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    Custom Skills and Sword Arts in 3.0

    The idea of customization is nice, but I’m wary about the diversity and controlling these Custom Skills. Someone is going to find a loophole and abuse it with that much versatility. It’ll also make profiles a bit of a mess if someone goes all custom. I do not support the custom skills as presented above. As for Custom Sword Arts, I find that a nice flavor addition. A good reward to personally add something unique and different to a kit. Something to surprise in a fight and a trump card maybe? I do not, however, agree with the idea of teaching across weapon types. A dagger SA should stay with dagger users. Giving a dagger skill to a mace user and vice versa... I do not agree. Keeping it within weapon types, I think, enforces more of that special niche and a master/student dichotomy. A compromise is to permit any one player to either have one unique skill or one unique sword art. The benchmark would still allow the option to create one or the other. That would permit your damage dealers some options for weapons and utility characters some options in utility. I believe there would be too much room for chaos if you permitted players to have both (via teaching). Especially an excess of skills that are taught and spread. That is my .02 cents.
  2. The air of the fourth floor held still today. Fresh powder blanketed the ground and sparkled softly in the faint light. Each step sunk at least a foot into the surface. In her hands, Snow held a small parcel wrapped in a white and blue handkerchief. For weeks, the girl made the same journey from her Sushi Restaurant in Umbra. Each trip ended at a lake just shy of an hour from town. Most people ignored it. Tucked away from view in a forest, the serene lake remained frozen most of the year. Frozen lakes meant more effort for the same materials players could gather on more temperate floors. Snow, on the other hand, came for a different reason. On the edge of the lake stood a small cottage. The home belonged to another player she met several weeks ago. Their meeting ended on less than favorable terms, but the girl still harbored some guilt. Every weekend, Snow brought several maki rolls, sandwiches, and baked treats to Mari's doorstep. She tried her best to remain undetected. Her embarrassment from their first meeting still weighed heavily on her. Embarrassed and guilty, Snow still felt for Mari and wanted her to know at least someone cared. As she grew close to the house, the young blonde cautiously kept to the treeline. She looked left, then right. Coast seemed clear. She trudged through the snow and up to Mari's porch. She peeked through from the lowermost corner, but only saw a flickering hearth and kettle softly hissing steam. Snow gulped down anxiety. It looked like Mari was either home, or still close. She set down the tightly wrapped package and knocked softly on the door twice. As quick as she could, Snow turned to run. She hit the end of Mari's porch, but stopped just shy of the snow. The soft orange glow of lantern light froze her in her steps. Just a ways down the lake's shore a figure hunched over. Snow ducked behind a pillar and kept watch. Was it Mari? What was she doing? Another orange player maybe? @Mari
  3. Am I missing a post for anyone? I think I'm caught up, but not sure...

  4. Snow

    [PP - F21] Stocking up on «Nature's Treasure»

    The request to meet came suddenly and out of the blue. Ariel-- a name young Snow didn't think she'd see again. The PM appeared while she was just finishing up some dishes at her home in the third floor. So new to adventuring, she never expected to be contacted through the messaging system. In the halfway homes, she rarely used the menus. Some of the other non-combatants feared the menus alone, no less the monsters outside the safe zone. Regardless, Snow sent a quick acknowledgement and finished up her chores. She had been to the twenty first floor before once with a man named Shield. Knowing how over leveled it was compared to her, Snow wiped her wet hands off on her apron and started selecting the appropriate gear for the higher levels. The blues and whites of her heavy armor swapped out her comfortable tee and jean shorts. Her sneakers became heavy greaves and her high pony tail spilled waves of blonde over a winged circlet. As a cherry to the top, a long golden spear materialized on her back. She flicked her wrist and the array of semi-transparent windows slide away into obscurity. "Well then! Let's go see an old friend!" She stated aloud for the stone and mortar walls to hear. She journeyed to Flora and up the steps to the central gate. With a few keywords, the bright floral spring of the third floor changed to the musty, damp darkness of the twenty first. The aural glow of mushrooms and clustered crystals provided adequate light. It reminded her of the streets of Shibuya Center at night. It didn't take long for Snow to find the sore thumb of bright white fur in a sea of muted shadows. "Kimba?!" Snow shouted and broke into a light jog. "Ariel! How have you been! I haven't seen either of you in forever!" Snow held the back of her hand low for Kimba. It was how she greeted the lioness the first time they met as a friendly, non-threatening introduction. If the large cat accepted, Snow prepared herself to run her hands through the soft, white fur right behind the ear. All critters loved a good scritch behind the ear. @Ariel - The Crowned Lion
  5. Snow

