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  1. Koura wandered around the field. He had his sword out and kept an eye out for any annoying mobs. Sure,there was the big man there who looked like he could easily handle a 3 or more boars,but was just as capable of doing so even at his level. He still needed to look for his friends,the ones who had showed him the ropes of the game as they had more knowledge of it then he did. When he first launched the game and dived into the world,to Koura,It would have been considered a blind Let's Play. Koura knelt down and looked at the ground and scanned for materials. While he was searching,the man had spoken and Koura barely made out what he said. The thing is,he was busy looking for stuff to get this quest over with. From what Koura made out,the man had introduced himself by the name of Ichi Kakihara. Huh. He was using his real name? Koura thought for a moment and considered on using his username instead of his real name but thought better of it. The man,no. Ichi,was being polite after all. Koura cleared his throat,turned to look at him and returned the favor. "So. You're Ichi Kakihara? My name's Mizuki Komoura. It's nice to meet you,"and promptly turned back to searching for materials. Koura wasn't used to talking to people he didn't know personally. But he was determined to try to make something out of it. ID#88481 Loot:5 -> nothing found
  2. Koura blinked twice in surprise when he saw another man in front of him. He looked to be in his early 20s,and he doesn't seem to be much intimidating. Which was surprisng,seeing as the man was much bigger than him. What took him aback was that he had offered to help him out with the quest he just received. Huh. He also mentioned that he wanted a fair share of the potions. If Koura went along with this,he's going to have to split things equally with the bigger man. "Hm. Sure. I don't really mind. If we're going to do this quest together,I suggest that we party up." Koura finished speaking and moved passed him to go outside. Instead of leaving the man in the dust,Koura kept his feet firmly planted as he turned to face the man and opened his menu. He sent the other player a party invite. "I may be a total noob at this game,but I do know my way around MMOs,having played a lot of them a couple years back." Koura wouldn't move until the man had joined the party. Even then,Koura would want to take the time to get to the place they needed to go because he was curious about the bigger man. Maybe find out why he wanted to play SAO in the first place.
  3. Koura wandered the streets of The Town Of Beginnings looking for that elusive quest giver. From the people he "interrogated" he knows that the quest giver is an old man with greying hair. The players he talked to called him by the name of "Zacharia". He kept going and stopped for a minute. Maybe he should look for a mysterious and foreboding building? He started moving again,not wanting to be stopped by an NPC who wanted to sell him his wares. He found what he was looking for and thought,"How the hell did I miss that?" It was the building with the Zacharia NPC and looked like a potion shop. He walked up to the building and peeked inside. There were tables covered in herbs and potions were strewn every which way. They were different colors. Blue,red,green. Whenever he played fantasy games that used different kinds of potions,they normally had different colors to let you know what kind of potion they are. In fact,red was often associated with HP and green was associated with stamina. Blue was also magic,but then again,there is no magic in SAO. So he could very well be wrong. It wasn't the first time. Koura entered the building and saw the old man sitting at a table. He was holding up and studying a red bottle and the green bottle is in his other hand. Koura looked around. It looked pretty much the same as when he looked into the place from the outside. He sighed again and perked up. He needed to be positive today. He opened his mouth and said,"G'morning old man! How are you today? Name's Koura and I heard you were looking for help! What do you need?" The old man took a minute to register what he said. Koura thought it must have been the computer trying to choose the right response. Even then,the NPC looked so realistic,it was hard to believe that Zach was an NPC at all. The old man replied,"Oh yes! My name is Zacharia. I need help with getting materials for my potions. I need them for an order of potions and I seem to be running out of those certain materials. Mmm....5 should suffice. Don't worry. You'll get something good out of it." Koura took a minute to think. Huh. A gathering quest? Ok. It would probably be boring as [censored],but at least he would be able to kill some boars. Koura looked at the very realistic old man and nodded,smiling. "Understood,sir! I'll take the job." A window popped up in front of him showing him the quest title and a blue and red circle. He pressed the blue button to accept the quest and walked out the door. Ok. He's going to need a partner. Hopefully he'll get along with him or her.
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    [F01] <<The First Few Lessons are Free>> (Beginner Quest)

    I'm a taking this with @Ichi.
