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  1. Quickly Saphira made a step back and thought about a second attack. The small one looked at here with it's small black eyes and made an angry oink sound. Carefully she came closer, step by step. She let the angry mob come closer, waiting for the moment, when it won't be able to jump out of her range again, even if it would hit her. The Pub made a big jump forward and as it reached her leg again she stabbed it, the little thing exploded into pixels. Hoping for a tusk she looked at the place, but there was no pop up to tell her, that there was one. At least one of them was successful, Saphira looked at Runa as she told her, that she already had found one - Good job - she told her and start to look for the next small pub. It doesn't took her long to find another grazing Boar and close to it, there was a second one. - Stats - Saphira: 274/280 HP | 26/28 EN | DMG 7 | ACC 3 | LD 3 Boar Pub: -2/5 HP | DMG 3
  2. Saphira watched as it was Arabelle's turn again, now she could kill one of the merfolks. As she watched her steps she looked at the first one which exploded into millions of tiny pixels - Did it died because the effect I made? - she thought a little bit shocked, this wasn't what she wanted to do, so since it died because of her she had to loot it, or not? A look at Arabelle's face was enough to get an answer, she seemed not so happy about the death of the first one, she could understand her, she was the one who had the task to finish them, she had the bigger chance for better loot. Quickly Saphira reached the place where the merfolk did just disappear into the many pixels, while running over to the place she changed her arm armour with her plushie, her chance for good loot wasn't so good as Arabelle's but she could at least try it. Saphira checked the loot, it wasn't as good as hers but it was still okay - Done - she told her with a short nod. - Loot roll - Saphira (Level 12) - 240/240 HP - 20/24 EN - 18 MIT - 1 LD - 1 EVA - 6 DMG - 1 Bleed @Dustin
  3. Saphira followed Runa as they were able to see the first boar pubs Runa told her, that she won't need to protect her, wit a smile on her face Saphira nodded - I know, they aren't strong, it is still a beginner quest, so everybody has a chance to complete the quest without big damage. - Saphira answered and looked at what the girl was doing now. Saphira watched Runa as she prepared herself to attack one of the small pubs. Before Saphira could try to give Runa a tip after the unsuccessful attack, the girl told her, that she could handle it alone and that she could search as well for some of the pubs. With another small smile on her lips she nodded short and walked a little bit away to attack a alone boar pub. As Saphira tried to sneak up onto the pub the wind turned and the small one lifted his head and sniffed alarmed. Hoping to kill it with a fast move, Saphira made a jump forward and tried to stab it, but the pub was faster and start to run at her and smashed it's head against her leg, she felt no pain and the HP it had cost her was also nothing to speak about, but it annoyed her, that she had failed to hit that small thing. - Stats - Saphira: 277/280 HP | 26/28 EN | DMG 7 | ACC 3 | LD 3 Boar Pub: 5/5 HP | DMG 3
  4. Saphira

    [F6-SP] Facing My Demons (Calming The Soul)

