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  1. Zandra just crossed her arms and looked at the man. As she had used her amphibian war rally, the whole group of player killers had became paralyzed and Itzal had throwed them into a portal. Zandra had no idea where that portals exit was. Was it at the top of a cliff? Right infront of a boss mob? The central plaza in a settlement? Or anywhere else. She didn’t knew, but honestly she also didn’t cared. All she cared about now was Itzal and what he had been doing. And how he greeted her. ‘’Yeah that is true, it have been awhile.’’ She said with a plain voice, stating the fact Itzal just mentioned. She thought for awhile how she would continue. She didn’t wanted to sound like a mother scolding her kid or something like that. ‘’I have actually been looking for you. Where have you been this awhile?’’ she asked with a wondering voice.
  2. Zandra woke up in her double bed. She sat up and stretched her arms high in the air as she let out a long yawn. She rubbed the sleepiness off her eyes as she left the bed and headed to the window. There she leaned on the windowsill for a while, looking at the rising sun on the horizon. She felt the fresh wind in her hair. When she had stood there for a while she left and headed for the bathroom where she went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. She felt the warm water roll down her skin and soaking her long, black hair. She closed her eyes and listened to the silence where the only sound was the one from the falling water. In the mist-filled room, she started to think of her past. How long had she been here now? She doesn’t know, there was just so many people she had met and then they had disappeared. Either thru death, or just vanished. She stood there for an hour or so before she felt she was done. She turned of the water and with a few clicks on the menu she was dry when leaving the bathroom. A few more clicks and she had equipped her casual clothes. Today she was going to finally start to fill her latest room. Fill it with statues. But it was also an extra special situation today, because she don’t have her trusted Teseleths fury anymore. But it didn’t mattered, nothing on floor 8 could threaten her, even if she went there with only vanity gear. ‘’Zita! Time to leave!’’ as Zandra walked towards the main settlement the kingseagle darted out from her estate and started circling high up in the air. ‘’Florenthia!’’ Zandra said as she entered the portal and a few moments later exited it down on floor 8.
  3. Zandra listened to the player killer infront of her. What was she talking about, she had killed that Lisona girl and still pretended she didnt knew who she is. Does she care that little of her target. Just picking them out on random? But there was something else that she have seen in the woman. Her voice was shaking, her eyes was shining and as she held up her hand, they was everything else then steady. Something was definitely not right. What was going on here? Zandra had just told Mari that she knows about her kills, even how they was done. Why did she keep denying she enjoyed it? Was she, could she really be right? Have the other just told her stories for entertainment to make Mari look bader then she was. Also, if she had friends that was ready to ambush her, why havent they done so already? Zandra putted away the horn while she was counting all her victims, her 8 victims. When she herd she had killed her own daughter, she felt like she wanted to throw up. Her daugther? ‘’You… it is just… Killing… But… Ari.’’ Zandra said quitly to herself as she saw the back of the other player walk away and disapear in the forest. Zandra just stood there in silence, staring at the point where Mari had disapeared. After awhile, Zita flew up to her shoulder and rubbed her beak on her cheek. This woke her out of her trance and she patted the feathered pr6edator. ‘’Could she be telling the truth? Is it all the other stories we have herd that was the lies?’’ she walked up to a rock and sat down, leaning her forehead in her hands. ‘’Have I just told her terrible rumors about her that noone would want to here?’’ the eagle looked up at her with her wise eyes. ‘’Oh Zita, what shall I do? I have to fix this right?’’ was it just in her mind, or did Zita just nodded? Anyway, she knew what she had to do. She rose up again, brushed her hair away from her eye that just fell down again. ‘’Zita, our quest have just been changed.’’ she said as she satrted to walk towards where she had seen Mari disapear. @Mari
