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  1. - How should I say it...it is not that long ago, that this feeling was much worse than now. I think I managed to lose it at least a little bit...I-i mean, I have neve spoke that much, before I came to SAO...and now it is kinda different ther are times I really need to speak. - Saphira looked shy at the ground - I think I would be able to speak more often and louder, if I know the people around me...ther are yuts a few people I am close to... - the last part was not more as a mumble. - Why I think so? - she said thoughtful - After a few things happened in my life ther was nobody by my side, I was alone and ther was nearly nobody who listened to me. I decided to try to walk my own way. I think it was not such a good choice, I ended up half frostbitten. - Saphira smiled nervous - Why am I talking about something with a nearly complete strange person? - Saphira looked up as Thorsten begun to talk about Hikoru who had reached the place where the wasps had spawned - I am a little bit jealous... - she mumbled - I hope I will be able to fight too soon. I hope one day I will be able to do something like this with my dagger too. - She said and followed Hikoru with her eyes as he killed the first wasp. @Hikoru
  2. As Hei told her, he won´t tell anyone that she like to be with him she looked away, but after a short moment she had to smile and said - Thank you for not telling anyone - . Saphira listened to him as he explained what he wanted to do at the sixth floor - So you want to search for a familiar - interested she looked at him - It doesn´t sounds that easy - she said and looked at the way. Finally they reached the place with the teleporting platform, Saphira looked at it - I wonder how it will be there, at the sixth floor, in the jungle. - she mumbled - And while he will search for one of the Lizarddragons I will search some materials, I hope both of us will be successful. - - Uhhm...is ther anything important I need to know about the sixth floor? Or can we go up to it? - she asked and looked at Hei, waiting for an answer, if ther was something importand she should take care of.
  3. - Okay - said Saphira a little bit disappointed - He know it better than me, maby ther is really not a real chance for me to fight against this mobs... - As Hikoru begun to talk again she looked at him. He finished his sentence then he made a step backwards and disappeared in the shadows. - It feels like I did somethin wrong - Saphira thought as she looked to the ground, but as Thorsten begun to walk she followed him. After a short moment he turned around and begun to talk to her - So you want to be something like a opposite of him? he can disappear and sneak up on you and you want to see him, and every one else who tries to hide from you? - she asked him - I think you are not the only one with experience, sorry if it sounds rude. I am not sure if the world would listen to me - she said and added with quieter voice - not hiding myself away...this is a really hard part, I can´t even start a conversation without feeling misplaced. - @Hikoru
  4. - I don´t need anything. - Saphira said to the bar man after Hei had told him his order. As the bar man walked away Hei begun to talk and told her, that this was the first time he had heard about this quest. as Hei had told her the few things he knew she nodded - Yes, the <<Wind Wasp Queen>> is a hidden field boss, and I think it won´t be that strong. I mean the people I got the information from were from a lower level than me, so I think we will be able to fight the wasp queen. And also I think if I would get in trouble you would help me, since I think if someone of us will get in trouble it would be me. - with a little, shy smile she ended and looked at Hei - Also we don´t have to fight against some normal wind wasps before we could fight against the queen, since the wasp queen will spawn once we will be there. - Saphira begun to think, if there was another important information she could tell Hei as the bar man came back and brought Hei´s meal - Enjoy your meal. If you have any questions about the quest, just say it. - Saphira said.
  5. - I am sorry, that I took so long - She said as they walked out of the shop - I hope you ain´t had to wait too long. - she added with a little guilty feeling. As the two of them begun to walk to the teleportetion pplatform she tried to forget about her bad feeling and to enjoy the soft breeze. Saphira looked up to Hei and as he begun to speak, she had to smile after the first sentence - I am glad, it is also nice to be with you. Okay, this sounds really weird...I-i mean y-you are a nice person, a-and it is always fun to be with you... - Saphira looked shy away as her face blushed a little bit, and as the heat was gone she looked again at Hei and said - No, no, it is okay. I don´t have to do much at the moment so I am glad that you asked me to come along. Also I never was at the sixth floor before. - glad, that she would visit the sixth floor with someone she, know she smiled again. - I hope I will find some useful materials there...but for wat exactly do you want to look for at the sixth floor? In the message you said something about rare Lizarddragons, will you try to catch one of them? - she asked Hei.
  6. F4/OP) Snow and Fun! (Eggnog Included)

