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Paving the way to Floor 11


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We have finally beaten the 10th floor boss... It took way to long and many turns during the battle but the group of front liners had succeed. As long as everyone walked away from this, I couldn't be happier. I smiled as I walked towards the staircase to the next floor. I PM'ed Zero saying that he is now the Co-Leader of the guild and that I will be away for a bit due to training. I told him that he had to step up and lead the guild until I return. Alright, looks like I have a lot of work to do before the next floor boss raid. I am going to get some solitude and work on my mental strength. I can't afford to let the same thing happen again. I walk up the stairs without looking back and only focusing on what was in front of me. 


The door to a new floor is the door to a new me and a new way of focusing. I said as I made my way to the 11th floor.


Shark leaves thread

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