  4. The big bad wolf was standing infront of them. Zandras axe had landed a blow on it but when she had backed off to give room for Macradon, his strike had missed the target compeltly. Thou, that happens to everyone now and then, so she didnt mentioned it when he had let out a powerword. Instead she quickly raised her own weapon, the wolf had reflected Macradons attack, leaving himself wide open for a follow up from Zandra. She charged up her Expldoe catapult and activated it as quick as she could. The two handed fury flied thru the air, striking the blood bane on his neck and contiue its way thru, leaving a red stripe on the furcovered body. But not only that, his flammable skin got set ablaze as the burn effect triggered from her weapon. Zandra backed off and prepared for a counter attack. And it came, but not on her, it focused Macradon, again. - Health List - [3]< Macradon > 1560/1665 HP || 21 DMG || 131 MIT || 4 ACC || 1 EVA || 156/175 NRG || -36BLD 1/2 [3]< Zandra > 1673/1685 HP || 19 DMG || 98 MIT || 3 ACC || 113/164 NRG < Blood Bane > 612/1250 HP || 225 DMG || 50 MIT || 3 ACC || 0 EVA || -36BRN 1/2 ||
  5. As Zandra was fixing some documents related to the administration of the guild Aincrad Trading Post, she suddnely got interrupted by a sound. A sound she recognized very well. It was the sound of battle. ‘’What!? Are we being attacked?’’ she said to her eagle familiar Zita. ‘’Come, we need to check it out. Zandra grabbed her axe and rushed out. When she got outside, she saw she was right. A big creature she had never seen before was approaching the guild hall. She started to approach the monster when she saw another player landed an attack on it, but it barely reduced its healthbar at all. This wasn’t something she would be able to kill alone. But not only that, she also saw her maximum health drop as well as an screen that forced her to choose a weapon appeared. ‘’Nope Zita, we wount be able to do this.’’ She said and headed back to the main settlement and putted up an announcement. Emergency! Aincrad Trading Post is currently looking for volunteers to help us defend our guild hall. There is a big boss monster attacking it. We are willing to pay you for your help. Best regards, Zandra, guild leader of Aincrad trading post. Event info: Sign up by arriving at the ATP guild hall right outside Ralberg on floor 19 and choosing your weapon. Sign up ends saturday next week.
  6. Zandra watched as the young man kept fighting the player killers. He had no problem keeping the fight onesided. Zandra almost felt sad of the player killers, almost. Thou when someone was begging him to stop but as reply Itzal cut of his tongue, she felt like something was wrong. Something was definitely not right. Zandra equipped her armor Inferno with her big shoulderguards that was pulsating with a fiery glow, the black mouthguard that covered her mouth, and the two devilish horns on top together making a feel of a dragon. The claw like glows just added to that feeling. The players was to busy with the fight so they didn’t saw the approaching woman. When she was a dozen meters away she stopped. She planted the bottom of her axe in the ground and stared at the scene with her only visible eye. She stood there with straight back. ‘’STOP IT!’’ she shouted with a loud and clear voice, increased in strength by her howl skill. Two of the player killers that had realized Itzal was too hard of a challenge, decided to go for the easier prey, a girl. Zandra just removed the mouthguard and showed them a sinister smile. ‘’Hehe, wrong move.’’ She said to them as she took up a horn, inhaled, moved it to her lips and exhaled in the unique item. The sound was eardeffing and echoed across the area. Without any warning, the red players stopped in their movements as they fell to the ground from the paralyzing effect of the horn. The only players standing was Zandra and Itzal. She just stood there, staring at him as she started to move slowly towards him.