    [F24 - PP/JL] Unexpected Visitor

    A couple guilds? "Oh, well..." Snow comment to Calrex and turned her eyes away. "It... fits nicely." 'Fits nicely?!' Are you stupid?! Ugh, god you are an idiot Alyssa... The hue of her cheeks deepened a few shades. Thankfully, Assassin broke the awkwardness in the air as she grabbed a plate of food. Hearing that Ariel was here distracted the girl from her failures. Her attention returned to Kimba and Assassin as they enjoyed some of her cooking. "Really? Well, I'm glad she's alright and you too, Assassin." Snow couldn't help but notice the irony of her nickname. The girl was so wary of her username and its connotations before. Yet, by adopting the shorter nickname, it phonetically sounded like "death-chan" or "little death" in Japanese. Snow wasn't sure which one would bring more unease to a stranger. "It's good to see you making friends. I'm glad you're doing well." Snow looked back to Calrex and steeled herself in the wake of the heat rising in her cheeks. "Why don't you sit down and have some appetizers before you train? Can't focus on an empty stomach." As she spoke, she hoped Ariel would also sneak her way to the dining hall. Snow hadn't seen her in forever and wherever Kimba bolted off to, Ariel usually followed. @Calrex, @Ariel - The Crowned Lion, @Assassin
  6. Snow

    [F04-PP] Snowfall <<Avalanche>>

    Clouds of breath escaped her blued lips as she ran from Mari's house. The thick blankets of snow slowed each weighted step of her armor. Damn it. I should have put on something else. Damn it, Alyssa! In the stilled quiet of the eternal winter wonderland, Snow heard the hush of another trudging through the powder. The blonde glanced over her shoulder and surely enough, an orange marker hung over the visage of Mari. Snow knew her escape plan was doomed to fail and no distance of a head start could stop Mari from catching up to her. The girl slowed her steps to a halt and she pressed her hand into the bark of a barren tree for support. "S-Snow?" she heard. She listened to Mari's questions from behind her, reluctant to face her one on one. What would she say? "I..." Snow shook her head. She struggled to explain herself. Was it fear? Guilt? A longing desire for friendship? Her head hung. "I'm sorry," she apologized. "After everything that happened, I didn't have it in me to face you yet. But... I wanted to make sure you still knew that... that someone cared..." Snow still kept her head forward, avoiding the gaze of judgement she worried Mari would cast. The young blonde was caught, what would happen next? She thought of Mari's grip on her arm when she tried to leave last time and felt a chill in her spine. She remembered the cairn, and the lilting tones of Mari's instrument. Her pain. Her loneliness. Sadness swept in to numb the fear. What would Mari do with her?
  7. Snow nodded to Assassin. She turned to the NPC woman and bowed slightly. The young lancer followed her small companion quietly as they made way to the objective point. The journey remained oddly silent as Assassin led the way. It wasn't long before the bright sun became shadowed by dense canopy. The surrounding scenery changed from open plains to forest and brush. As they neared the cave at the end of their journey, Snow felt the need to ask. "Are you okay Assassin? You're awfully quiet." The sweet honey of concern dripped off her words. She worried about her companion. "Is there something on your mind? Is it about the little girl? We'll find her no problem. Stick close and we'll be done in no time." They finally arrived at the mouth of the cave. Only the pitch of black could be seen in its depth. Cold, damp aromas leaked from the entrance and the slow breeze howled slightly within. To think of a little lost girl stuck in that darkness... How awful... @Assassin
  8. Snow