    Saphira smiled as Hei greeted her, still smiling she took a green hairband from him - Nice to see you Hei, or should I say Santa? It looks good on you - she smiled again. And after she waited some time for an answere of the strange girl she walked away, around the crowd of guildmembers and people she didn´t know, looking for someone she could talk to, someone who was just standing around. She reached the table with the bottles of eggnog, curious she looked at them - I wonder how it taste. - she thought. As she took one bottle to have a closer look on it she heared a more or less familiar voice. Searching for the owner of the voice she walked through the room. While she walked around someone opened the door - Nice to see you, Kalu - she greeted her guildmate with a smile. After some time Saphira found Pinball laughing and with tears in his eyes - Are you alright? - she asked smiling and looked at him. - It is nice to see you again Pin. How are you doing? - She said as @Pinball wiped his eyes.
  7. F4/OP) Snow and Fun! (Eggnog Included)

    Saphira was still looking around as Eatos entered the room, Fae thanked Hei for a green headband and walked to Eatos. - They all look happy - she thought as again someone entered the shop. - At least I could try to talk to someone...maby someone new...someone I didn´t know... - . She looked to her side as the girl who had entered the shop walked out of the crowd toward the food. The girl nodded and asked Saphira with a curious look on her face - Uhhm...yeah, I am part of the guild. Is it really that worse? I mean, am I looking really that distant? - - Obviously yes - she grabbed a Cookie - Uhhm...my name is Saphira and who are you? Do you know someon here or are you a friend of someone? - she asked the girl, trying to start a conversation with her. Soon someone opened the door again and Pinball entered the room and after some time Stryder arrived as well with a box full of bottles with eggnog.
  8. SAO 2017 Holiday Raffle

    free mats, am I right?^^ Tries to win something and also happy holidays
  9. F4/OP) Snow and Fun! (Eggnog Included)

    Saphira sat in her shop, behind the counter on a pillow near the fire place with a cup of hot chocolate in her hands, and thought about going to the Christmas party her guild would have. Slowly she emtied her hot chocolate and stood up. Saphira walked to the door of her shop and after a short moment of hesitate she left her shop. - I don´t really want to be alone again while everyone is happy - she thought a little bit saddened and walked through the town of beginning. The girl walked to the teleporter and chose the fourth Floor - I think it will be a good idea to go to the party, at least this would mean I won´t be alone at Christmas - she thought. As she entered the fourth floor the cold wind hit her and Saphira soon begun to shiver - Argggg, this is such a stupid idea - . Jittering she looked around, a few NPC childrens were building a snowman, some other NPC childrens helped there parents to carry some stuff for christmas whereever she looked ther was christmas decoration. - This remindes me at my past, everyone is happy and with his family, besides me. - After some time she become accustomated for the cold air and stopped shivering. After some time the girl begun to search for Eatos shop and as she found the stone building she also saw Fae, the littele girl walked to the shop and entered it. Soon she also saw Hei who walked to the Building followed from a girl Saphira didn´t know - At this point I am feeling like some kind of stalker, and I am not proud of it...- slowly she came closer to the building ande entered it. - Uhhm...Hey everyone - she said and looked around, she saw Fae, Eatos familiar, Hei and two other players. Shy she looked at the strange players - Uhhm...my name is Saphira, nice to meet you. - she said to the two Players and walked to Fae and Hei.
  10. Saphira listened to Hikoru, as he told that he would fight against the most creatures plus the wasp queen. - That means we will have a chance to fight too, at least I hope so. - she thought as Hikoru warned the two to stand not in his way while fighting. Saphira nodded slowly and checked her equipment before she followed Hikoru. She looked at Thostren wo puts on the last part of his equipment and waited a short moment. - Uhhm...H-hioku - said Saphira shy - Would it be okay if I want to fight too? I want to become stronger and even if you are a high level player it seems a little bit unfair, if you are doing the most work… - Saphira looked up to the strange man. After a short moment she looked to Thorsten and said - I am sorry for interrupting you - shamefaced. - Maby I should be quiet now… - she thought and followed the two men silent, waiting to her Hikorus answers for the questions. @Hikoru (OOC: sorry that the answer took me so long)
  11. Saphira didn´t hav to wait long, soon she saw Hei who came to her and greeted her. - Nice to see you again - she said with a smile - Sure, we can stop at a tavern to eat something. - She stood up - I had seen a tavern while I was walking throgh the town on our way, please follow me. - . Saphira led Hei across the marketplace and and down a street. - I am not sure, but I think you might know this quest already. - she said while walking - anyway, there is this hidden field boss I would like to fight with you, maybe you know something more than me about it. - A few minutes after she had finished she stopped infront of the tavern named "The Yellow Rubber Duck" - here it is - she said to Hei and opened the door. Saphira held the door open for Hei and walked then to a near, free table.
  12. (PP-F1) Dragon Hunting

