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  1. Across Callie's other shoulder, Danesh flicked his tail, almost defiantly. "What, really? We haven't even been." She pouted at the familiar as she drew closer to the plaza that held the teleport gate. "Come on, at least try it before you start complaining. I bet you don't even know what a beach is." About an hour later, and long after their one-sided bickering died down, Callie was sitting upon the warm sands of a Greecian coast, eyes closed as the cool, salty breeze brushed against her cheeks. A short distance to her side, Danesh lay half-buried, his head laying comfortably against a small hill of sand while he slept. Callie flashed a half-smile his way before turning her attention back to the sparkling waters. "I suppose it might have been better with company, though..." She mumbled to herself. Her memories took her to the edge of a pier, when she had mentioned a trip to Shield. Not only had she not gotten an agreement out of him, but there was a clear tension between them as of late, the remembrance of which caused her to frown. "Ugh, what is it with him?" She scowled, pressing the heel of her palm into her cheek.
  2. "There, what do you think of that?" Callie titled her head to one side as she stepped backwards to look at the bulletin board standing in front of her. The hub of requests, advertisements, and recruitment was busier than most on the first floor, but since it was the most befitting for her purposes, Callie shrugged it off and simply hoped that her posting wouldn't be lost too quickly. "Worst case, I don't hear anything back and we find a different way to get help." Her lips pursed and pushed to the side, clearly dissatisfied with that hypothetical turn of events. Turning her back and moving on to stroll through the massive, sprawling city, Callie's hand pulled up to gently scratch at Danesh's head. The dragon hybrid was as docile and reclusive as ever in the middle of such a big cityscape, and for a moment she contemplated heading outside somewhere to calm his nerves. "I guess we could always go somewhere else to wait around. How does...sixteen sound?" She asked with a faint smile, the thought of sun and sand creeping into her mind.
  3. The piercing sound caused Callie to flinch, and her hand thoughtlessly squeezed his back. Her eyes, a bit tired but now dry, widened in fear that slowly turned into realization, and her brows turned up in the concern that followed. The knot in her stomach told her that she knew what was going to happen. She knew that down that hall their roles were going to be reversed. She felt like an intruder, walking in on someone's life. Was Shield leading her down this way because he was giving her permission? Or had he already surmised that there would be no other way out of this place, and so the choice wasn't his after all? She gnawed gently at the skin of her bottom lip, stealing glances at the memories that they passed by. For her, it was hard not to look. But when they'd gone back far enough, she felt even more unsure about whether or not she should have. Shield was a dad. Everyone had a life that they'd left behind, but his included two little girls...and a wife? The woman only appeared briefly so far, but this certainly wasn't the time nor place to wonder any such things aloud. Callie felt a small lump in her throat as she swallowed when she heard him speak. It all made sense now. The reason why she always thought he was too focused on the game, too much of a stickler for buffs and builds and mechanics, too determined to push the frontlines and get out of this place. It was because he hadn't lost sight of what was important to him back home. She'd felt selfish for not wanting to clear the game before, but the pang in her chest now was stronger than ever. "Shield, I..." She never was good with words when it came to sensitive topics. It seemed that, up until now, Shield was always the one who was comforting her, on the few occasions that she needed it. And while she knew that he wasn't the type to take to physical reassurance, she took advantage of their hands still holding on to one another to give his a small squeeze. "I'm sorry. I never even thought--" She stopped herself, unsure of where the words were going to end up. She exhaled, and spoke again softly. "Of course I wouldn't tell anyone." She assured, addressing the matter of secrecy as the only thing he had made comment on himself.