    [F1 - PP] Slower Day Than Usual

    A sense of normalcy washed over her. Being with strangers in a cafe and striking up conversation became such a foreign concept in the death game. Yet, the blonde now sat in the company of new faces as conversation blossomed. She felt warm and happy. Perhaps thanks to the welcoming and comfortable cafe? "I do love it here," Snow replied to Xin with a smile. "It's always so full of life. It's hard to be upset or sad when the sun is always warm and the flowers always bloom. Winter gets a little bit of snow, but the little sprouts and blossoms quickly find their way through." Snow did that awkward thing where she leaned into the counter to get a better look at Basuke past Xin. "No, I don't know him," she clarified. "I also own a bar that is pretty new. I'm trying to get my name out there by bringing free samples to other establishments. Maybe I'll get some customers if my food is good enough! You guys should come check it out. I built it on the fourth floor. I have a nice little private meeting room with a kotatsu table." Snow turned her attention to the small opening to the kitchen. The owner busily worked away trying to fill the orders for his sudden rush of clientele. "When he's done, maybe we could break into the box and you could all try some together. That is, if he's okay with that. I'm sure he'd like a short break after he's done -- looked so comfy before we all entered." Snow giggled a little bit. He must enjoy relaxing in this shop frequently. Who wouldn't? Lovely piano, mellow aromas, soft lighting... Not to mention all the pillows. It was like nap central. @Xin, @Basuke, @GetComfy ((Thanks for the wait guys. ^_~ ))
  9. Template For Shop: Name of Dish: Name Type of Dish: [Type] Dish ID: [ROLL ID] Result: [CD], [LD] Chef Experience: [Level 1: Beginner Cook] Tier Level: [Tier] Quality Level: [Quality] Enhancements: [Slots] Description: [Info Here] Post Link: [Click Here] Items for Eval Below:
  10. New Items: After a long day trying to grind levels, Snow relaxed in her bar and worked on some new items for her menu. Cooking helped calm her and clear her mind. The young blonde hummed to herself some of the tunes she used to listen to when drawing and painting in the real world. As she worked her sushi knife through another maki roll, the little brass bell on the door thrummed. A gentleman with messy dark hair walked in and took a seat at the bar opposite to her workspace. His arm blocked the constantly rotating conveyor belt and plates slid off in front of him. Frankly, the speed to which he ate them impressed Snow. There used to be a place in the real world where they kept a wall of pictures for patrons that ate the highest stacks of empty plates. He was well on his way to being the first to go on the wall at her establishment. Snow giggled at the idea. "いらっしゃいませ," Snow welcomed in the traditional Japanese manner. "Could I get you anything to drink?" Soon after, the brass bell rang again and two others entered. She knew both of them! Xin from the cafe took a seat and picked out a few items from the belt. "Thank you!" she replied to the praise. "I'm so glad you decided to stop by! Make yourself at home." Assassin came in and quickly snatched a cookie off the belt and slid over some units of materials. "Yeah!" Snow replied. "I love cooking for others. Brings happiness and hopefully helps people out! Enjoy!" @Gaius
  11. Snow's Rotating Sushi Bar Description The Fourth Floor of Aincrad, closely resembling the winter wonderlands Snow so fondly remembered in her birthplace of Czech Republic, houses a small and quaint little building. In the resemblance the cottages to the left and right, Snow's Rotating Sushi Bar is starkly contrasted by the red signs commonly found in Japan. Slightly out of place, the Eastern decorated building represents Snow's life as a student studying abroad in Kyoto. While there, she learned to appreciate the colorful and precisely executed Japanese cuisine. Mixing notes of her origin with influence of her most recent life, Snow's Rotating Sushi Bar captures the young blonde's history and welcoming demeanor. Once opened with the soft chime of a brass bell fixed to the inside of the door, patrons can enjoy the warmth of a constantly burning hearth to the back of the restaurant. With walls painted a mixture of soft blues and contrasting maroons, patrons can find several illustrations hanging every several feet. Drawn or painted by the owner herself, Snow displays her true talent for all to see. Images of her home in the real world, memorable places in Kyoto, and faces of friends and loved ones can be found in the illustrations. Several tables and chairs line the wall to the left as patrons enter. On top of each table is a small glass dish partially filled with water. Within the dishes, lotus blossoms and candles float atop the water's surface adding both ambient light and a subtle aroma. However, the pride and joy of Snow's Rotating Sushi Bar is the bar itself. With a counter made of deep cherry wood and lacquered to a polished shine, Snow stands on the opposite side and greets in the traditional Japanese manner. A glass case filled with ingredients can be seen as well has her tools of the trade. As you sit at the bar, you notice a belt that rotates across the room and hooks around the glass case where Snow busily works. As she finishes a roll, she puts a pair of pieces on a plate and places it on the belt. The longer she works, the more variety spins around, permitting you to pick whichever suits your fancy. Rice cookers hiss with steam and nori lay at the ready to create any roll of your choosing. For those not interested in sushi, a menu stands behind her with a short list of available dishes and combinations. A small fabric divider can be seen in a doorway behind the girl. From the door, savory aromas waft into the lobby of chicken and pork katsu, tempura, and teriyaki. Custom orders are welcome and encouraged through a little stand and slot near the front door. In the corner, several wooden walls with paper windows frame off a small private section. Inside, the floor is lined with tatami mats, and a kotatsu table able to seat eight in the traditional Japanese manner. The back wall has a tall, ornate table with a floral centerpiece and just enough space to hold extra condiments, napkins, chopsticks, and small confections. Underneath it, patrons can find stacks of small sitting pillows to use around the table. This room is usually reserved for small groups and guilds for meetings, but is anyone can book the room for their use by contacting Snow via private message. Chef Level & Success Currently Rotating Sushi & Snacks Custom Orders Customer Records & Expenses Friendly Note: I welcome any and all patrons to role play as they see fit. If you do not wish to make a purchase, but wish to simply role play in my restaurant, you are more than welcome. I will try to help serve you the best I can. So, if you would like to bring your dates, please do! We also serve sake, beer, and cocktails to those of age. Please, no fighting or crude language and respect the property. We serve complimentary green tea to any patron willing to stop by. Lastly, thank you for visiting Snow's Rotating Sushi Bar. ~Snow
  12. I hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day Weekend. Do anything fun outdoors?