  7. Zandra held the big bad wolf in a steady grip as Macradon dealt a powerful strike on the boss. When the attack was delivered, she released the grip and jumped back a few steps. But that was only to get a new grip of her axe. This was a pretty onesided battle. There was no way for the wolf to be able to win. That Zandra realized as she saw her health refill and almost be back to full again. She was prepared for another attack, but it didn’t came. Instead it now had its focus on Macradon. ‘This opportunity I wont let slip away!’ she thought and immediately charged up her explode catapult. Silently she activated it and slammed her mighty axe into the wolf, dealing another chunk of damage to it, taking the couple one step closer to finish this quest. But the wolf himself had also made a strong attack on Macradon. When Zandra glanced at their healthbar, she saw that she was wrong. It had barely dropped. - Health List - [2]< Macradon > 1546/1665 HP || 21 DMG || 131 MIT || 4 ACC || 1 EVA || 157/175 NRG [1]< Zandra > 1589/1685 HP || 19 DMG || 98 MIT || 3 ACC || 128/164 NRG < Blood Bane > 861/1250 HP || 225 DMG || 50 MIT || 3 ACC || 0 EVA -Call to Hunt (2/2) +25 DMG +25 MIT-
  8. Zandra listened as the player killer infront of her talked. She talked about the action of killing people. How hard it was, that it wasn’t fun. Thou the berserk healer have herd enough about Mari that she knew that was just more lies she threw at her. And if it was something she didn’t liked, it was lies. Didn’t mattered if it was from a friend or foe, an NPC or a real player. Lies and deceptions often made her angry. The anger was now fighting the fear. Thou since it came from a player killer that probably lied to everyone, it wasn’t personal. But during the time, the red player had started breaking down. It almost sounded like she was going to start to cry. This was making Zandra maybe not relax, but making her calmer. But also confused. Why would she be sad from what she had said? But in her explanations about the art of killing, she also threw accusations on her, talking about stuff she didn’t knew. With it, her heart started beating faster, pictures flashed infront of her, and as the woman turned her back to her, the fire in her eyes started to burn. Her eyes was focused on Mari’s back. ‘’Stop!’’ she said and hoped it would make her stay and hopefully turn around as well. ‘’You may call me daft…’’ to be honest she didn’t knew what it meant, but she guessed it was something like stupid or retarded.’’…but that seems to go for you too.’’ And in that moment, her confident returned. Mari may have been a threat to her back when the player killer was active. But much have happened to Zandra since then. Now, she was almost the strongest player on the frontlines, as well as had several demonic and unique enchanted items. Even if Mari had reached max level and maxed out all her skills and was fully equipped with unique demonics, Zandra would probably have an even fight with her, probably. She still rembered the other elite dagger wielder that attacked her. That time she was unarmed and unarmoured like now, and still survived tens of stabs in the chest. ‘’First things first, what Ive herd about you. And I hope you can answer a question in return.’’ Her voice was steady now, thou you could still hear a faint tone of fear somewhere in it. She still wasn’t sure what this girl plans was. She took a few steps to a thick tree to her right and leaned on it. Her was protected and her front was within her field of view. ‘’Ive herd that you have ended over a dozen players life. One man I met talked about his sister, Lisona. You killed her, and laughed while listening to her beggings of letting her live. Another man I met saw when you tied his friend to a tree, stab him and let the dagger stay in him, draining his life until he shattered.’’ If this was a year ago, she would never have dared mention it to her. She scrolled thru her inventory and took out a small horn before she continued. ‘’Would you search for someone like that and ask them in person if its true?’’
  9. As answer to Zandra’s question Mari started talking about the same quest that was the reason why Zandra was here. When hearing the player killer lie right infront of her. This was something she could fight. Her voice got a little bit steadier as the comment had somewhat eased the paralyze. ‘’Why, why would you do that? Wouldn’t it be easier for you to just kill someone else as they returns back after doing it themselves?’’ Zandra followed the blades flight thru the air as Mari threw it out, and asked if that helped. Followed by trying to make her believe the player killer didn’t wanted to hurt someone. ‘’Vafan?’’ she started in her main language. ‘’You kill other players, and say you don’t wanna hurt anyone? Do you think I’m stupid or something? And with the dagger, that could easily be an action make me relax and then you have your main dagger still there in the inventory, waiting for an opportunity to stab me as soon as I turn my back towards you.’’ She explained to the woman, hopefully showing she wouldn’t be tricked by her lies and deceptions.
