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  1. Just got back from my mini-cation, going to knock out all due posts. Sorry for the delay!

  2. Anyone interested in knocking out Worn Out Welcome in the next day or two?

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    2. Damien


      Little note- there is no sword just armor.

    3. Alice
    4. Damien


      Awesome! Will reply when I get the chance at school right now.


      Oh wait- thought we were doing Worn Out Welcome?

  3. Alice made her way into the blacksmith's shop, this time being the first that she planned to be a legitimate customer. While she originally planned to return to Mack's shop to repay the favors, she was unfortunately met with a sign informing her that he was closed at the time. Likely, it was due to how backed up he was from the event he hosted and he certainly deserved a break, so in respect, she would make note to return with an order at a later time. In the meantime, however, she did want to begin improving her ability to hold her own in combat and needed a sword with some power to it. With that in mind, she'd open the doors to reveal what looked like a very simple, classical blacksmith workshop with original creations on display. Looking for the owner, she'd introduce herself, "Morning, I'm Alice. Nice to meet you." It wasn't somebody that she had yet met, but would allow the courtesy of exchanging introductions before moving on to her request, "I wanted to order some armor." Sharing the details with the owner, she'd reveal that it was a relatively common choice of enhancements, but wanted to get it designed to fit her style. - 5 Materials
  4. Bad weather is over, tornado watch/warning was posted all over the state. Just got some rough winds and a few smaller trees down in the local area.

  5. Please don't forget to post in the event @Teayre, time's ticking away.

  6. @Dominion @Baldur You wont be able to do this quest or the second one. This puts you at a total of 38 SP, which puts you at Level 15. If the very next thread you completed was [The First Few Lessons are Free], you would receive 3SP, putting you at 41 SP. You'll be Level 16 at that point, sorry to inform you.
  7. Would a mod please close this thread? Please do not forget to roll for the materials reward for the quest. (:

  8. Ayy, the "purpose" slot in the Cydel is now working. :D

  9. @Zandra Please don't forget to post in the event, only 5 hours until your 24 hour window has passed. :(

  10. Can't wait for @Mack to stomp on this event so we can get things going.

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    2. Row


      Nooo.. I mean a crown for a tooth. Like when cap your tooth after a root canal

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      Kind of hard to miss that when you directly mentioned dentist, it was a joke. :p

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      @Alice senpai 

      I failed you... Now I must cut my stomach open to repent for my dishonor

  11. Anyone have an old/spare 2HSS or amor they'd like to hand down?

    1. Mack


      Check out the Christmas... Once a Year thread in the Beginning Floors. I'm crafting free stuff with my stockpile of T1 mats for low-level players.

  12. Alice

    Alice Vunderland

    «Alice» Profile » Username: Alice » Real name: Alice Vunderland » Age: 22 » Gender: Female » Height: 5'6" » About: Born and raised in Germany, Alice was incredibly unlucky in her chances of being entrapped in this dangerous game. Having been raised in a moderate home and family, she excelled in school due to a combination of natural diligence and a personal tutor. She enjoyed her life, taking up piano as a hobby and being brought into gaming by some of her school pals. There wasn't much to what she did, mostly consisting of playing for cosmetics and designing houses while voice chatting with them. Here, she'd make some foreign friends online, learning more about some of the different cultures around the world and taking in the idea of someday traveling across the globe. Having already been grown up knowing German and English, she'd expand to learning Japanese in classes. Some point after enrolling in secondary school, she'd achieve the opportunity at a foreign exchange program in which she'd travel to Japan for six months. After a few months there, she'd occasionally meet up for some tea with some of the old players she met online who introduced her to some of the more advanced virtual reality gear that she hadn't seen back in Germany. Having enjoyed the experience in every way, she'd return home with hopes of revisiting after graduation, but had no intentions at the time of staying. Unfortunately, when she returned several years later, she'd find herself trapped in a new piece of tech that a few of her Japanese friends encouraged her into trying out. Instead of a game, however, she'd find herself falling into the rabbit hole called Aincrad. » Virtues: Compassionate: No matter how rough the goings get, if it's something within reason, Alice will be there to back you up. Whether you're in need of emotional support or a support role in battle, you can always rely on her to give you whatever help she can. However, this isn't a service she gives to anyone that asks. Typically, they should be well acquainted with her or have served her just as well. The little comforts are what she doesn't mind sharing with all, but she won't risk herself for just anyone. Punctual: Alice is quite organized, used to the steady and repetitive schedules back home. When she makes pledges that she will be somewhere, she's there with time to spare. Unfortunately, this leads her to believe that everyone should strive for the same, which isn't really too much to ask for. Of course, this isn't anything feasible and her temper often times gets a little steamed when she's left waiting for everyone else to show up. At least, not without good reason. Discernment: One doesn't survive long in either the physical or simulated world without a level head, capable of making sensible and cautious decisions. She doesn't like to go on a whim and "see what happens," if it means she or a friend could be harmed in the process. This extends elsewhere too, such as being open to discussion on raids, loot, events, business trades, and other standard practices often used throughout a normal day. » Flaws: Judgemental: While she won't outright state her opinions on people and tries not to show any bias, it's terribly difficult for her to not form an opinion on someone in the first minute of getting to know them. They tend to be rather critical, emphasizing their flaws, troubles, and challenges. They tend to make her feel slightly better about herself at the cost of nobody else, so long as she doesn't say anything. After all, everyone judges to some extent, even if they don't admit to it. Realist: Running on such a set schedule has led Alice to become a realist to a fault, not taking any consideration into ideas that are too impractical or attract too much risk. If it came down to it, if it meant losing something that had been worked on for years suddenly had a fifty-fifty chance of dying to get, she'd scrape the idea without hesitation. She also can't help feeling frustrated whenever someone mentions a religion or deity, simply for the overwhelming lack of consistency or concrete evidence they have. Vain: Alice feels obligated to keep up her persona to a flaw, feeling downright embarrassed if her reputation is tarnished in any way. She does what she has to in order to keep it up, but means that she resorts to lying, keeping secrets, and manipulating others. While she doesn't intend to do anything harmful to others to do so, the thought certainly has crossed her mind once or twice, even if she convinces herself that it's just something she couldn't do. »Profession: Profession: N/A Shop: N/A »Skills: Total SP: 5 Available SP: 0 »Non-combat: » N/A »Passive: » N/A »Combat: » N/A »Weapon skills: » Two Handed Straight Sword | Rank 1/5 | Novice »Mods: » N/A »Equipment » Fate (Armor) | Common - T1 | Starter Gift | N/A » Caliburn (2HSS) | Common - T1 | Starter Gift | N/A »Inventory: » 2274 Col » 0 T1 Materials » 20 T2 Materials »Log: » Alice in Wonderland (ft. Alice & Beatbox) - 2 SP, 200 Col, 14 T1 materials. » Nerius, the Evil Treant (Event) - 7 SP, 2074 Col, 20 T2 materials. » Diving Into Our First Dungeon (ft. Dominion, Jazz & Alice) - IN PROGRESS » Meet the Smiths (ft. Damien, Takeshi & Alice) - IN PROGRESS » Christmas Comes But Once a Year (ft. Various Players) - IN PROGRESS » The First Lesson (ft. Jax) - IN PROGRES » »