  4. She hadn't expected Shield's guidance away from the mirrors in the form of his hand taking hold of hers, but it was not unwelcome. He gave her an anchor, something to hold onto that kept her from losing herself down this quite literal memory lane, and the words he next offered her pushed the notion that she cared far more about keeping anything a secret than he did. Her free hand rubbed at her cheeks while she recovered, the flow of tears rather short-lived. "Isn't this better, though? That's why I don't want to go back. I'm one of those people who doesn't want to clear the game." She admitted. "I would rather stay here. I would rather have my voice back!" A moment of silence, and she couldn't bring herself to maintain eye contact. "Or, I did... I don't know anymore." She said weakly as her head fell. There, on the smooth marble floor in between their feet, sat a single photograph. It certainly hadn't been there before, but with how much this game liked to spring things on them, she wasn't phased by its sudden discovery. She bent down, using her free hand to retrieve the stiff piece of paper. The photo featured none other than Cameron, grinning triumphantly at the camera as if he'd just won something. He was older, his hair a bit longer than the memory of him that played in the hospital and the aftermath thereof, and staring at the image made a sad smile appear on Callie's face. "I can't believe I forgot about him..." She said, half to herself in a small voice. She spoke up a bit after sniffling one last time, "Cameron, my little brother. He did so much for me after the surgery, I don't think I would've moved past it all without his help." She wanted to provide some kind of explanation, an excuse, or anything to give a reason as to why she wanted to keep her disability a secret from him. But try as she might with her scrambled thoughts, even she couldn't come up with a rational response. She hadn't expected him to look down on her for it--he wasn't so superficial. The only relevant word she could pull to describe her secrecy was that, in her mind, it made her real-world self less desirable. A flaw that was just so prominent, most did not want to bother with all the nuances that surrounded it. She suddenly remembered why she gave up on dating for a while. But what did that matter? 'It's not like I think of him as anything more than a friend... Right?' Her eyes flickered from the photograph she held in between them back up to his. She was suddenly aware of their hands still holding onto one another all over again. On cue, her heartbeat quickened, and once again she averted her gaze. A realization was finally beginning to seep through past her denial, and at the worst possible time.
  5. The farther they moved down the stretching pathway, the further into Callie's past they dived. She almost wanted to stop to get a better look--as she moved, she caught glimpses of her younger self. Her mortified expression when she shorted out her gaming keyboard with spilt coffee. A look of boredom when she would stay late at her first job, flipping through a large stack of paperwork. Her teenage self, failing to fight back tears as she bitterly worked to remove all traces of her first heartbreak from her bedroom. Even younger, clasping tightly onto the hands of her mother on one side and a smaller boy on the other as the trio walked together down a bustling city street. "Sorry! But this is something I'm not taking a chance on." She called over her shoulder. She was aware that she was being reckless, but the pull of her brother's voice was too strong to stop her. The odds were slim, but it wasn't impossible. She slowed and came to a stop where her path finally ended. The corridor opened up into a massive circular room, lined with the same seamless mirrors. These ones already had a scene playing out--one that caused Callie to tense up as she reached the middle of the chamber. "Callie!" The same voice echoed her name. A young man with untidy platinum-blonde hair, perhaps a college student by his looks, rushed to the side of a hospital bed. In it, Callie sat curled up and sniffling, hugging her knees and only picking her head up to face her brother once his hand gingerly made contact with her shoulder. The hair that she messily pushed behind her ear fell past her shoulders at this point in her life, but rested noticeably shorter than the length of her avatar's. She opened her mouth as if to speak, but after a moment the only sound to escape her was a choked breath, and she bit down on her lip as her sobs continued. Cameron was quick to place an arm around her and pull her into his chest, doing his best to comfort her with gentle strokes against the side of her head. "They told me what happened. Oh God, I'm so sorry." "It'll be okay. You'll be okay." With the memory drawing to a close in Cameron's soft words, Callie stood staring with her palm pressed against her mouth. She was clearing holding back tears, but her efforts didn't hold up for long. As she began to cry, the large room played out a handful of other memories, all more recent and more brief than the last, and each one featuring her and her younger brother. She had forgotten just how much their roles had reversed since then. Through her blurry vision, she watched him grin and lead her into a bright cafe that contrasted with her gloomy expression. He raised an eyebrow in exaggerated confusion as he signed something to her, and she smiled softly and corrected his mistake. It took her a while to realize again that she wasn't alone. With a sniffle, she hurriedly tried to wipe the tears from her eyes. "What--" She choked out. "What kind of place is this? That's, a pretty dirty trick." She put whatever words came to mind out into the air. Her jaw clenched, and frustration bled in. It wasn't just a painful memory. For the most part, she had moved past it. She wouldn't have been ashamed to admit she'd lost her voice in the real world, to most people. But to Shield, there had been something inside of her that wanted to keep it a secret from him. "If--if you were going to find out, I didn't want it to be like this." She said, her voice small and defeated.