  10. The six players still at the battleground charged the trio of tree’s. Some of them landing hits on the ents, some don’t. The first strike hit the beautiful tree of the spring, starting to tick down its health. It didn’t took long time before another strike hit her. Thou something else also happened, a small part of the blue bar ticked down as well. It was followed by another attack that crushed more of its blue bar. And before the tree had any chance to counterattack, some of its bark shattered followed by an explosion of blue and white crystals as the tree’s health bar turned to nothing. Thou there was still two tree’s standing, some of their bark shattered as well, but they was still standing strong. The Tree of the summer was the first to act, It laid his wise eyes on the axe wielding man and raised one of its thick arms. ‘’Too close.’’ He said with a voice so deep it was almost painful to listen to. The arm fell down and stroke the young man right between his bunnyears. He let out a deep rumble, almost like a laugh. Whil the summer was focused on Macradon, The fall didn’t had the same feelings of revenge. With a sound like a storm blowing thru his beard of leaves, he slammed his heavy arms in the ground, making the earth shake. Nothing else happened for several seconds. Then, suddenly small vines bursted out from the ground. At least half a dozen around each player. Before they could react the roots slashed, pierced and slammed the players legs before they just as quick disappeared back into the ground. Actions: Stats:
  11. Zandra had put up the emergency message, she was still not sure if anyone would come. Yes, they had grown in size, but Aincrad Trading Post was still a relatively unknown guild. But also, why did their HQ even got attacked in the first place? They haven’t done anything to anger anyone. Right? But she couldn’t let whoever it was to ruin what she and her guildcomrades had built up. Zandra was blocked from equipping any of her enchanted armor and there was four forced weapon choices. She was just going to charge in with a staff in her hands when she saw someone arrive. A blackhaired boy followed by a young girl. Followed by yet another pair. Even thou she didn’t recognized the player, it warmed her heart that they had came so quick to something that probably didn’t really effected them. ‘’Im very happy you decided to come help.’’ She said to the pinkette. The fifth person was a man she recognized. ‘’Oh, Mac. I don’t have much info. I was doing some administration business when I herd sound outside. I went to see what it was and yeah, I cant take that alone. Sexy outfit you have by the way.’’ Then she saw Mari that she had just recently met and get contact with after so long time of fear. ‘’Oh, hi Mar…’’ Suddenly, a big root bursted out from the ground right infront of the small group. It rose five meters tall and at least half a meter thick. Zandra quickly raised her staff to protect herself as the root fell down. Thou it didn’t helped much, the root stroke her and she got knocked back several meters right into a stone pillar. Everyone around could see the green bar above Zandra drop down to zero as she fell to the ground. But the body was still there and a status-symbol appeared, showing she was paralysed. After the initial attack, the players could see the thick root splitting into three creatures, looking like ents where each of them was over two meter tall and represented a different season. Spring, summer and fall. They had a green healthbar with a blue bar right below and a red crystal above. Their angry faces started approach the big party with armed players. Combat works like normal if nothing else is mentioned. You type attack and target in the perma roller. In aoe, each target get their own roll. Example description: <Weapon><Attack number><target> Sword 3 vs Tree of the summer You use the BD. A roll of 1-5 is a miss, 6-8 a hit, 9 a mini-crit (gives +1 DMG), 10 a crit (gives +2 DMG and ???) Players have 72 hours from now to attack.
