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    Kyuga's Journal

    (Will add more later) ProfileUsername:KyugaReal name:Kyuga MamoshiAge:17Gender:MaleHeight:6.5 feet tallAbout: History/personality Kyuga was born at New York,U.S.A,his parents died when he was just 3 years old because of a car accident then he got adopted by a new family.At young age,Kyuga love to explore things around him.His new parents never tell him anything about his real family. Later in Japan,he had more friends than he use too.He always gain good grades at his class.At the age of 10,his parents sent him to a famous katana teacher,after 2 years of practice,he can now use all kind of swords. During his childhood,Kyuga never play any RPG or video games,when he was 12,he discover about his real family,he was really shock about it.Since then,he have a really bad relationship to his new parents. At High School,he has achived alot,he is one of the best student in his class,but he become to become silent,he didnt talk too much to everyone except his best friend,they have been best friend since they was 8. At the annoucement of the SAO,he thought to himself "A VRMMORPG huh?Maybe i will give it a try,I have never played any video games,maybe this will help me relax a bit....." After SAO release,he got a copy of it.Later that night,he lied on his bed,he ready to put on his new NerveGear,he put it on and thought to himself "Link Start"Virtues: Loyalty:At his childhood,he realized that friendship is the best thing in the world.He never abadon his friends or any members in his guild or party.He will do anything to protect them,even that he have to sacrifice. Flaws: Arrogant:Kyuga always think he is stronger and smarter than the other players.He don't want to join any guild because he thinks that guilds members are useless.He always fight monsters alone.Naive - Kyuga always belive that the people around him is good.He always trusting everyone that he can get trick easily.He doesn't need to have evidences to belive someone. Hot-head:Kyuga gets angry easily even with just a simple situation.When he is mad he often hurt the people around him.He can do many silly things when he is mad,even sucide.Profession: Skills Non-combat:»Passive:»Combat:»Battle HealingWeapon skills:»Inventory Col:0 Weapons/Tools: One Handed Straight Sword Starter Cloth armour. Roleplays