  6. It was creepy, but not quite threatening. "A dungeon or something?" She wondered aloud, not expecting an answer as she stared at the same doorway that must have sprung up from the floor they'd just walked over. She had been hoping for something a little more peaceful. Sightseeing that didn't involved dungeon delving or spelunking. The serenity of the lakes and meadows visible outside of Coral were promising, but it seemed the game always had at least one way to pull the rug out from under them. She nodded. "Might as well check it out." Callie wasn't afraid of much lately. Rather, she hadn't gotten herself into any situations she considered dangerous since their last encounter with that pack of goblins on the fourth floor. And that was primarily due to her own bad reaction to a simple trap mechanic. They drew closer, and her palm pressed hesitantly against the stone surface when she didn't find any sort of handle to grab onto. Giving a firm push, the door flew open to reveal a clean-cut staircase that descended into the ground beneath. Callie cocked a brow, exchanged another glance with Shield, and took cautious steps forward. They reached the bottom of where the floor evened out into a smooth marble. A wide corridor didn't quite allow them enough room to walk comfortably beside each other, and neatly-placed lights hung from the stone ceiling, the soft white color bouncing off of the thin layer of fog that still coated the ground and licked at their ankles. On either side of them, seamless mirrors stood to serve as the corridor's walls. They stretched far, and through a squint Callie couldn't make out what might lay at the other end. She felt herself swallow, pushing her legs to carry her farther forward in the name of exploration. She kept glancing to the side. Looking at the reflection of herself that matched her pace in the mirror. It wasn't long before a realization made her stop, and she turned to face the wall properly. What was she wearing? A look of confusion took over her as she looked down at the white-and-lilac top and solid black shorts decorating her avatar. Her chin picked back up to 'other' her, dressed more professionally in an outfit that she vaguely recognized as one she would wear to work years ago. At her side, someone else approached her, causing Callie to whip her head to the side where she expected to see an owner to the reflection. Yet only Shield stood beside her in the corridor, and so she turned her attention back to the mirror. It was a woman she recognized--a younger girl with a blonde bob. An old coworker she only ever knew on a surface level. The girl smiled at her mirror-self, and was met with a wave. She brought her hands up in front of her, moving them without confidence as she signed a greeting. Caroline's smile grew a bit wider, and she turned, now engaged in a conversation that quickly fell apart. The girl look flustered, and her mouth moved in an apology. Caroline simply waved it off, leaning over a nearby table to write something down. All the while, Callie watched in an eerie silence. She was just about to ask Shield if he was seeing the same thing as she, but a different voice had her head quickly turn the other way. "Callie!?" This time, she could place the voice without a doubt. "Cameron?!" She called back, her eyes straining against the distance. Acting on instinct, she moved forward again, her pace quickly picking up into a run.
  7. "Whoops." Callie's voice was quiet, but carried clearly with her response, as if she really had implanted the odd feeling by accident. She knew for a fact that she'd never been on this floor before today, but for one reason or another she couldn't wave off Aincrad's forest areas as all looking the same. Yet, she had never walked through such terrain in the real world, so wasn't that the only explanation left? Her head was going to start hurting at this rate. Another flicker of motion that caused her head to turn, but where she could have sworn she caught a glimpse of a figure, there was nothing. Callie frowned, but perked up a moment later as an idea sprung to mind. "Oh, have you ever seen anything like, a ghost-type monster? Maybe it's some kind of, spirited forest." She took a blind guess, using the conversation partly as a means to keep herself from getting too jumpy in the silence. "Caroline?" The feminine voice was small, scarcely louder than a whisper. She stopped, turning around fully this time to look behind her and run her eyes across the foliage that they had passed by. No rustling bushes, nobody peeking out behind a tree trunk. But still, her brows narrowed in confusion. A quick glance over her shoulder back to Shield and his expression told her that he must not have heard what she was convinced she had. Her lips pressed together and she went back to walking beside him. It was a voice she knew, but couldn't bring herself to place. And with her traveling companion at her side being the only one who knew and called her by her befitting, real-world nickname, she started to wonder if the game was just trying to play tricks on them now. Somehow. "Speaking of... Do you believe in them? Ghosts, the supernatural?"