  13. Snow laughed at Assassin was they walked toward the central plaza. "Next time, we get two beds!" She stated. "And everyone has a reason to do what they do. If your reason is good enough, you can justify almost anything. But..." She looked to her companion with a disapproving glare. "If you do bad things just to hurt people, that's a different story. And for that, you will eventually pay." Her expression lightened up as they neared their objective. "As long as you look back on your actions and learn from them or decide to be better next time, I think that's what matters most." As the words came out of her mouth, Snow felt a twinge of guilt. At first, she spoke as more of a metaphorical comparison to her artistic improvements. To look back and decide to improve. Then, she remembered why she picked up her spear and armor. In a way, she shared Assassin's sentiments of having a colored past that she wasn't proud of. She never broke the rules per se, but she saw her fear and lack of action as a selfish crime that cost other players their lives. Sometimes, not doing something at all can be worse than doing some terrible. "Please, can anyone help?" cried out a frantic voice in the crowd. "My daughter! My daughter, she's missing!" Snow's attention shot into the direction of the distress. She found it odd the other players seemed to pay no mind to the frantic cries. A woman in her mid to late thirties frantically reached out to players as they shrugged her off or ignored her completely. In the sea of markers, she couldn't tell if perhaps it was an NPC. "Let's check that out." Snow sifted through the other players until the woman came to view. The lack of marker meant she was, in fact, an NPC. The duo found their next quest. "Tell me, what happened?" Snow asked. "My daughter! She went out to play with her friends! They love to go hang out around this one cave-- I-I told her it was dangerous!" The woman rambled, her focus drifting between the two of them and into her own well of panic. "The other came home, but my daughter! Please! Please, you have to find her!" The woman grabbed onto Snow's hand. With a saddened look in her eyes, the Valkyrie turned her gaze to Assasin. She didn't speak but the gesture asked: Well? You up for it? @Assassin
  14. Snow

    [F24 - PP/JL] Unexpected Visitor

    As the blonde wrestled with her attire, it seemed as though the strings of fate themselves pulled taught. From around the doorway barreled in a wild animal. Snow's first reaction was to jump in her seat and nearly cleave her kneecaps off the edge of the table. Shock and fear dwindled. This was safe zone -- there couldn't be monsters here. Then, something stirred in the dark and dusty recesses of her mind. Her eyes narrowed, head tilted, and brow raised. "Kimba? Is that you?" She questioned. She remembered a white lioness from her very first outings into the fields. A player with a white lion cub familiar came to mind. She remembered how protective it was at first. Then, how playful it became later. Her memory stirred again and blue eyes shot wide in surprise when another familiar sight rounded the corner. A small girl with a baggy sweater and pink skirt. Scars marked her face. Green eyes and white hair. "Assassin?" She asked the same time the girl questioned her. "U-uh yeah! This is my guild. I only just joined. Wait--- how do you know Kimba? What are you doing here? Does that mean--?!" Snow looked to the doorway for a third, but no one appeared. Instead, Kimba bolted off to the other entryway. In came Calrex in clothes she would have never in a million years expected to see him in. "C-Calrex?! What is that outfit? Do you know Kimba too?!" Snow's head spun. What was going on? So much was happening. Is that why Shield wanted everyone to meet today? Snow placed her hand on her face. She zoned out for a bit and took a few lengthy breaths. She shook her head and remembered Assassin's other question. "Yes, of course. I made plenty for everyone. Feel free." Snow gestured to spread on the table. Her hand went for her tea cup and lifted it with a visible tremble to her lips. Well this is surely a strange day. I'm sure it can't get any weirder. I haven't seen Ariel in forever. And why is she with Assassin?! And when did Calrex wear that kind of clothes?! Snows cheeks became visibly rosy.
  15. Snow