  5. It had been a month since the incident. After Kayaba had shown up and efficiently ruined everyone's lives by trapping them in the newly released Sword Art Online and revealed what everyone really looked like,Mizuki hadn't been the same since. All he ever wanted was tp have a chance to play one of the most highly anticipated games ever,and to play it with his best friends. But Katana had taken that waya from them and turned the fun game into a game of life and death. After all of that,Mizuki couln't take it anymore. He just...broke down. When things cooled off as much as possible,he didn't do much of anything for the past month. Sure he took some quests to fight mobs out on the fields,But that was just to build up a reasonable stash of Col. He separated from his best friends and avoided answering their messages as he wanted to be left alone for the time being. To recollect and try to recover from the shock of the announcement. So far,almost 4,000 people died in the first month alone. Most of which through murder and suicide. Mizuki feared that if he went out on the frontlines to fight,he would have gotten himself killed and done his friends an injustice so he decided to stay put until he was in a better frame of mind. 9 AM. Mizuki,or Koura as he was known as in this world,sat up on his bed and sighed. It was a bright sunny morning and the streets of Floor 01 was bustling with activity. He was in a room he payed for in an inn a couple weeks back after he had amassed enough Col to pay for a month's rent. He wasted away in the inn,occasionally coming down to find out what is going on from the players that occasionally stopped by for a drink. Sometimes he came down and had a meal every now in then along with whatever alcohol they had. Granted,It wasn't the kind of stuff back in the real world,and if he did something like this in real life,he would have been kicked out hellla fast seeing as he was underage. And besides,this is a game world. The beer he drinks here,wouldn't affect his real body at all. Koura got out of the bed and groggily moved over to the wash stand and dunk his head into it. He pulled his head out and shook the water out of his long black hair as much as he could,and dried it with a towel he pulled off from a hook located next to the stand. He placed it back on afterwards and equipped the armor he had started out with in the beginning. He did the same with his one handed long sword and then opened the door to leave his room. After closing the door,he went down the stairs to the inn. He greeted the pretty female bartender with a smile and a wave. She just have him a look and went back to her customers. She was one of the NPCs,and that was a shame because she looked like his type. Of course,Koura looked much like a girl himself. Especially to the point that most guys would ask him out whenever they got a chance to being alone with him. Even when they know full well that he was a guy. And some girls who were jealous of his feminine beauty thought he was a girl as well and had called him a lesbian when he tried flirting with another girl in his class. Of course,that was back in the real world. He didn't have to put up with that kind of [censored] no more! He went out side into the bustling streets of The Town Of Beginnings and went searching. He heard about a questline that was designed for beginners and seeing as he was still very much new to the game,he needed some training. He also needed to level up some if he wanted to join the frontlines and make the push to beat the game. Maybe join a powerful guild too.
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    Eh heh. Got it. I'll keep that in mind. If no other player responds to this plea for help,I'll solo those quests.
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    Hi! I'm new here and I finally got an approved character. I'm going to do the beginning quests and I wonder...is anyone willing to join me?
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    Koura's Journal (complete)

    YAYAYAYAYAYAYA!! *insert HE-MAN meme here*
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    Koura's Journal (complete)

    ProfileUsername: KouraReal name: Mizuki KomouraAge: 17Gender: MaleHeight: 5'10"About: History: Mizuki's family was relatively normal,except for the fact that he was an only child. His parents where the type who wanted a daughter,and when Mizuki was born a boy,they couldn't help but feel disappointed. When Mizuki grew up,his parents noticed that there son looked more like a female than a male. They decided to raise their son as a girl,much to Mizuki's dismay. Even with his upbringing,life was rather normal for Mizuki. He went to school like every other kid and with the only issue of having to wear a girl's uniform,he hadn't encountered any problems. He managed to keep good grades,and was hit on by several guys in his school which unnerved him to say the least,seeing as he was truthfully a guy in disguise. During school,he managed to make a couple of friends who were avid gamers. One of them,a girl by the name of Shimoda Tokiyo was a particular fan of fantasy RPGs. MMOs in particular. Yoshimura Kyoshi,Mizuki's male friend,was more of a fan of games of the science fiction genre but still liked a few fantasy RPGS himself. He met them in Junior High and was friends with them ever since. They would occasionally meet up at Mizuki's house,where he still dresses as a girl,and at Kyoshi's or Tokiyo's places where they would either play video games and have fun,or have study groups and try to improve on the subjects that they are bad on. When highschool came around,Mizuki started getting into sports. The ones that he most enjoyed were soccer,basketball,cycling,and baseball. He also took martial arts during the summer and firearms training as well. What surprised Mizuki most is that his friends were also going to the same school as him. He was overjoyed at this except for the fact that he had to keep up the charade of being a girl. What bothered him the most was that in the highschool,Mizuki seemed to gain the popularity of the