  8. Relief washed over her, and the dispersal of any residual tension caused her to let out a small chuckle. She accepted his offer of help, pulling herself up to plant her feet flat on the ground once again. The weird, inexplicable fluttering feeling in her chest died down, and when her hand fell back to her side she silently worked to dispel any remaining delusions of jealousy. 'Of course not, that's completely unrealistic.' She thought, grasping at whichever words sounded definitive enough to put the whole matter behind her. "Let's." She affirmed at his suggestion, taking a quick look at their surroundings. After picking a direction, the two eventually made their way into a sparsely-populated forest that was much less troublesome to navigate than many another she had traversed in the past. There was plenty of space between the heavy bark of each tall tree, and the ground beneath them was not covered with as many loose leaves, debris, and gnarled roots as she would have expected. While there was generous space overhead for the sun's rays to peek through the lush, full branches towering above, the light still noticeably dimmed from the sunshine that had caused the lake's surface to sparkle and glisten. At her shoulder, Danesh's mouth stretched open in a wide yawn, the tiny, razor-sharp canines that lined his jaw fully visible for a moment. He lifted his head again while beady onyx eyes blinked, and on her other side his long tail flicked gently against her arm to express his interest. "Go on then. She smiled, shrugging one shoulder to urge the familiar to his stout feet. He gave a light shake, clearly trying not to disturb his partner after a short stretch. He gave a small hop off of his perch, and his long body naturally snaked through the air between the two players. Callie kept herself alert enough, glancing over the terrain as they walked. Somehow, she began to feel something she couldn't quite place. Not unease, and not quite nostalgia. She paused for just a second when she thought she saw movement from the corner of her eye, but their pace was slow enough that her momentary falter was hardly noticeable. "Is it just me, or does this place manage to strike strangely between peaceful and creepy?"
  9. Callie didn't know how to process his reaction for a moment. She cheeks grew rather warm, a faint scarlet color appearing on her skin after he asked if that of all things was the cause for her distress. The most truthful answer would have been something like, 'yes and no', but she had no bravado left to try and defend her thought process. Instead, Shield thankfully took the lead while she stared back with a kind of dumbfounded expression. She followed his physical guidance without fuss, her legs and feet tucking beneath the rest of her until she was sitting on her ankles. She remained quiet throughout his explanation, denouncing both his participation in the 'Best Couple' contest and his betrothal to the overly-enthusiastic Beat with a line of reasoning that made absolute sense. For a moment, she was left to wonder why such an explanation had never occurred to her as a possibility before Shield had to sit her down and spell it out for her. By the end of his reassurance, she was lucky that her face already displayed a fair amount of embarrassment. It might have been the way he worded that last sentiment, but something about it left her positively flustered. If her cheeks weren't already tinted pink, they would have flushed from the simulation of blood flow. Her hand picked up from where it had settled atop the other in her lap, and Callie loosely wrapped her fingers around her mouth in a poor attempt to bury her feelings. She thought about forcing out a thought, tacking something on to confirm that everything he said was true. But a "Wait, really?" or an "I had no idea" would just make her feel more silly. At this point she was thankful that he had confirmed his and Beat's romantic relationship was just a farce without her having to bring it into question more directly. But that still didn't explain one last thing: why in the world was she so concerned with it in the first place? 'It couldn't be something like... No. Obviously not.' As the color began to gradually drain from her face, Callie's eyes traveled back up to meet Shield's again. A short breeze picked up, tousling her long bangs and prompting her hand to move from her face to draw the locks of hair behind her ear. A couple of seconds passed, and it was right about then that she realized the rate of her virtual heart beating inside of her chest. She cleared her throat, and finally spoke up. "Right, well, sorry for the misunderstanding. Ohh man, I feel so stupid now." The last bit escaped her with a breathy exhale while she looked away, and the corner of her mouth turned up into a wry smile at her own foolishness. She hoped that this was the part where they laughed it off and things would just go back to normal.
  10. The weird, mixed feeling of guilt came back, hitting her even harder this time. He was calling her out, her dancing around the topic that he bothered to bring up in such a straight-forward manner clearly rubbing him the wrong way. And he was right to be insulted, especially in the way that he worded his response. But at this point she wasn't sure what frustrated her the most--the fact that she still didn't really know how to confront whatever it was that bothered her, or that it had sparked the closest thing to an argument they had encountered thus far. Regardless of the whole ordeal blowing up in their faces being more her fault than his in this moment, Callie would not sit idly while she was pushed into a corner. Picking herself up from their tranquil spot in the expansive meadows, her chest naturally puffed a bit as she stood to face Shield proper. The nearly half-foot difference in their height still left her far from intimidating, but she no longer felt quite so small and vulnerable under his gaze. She frowned as he brought their friendship into question, something that she should have caught herself thinking about more often lately. A flare of temper caused a lapse in judgement, and she defensively blurted out the first thing that came to mind at his challenge. "And I thought friends would be invited to each other's weddings!" She didn't exactly regret the accusation, as it was at least one source of hurt and confusion between them. But she knew her delivery was childish, and reacting like that wasn't going to do much more than drag the problems through the dirt. Callie paused, the recognition clear on her face before her shoulders and gaze fell slightly with the release of a small sigh. "Sorry, that..." The apology came out halfway before she stopped and cleared her throat. "Alright, yes, something is bothering me." She admitted, looking up at Shield again. "But hopefully you can understand if I say the subject wasn't exactly easy to bring up." She was still speaking defensively, but far less hostile. It might have been a little cheap to hide behind the lack of a wedding invitation as the sole cause of her discomfort towards him, but it wasn't untrue as something that bothered her, and if she was lucky it would give her the opportunity to chip away at the status of the relationship in question.
