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The Weekly Link #3



The Weekly Link

Week #3

   Not much has happened this week, but that won't stop me from giving you the link to the site's activity.

New players

   No new players have joined us this week. But let's make sure we keep helping the players we do have. If you see anyone out there who seems to be struggling to start up a thread, lend them a hand and offer to help them get a hold of the ropes.

Open Parties and Interesting Threads

   Zandra's beach party is getting into full swing. The scavenger hunt has ended and the combat has begun. Come watch as our competitors fight some crabs... Yeah that doesn't sound impressive, but it should still be lots of fun to come join. Dustin's tavern party is also still trying to garner some people to come and join. If neither of those are up to your tastes, then feel free to set up your own OP thread and let me know so that you to can be featured in The Weekly Link.


   Formalizing this section a bit more now, though know that I am always looking for anyone who would like to have their offers be seen. Just contact me and I'll get you in here.


@Dustin is looking for help in doing <<Long Live the Queen>> contact them for more info


@Neopolitan (me) is still offering to take anyone on a nature's treasure run if they are interested. No risk of death and plenty of materials. Fishing is avilable so there is a decent chance for fishing up chests as well. Contact for more info.


Weekly Riddle

   It seemed that I went a little bit more difficult than people anticipated for the riddle I gave. Congratulations to @Shield for getting the final answer. Honorable mentions to @Ruby and @Zelrius for giving it a valiant effort and making it partway through. I won't spoil the answer here, but know that I will still be taking answers for that riddle for the next week. I'm toning things back down for this riddle, but that won't mean the harder riddles won't ever return.

I come from a time of where the lands are still wild

But in my kingdom, regiment is taught to even a child

I changed my government, but was stabbed in the end

With a biography for the Globe, other nations I did rend

Ask Neo

   If any of you have those burning questions, or just weird oddities you'd like to ask me or any of the staff just send them in. I'll pick a few of what I think are the best ones to answer and post them in next week's issue. For now, I'll offer up some advice to anyone new looking at this. Please make sure to be double checking your sentences when submitting a journal. It is the number one thing that I see missing when I am looking at new journals. Remember that your history section is two paragraphs of at least five sentences each and each virtue and flaw must be three sentences.


  Remember, I['m not psychic, so please send any submissions you have towards me and I will make sure they are put into the next issue of the blog. That's all I have for today, so good luck with all your posting.


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