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    Games, Reading, Spending time with family, Striving to get my Bachelor's in Game & Sim Programming, Diving, Flame Working, Blacksmithing, Whitesmithing, and having a good time with friends!

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  1. Will be taking this quest solo.
  2. Will be taking this quest with @Bongartz.
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    Profile Username: PercivalNicknames: PercyReal name: Obediah BlaylockAge: 23Gender: MaleHeight: 6'6" Appearance About: History/personality Virtues: Intelligent Prowess Dedicated Flaws: Soft-Hearted Timid Gruff Profession: Rank 3 Blacksmith (51/40) Skills Non-combat: Passive:Combat: Battle Healing Rank 1 (5SP) Weapon skills: One-Handed War Hammer Rank 2 (13SP) InventoryWeapons/Tools: Equipped Alakaslam (T1) One Handed War Hammer +1Dmg, +1 Paralyze, +1 Acc Persuasion (T1) Shield +1 Damage Mitigation, +1 Regen Mask of Torment (T1) Mask +2 Thorns Not Equipped Peacekeeper (T1) Heavy Armor +1 Mit Amulet (T1) +1 Evasion Items: 1200 Col 2 T1 Mats Yui's Grace (10) Roleplays Relationships Story Thus Far