  11. Callie felt a pang of something she couldn't quite label at Shield's mention of how she had been acting. Mostly guilt, as the feeling was nostalgic of a child who'd been caught with their hand in the cookie jar. She must have put more effort into avoiding the man entirely than disguising her unease during their few interactions since Valentine's. She had a few options in how to respond, but most were easily identifiable as unwise at best. He knew something was bothering her, so there was no point in denying or playing it off, and after how much they had seen of each other up to this point it would just be rude to shut him out entirely. It would have been easy to claim that whatever was bothering her was personal, or she'd rather not talk about it, but those deflections were only half-true. Her lips pressed together slightly as she fought the next battle of finding where to begin. The thought of broaching a topic that couldn't be classified as small talk, and digging past the surface of either of their lives, was beyond weird. Not necessarily bad, but she was suddenly concerned with his reactions, his thoughts, and his feelings that she did not suspect would be easy to gauge. But, maybe the subject matter would allow her more tells than he might otherwise give. "Ahh, really?" She started, still feigning a shred of ignorance while her far hand pulled away from her lap to slide over the back of her neck. "I guess I haven't gotten out much since that masquerade ball." That was a lie. She had been out and about plenty since then, though her escapades of questing and grinding levels had naturally taken a backseat to peaceful exploration while her adventuring partner had been kept at arm's reach. Still, it was a lie that got them on the topic of the first event that she could pinpoint as a source of her distress. "You and...Beat, was it?" Of course she knew his username. "Did you have a good time? I hadn't been to an event like that before, so it was a little intimidating."
  12. It didn't seem to be out of the ordinary for Lilith to do what she wanted, especially when it came to inviting herself over for a play date. It was always rather heartwarming to see how readily the little viper always climbed onto Danesh's back, but the feeling of her scaled body coiling around her arm was a terribly unfamiliar one. Callie tensed up until she realized the source of the odd sensation, her head turning just in time to see Shield offer her a hand to take the familiar back if she wished. She couldn't help a small smile when Lilith reached her goal, slinking and settling on top of her companion. Callie's golden eyes moving to the side, she could spot her thin tongue flicking at the air past the grey hairs of the small dragon's mane. "Ah, she's fine." Callie responded with a breathy chuckle, the direction of her words shifting more towards the viper herself. "Sorry to keep you two apart, then." Her lips pursed into a wry smile. Their friendship was rather cute, but the fact that the programmed pets even had the capability to do more than brainlessly follow their owners and play their respective roles in combat still managed to surprise her. "Hm, not bad." Callie turned her head back forward, eyes easily settling on the large lake in the distance that seemed to sparkle with the sun's rays that bounced off of its surface. In the short seconds that followed and left her answer falling flat, questions began to surface in her head. Perhaps she was being too impatient, but there hadn't yet been mention of a quest, a treasure hunt, or any other sort of objective for this meeting of theirs. This was different, just exchanging pleasantries in peaceful nature, and she couldn't decide if that was good or bad. "I think this is the nicest floor I've seen so far, by most people's standards." She threw out, looking out over the woods on the other side of the lake, the patches of color where wildflowers grew several feet from where they sat, and the cozy-looking buildings of Coral that she had passed by after arriving in the main settlement. "Is it always like this, or did you just catch it at a good time?" The corner of her mouth picked up, and she silently wondered if the awkward feeling in the air felt as thick for Shield as she nudged the conversation along.
  13. Calypso

    [PP-F7] Catch These Hands (Calypso)

    "Really? No torches, nothing?" Callie spoke to herself with a hint of irritation. They had wandered just far enough into the cave tunnel that her eyes were beginning to strain against the darkness. With a flick of her wrist through the air in front of her, she summoned her menus and poked at a string of options. She was rummaging around in her inventory, tracing her hovering finger through the air until she found what she was looking for. She selected an item that appeared in her hand, and once the crystal was nestled into her palm the Glow Stone came to life. She held her arm out to illuminate the path in front of them, the light bouncing off of Spencer's back and shoulder as he walked a couple of paces ahead of her to the side.
