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  1. - Thats a good idea. Also, if we start our way that early we will still have light on our way back, so we don´t have to walk in the dark. - Saphira answered and start to feel kinda nervous. While eating she tried to find something to talk about, to feel a little bit less nervous, but the only thing they could talk about, she had in her mind, was the upcoming fight against the monster, and the fear, that she would be to weak to fight it. This would´nt be a good theme for talking so she tried to find something else, they could talk about. While she was thinking, the lady came and brought the drinks - Thank you - said Saphira, still in thoughts. She looked at Huatli, who seemed really happy and sleepy. After some time of just sitting there, Saphira had emtyed her bowl, the warm soup was good and helped her by warming up again. - What do you think by going to sleep after the drink? - she asked Hei and tried her drink the lady had brought them after Hei had ordered them.
  2. After Saphira had answered Hei´s question, it seemed to her, like he was thinking about something - Did I made him think with my answere? - a little bit curious she lookeed at him before he start to walk towards to the armchairs close to the fire place. After he had sit down he told her to come and limb up, as she was about to walk over to Hei, Huatli, the armchairs and the fireplace, she saw a sign with some recommended dishes. Saphira turned to the lady - I would like to order something, miss. - she said to the lady and with a smile she replied - What can I bring you? - - I-i would like to have two of the mushroom soups - the women nodded, then she left the room. - I-i hope you don´t mind, that I ordered also a soup for you - she said to Hei as she reached the armchairs and took also a seat. The warmth of the fire felt good and soon the old lady appeared again with two bowls filled with soup in her hands. She placed the bowls on a table between the two chairs and walked with a smile on her face away. Careful she tried a sip of the soup, it did taste great.
  3. Saphira already had start to shiver and was really glad as Hei start to walk towards to the tavern she had pointed on before. Followed from Huatli the two reached the tavern and entered it. Saphira had to wait as Huatli jumped in front of her and kind blocked the entrance. After the little dino had walked out of the entrance to a little fireplace she followed Hei inside and looked around. It was warm inside the tavern, the air was filled with the smell of the fire and food and the room just looked like some kind of living room, this all let someone feel like at home. Even for Saphira it felt really relaxing and she start to feel kinda tired and sleepy. Saphira followed Hei, who had start to talk to an older lady, after she had a last look on Huatli. As she listened to what the lady told them she felt a little bit nervous and she wasn´t really sure, what Hei was thinking about this situation as he turned around and asked her about her opinion of sharing a room. - Y-yeah, it´s okay. - she said a little bit stuttering and looked at him, hoping, that it was also okay for him.
  4. In one of the other moment, it was cold around Saphira, they had entered the fourth floor. She looked at her surrounding, the sky already had the colors of the coming sunset and it wouldt take long, till it´s dark. As Saphira heared a excited sound from the ground she looked down and saw Huatli, jumping through the snow, trying to catch a snowflake with her mouth. - It would be better, if we stay the night in a tevern or something. It doesn´t sound like a good idea to go out of the town now. - Saphira answered to Hei´s question and searched for a close tavern where they could stay the night. - What do you think about this one? - she asked Hei and pointed at a little tavern. While she was talking it start to snow and Huatli became more excitet than before. - Should we head to the taver or do you know a better place? - she asked and looked at Hei.
  5. Saphira