    Saphira felt her fear following her like a shadow as she walked over to the left of the four doors - There is nothing you need to be scared of - she thought and cringed as she heared the could, cutting laugh of the shadow - Of course there is something you should be scared of, please be scared, entertain me... - she took a deep breath and begun to build up her mental walls as good as possible, she tried to cut herself off from the feelings and opened the door. Saphira wasn't able to see, how big the room actually was, everything, the walls, the ground and the ceiling looked like shattered dark glass which reflected light, even if Saphira wasn't able to see, where the little light came from. In the middle of the room, or at least she thought so, Saphira saw a small kid with short, black hair and ripped clothes. Saphira felt a strange feeling inside of herself as she looked in the lonely, nearly dead looking green eyes, her eyes. Under her clothes, at the place of her heart something starts to move and after a short moment, something brake thought her chest and grew to the size of a human, a grey figure looked with black eyes at Saphira, it looked like it was crying black tears and in a silent scream it opened it's mouth. Just looking at it made Saphira feel lonely - Leave me alone! - she heared a voice screaming, the thing closed its mouth - Leave or be alone with me! - First Inner Demon: Environment:
  5. Saphira stood a little bit behind Runa as she handed over the package they had got from Zackharia to Lyle Tealeaf. Then the old blacksmith NPC asked the two, if they could help them gather some rare materials. After the NPC had asked this question Saphira nodded, she nodded once more as Runa asked her, if she was ready to gather some materials. As Runa had asked her this question, it seemed like she realized just now, what they would have to do: gathering. Her face looked funny and Saphira had to smile as Runa opened the quest a little bit worried. After she had read it another expression appeared on her face and just as Saphira expected, Runa asked her again a question. - Don't worry. They are really weak, they aren't really able to hurt you, especially if you have some armour, a low armour is already enough to protect you so you won't need your shield. - Saphira thought a moment, if there was something she could have missed to tell her, but there was nothing left, so she could answer the last part of the question - Sure, if it will help you. But I am pretty sure, that we use different weapons, so I can't help you with any poses you need since I use different ones, but I will try my best to help you at least a little bit. - With a warm smile on her lips Saphira nodded in the direction of the door - Wanna go? We need to go the the more open fields with higher grass, you can lead us there and if we get attacked I will protect you. -
  6. Saphira

    Saphira's Stuff

    Name: Small Healing Your Profession: Alchemist Your Rank: 1 ID: 113216 Roll: 9 Item Type: Salve Tier: 1 Quality: Rare Enhancements: HP Recovery 1 ---> Heals a single target for (20 per slot * Tier) HP. Description: A rose salve, which makes you feel alive as soon as you put it on your skin Link: Post
  7. Another day, another try. Since Saphira wasn't able to craft what she needed the day before she needed to give it another try. Hoping, that she would be successful this time she start to heat the water in her cauldron, begun to pestle some herbs and prepared several vessels for the herbs which needed to soak for a moment in the boiling water. While a few herds were in the boiling water, she start to cut some other, after this was done, she put the herbs in her cauldron the colore looked good, then she put the last one in and to colore turned, something was wrong. Experienced, she managed to save the herbs and put them out again. Saphira cleaned the cauldron and tried it again, but it was the same end, her third try was gladly a success. Daily Craft 1: ID# 113213 CD: 5 ---> salvage LD: 11 + 3 ---> salvaged material 2 + 1 + 2 = 5 EP Daily Craft 2: ID# 113214 CD: 7 ---> salvage LD: 13 + 3 ---> salvaged material 2 + 1 + 2 = 5 EP Daily Craft 3: ID# 113216 CD: 9 ---> uncommon salve 3 + 1 + 2 = 6 EP - 1 T1 material Started with 28/39 EP Ended with 44/39 EP ----> reached level 3 Name: Small Healing Your Profession: Alchemist Your Rank: 1 ID: 113216 Roll: 9 Item Type: Salve Tier: 1 Quality: Rare Enhancements: HP Recovery 1 ---> Heals a single target for (20 per slot * Tier) HP. Description: A rose salve, which makes you feel alive as soon as you put it on your skin Link: Post
  8. Saphira