  12. As Zandra was frozen by fear and Zita was on her guard to protect her master, the source of the change in behavior did something that Zandra wasn’t expecting. The berserk healer was prepared for a sinister smile to look at her and pull her dagger out to pierce her skin. Or just laugh at her pathetic response that Zandra gave. But she didn’t. Instead she just quietly said she was here for a quest and apologized. A tiny bit of Zandras fear faded away from the look she gave her. But she still stood there, her eyes wide open and shaking hands. Why did she just turned around like that. She was probably preparing to make a spin and get another kill. ‘’Wha… What are you doing here?’’ she asked. A moment later she remembered that she had given an answer to that question just a few seconds ago. ‘’I didn’t… Just wanted to…’’ she couldn’t finish any sentences while standing infront of one of the biggest fears in this game, even thou she had her back turned towards her.
  13. Zandra held her black axe a steady grip as she prepared for the dragons counter attack. it only had a tiny bit of health left. Barely visible in its giant bar that was almost empty. Zandra was just going to attack again as the dragon chew on Hestia. And shattered. Thou the fight wasnt over yet. There didnt appeared any reward or succes announcement. And there was no sign of the enemy. Zandra held her axe in a onehand grip behind her. The left hand pointed at the spot of the four corners of a blue circle infront of her. After a few more moments she pressed at the center and the whole team healed up. During the time it hv taken for her to do that, the new boss had appeared. A minotaur. Well, they was ready. come on Aincrad, throw whatever you hv at us. We will send it home bleeding. Uses field medic [4] Baldur HP 1540/1540 | EN 107/130 | MIT 94 | EVA 5 | ACC 6WF/5MM5 | DMG 24WF/27MM | BH 62 | ANTIDOTE 0/2 | Conc 0/3 | Parry 0/2 | QChange 0/3 | TOX (9-10) 23 [12] Hestia: HP: 1970/1970 EN: 100/176 DMG:17 MIT:214 THRN: 99 ACC:1 Eva: -1 BH: 98 Rec:+3 Stonewall: 25% DoT redux 2-1=1 Snowfrost: 1/2 fire dmg Antidote: 3 [5] @Ariel - The Crowned Lion: HP: 1630/1630 | EN 84/140 | 24 DMG | 103 MIT | AA +4(6) BD | +1 EVA | 16 BH | 24 HB | 50 THRNS | +4 Fallen (8-10) & 24 DoT3 (8-10) | 2 Antidote | Conc 0/3 | Parry 0/2 [5] Morgenstern: HP 1680/1680 | EN 81/138 | 22 DMG | 171 MIT | 4 ACC | -1 EVA | 84 BH | 91 THRNS | Para. Venom (8-10) | 25% DoT Reduce | 3 Antidote | 24(3) Poison (9-10) [8] Macradon: HP 1689/1885 | EN 184/187 | 23 DMG | 127 MIT | 4 ACC | 1 EVA | 94 BH | 50 Immolation THRNS | 36 Frost THRNS (21 on crit) | 6 Freeze 0/2 | Antidote 1 | Justified Riposte | +12 Holy | Phase | Disguise | +1 Hate | -1 Energy Cost 0/2 | -3 Energy Cost | 6 Recovery [4] @Zandra: HP 2,020/2,020 [-425] | EN 145/187 | 22 DMG | 144 MIT | 7 ACC | 2 EVA | 101 BH | 70 THRNS | Toxic venom (9-10) 24(3) | 25% 1st DoT Reduce | 2 Antidote | 12 Fallen | 36(2) BRN(8-10) | Probiotics -27 | Antioxidants | Well rested 3/3
