest ass in the room. All she's ever done in this debate is take up the aggressive stance. Each point made is a deliberate attack or proclamation of personal belief. Ugh, she needed to get a grip.

            The moment Ellyria made a direct verbal attack on Shulko in response to his comment, Yona would react with words. "Whoa there, that’s a excessively aggressive and assumptive stance you’ve got right now! Tone it down!" She called out. Koharu pointed out that Ellyria's jab was uncalled for, which was an understatement. Koharu didn't let go of Shulko just yet, but it seemed that, by the looks of the two, their relationship appeared to be platonic. Nothing wrong with friends coming together to defend each other.
    Koharu continued.
"Just because we’re defending polygamy doesn’t mean we’re strictly polyamorous, you know." She pointed out. Shulko scratched the back of his head. "Take me, for example. I really don’t have a preference, I just work with whatever makes me and my partner, or partners, happy." He revealed.
                Ellyria wasn't fazed in the slightest.
"Happiness, or short-term satisfaction?" She questioned. 
    Yona already had enough.

"Hold it!"

         "Listen here you, this is a debate meant for sharing and comparing ideologies. Sure, there’s a few remarks in which we speak against the other’s ideology or point out a flaw, but that personal attack you just made?" Yona slammed both her free hand, and her coffee mug, onto the deck of her stand. Oddly enough, the mug didn't break. "Detestable!" She called out.
                 Ellyria looked like she might have been deadpanning, but that didn't stop Yona.
"And quit trying to drill your 'I am superior and you are all lowly worms for not having the same ideology as me' BS onto us! It’s ridiculous!" Yona added.
               Ellyria rolled her eyes while shaking her head. She looked back to Yona. 
"Putting words in my mouth will get you nowhere. The three of you talk pretty big in defending your wants as though you could do whatever you wanted, without consequence. Should I start speaking as though you were children?" She remarked.

          Three times. Khavius sighed. He looked to the item near him on the deck of his stand. He usually saved usage of it for the considerably rare trials, but he needed to get Ellyria's attention.


           "I will intervene here." Khavius began. "Ellyria, I will ask that you stop at once. I will not tolerate such constant and blatant verbal assaults in here. Understand?" He said to Ellyria. 
         Ellyria closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She nodded her head.

   Alanin had a comment to add. "The point of a debate is not to force another into joining your side and condemning them if they don’t." He noted.
                         Ellyria looked to Alanin, then closed her eyes. 
"People who act carelessly are bound to find only pain, suffering and misfortune. Such is life, and one of humanity’s many flaws if they are left unchecked." She claimed. 
           Was she still keeping this up?? Yona drained her coffee mug and slid it off the deck, it shattered upon impact with the floor. 
"You’re really getting on my nerves here. What do you hope to gain from all this?" She questioned. "Well? Out with it."

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                    Ellyria continued to press her view and poke at the opposition. They may be on the opposing side, but they were not enemies. Krysta failed to understand why she did not take that into consideration.
      With Ellyria's third verbal stab, Khavius intervened, telling her to stop doing so blatantly. Ellyria seemed reluctant, but why?
                                  Krysta watched as the players had their back-and-forths. Ellyria continued to push her views, but it seemed as though she was trying not to deliver another verbal attack, as she was warned not to. Yona would demand to know what Ellyria hoped to gain from her involvement in this debate.
"There is wisdom and there is folly. There is ideology, and there is reality. It would do you good to wake up, your dreams are merely what they are: Dreams, unattainable fantasies." She replied to Yona. Krysta deadpanned, this was not a proper answer to the question.

"Hold it!"

       Koharu seemed determined to get this settled. "Do you even know what this is about, how this debate even started?" She asked. Ellyria looked to Koharu. "This is a discussion of Monogamy versus Polygamy, no? If context is necessary, do enlighten me…if you believe it will actually help." She replied.
                               Koharu nodded. 
"Krysta and I both like Vigilon. Vigilon is currently in a relationship with Krysta, but he didn’t encounter me after all these years until I reunited with him in-game, after he’d met and entered a relationship with Krysta. I still like Vigilon, and I don’t see a reason why we can’t both have him. Krysta disagreed, so we took this to a debate." She explained.
              Krysta nodded. 
"She speaks the truth. This debate may potentially affect personal lives. Whether it will affect Koharu only, or all three of us, has yet to be seen." She added.
      Shulko gave a thumbs-up.
"Sakura and Princess both like Red Eyes, it’s true. He’s my best friend, and I know he isn’t the sort to break the hearts of good people, he cares and he loves. He’s probably decided to leave it to Princess as to whether or not Sakura can join in because he’s realized that he might actually like Sakura as well." He noted.
                            Ellyria looked to the each of the three players that spoke, then looked to Koharu. 
"The answer for this is simple. Don’t try to date him. It is likely that he simply feels pressured, and is caving because he hates saying no. I personally doubt you are ready for a relationship if you believe that your given solution will actually solve the problem. In fact, I’d say none of you three are capable of a healthy relationship to begin with." She stated. "This Vigilon character, if he is willing to cave in such a manner just because the person wanting in his love life 'has a good heart', suggests to me that his position is not a healthy one. he should not be dated at all." She added.
Krysta didn't like that addition. "How would you know?" She questioned. "You've never met him. You don't know what he's really like. Aside from Alanin, everyone else among us who are in this discussion has known him to some degree." She noted.

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               Ah, so Ellyria was one of those people...wonderful, just wonderful...

   Koharu questioned Ellyria, and the situation that sparked the debate would be explained for all present to hear. So it was true, this was about Vigilon...
     Ellyria proceeded to claim that Vigilon shouldn't be dated at all and that all three in the opposing side of the debate were not healthy. Yona blinked, just what kind of condescending ass says stuff like that?

           Alanin took a deep breath. "…Are all of your claims, points and stances going to be aggressive ones?" He asked. Ellyria looked to Alanin, then closed her eyes as she turned to face the opposing side once again. "Healthy relationships are rare, so in most cases, it is better to not date, let alone marry." She claimed. Yona would not stand for this. She slammed her hands on the deck of her stand. "Are you seriously saying people would be better off dying alone then finding someone they can share happiness with?" She questioned. Ellyria seemed unfazed. She looked to Yona, as though evaluating her based on all that she'd spoken so far. Then she would move on to answering Yona's question. "That 'happiness' is subjective. 'Love' has become the most addictive set of neurochemicals due to apparent depravity. Sadly, this will inevitably result in millions of people who are unfit to date anyone, let alone more than one individual." She claimed.

"Hold it!"

               "Let me ask you something…are you willing to date anyone? Why or why not?" Shulko asked, hoping that getting Ellyria's opinion on this might clear up any confusion and reveal the reasons for the aggressive stance she'd taken. "A fair question." Ellyria remarked. "I don’t want to date anyone. My reasoning is that I cannot trust anyone well enough for a healthy commitment, and there’s only one thing on potential partners’ minds…" She stated. Shulko gave a mild chuckle, and took another sip of his energy drink. "Love and relationships aren’t just casual bedroom games. It’s about being committed to one another and being a permanent part of each others’ lives." He pointed out. Ellyria appeared to be somewhat relieved...but only somewhat. "At least that’s one thing we can agree on, and for a moment I’d thought you’d be the sort to be in the other direction." She commented. "Never judge a book by its cover. Personally, that claim you made earlier wasn’t necessary." Shulko added.

       Yona had a bad feeling about this. She didn't exactly appreciate where Ellyria seemed to be standing...

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