    Saphira's Stuff

    Name: Small Healing Your Profession: Alchemist Your Rank: 1 ID: 112977 Roll: 10 Item Type: Salve Tier: 1 Quality: Rare Enhancements: HP Recovery 1 ---> Heals a single target for (20 per slot * Tier) HP. Description: A rose salve, which makes you feel alive as soon as you put it on your skin Link: Post
  9. Early Saphira left the house she lived now in and made her way down to the first floor, where she had her shop. She had gathered some materials and wanted to try it once more to craft the salve she needed. Saphira reached her shop. After she had made a fire in the chimney under the big cauldron, Saphira begun to water the plants and prepared everything. As every preparation the water in the cauldron slowly starts to boil and she begun with the actually brewing for her salves. But as she had finished the brewing, the future salves didn't turned out like she had wished, at least one of the two was useable. Saphira hoped, that she would be more successful at the next day. Daily Craft 1: ID# 112977 CD: 10 ---> uncommon salve 3 + 1 + 2 = 6 EP Daily Craft 2: ID# 112978 CD: 3 ---> fail 1 + 1 + 2 = 4 EP Started with 18/20 EP Ended with 28/39 EP  ---> reached level 2 Name: Small Healing Your Profession: Alchemist Your Rank: 1 ID: 112977 Roll: 10 Item Type: Salve Tier: 1 Quality: Rare Enhancements: HP Recovery 1 ---> Heals a single target for (20 per slot * Tier) HP. Description: A rose salve, which makes you feel alive as soon as you put it on your skin Link: Post
  10. More time had passed and it seemed like Runa wasn't done jet. So Saphira made a short break to eat some thing and look a little bit around, the day was still young so, if Runa won't take to long, they would be able to start the second quest and maybe the third too. After her short break she stood up from the small rock she had set on top of and continued her searching, even one of them had to be successful, even if it was just her with her searching for materials and not Runa. Even if Saphira needed the materials she hoped, that Runa would finish her quest soon. Also, if Saphira was lucky, she could find something better then only one material. But Saphira wasn't able to find anything, no material and nothing better, so she hoped, that Runa would have some luck now, brewing isn't that easy like it sounds, so she would need it. ID# 112917 LD: 10 + 3 ---> no treasure chest found Total T1 materials: 4
  11. Saphira

    [F7-PP]Calming Soul

    The two of them followed a small path which was still big enough for them to walk side to side, connected with her hands and hearts. It seemed like her question was a little bit difficult for Hei but after he had thought a moment he answered and told her about his hobbies as he still was in the real world. He told Saphira, that he liked to play video games even if it was often connected with his job and that he also liked to travel and see many different places, he also repeated, that he liked hiking. After he had told her these things he stopped talking and walking. His gaze wandered around, it seemed like he was in thoughts again, so Saphira waited. While she waited for him to come back out of his thoughts she looked at him, at his face, his eyes which looked with the light of the sun even more beautiful, her gaze wandered over his chin and neck and back again to his eyes, his beautiful eyes as he start to talk again. He told her about his hobbies in the virtual world. He told more new then old hobbies, it seemed like his hobbies had changed like the world around him had changed, but not only his hobbies had changed. He had told her, that he had changed as well. Saphira wondered, how much of his personality was the old Hei and how much came with SAO. As he finished talking this time he hold her hand a little bit stronger, then he continued walking. Saphira hold Hei's hand a little bit stronger, too. His warmth and closeness felt good ans calming. Some moments had passed as He asked his question, he asked if her village was a town or a rural place with lot of place for a little me. Saphira had to though a moment then she answered him - It's more a rural place than a real town but there aren't that many gardens. There were two farms which had a big garden and some of the smaller houses had a garden, too. Our house had a small garden and every year we plant plants to have food even if the money was little. It was a hard work but together with my mother it was still fun and everything that wasn't full with plants was for me to play. And as I was old enough to watch out for myself, at leas a little bit, my mother allowed me to play on the streets, too. She was still there to watch me but I was actually quiet good at protecting myself. - Saphira had to smile a little bit, the memories of her past were bittersweet but she continued - Besides other people and the one or other stray there wasn't any danger. If you would enter this village it feels like you would do a step back in the past, there are just a few cars, there is a weekly market and if you want to go to another town you have to walk to the next bigger one and take there a train or bus. But actually I never had much time to play, there was always something that needed to be done and as I was old enough I had to help. - She ended and thought if she had forget something, but she was sure that she had answered his question good enough, maybe she had told him a little bit more then he had asked again but she couldn't help it. Now it was her time to ask him a question again but her head was empty and she needed to think a longer moment to find a question she could ask Hei. After some quiet walking time Saphira asked Hei her question - This is maybe a weird question, but are you afraid of something? The fear of dying does not count. - she looked over to him and hoped that the question was okay for him.
  12. On their way back little Runa start to complain over the following potion craft part, even if it was cool she wanted to be a cook - Don't panic, this will have nothing to do with your profession you will learn some day, it is just a quest and all who want to do the beginner quest will have to do this - Saphira had to smile. Runa entered the shop alone and Saphira hoped, that it won't take to long for her to craft the needed potions. It was some time ago since Runa had entered the shop and she hadn't left it jet. It seemed like she wasn't successful until now so Saphira decided to send her a short message, to tell her, that she would continue searching for materials, that she would come with her when she was done here to visit the next quest giving NPC and that she would find her close to the bushes where she had searched the berries. After she had sent her the message she made her way out of the town over to the bushes and begun to search for materials once more. It doesn't took her long to find something interesting and as Saphira came closer to the small emerald green plant she recognized it and plucked the useful material. ID# 112731 LD: 16 + 3 ---> found something Total T1 materials: 4
  13. Saphira wandered around, searching for some interesting plants she could use for her salves and potions. Her sight wandered over the green meadow and the bushes as she saw a interesting green plant. As she wanted to take a close look she heard Runa laughing. The black haired girl looked up and looked at her, wondering about what was going on she stood up and walked over to Runa. As she stopped laughing she told Saphira, that she did found the last material and that the quest had changed, Saphira nodded - Now it is time to go back to Zackariah. - she told her and begun to led the way back to his shop. - When we reach the shop you will have to craft potions with the materials, he will help you and as a reward you will get something from him. - Saphira looked at the smaller girl - He will ask you to deliver something to another NPC, if you accept it we are able to start the second quest when we reach the other NPC. - They reached the shop and Saphira opened the door to enter - Good luck. - she smiled at Runa. ID# 112645 LD: 9 + 3 ---> found nothing Total T1 materials: 3
  14. Saphira