  14. Kicking her feet as they dangled in the open air below her, Callie sat atop one of the cliffsides that lined the edge of the plains on the seventh floor. She found herself in the mountainous area more than anywhere else as of late, often using the excuse that the level of Aincrad was Danesh's favorite, and therefore she was there for him more than herself. Whether or not that was completely true, she hadn't given much thought to. She had been up on her perch long enough for the anxiety she had felt around the tall ledge to fade away, and she instead focused on the impressive view that stood before her. "Still not used to how thin the air gets, but it's still pretty nice. Right?" One would think she was talking to herself before her eyes dropped to the familiar that was curled up on her lap. She smiled softly, when the small creature flicked its long tail similar to a cat's in a lazy response. Her tranquility was interrupted by the chiming sound that rang in her ears, alerting her of a new message. "Hm?" She mumbled, wondering about its contents while her hand worked to reveal the mystery. Callie frowned. Not because of any bad news, and not because she was not fond of the message's sender, but rather because she noticed something in Shield's invitation. His open-ended phrasing was typical, but it seemed even moreso this time. His messages would usually indicate that she had no obligation to attend, but this time it was almost as if he expected her not to. Or, at least, he truly didn't expect her to show up. In a moment of reflection, she could hardly blame him. Things had been awkward between them, to say the least. "Ever since..." She had to stop and think about it. Ever since she saw him acting terribly strangely at that masquerade ball. Since that day, she'd indirectly prodded into his life for reasons she couldn't produce an answer to. Going so far as to show up to a wedding she wasn't invited to, only to leave before the ceremony's completion. Was she mad at Shield? No, not if she was the one giving that answer. But she was unmistakably irritated, or maybe just frustrated, with something. Callie sighed. It wasn't fair to avoid him, and that's not what she wanted to do anyway. Scooping Danesh up from her lap and guiding the sleepy familiar onto her shoulders, she swung her legs back atop the cliffside to pick herself up. Opting to follow the coordinates offered to her without the forewarning of a return message, she carried herself back to Nimbus. From there, to the city of Coral, to the grassy meadows sprinkled with trees, flowers, and other greenery on the iconically peaceful floor. She swallowed and lightly cleared her throat when she spotted Shield's profile relaxing out in the open, more to prepare herself for speech than any kind of attempt to draw his attention. That came when she walked herself over, folding her legs to take a seat beside him and look out over the top of a sparkling lake far off in the distance. "Hey again," She started, the greeting flimsy without any planned follow-up. "Taking the day off, or something?"
  15. Calypso

    [PP-F7] Catch These Hands (Calypso)

    Callie watched as the man told them his story, and her brows knit together in a mixture of sadness and concern. It took her a few long moments to remember that the man, his late wife, and his emotions were all programmed. Scripted, and likely fabricated. Perhaps he and his story were based on someone who actually lived, a person who took a vow of silence for their loved one. She frowned, wondering briefly what it might be like to feel that way. To care for someone so deeply that you would forfeit something as precious as a voice simply to honor their death. She hadn't given up hers by choice, and so for someone to do so stirred up a strong sense of confusion, almost resentment towards the computer-generated man. Her lips pursed, and she drew in a short breath through her nose. Regardless of her mixed feelings, his story was a pitiable one. Her right hand closed, and she held it close to her chest for a moment. "I'm sorry for your loss." The man gave her a small nod in thanks, and she nodded back as there was clearly little else to speak about. Despite the interaction, she couldn't help but feel disappointed. It was lackluster compared to her hopes and expectations of some grandiose secrets. Slipping her hands into her pockets, the woman's attention was retrieved when Spencer gave her a wave to call her over to the entrance of a cave. Callie cocked a brow, walking over to peer inside. The mouth of the cave was nestled into the side of the mountain, with the light of the sun bathing the rocks and stretching a generous distance inside before the darkness was all that was left behind it. "Hmm..." She mused aloud, wearing a thoughtful frown. "Wonder if there's anything worthwhile in there. It's pretty out in the open." She remarked, glancing over at Spencer. Her expression shifted to a small, crooked smile when she noticed the light in his eyes. She could tell he was excited, whether it was from their shared language, or the prospects of adventure. A single chuckle escaped her. "You want to check it out?"