    (PP-F6) Leap Frogs

    The last time Saphira had a mango was a long time ago, so it took her some time to eat up her whole mango half. It was a really sweet one and it reminded her at the time after living on the street, as she was able to get back to a normal life, more or less. As she had finished eating up her mango part, she looked up to the sky, followed some of the many insects in the air with her eyes, then she looked back at Froppy. - So...what do we want to do now? Since you need some time to rest we could do something without moving. We could just sit around and talk about something. - she stopped and start to think about a good theme to talk about as she felt something falling on her head. She cringed a little bit before she tried to have a look on ehat ever it was, as she heared a well known sound. ribbit. It wasn´t Tsu who had made this sound so... - Is ther a frog on my head? - Saphira asked Tsu with a little smile on her face.
  6. It was one of the very rare moments, that Saphira really felt happy, the kind of happy she wasn´t able to feel often. It seemed, that Hei was also kinda suprised and - Did he blush? - Saphira thought as she looked at his face and saw the red cheeks. For a short moment she had to look down, before she could look at him again - It sounds good. Since I reached a new level I want to try some new skills with my dagger, and with that necklace, I think, I will be able to hit the mob, or at least better than these dumb wasps. - grumbling she looked down, then she opened her inventory and took the cloak and the scarf out of it - I think we should start our way to the fouth floor, if I remember it right it gets dark there soon and I dont want to fight against a strong mob in the darkness. - she smiled and put the warm clothes on before she turned and made her way out of the shop.
  7. Saphira listened to Hei as he explained, what he wanted to do at the fourth floor. It sounded kinda dangerous, but she was sure, that she would be able to do it with Hei´s help. Also it was a suprise for her, that Hei handed her the necklace over, she wasnt really prepared to get something like this. With big eyes she looked at the red gemstone, which looked like a dragon eye, the gem gave her the feeling to be observed. - Thank you - she said with a big, bright smile and hugged him intense. After some time she let go of him again and said - Yeah, I really like the dagger you gave me, it is a good weapon and I think it would be good to give it an upgrate, I mean, I want it to stay as helpful as it is now, but for that it needs to become better. And with you by my side, we would be able to slay that monster and manage the quest - she was still smiling and added after some time with quiet voice - I think you would have a chance, even if you are alone, so this means much to me, if you come with me and help me to get stronger. This time, I think, I will be able to fight better than the last time. -
  8. It was close to noon and Saphira was sitting in a little tavern on the first floor, in front of her a cup of hot chocolate and a sandwiche. Between a few bites and a sip of her hot chocolate she looked at her dagger, still she wanted to get stronger, but for this she needed a better weapon or she had to give her actual dagger an upgrate. Saphira finished her sandwich and took another sip of the chocolate, while she was thinking about a quest, which would help her to improve her dagger as she heared the bell sound of a message. Curious she opened her menue, to have a look on the message, it was from Hei. After Saphira had read the message, she emtyed her cup as fast as she could, without getting her tongue burned, paid the food and left the gloomy tavern. She walked through the town to her shop, to get some warm clothes. She grabbed a thick, warm cloake and a scarf before she left her shop again and made her way over to Hei´s shop " The Hanger ". Soon she arrived at the shop and entered the building. - Hey there - she said as she did found Hei and came closer, trying to not trip on Huatli. The little raptor surrounded her curious - Hey little one, be careful - Saphira said with a smile to the raptor before she looked again up to Hei - What do you want to do on the fourth floor? And also I brought something to eat, I wasn´t sure if you already had something and I thought, maybe someone could get hungry by what ever we will do. - and she showed a bag filled with cookies
  9. Saphira

    (PP-F6) Leap Frogs

    Saphira stopped the tickle-attack as she saw Tsu´s expression on her face, and in one of the other moment her smile disappeared. - I am sorry - she said kinda shocked and looked with big eyes at the girl - I am really sorry. I-i didn´t know, that you dislike to be tickled, I should have asked you before it. - she made a step back, to give her the chance, to sit up again. - Uhhm...waht do you think about eating something? - she looked to a close branch full with yellow-red fruits which looked like mangos. Saphira stood up and walked over to the branch. It does took her a moment, before she was able to reach one of the mangos, carefull she grabbed the fruit and came back to Froppy. She sit down again, opened her menu to get the dagger to cut the fruit. She was right about it, it really was a mango. And as she did cut off the first stripe, without the protecting skin, she offered it to Froppy, hoping, that she would like mango - Here, I hope you like it. -
  10. With a tablet in her hand, the maid came back to their table and put the ordered things in front of them. The smoked salmon sandwich looked really good, and she was sure that it also would taste as good as it looked. She looked up as Hei finished his sentence, but she wasnt really sure, that exactly he wanted to say with the last part - Why fishy..? - she decides, to stop to think about, what he could have meant wit hthis and answered instead - Yes, I really like fish. - wit this words she start to eat. After the first bite of her sandwich she added, - It really does taste good, I hope your stew is good as well. Even if this taver looks kinda creepy the food seems to be good. - she smiled, then she took another bite of her sandwich. The food let Saphira feel a little bit better after the more or less successful fight against the wasps, and she was able to ignore the strange atmospehre of the tavern. The food and the drinks did taste fantastic and it was a good way to relax a little bit. Rewards: Saphira: + 400 Col | 3 +2 = 5 Skill Pionts Hei: + 400 Col | 3 +2 = 5 Skill Pionts Both: <<The Matriarch's Stinger>> This incredibly potent venom can be applied to a weapon to provide an additional +1 damage for the duration of one battle.
  11. Saphira watched Hei and Huatli on theire way up the stones, she was still sitting on the big stone as the two reached her. She had to cringe a little bit as Hei ruffled her hair, it was one of the many things she was never prepared of. Even if he was for some time in the cold water, his hand was warm and Saphira felt her face getting hot. She looked away to hide her blushed face and stood up - S-sure - stuttered and continued the way up. She led the two throug the corridors, back to the green light of the jungle. The air get warmer with every step they came closer to the entrance of the jungle and the exit of the ruin. As they left the ruin, Saphira needed a short moment to orient before she was able to led the group back to the town with the telepotation plattform on this floor. On their way throug the jungle, she looked a last time for this trip around, trying to get as much empressions of this place as possible as she stopped walking. - Hei, do you remember, what you did wrote in the message you sent me? I mean the part about the lizzarddragons...I think I did found one - and careful the girl pointed through the leaves to a trunk in the sunlight with a small, dragonsimilare creature.
  12. Saphira

