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  1. How does one change there Username?

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    2. Kiru


      One changes their username by contacting Erroneous or Shark. Though you may only change it once and it's hard to do :)

    3. Mesiagamer


      Thanks for that I'll remember that.

    4. Shizuka


      One does not simply change their username

  2. Can you lock a post for me My chatterer died from a single attack through bad luck. here's the link 


    1. CaptainUndead


      *facepalmed* Didn't the guide said anything about do not fight when you're level 1?

    2. Mesiagamer


      No it didn't I double checked then again it was probably self exclamatory with the system's in place.

    3. Zelrius


      Please do not make a Status directed at Staff, Message them directly, or contact them via skype. If you couldn't message Mari, There are other staff to contact for something as simple as this

  3. Can I have second fight please? XD

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    2. Mesiagamer


      Well it won't matter I'm going to have to completely remake this character before I start again.  

    3. Grave


      My first character died too, I feel your pain ;-; I've brought him back in ALO though

    4. Amira


      When you finish making a new character, let me know if you're ever open for a thread. 

  4. can some one give me a guide on how to put in the signatures to the blog posts I'm kind of confused on that.

    1. Mesiagamer


      Oh wait never mind I found it.

  5. Mesiagamer

    Mesiagamer's Journal

    ProfileUsername: MesiagamerReal name: Mitichal ShadeAge:19Gender: MaleHeight: 6' 4"About: History/personality As a child he was always interested in the idea of a virtual world and spent allot of time playing online games. His parents didn't really support this kind of behavior until they saw what he was doing outside of the games. He started to look more and more in to the lore of the games finding the real history and culture that inspired them. This kind of dedication started to translate in to his classwork giving him higher marks early on in his life. They not only supported this but started to participate in this very life style with there son playing the games studding the lore and finding the history and culture behind it. Eventually to do this with more games he begged his parents to let him learn Japanese when he first entered middle school becoming fluent by the end of it coupled with this knowledge he fell in love more with world culture and games as a result. As time went on he became more and more interested in the more fantasy oriented worlds no mater what kind they were. His entire life wasn't online though after middle school he started doing more in real life. When he wasn't online he was stuffing his face in a book or helping out in the community every now and again making friends he cares deeply about. Not everything in his life was sunshine and rainbows though. Even with the support of his parents his life turned to a different life online not immediately but things did change him. As he was mostly an explorer at this time he was at first left alone but as he became more well known people started to hunt him. This made things harder and harder for him to explore the lore in the game's having little other choice he adapted started to speck himself less of an explorer and more of a rouge Jumping around others and taking the upper hand even helping those that would fight beside him rather than hunt him. And unfortunately, depending on how one looks at it, this translated in to real life. In his new school he was bulled for his interest in video games and history. To fight back he started to take karate up to the brown belt while he didn't use it to much in school he would use it to make the bullies leave him alone outside of it and even defend others that he cared about when he could. His life did start to get better after that until he graduated and moved to Japan to start his final studies. He moved to japan to learn more of its culture and hoped to become at least a worlds culture teacher there but his big dream was to help build a world for the emerging VRMMO'S that were coming out showing he never lost his love of games. He did alright making friends with a few classmates and started to think that he found his true place. But still at night he would dream to join those worlds to be a lone mercenary that flipped over many of his foes he wasn't imagining his character he was imagining himself as the Character. When he managed to get his hands on the Nervegear helmet and the VRMMO SAO it was a dream come true for him. He would become his Avatar able to fight like he always dreamed or at least as much as he could at the time. That was until his greatest dream became his greatest nightmare when he was told that if he died in the game that was it he was ready to brake. But knew he couldn't not there he had to fight for the people in real life and for himself like he did before punting that helmet on.Virtues:Kindhearted: Will come to aid those that ask for his help with task that won't cause harm to others that are innocent not by the game's stranded but by his stranded. He's is unwavering with this rule and won't bring himself to kill other players unless it's the absolute last resort. Determined: No mater what the task is he will push himself to complete the task at hand no mater what challenges he faces. The reason behind this is that he knows that he has to keep going to get out of this game sitting around doing nothing will accomplish nothing for anyone. Observant: No mater where he is he's always taking in the details of towns, dungarees, plain's, forest, people, anywhere ,and anyone in the game to understand latter. This give him better understanding of he world around him. It's also something that keeps him sane a task that was familiar to him in the real world that reminds him of his real life.Flaws:Soft spoken: When he is around others unless asked he will general keep most comments to himself this is do to try and keep a low profile and feels that he's safer that way. He will try to enter the background and not speak unless it's absolutely necessary for he trust the person.Solemn: Despite his determination he is generally unable to keep a smile on his face beyond special events even when with friends. This is do to his deeper thoughts of the game. How he could die at anytime because of the players using the game mechanics as tools to kill others and the deep fact that he knows that he might not make it out whether by dying from one slip up in the game for from whatever's keeping his real body alive failing on him. Suspicious: is slow to trust others do to the nature of the world he's in. He's been through enough of getting getting stomped on by others after opening anything to them. He will trust them eventually but will never stop being warry of other players no mater what icon they have knowing that can be faked. Profession:Skills Non-combat:»Passive:»Combat:»Weapon skills:»One handed Dagger Rank 1 (5 points dedicated) InventoryWeapons/Tools:Basic One handed Dagger.(equipped)» 10 bread, 15 water, Cloth clothing(equipped)Roleplays [SP-F1] First fight(Ongoing)RelationshipsStory Thus Far