    [F1 - PP] Slower Day Than Usual

    Snow smiled and shook her hand. "Snow, likewise!" She stated in her soft accent. She took a seat besides Xin and gestured to the shop owner as he busily worked. "I'll take whatever the house is brewing! Thank you!" she called back to him. House tea was always a good test of their tried and true blends. It also defined the character of the place. Would it be standard fare, like a hearty green tea or breakfast blend? Or would it be something more exotic and spicy? Maybe a mellow herbal mix with notes of flowers or berries? Snow prepared herself for a relaxing hot cup of whatever-it-was. "It looked so quiet on the outside, how quick it picked up!" She commented, eyes forward but with no particular recipient in mind. She politely folded her hands in front of her atop the counter as she patiently waited. Then, tilted her head and turned to Xin. Her peripherals caught the louder gentleman just beyond her. "So what has the two of you out and about today?" She asked the other two patrons.
  16. "No- no more..." Snow whined. The butt of her spear dug into the soft sand as the blonde stopped beside the tip of a stone not yet buried by feet of sand. She trudged to the boulder and took a seat only to immediately bounce right back up. Her hand shot to her rear and rubbed at the small patch of red damage from the sun's constant heating of the stone surface. "Oh for the love of--" Snow opened her inventory menu and summoned a water flask from her beginner's inventory. She popped the cork and poured a small stream on her potential resting spot. Like water on a hot pan, it hissed and steamed. How hot was it here?! She kept going until the water finally saturated into the surface and let it evaporate dry. Finally, she took her seat. Still warm, it was tolerable for her to finally rest.
  17. "This is awful..." Snow moaned, her spear drawing a line in the sand behind her every step. Sweat beaded and rolled from her face. Strands of blonde clung to her neck as if they were trying to fuse with her skin. The plated armor she wore felt more like it was trying to kill her than protect her. The heat of the floor permeated every crevice and the distant horizon danced like waves of the ocean. "Why?" She asked no one. The player's handbook mentioned a field boss on the fifth floor which offered lower leveled players a challenge and large amounts of experience. Not wanting to drag anyone else into her mundane affairs, the young Valkyrie opted to go the fight alone. Which at this moment in time, she already questioned. Please hurry up and appear, I'm dying. I want to get the heck out of this place and go for a swim in the lake back home... Ugh... Despite the occasional rock, only silky, sandy dunes stretched for what seemed miles. No trees, no monsters, no players, just a single Snow in a vast expanse of scalding hot desert.
  18. With the back of his hand, the rugged looking smith removed the sweat from his brow and turned to the newcomer. "Hey there, miss, something I can help you find?" he asked. The woman looked to her partner and then also turned to Snow. The two smiled and seemed very welcoming. "O-oh, sorry to interrupt." Snow offered a slight bend of sincerity. "I heard I could ask you for some help crafting equipment?" The smith set down his hammer on a nearby table and worked his dirty hands onto a cloth handing from his apron pocket. Likewise, the woman set down her tanning spade in a wooden pail beside the rack. They stepped out together and he put his arm around the woman. "I believe we can help you with that. The name is Griswold, and this is my wife, Hanna." He greeted with a smile to his wife. "Nice to meet you." Hanna extended her slender hand. "Likewise, I'm Snow." The young blonde shook Hanna's hand. They were surprisingly smooth and dainty for a blacksmith's wife.
  19. As summer encroached on the third floor, more and more players came to enjoy the weather. The lake near Flora gained a fabulous reputation for spring and summer events. Since Flora was built adjacent to the lake, it offered plenty of beachside open to players of all levels, even non-combatants. The humble and unassuming streets of her new home town were filled with people of all shapes and sizes. For Snow, the lake was always a ten minute walk from her front door. So, while players smiled, laughed, and enjoyed a slight reprieve, the young Valkyrie looked for ways to continue her advancement in the game. She learned of a quest from the player’s handbook where beginners could get a free set of armor for a small fetch run. In her usual gear, she set out for a local blacksmith in town. The smithy looked no more than your average medieval smith. A muscular man in a thick hide apron hammered away on an anvil while a quaintly beautiful woman tanned hide just outside the front door.
  20. Snow

