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  1. Well, that'll teach me. New character in development.

  2. Izzrikl

    [F3- Event Boss] Asterios- The Bull King

    Izzrikl listened to the briefing as he stood close to Atzo's shoulder. The clan badge was a fresh addition to his armor and looking around at the rest of the group he felt extremely under prepared for this little expedition. He almost left seeing the armor and stats on display as the parties formed up, but stubborn pride would not let him back out now. 'Here's hoping pride doesn't get me killed.' He thought as the groups split into parties and Atzo gave their group a pep talk. His lips quirked at this feeling like he was back in the core almost getting ready to drop the hammer on an enemy camp only thing missing was the nervous rookie...Oh wait. Pulling the assault spear he mentally cursed his luck in being unable to purchase something decent before coming here. Blue grey eyes hardened as he mentally kicked himself for acting like some green trainee instead of using his head he'd let his pride call the shots. Some tank leader he was turning out to be as he kept pace with his group and kept behind Atzo and to the left so he gave the advanced player room to attack and maneuver. Witnessing the sword arts was eye opening as they stunned and battered at Nato keeping him off balance. Shifting his stance he saw an opening as another member of his group launch a brutal series of strikes and kicks and when Nato turned to bellow his displeasure he rammed the broad head of his spear into his ribs. There was a heart beat where he couldn't believe it and he pulled back sharply wanting to get out of the way as quickly as possible. He planned on being up front where Atzo was now, but he had to survive this first. @Atzo "I think we made it angry." #79050 BD-9 (Crit +1) 4 Dmg 557-4= 553
  3. Izzrikl

    (SP-FL1) Pest Control [Complete]

    Complete 90 col+ 400 col {TC}= 490 col umcommon consumable 3 Crafting materials 1 SP
  4. Izzrikl

    F1: Seventh Heaven - Blacksmith

    Izzrikl looked at his interface map and furrowed his brow in consternation. Closing the window with a weary exhilation he looked over the shops adorned widow and the goods on display peeked his interest. Slowly he opened the shop door and listened for a moment and let his eyes adjust to the indoor lighting. Blue grey eyes scanned the room as he stepped over the threshold and stood casually admiring the red sheen of a two handed blade and its bonuses. Absently fingering the two handed shaft he compared the idea of focusing on sword skills then branch out into assault spears later. "Is the smith in?" He was sure to project his voice rather than roar it like some spoiled gamer demanding the attention of a parent. Turning from the sword he walked to the counter and rested a glove on the counter and patiently waited occasionally glancing at the wares displayed about. These were well crafted implements to be sure and perhaps if none of these were in his range he'd see about settling a personal order with this particular black smith.
  5. Izzrikl

    (SP-FL1) Pest Control [Complete]

    The loot menu opened up and listed not only the col, but more materials. Rubbing his chin he accepted the loot and set the spear back in its holder. Turning he set off for town once again hoping to purchase some new gear before farming again. Perhaps some armor instead this was a reaccuring back and forth decision since none of the monsters had dropped one with there deaths. However, with each death he felt his confidence swell and he felt the renewed feeling of the possibility of returning to the real world. He wasn't untouchable...yet. Think about it he'd seen some shops closed down for material gathering. 'There is a prospect there waiting to be capitalized on.' He mused making his way to the merchant street in search of something with some kick. 78919 LD-16 CD-5 Col-45 3 Crafting Materials
  6. Izzrikl

    (SP-FL1) Pest Control [Complete]

    Shifting and leaping over the thrashing insect allowed him to avoid the stinger sweeping back and forth. It slowed slightly as its last attack drove the stinger into the ground and it stuck fast. Shoving the spear into its side Izzrikl gave the spear tip a savage twist dropped the hits to zero and the bee collapsed and shimmered bursting into shimmering motes of crystal light. Planting the spear tip he let out a sigh of relief and triumph having conquered yet another monster on this floor. Now to see what it dropped his imagination pictured it dropping a nice piece of gear maybe a spear with some reference of insect anatomy to be cute. Course it could drop more col too; he'd heard of people getting bonus coin out of some monsters. 78908 BD-7 Mob-1 Izzrikl-20/20 Bee, Drone 0/15
  7. Izzrikl

    (SP-FL1) Pest Control [Complete]

    Standing on shaking legs he hefted the spear and watched the bee thrashed on its back before flipping onto its remaining legs and glared hatefully at him. On the ground they were on equal footing and he had to abort his attack to avoid the whipping stinger. Grinning he circled seeing the flashing red health bar and the nearing end of the fight. The bee knew it too it seemed as it kept on him since its wings were gone removing its ability to keep out of range and hover from side to side. 78906 BD-4 Mob-2 Izzrikl 16/20 Bee Drone 1/15
  8. Izzrikl

    (SP-FL1) Pest Control [Complete]

    He fiented keeping the bee off balance as it bobbed up and down. It's wings blurring the air as its weaponized abdomen waived in the air. It's antennas waivered and jerked as its own mandibles chattered. 'Damn bugs and their insesant chittering.' Izzrikl thought as the bee dive bombed him again its attack driving the stinger into his guts. As his boots left the ground he retained enough sense to sweep the spears tip and was rewarded with the severance of the bugs whirring wings. His back hit the ground and he grunted skidding and then he flipped onto his stomach with a groan. The healing aura sprung to action pushing the worst of the critical attack off. 78904 BD-10 Mob-10 Izzrikl 11/20 Bee, Drone 1/15
  9. Izzrikl

