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  1. Well, that'll teach me. New character in development.

  2. Izzrikl

    [F3- Event Boss] Asterios- The Bull King

    Izzrikl listened to the briefing as he stood close to Atzo's shoulder. The clan badge was a fresh addition to his armor and looking around at the rest of the group he felt extremely under prepared for this little expedition. He almost left seeing the armor and stats on display as the parties formed up, but stubborn pride would not let him back out now. 'Here's hoping pride doesn't get me killed.' He thought as the groups split into parties and Atzo gave their group a pep talk. His lips quirked at this feeling like he was back in the core almost getting ready to drop the hammer on an enemy camp only thing missing was the nervous rookie...Oh wait. Pulling the assault spear he mentally cursed his luck in being unable to purchase something decent before coming here. Blue grey eyes hardened as he mentally kicked himself for acting like some green trainee instead of using his head he'd let his pride call the shots. Some tank leader he was turning out to be as he kept pace with his group and kept behind Atzo and to the left so he gave the advanced player room to attack and maneuver. Witnessing the sword arts was eye opening as they stunned and battered at Nato keeping him off balance. Shifting his stance he saw an opening as another member of his group launch a brutal series of strikes and kicks and when Nato turned to bellow his displeasure he rammed the broad head of his spear into his ribs. There was a heart beat where he couldn't believe it and he pulled back sharply wanting to get out of the way as quickly as possible. He planned on being up front where Atzo was now, but he had to survive this first. @Atzo "I think we made it angry." #79050 BD-9 (Crit +1) 4 Dmg 557-4= 553
  3. Izzrikl

    [F3- Event Boss] Asterios- The Bull King

    Izzrikl studied the shop fronts searching for an affordable set of armor. He had a decent purse after his intial encounters out in the fields. The number of vacant or closed signs made him seriously doubt he'd be getting any equipment today. He sighed resting a forearm against a store front door and ground his teeth. His inbox pinged and opened with a group invite from Atzo. Scanning the quick request he sighed and shut the message down. 'Floor 3? That's almost insane at my current level and without any new gear it almost suicide.' His thoughts were grim and equally unhappy with current situation being top of his list in matters of difficulty. A thought brought his moody thoughts up short and made him smile slightly. 'A group that size would make for some very impressive loot.' He mused as he walked to the towns teleporter and transitioned from the Town of Beginings to where the raid was gathering and his assembled guild mates. Stepping out of the shimmering light made his eyes water and it took him a moment to locate where the groups were situated. @Atzo Where are we suppose to meet? Just stepped off the teleport pad. Stepping off the pad he stood back to a solid wall and watched the milling crowd until his guild leader responded. Stats: Lvl1 20Hp 3 Eng Combat Heal-1
  4. Izzrikl

    Izzrikl's Journal

    Profile Username: Izzrikl Real name:Dylan Miller Age:58 Gender:Male Height: 5' 11 About: History/personality Dylan was born in The urban sprawl of Alabama. Growing up Dylan was not trouble maker, but was often pulling friends out of tight spots when he could. Even so He found himself in a situation where it was either tell the local sherif who'd vandalized the principles home or take the rap himself. Caught between loyalty and self preservation he kept his silence and was suspended for several weeks. Dylan's Father was a member of the local Newspaper and sat him down away from his fuming mother and asked him for the truth. They talked and his father told him that loyalty was a good thing so long as it was never misplaced or abused. Highschool saw him graduate and join the service as a Marine. Trained as an engineer he built and developed for the war machine on several deployments before disaster changed his life forever. Insurgents left a nasty surprise for troop convoys and the ATC his squad was riding in was sent up and over in the blast of an IED. At the age of 23 Dylan was introduced into a world of pain and fear before he passed out. He woke up in a base hospital laid up in a bed and groggy as he tried to understand what had happened. Shock and rage filled him as he discovered just how high a price had been paid when he saw his left leg capped off below the knee and scarred from the vehicle crash and rescue after. Shock was cushioned by the support of his family and fellow marines as he made his road to recovery. When Sword Art Online was set to launch Dylan had rejoined the world as a successful engineer and innovator in the business world and his kids were mostly grown up even as advancing years started to curl their cold fingers in his bones. Safice to say that when he logged in and discovered like so many other that the logout was no longer working he panicked like the rest. Rage, fear, and finally came to a place of clarity in the maelstrom like he was back in the MCU out pounding pavement and bringing the hammer down. Here he had both his legs, and while he wasn't carrying modern firepower it wasn't like he was defenseless here. Virtues: Stoic- Dylan isn't fearless, but refuses turn away from poor or overwhelming odds. Dylan's martial training has allowed him to overcome emotion to a degree and have clarity during times of duress. Dylan's great expression of his Stoic nature is best shown during his years of intense rehabilitation and again when he was sealed inside SAO refusing to let fear control him. Loyal- Dylan's trust is not just simply given and something to be treated lightly. His devotion is ferrous and iron clad until that trust is torn down and tossed away. Friends and Family above all else because those are all that's worth anything in this life. Honest- Dylan has a direct moral standing to play it as straight as possible. Coupled with military life to up hold integrity to the highest degree possible. This doesn't mean that he won't lie, but that unless given cause to he'll be as truthful as the situation allows. Flaws: Stubborn- Being a ground pounding grunt Dylan can display a level of focus that can make even the immovable object flinch. This isn't to say that he won't listen to reason, but pride sometimes gets the better of him. Firm focus and belief in his own abilities can lead to him standing in the face of terrible odds that a wiser man might retreat from to fight another day or more advantageous positioning. Blunt-Dylan's integrity and personality have a nasty side effect when speaking to others. Dylan is a plain speaker and will never sugar coat what he says and while he won't be intentionally rude or abrasive. Dylan has no love for talking around what needs to be said or people who won't say what they mean or want. Arrogant- Combat trained and wise in the ways of the world Dylan can't claim to be bullet proof, but having survived real combat, and being one of the older players in SAO means that respect isn't something he needed to earn. Regardless there is a measure of self importance that comes with being a combat veteran. Depending on the situation he's more likely to ignore or talk down to anyone he sees as being worthless, or not properly giving the respect he's earned in the line of duty. Profession Skills Non-combat: » Passive: »Combat Healing-1 Combat:T Weapon skills: » Inventory Col-1,025 Crafting materials-5 Uncommon Consumable Weapons/Tools: »Two Handed Iron Assault Spear Iron Breast Plate Roleplays Fresh Start and Old Nightmares (SP-FL1) <Complete> Pest Control (SP-FL1) <Complete> Relationships (optional) Story Thus Far (optional)