  14. Help Aincrad Trading Post defend our guildhall. Sign up ends saturday March 21.


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  16. Zandra arrived at floor eight and took a look on the area around the warp portal. It was relatively quiet today. Or maybe it usually is this quiet, it was quite a while since she last was here. Even after thinking for a minute or two she couldn’t rember when the last time was. Thou it didn’t mattered now. She shrugged and started walking. Thinking of the past wasn’t the reason why she was here, today she was going to hunt down and kill a big bear. But it is on floor eight so it probably wont be any real challenge. To make a bit more exciting, she went into forest with only her casual clothes and a beginner axe without any enchantments. The kingseagle flew from treebranch to treebranch as they adventured deeper into the forest. After some time, she suddenly entered a small clearing. And now, Zandra and Zita wasn’t alone anymore. There sat a girl and massaging her legs. It was probably a low level player. So this would be a great time to get back to what she did before and help her out. She walked up to her and reached out her hand with a smile. ‘’Hi there, everything okay? I am…’’ but suddenly she recognized the woman. Zandra froze on the spot, her smile disappeared and her eyes went wide open. The eagle flew down and landed on Zandras shoulder, confused of her masters sudden change in behavior. The predator kept the woman in her sight and was ready to protect her master if she would be hostile. ‘’Yo… you.’’ Zandra said with a scared voice as she took a few steps back.
  17. rolls and stuff [H: 2/1/1/2] Bahr: HP: 700/880 | EN: 51+1-18=34/86 | DMG: 15 | MIT: 54 | ACC: 4 | EVA: 3 | BLEED: 24 | RECOVERY 1 [20 3/3] [H: 1/1/2/3] Zandra: HP: 1540/1685 | EN: 126/164 | DMG: 19 | MIT: 98 | ACC: 3 | BURN: 36 | FALLEN: 12 | THORNS: 30 | BATTLE HEALING: 84 [55 5/5] Nemean Lioness 4: HP: 223-157-24=42/512 | DMG: 180 | MIT: 47 | ACC: 1 | EVA: 2 | BLEED: 20-30 | ID: 135039 | BD: 10, Crit for 17x12=204-47=157 DMG | BLEED INFLICTED | BLEED INFLICTS 24 DMG | MD: 5+1=6, Potential hit for 180 plus BLEED 20 OVER THREE TURNS against player with most hate at the end of rotation | -2 EN Nemean Lioness 6: HP: 0/512 | DMG: 180 | MIT: 47 | ACC: 1 | EVA: 2 | BLEED: 20-30 | Hit for 180 plus BLEED 20 OVER THREE TURNS against player with most hate at the end of rotation | -2 EN Nemean Lion: HP: 190/838 | DMG: 145 | MIT: 82 | ACC: 3 | EVA: -1 | BLEED: 55 | Hit for 145 plus BLEED 55 OVER FIVE TURNS against player with most hate at the end of rotation | -2 EN -18 EN TOTAL
  18. If anyone reading this, this threads first pages going to have mainly farming and rolling posts. Adds stats: Today was the day. The day Zandra had prepared for for a week now. This would be the first day of her new journey. She had went out and gathered all kinds of buff she would be needing. Though there wasn’t that many actually. And most of them she had already crafted herself. But damn, she had found out that the prices of food had sky rocketed compared to when she went out to stock up her buffs last time. But it was after all normal. Col have been much, much easier to get your hands on now so it was only logical that prices increased. She lined up all her buffs and started consuming them one after one. She felt how her strength increased, her defensive power increased, her sight got sharper, she felt luckier. This was going to be a great journey. And whats best, she wouldn’t be alone this time.
  19. Zandra stretched her arms high in the air as she walked out of her estate. With a smile she looked up on the sky when she saw Zita, her kingseagle familiar dart thru the entrance and started circling high above her. Zandra always felt safer when she had Zita around. She knew that Zita, with her razorsharp eagle eyes, would be able to spot any danger way before the danger even knew Zandra was approaching. She also felt a bit hyped today, because she was finally going to finish the dragon quest chain she started so long time ago. But what was different from last time, now she didnt had her awesome axe Teseleths fury with her. That axe had passed down to a dps player. But anyway, down to floor three to finish this quest chain she started so long time ago. Zandra hadnt walked very far when she herd a sound. A very familiar sound. It was the sound of a ongoing battle. To judge from what she herd, it was several participants. Zandra immediatly equipped her axe and started running, speeding up with her charge skill. When she saw the battle scene she immediatly stopped and quickly sidestepped behind a tree. Zita had landed on her shoulder in silence. As Zandra was hiding she watched the fight. It wasnt a fair fight. One player against seven. The seven players didnt had a chance. She knew that because the only one with a green cursor was Itzal. But what was his intention? Was he going to slaugther over half a dozen players? Zandra kept quiet and watched, thou ready to dart out and help him if something unexpected happened.