    (SP-FL1) Pest Control [Complete]

    Leveling the spear like a pool cue he waited then the bee came on. It's high pitch drone was like the sound of an accelerating Honda pushing its RPMs into the red. The tip slashed across the abdomen leaving a red gash. The timing was off though as the stinger sliced across his chest as it passed. It spun slightly thrown off balance by the attack before swinging back into equilibrium. He spat bracing for a new charge as his health bumped up sheathing him in blue green light. 78903 BD-6 Mob-7 Izzrikl 14/20 Bee, Drone 6/15
  10. Izzrikl

    (SP-FL1) Pest Control [Complete]

    Their dance kept turning around and around even turning back on itself. The bee's stinger darted in and about seeking to find a weak point to put a limited dent in his health bar. Turning and rolling his center of gravity shifting aside from the wicked barb as he thrust and swept the air with his spear tip. Hitting the bee was nothing short of an exercise in patience and timing while playing a deadly game of tag with this critter. Shifting his grip made the wood creak slightly in his gloves as the danced off 'I think it's going to be time to shift weapons after this.' He thought wondering what particular goody he could pick up in town. Or maybe the game might relent and drop something worth while. Only problem would be finding a shop open and within his current funds range. 78902 BD-3 Mob-4 Izzrikl 20/20 Bee, Drone 9/15
  11. Izzrikl

    (SP-FL1) Pest Control [Complete]

    Droning away as it hovered about and dive bombing him as it tried to stick him again with its stinger. Gritting his teeth as it scored another attack dropping his health. Izzrikl shoved off with his back foot catching it as it tried to get out of reach of his spears tip. Slashing across two of its long legs and taking them off at the segmented joint caused the drone to alter in pitch. 'Could it be screaming?' He mused darkly as it recovered its balance. He noted its health was deep in the orange and that much closer to the end of this fight. He was reminded of some anime fight where the strikes came in blurs where you could only tell the outline due to the artists outlining where their arms were suppose to be while they duked it out. He was briefly thankful that this critter didn't have any nasty surprises, but tore this thought down so as to keep it from coming back to bite him in the backside. 78901 BD-6 Mob-6 Izzrikl 19/20 Bee, Drone 9/15
  12. Izzrikl

    (SP-FL1) Pest Control [Complete]

    Trying to keep up with the bee's constantly jinksing about was an exercise in itself. He remembered being back home with his wife and trying to track a flys flight path. The damn thing wasn't even half as big but just as fast and eventually he'd lost sight of the buzzing pest. Same thing happened here save he hadn't lost sight of the giant bee, but lost track of its movements. In that lapse it darted in jabbing its stinger into his chest and knocking him off balance for the moment. His status icon hadn't changed so he wasn't stunned, or poisoned so those might be reserved for other members of the hive. 78900 BD-3 Mob-8 Izzrikl 14/20 Bee, Drone 12/15
  13. Izzrikl

    (SP-FL1) Pest Control [Complete]

    Warding off the bee's next thrust Izzrikl took the time to study the winged pest. Now that he took the time to look at it it resembled more of a wasp, or hornet than a bee. It's body was narrow, and it'd abdomen that housed that wicked looking stinger was a round segment. It's form was stripped in yellow and black like anything that was considered a "Bee". There was no real pattern to it markings, but the name indicator showed this to be a drone. 'Hard to imagine these ugly things getting any bigger.' He thought ruefully as his spear snaked out to attack the bee's hovering form, but it's wings proved to be it's biggest advantage. Cocking his head he thought as it buzzed back in and let it's short antenna waiver in the air as if it was taunting him. 78897 BD-3 Mob-4 Izzrikl 20/20 Bee, Drone 12/15
  14. Izzrikl

    (SP-FL1) Pest Control [Complete]

    Stepping from behind the trees about brought him nose to nose with another insect and after a quick look over its form it's tag sprang up identifying it as a Drone Bee. It's eye flared red as he stepped into its agro radius and then it came right at him. His spear lashed over his shoulder and lanced forward spiking the bugs abdomen causing it to veer off course. His teeth ached with the low droning of it's wings as it hovered and swerved about in front of him. Bunching up it dove at him with its lethal looking stinger which slashed the air as he jumped aside. Looking at it's barbed tip he winced thinking of what nasty surprises this critter had in store when it did land a hit on him. He didn't see anything to indicate venom, but he was almost certain that a direct hit would cause poison, or paralyses. 78895 BD-7 Mob-4 Izzrikl 20/20 Bee, Drone 12/15
  15. Izzrikl

    (SP-FL1) Pest Control [Complete]

    Shifting the spear to his back and spat as the mantis bulged and burst into shimmering shards. The item drop opened and his lip twitched as the information scrolled open. Cocking an eyebrow as an unknown consumable dropped into his pack to rest next to the crafting materials. With a sigh he stepped out of the trees rolling his shoulders and running a hand over the meager starting gear. With his recently acquired funds he was certain he could afford some decent gear, but it was a matter of finding a shop with affordable rates and what he was looking for. Absently he wondered at what he might be able to get in town. Already his mind set more on armor rather than a new weapon, but it didn't fall too far down the list of things he needed to collect before pushing further up the floors. 78822 LD-16 CD-9 Col-45 Uncommon Consumable