    (PP-F6) Leap Frogs

    As Tsu start to shook her head Saphira tried to get away from the water out of Tsu´s hair and the wet hair of her. after Tsu did stopped, Saphira wiped the water out of her face. Saphira looked away as Tsu took off her wet clothes to hung it over a tree branch to let them dry. As she walked back to Saphira, she thought the girl would sit down on the ground instead of this she start to strip Saphira down to her underwear. - What are yo- Hey, stop. I can do it myself... - she protested and looked down to the little girl. It was a strange feeling and she didn´t really understand, why Froppy had done this but now it already had happened. - Okay, I think we should talk first about the fact, that I can take off my clothes by my own - she said with a smile before she start to try to tickle Tsu for what she had done, or at least she hoped, that Tsu was ticklish. @Froppy
  13. Saphira listened, as Hei added something to drink to their order. She followed the maid with her eyes as she made her way to the counter, there was a strange atmosphere inside the tavern. It reminds her at the time she had lived on the street, the moment when two or more kids did find something to eat and tried to figure out, who of them would have the better chance to get it. Hei´s voice pulled her out of her thoughts. - This place is okay, it has something fascinating but it also remembers me a little bit at my past. - she looked at him and for a short moment, the thought that he could be worried about her crossed her mind - I am alright, if that is what you want to know. It is okay for me to be here, it is just this strange atmosphere that makes me feel a little bit unwell. - she looked at a group of players, dressed in completely black clothes, before she looked back at Hei.
  14. Saphira nodded as Hei told her, that they should head back soon. slowly she turned and made her way back out of the water. The air was cold on her wet skin and she had to shudder, fast she opened her menu and took her cloak out of it. she dried herself and changed the wet top and shorts with dry clothes. After changing clothes, she looked around, searching after Huatli. The little raptor was still close to the water and followed the fishes with his curious eyes. Saphira smiled, then she looked around to see, if Hei was already out of the water. As she saw him, coming out of the water, she start slowly to climb up the stones again. As the girl reached one of the bigger stones, she stopped climbing and took a seat on the stone and looked down to the lake with the glowing fishes, the little raptor and Hei. - Maybe I am not that lucky at finding useful materials, but that doesn't mean, that I am completely unlucky. I would say, it was also luck, that i did met him. - she smiled and waited, till the other two reached her, before she continued the way up.
  15. Saphira walked back to Hei as the group of players had lef the marketplace. She looked at the tavern Hei was talking about, the Mending Drum, the building looked like the perfect place to find there assassins and something similar. Careful Saphira followed Hei inside the tavern and looked around in the filled, gloomy room and start to feel kinda lost. Saphira took a seat on a empty table, followed from a look at the menue as Hei told her to order when she was ready. While reading the menue, her stomach start to grumble. As she had read nearly half of the menue, she stopped, they had fish. Curious she looked at the fish-dishes and after a short moment of thinking she ordered - A stew and a smoked salmon sandwich, please. - - Coming up. - answered the girl which took the order and walked away, still nervous she looked to Hei.