  20. Got Teselths fury in: It is a 2hba with 2 fallen 2 burn: Hands down to @Oscar so it will be of better use. Hope it will serve you as good as it have served me :)
  21. The six adventurers had worked hard to load the huge crossbow so they would be able to bring Nifihilim down to the ground again. But they wasn’t prepared to what the dragon did next. Ofcourse it wouldn’t just flap up there, waiting for them to finish. Zandra glanced up and the dragon got her full attention she saw him, or her, open its jaws. Zandra gulped. The berserk healer wasn’t scared to get damaged. She had way more HP then this attack would deal. But she wasn’t sure about the rest. A smile on her face as the dragon released hell upon the players. Zandra closed her eyes as she felt the heat rain down on her. She felt her armor pulsating as crazy. Thou the dragon was to far away to get affected by her flame aura. And if it was close enough, would it be affected by the flames? Her heart beated faster and her cheeks blushed from the lovely feeling from being totally surrounded by fire. When the heat ended, Zandra opened her eyes. With a smile on her lips, a blush on her cheeks and happiness in her eyes she looked at her healthbar. This fight immediately turned better then anyone else before. This fire of hell had reduced her health with almost a fourth. With new motivation she smirked at the dragon and without a word, she charged up her explode catapult and released it upon the reptile at the same time as Zita aimed for the dragons eyes. ‘’Isnt this lovely guys!’’ she let out as she cleaved thru the digital flesh of the field boss. [4] Baldur: HP 1177/1540 | EN 86/130 | MIT 94 | EVA 5 | ACC 6WF/5MM5 | DMG 24WF/27MM | BH 62 | ANTIDOTE 0/2 | Conc 0/3 | Parry 0/2 | QChange 0/3 | TOX (9-10) 23 [12] Hestia: HP: 1545/1970 | EN: 109/176 DMG:17 MIT:214 THRN: 99 ACC:1 Eva: -1 BH: 98 Rec:+3 Stonewall: 25% DoT redux 2-1=1 Snowfrost: 1/2 fire dmg Antidote: 3 [4] @Ariel - The Crowned Lion: HP: 1205/1630 [-425] | EN 100/140 | 24 DMG | 103 MIT | AA +4(6) BD | +1 EVA | 16 BH | 24 HB | 50 THRNS | +4 Fallen (8-10) & 24 DoT3 (8-10) | 2 Antidote | Conc 0/3 | Parry 0/2 [5] Morgenstern: HP 1339/1680 | EN 81/138 | 22 DMG | 171 MIT | 4 ACC | -1 EVA | 84 BH | 91 THRNS | Para. Venom (8-10) | 25% DoT Reduce | 3 Antidote | 24(3) Poison (9-10) [8] Macradon: HP 1554/1885 | EN 177/187 | 23 DMG | 127 MIT | 4 ACC | 1 EVA | 94 BH | 50 Immolation THRNS | 36 Frost THRNS (21 on crit) | 6 Freeze 0/2 | Antidote 1 | Justified Riposte | +12 Holy | Phase | Disguise | +1 Hate | -1 Energy Cost 0/2 | -3 Energy Cost | 6 Recovery [4] @Zandra: HP 1595/2,020 [-425] | EN 173/187 | 22 DMG | 144 MIT | 7 ACC | 2 EVA | 101 BH | 70 THRNS | Toxic venom (9-10) 24(3) | 25% 1st DoT Reduce | 2 Antidote | 12 Fallen | 36(2) BRN(8-10) | Probiotics -27 | Antioxidants | Well rested 3/3