    Saphira looked aroun, searching and waiting for the other guild members. Soon arrived a read-haired girl and a guy she remembered as "crow" or something. Shy she walked a few steps back and looked at the arriving people. - I wonder who this red-haired girl is - she thought and looked at the girl who stood near a tree. As Pinball arrived she looked at all those present - We are still not complete...where is Stryder? I wonder when he will arrive.. - . As Eatos begun to greed us, Stryder arrived. Eatos said, that they would do the "dragon-quest" and she talked about, that she would put us in teams soon. - I wonder who of all this members will be in a group with me - curious she looked again around - Also I wonder, if I will be able to fight agains the dragon, sure it will be dangerous, still... - She looked at Eatos again and waited, if she would say soon something about the teams. @Thorsten
  13. Saphira was still sleeping as she heared the bell sound of an arriving message, she mumbled something hard to understand and snuggled deeper in her pillow. But after some time her curiosity outweighed and she opened her menu . As she saw the message of Hei, she begun to read - I really need some materials...and it is much more fun to search for them together...also I´ve never visited the sixth Floor before - . As Saphira finished reading she stood up and took her equipment on and walked down to her shop. She poured the plants and before she left the shop she ate fast something, before she would left the house hungry. - All I know about the sixth Floor is, that it is a jungle Floor. Maybe I´ll find something useful. - she thought while she was walking through the town of beginning. - Good morning Hei - said Saphira with a smile as she entered "The Hanger" and saw Hei - I would like to join you - - Stats and Equip -
  14. Saphira stood up early this morning, and after a breakfast she left the hous and the store. She strolled around without a reason, enjoying the morning. As Saphira reached the place with the teleporter, she stopped and looked on it - I think...I never was on floor two...maby once....lets make a twice out of it. - Saphira stepped in the teleporter and choose floor two. She closed her eyes and as she opened them again she saw another town in the light of the sunrise, she stepped out of the teleporter and begun to walk around. While she was walking through the streets, the town came to live, people begun to walk around and player and NPC´s opened their shops. Saphira strolled further through the town, here and there she stopped and looked at the Shops. As she came to an marketplace she heared a group of players talking about a hidden field boss. Curious she came closer and asked on of the guys where they had found the hidden field boss. After some time of talking with them Saphira walked away, searching for a quiet place. Soon she found one, as she looked around and saw a bench she took a seat on it. She opened her menu and clicked at the message field. Fast she wrote a message at Hei and sent it - I hope he will come. - - Message - @Hei - Player Stats -
  15. [F02] «Long Live The Queen»

    I am taking this quest with Hei