girls and he was still being hit on by guys. He even changed into male clothes and everyone still believed he was a girl. That changed though after a rather particular incident that onvolved the bathroom and his friend Tokiyo. She uncovered his secret and instead of it driving them apart like Mizuki thought it would,it only brought them closer. They decided to keep his secret from Kyoshi because of reasons. At one point,when Mizuki and his friends where having their video game gathering as Tokiyo called it,she revealed to Mizuki and Kyoshi the existence of a virtual reality video game by the name of Sword Art Online and Mizuki felt excitement. A massive open world virtual reality MMO where you can actually walk in your own two feet as a character of your own creation? It was a dream that Mizuki had ever since he got into video games. Apparently,Kyoshi and Tokiyo had already obtained the gear and with their help,Mizuki got a hold of it as well. All three tried to sign up for the beta test but they were too late. Instead of giving up,the three pre-ordered the game and woted for it's release. When the game released,it so happened to be the day Mizuki turned 17. Mizuki and his friends communicated with each through video messaging and made the promise that once they all get into the game and create their avatars,that they would meet up and form a party. Once everyone signed off,Mizuki went down to let his parents know that he was going to be logging in to SAO and he would be in the game for a couple of hours so he could go though the set up process and meet up with his friends. They were ok with it and Mizuki went back into his room to begin. He booted up the game and the headset and began the body check that was required and he relaxed on his bed,closed his eyes and muttered the word,"Link start,"unaware of how much his life was going to change. Personality: Mizuki is,shall we say,a social butterfly. Naturally extraverted,he will attempt to make friends with people that he meets except for the ones that he doesn't like. And that's a short list. He's surprisngly popular with the girls in the school and even the guys have tried to make romantic advances. Despite that he is warm,compassionate and kind on the surface,underneath,he is very insecure about his feminine appearance. He is constantly mistaken for a girl,or rather a very tomboyish girl,and no one would believe Mizuki when he says he's a guy which agitates him to the point of hitting things. Preferably inanimate objects thay WON'T break his knuckles. Despite these shortcomings,Mizuki is quite loyal to a cause and when he sees other people in trouble,he would help them without a second thought. After the "incident" and Mizuki was trapped inside SAO,instead of breaking down and let dispair take over,he instead grew determined and serious. He would recklessly throw himself into danger knowing the odds are against him as he is determined to clear the game. He lost most of his socialness at this point,prefering to be alone most of the time. He has a grim and serious expression on his face and won't hesitate to eliminate any threat to his safety,even if it means killing another player. So you could say that Mizuki became a reckless lone wolf who's part of the Assault Team. Virtues: Athletic: Mizuki has been an all rounded sports nut. He is pretty much great at sports in general,but his strong suits are basketball and cycling. Thanks to his high activity in sports,Mizuki has developed an athletic build and can carry up to 180 pounds without a problem. He is even fast on his feet and even knows various martial arts. Intelligent: While Mizuki isn't a genius per se,he does have an above average intelligence. When in school,he can stay focused and repeat the neccessary information word by word and answer difficult questions correctly. The areas where Mizuki has the most knowledge in are coding and calculus. He is even a hacker of some sorts,but not a very skilled one. Brave: Mizuki has a rather brave streak. Despite the fact that you can die in a game you die in real life,that doesn't really matter much to him. Even if he might be seen as an antisocial emo kid,he would still lead the charge against overpowering bosses and hordes of enemies. He isn't afraid of death. Death should be afraid of him.Flaws: Aggresive: Due to Ashley having a cute face,he tends to get pissed off whenever someone even reminds him of the fact. He would snap at that person,and even manage to pick him up and even throw him across a room in his range. Naturally,Ashley has a rather short fuse and can easily react violently to whatever pissed him off. What he cannot stand the most are incompetent idiots and perverts. Blunt: During Mizuki's time in SAO,he learned that the best thing to do is be truthfull,even though it might not be a good idea. While he is honest,he is TOO honest. He doesn't like lying and would get straight to the point,but in doing so he can be a bit insensitive to other people's feelings. He isn't exactly subtle in what he says and he keeps few secrets because of it. Nosy: The most glaring part about Mizuki he tends to snoop around a lot and get into things he's not supposed to. In his bid to know everything he possibly can about someone,he would be often caught eavesdropping. If someone tries to keep him away from any confidential information,he WILL attempt to access it no matter the cost. Profession: (Leave blank until the Earning a Living quest has been completed.)Skills Non-combat:» Passive:»Combat:» Weapon skills:» One-Handed Straight Sword 5 SP InventoryWeapons/Tools:» One Handed Steel Longsword Roleplays» [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle» [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle - in progress(no "in progress" means its complete; "incomplete" can mean one or the other person stopped replying for a long time)Relationships (optional) - Shimoda Tokiyo - Girlfriend - Deceased - Yoshimura Kyoshi - Best Friend - AliveStory Thus Far (optional Note: Will continue to work and improve on this character in due time. Might have to replace the image though.