    [F6-SP] Facing My Demons (Calming The Soul)

    Saphira stumbled a few steps backwards, away from the shadow like creature, she didn't like the look on it's face it was filled with something evil, a absurd humor and the wish to hurt someone or something. She looked around to check if there just appeared something that wanted to hurt or kill her, but there was nothing beside her and the shadow. - What do you mean with that? - the shadow had stopped laughing and after a moment the red smile was back, it looked still evil and it made Saphira shudder once more. - You will meet your inner demons, your little friends, that lived your whole live next to you and they want to get out of here as well, it's lonely here, we want to play a little bit, but you don't want us to play... - The shadow looked now angry and Saphira felt something she hadn't felt in a long time. - Come closer - said the shadow - I want to show you something... - slowly Saphira came closer. The shadow turned around and pointed at the meadow. The shadows at the place seemed to rise and get darker, they start to form a wall, high enough to reach over Saphira's head, then the shadows disappeared and left four doors. - You will meet them all separate, just choose a door, It's up to you who you want to meet first. - it told her and looked her straight in the face - I will wait here, I wish you sweet suffering, he he he. -
  15. Saphira

    [F6-SP] Facing My Demons (Calming The Soul)

    Careful and slowly Saphira came a few steps closer to the shadow like creature. Two red points appeared in what seemed to be it's face, they looked like eyes. - Who are you? - Saphira asked again and looked at it. A thin, red line appeared in it's face, like a evil looking mouth and soon after that, it answered her question - I am you. - it said simply - How could this thing be me? - she thought and heared her thoughts in the wind around her. The shadow Saphira smiled as she heared the thoughts - I am your dark side, as long as you hate someone I grow stronger and stronger, and one day, I will be strong enough to get out of here, and then it's me who will decide what to do... - Saphira wasn't sure what the shadow meant at all with that, but it won't be something good, like a statue she stood there and watched it. - Will you fight me now to get out of here? - Saphira asked unsure what it could answer and unsure, what she should do. The red smile turned into a laughing mouth - No, I won't fight you, I am not the type for fighting. No, there are some other guys who want to see you and maybe you have to fight them... -