    [F24 - PP/JL] Unexpected Visitor

    "Ahh..." Snow let down her blonde locks as she slouched in her seat. She held it slightly off the back of her neck so she could cool off after a lengthy cooking session. Steam from the rice pots filled both the kitchen and adjacent dining hall of the estate. An array of rolls, grilled meats, steamed veggies, and baked treats lay spread across a long table easily made to seat upwards of eight or more. Snow only recently became a member of the guild, but she felt as though it became her second home. The change from quiet cottage to guild hall provided a refreshing alternative to the silence of single life. She opened her cerulean eyes to the wooden banisters of the high ceiling. She had to hand it to Baldur, Breiðablik was a beautiful place and to share it with the guild was a blessing. Snow sat up and reached for the hot cup of green tea she poured herself before collapsing in her chair. Her pursed lips blew the wafts of steam away in an attempt not to scald herself on the first sip. Perfect... Nothing like some tea after some hard work. The others should be coming around any minute... She set the ornate and delicate ceramic back on its matching saucer. The sleeves of her kimono slipped over the edge of her hands as she pulled back, and she adjusted them again for the umpteenth time. One adjustment lead to many. Since the first time wearing it during the spring festival, she either lost weight or the kimono somehow became more loose. She tightened her sash and retrieved the ribbon from the table to retie her hair. A little delicate finger work and she gathered her long locks into the same loose bun. I'll have to look for a tailor to trim this up next time I'm in town. Snow's Attire:
  21. A Continuation of: A Friend of Nature In the forests between Flora and The Defiled Church, a lone girl stood with her spear in hand. Several trees around her displayed the markers of <<Immortal Object>> which soon faded. The grass at her feet still laid bent by the wolf which recently perished by her blade. The young player hoisted the length of Sif's Needle, her spear, to her back. It came to rest as if holstered by some manner of magic as she rose from a knelt position. "Kill or be killed," Snow stated for no one to hear. The tone of her voice dripped with sadness and remorse for the wolf she had put out of its misery. It attacked her first and left her no choice, but the game's cruel mimicry of the real world caused Snow distress. Would another player have just let it bleed out? Am I getting worked up for nothing? The girl let out a sigh. Her journey to find a companion to tame had been fruitless so far. Yet, The Defiled Church, was only a few more minutes away. There, Snow wanted to try and see if she could find a friend to take home. Sometimes, she liked to just sit in the shade of the church's walls and watch the swallows fly overhead. The deer and boars would keep to the treeline while she would doze off in the warm afternoon weather. Despite the building barring entry to all adventurers, she enjoyed its aesthetic and the consuming nature all around.
  22. Snow's train of thought drifted from Galilea to the object in her hand. She raised a brow and turned her attention to the large statue that barred entry to the church. Can you enter the church? The handbook said it couldn't be entered... I wonder what's inside? "Yeah, I spoke to a nice gentleman that helped me out with some of the basics. I didn't even know you could heal in this game. Silly, huh?" Snow let slip a nervous laugh. She also pointed to the area around her shoulders. "And look!" Her finger moved from shoulder to shoulder. She wasn't exactly sure which side her health bar appeared to others. She just wanted to show off the matching guild icon. "I also made up my mind on a guild!" "As for a familiar... I'm not sure yet. I don't know much about them other than I'd really just like something to keep my company in my home. Maybe something small?" @Galilea
  23. Snow

    [F1 - PP] Slower Day Than Usual

    For a new shop, this place saw more traffic in these few moments than hers had since she opened it. A brief moment of self pity donned over the girl before she returned to the humbling reality. Her blue eyes traced to the woman that offered to help and Snow politely bowed her head. "No thank you. It's big but not very heavy." The blonde did as instructed and set her gift on the counter. The content of several maki rolls, nigiri, katsu, and little baked goods would keep for at least the afternoon -- a sample of what she offered at her bar. Hopefully they would be worthy enough to get some word of mouth at the cafe. The owner went from half-dead to frazzled barista on the turn of a col. His unkempt hair and lackluster replies betrayed his sudden work ethic. Snow smiled. I'm sure he'd still rather be sleeping, she thought. "Well, don't let it keep too long. It's some samples from my restaurant on the fourth floor. A little welcome present for a fellow shop owner." She tried to speak over the sudden company and clink of ceramics as he worked. She took in the interior of the cafe piece by piece. Humble, minimal, and compact. Her soft gaze fell on the third of the tenants to enter and she took two takes. He seemed out of place. The fair blonde turned to the only other female present now that her hands were free. "I'm well. Thanks for offering to help. Would it be rude of me to join you? Tea always tastes better with company, I find."