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  1. Reacting Mars gets back up onto the stage quickly and slams his shoulders into the stone golem pushed it off the edge as Mars just secures the victory by kicking it further away once it had been knocked off the edge to fall towards its doom as Mars quickly jumps towards the next platform where the next one is as it just stares down at him. With a shrug Mars goes to punch the golem out of the ring only to have his arm grabbed in a instant and quickly slammed onto the ground behind the golem as he just glares at the creature as it lets go of his arm and just stands there once more just staring down at him. With a low growl of aggression he lunges forward with a low sweeping kick to knock the golem off of its feet only for it to move its leg out and strike against the offending limb stopping it in its track before quickly and suddenly slamming its foot down towards the martial arts user as he can only push himself underneath the golem to get towards its backside. 'reactionary good to know' he thinks to himself.
  2. He watches his leg connect against the creatures as it slams into the bottom of his leg right where the knee is as he just grits his teeth as he can only imagine the pain he would be experiencing if this was the real world as he forces himself towards the back of the golem thinking he would have the advantage in that scenario. However, to his surprise the golem as if always knowing of what to do swings around with impressive burst of movement and slams into his side causing Mars to get off-balanced threatening his ability to stay upon the platform as the creature then slams downwards with its elbow knocking mars off of the platform to leave him to plummet to his doom. A burst of flame shoots out from the familiar striking against the golem who had attacked the king of the pride as Mars grips the edge of teh stage for dear life as he just glares upwards wondering what this is meant to test at all if this is a test.
  3. Mars enters into the next part of the cave that seems more like a series of tests rather quickly as he can see a few golems standing upon small platforms as once more his familiar as if following a pre-programmed response on what to do jumps from one platform to the next without triggering the hostile creatures within the room. With a sigh Mars crouches low and jumps towards the first platform where the first golem is as it quickly goes for a head strike as he bends back low to avoid the strike only to see the thing aiming for his feet as he hops over the attack and uses his hand to hold onto the platform before jumping up and goes for a spinning strike. Getting into the habit of his sword art only to see nothing happen for a glow as he is reminded what he has payed for in terms of strength. That in terms of trading what he is used to he is gaining the use of a sword that he would be unfamiliar with by every account of such a thing.
  4. The black haired martial artist kicks off of the falling ground as he lands upon another platform only to kick off of that quickly as it starts to fall as he jumps from one platform to the next as he glances down to see that it isn't a bottomless traphole but instead a series of large big ol spikes that would be threatening to pierce his body through entirely a bit away down into the pit. Mars can only keep reacting and acting pushing himself to move faster and faster as seemingly the floor follows suit as he is just reacting slowly but surely within moment split second making decisions to get across the room. Eventually Mars reach the other side exhausted physically from having to do that both physically and mentally from the stress that accompanied that as he looks up and pushes himself forward into the next part of the cave not going to let himself stop from just something as mundane as a death trap stop him from pushing forward.
  5. As he slowly makes his descent into the cave in a controlled manner he just looks down and waits patiently as his hand presses against the rock as a way to force momentum slow down if need be if he starts falling to fast for his liking. His familiar right beside him as the duo kick up dirt along the way until they hit the bottom of the slope that leads into just a open cave with the area opening immediately up to just a large open area with a door on the other side of the room from where he is standing. He glances towards his familiar who starts making its way across the room running at top neck speeds as the ground underneath it crumbles away and falls into a bottomless trap hole as Mars just nods his head and bends low to the ground in a runner's stance preparing to just sprint across the distance as he focuses upon the goal before sprinting forward and as soon as his first foot hit the ground with a thunderous strength of pushing against it. The ground quickly start collapsing as it becomes a game of less so running across the ground and more so pushing against falling debris and having to act fast on his feet and react quickly in his mind to keep him afloat.
  6. Traveling across the plains and through the forests of the 1st floor he pays no attention towards the details or the things that he comes across viewing them as just a waste of his time to look at since there is only one prize to focus upon and he is going to acquire it at all costs. As he would arrive at the location that the old man NPC had told him he looks towards the cave that opens downwards towards something that is dark and hard to see into but his familiar's flames cast a light downwards to reveal what lies inside which is just more cave. 'At the very least i won't trip or anything of that nature from what i can see.' He thinks to himself as he slowly enters the cave at a slow pace since it slopes downwards at a rather drastic angle preventing him from running to avoid just falling flat on his face and rolling down the hill with the risk of dying by the falling mechanic that the world of Aincrad has as part of its death trap for those who jump.
  7. Moving forward the martial artist could only push himself further in physical athleticism to move swifter once the crowds of players thinned out the closer that he had got towards the exit of the town of beginnings as he rushes forward with a grin upon his face all the while doing so. He moves through the streets of the town of beginnings running more so than anything else as the familiar that mars has the fire liger keeps up with the man with practices ease as the duo of owner and pet exit the town of beginnings into the large open plains of boars and other creatures that are meant to terrify the lower levels quiver in fear towards the powerful duo. Rushing his way towards the location his familiar instead takes the time out of its day to torture the local wildlife with flames of fire to burn away at the creatures causing them to shatter and dispense minuscule amounts of EXP that barely affect his bar that it would barely be worth the breathe and milisecond to look at the destroyed creatures.
  8. He makes his way through the town at a quickened speed moving through the hail of players with the fleet footedness of a trained fisticuffs fighter that has been within fights against other opponents. He moves his body left and right and weaving in and out of the crowd while moving forward the movements of a hand to hand fighter rather than that of a master of the blade the black haired man a martial artist at heart and enjoying the fact he can always just punch an enemy into pieces before anything else now having to move past that to gather more strength. 'I need this blade for strength martial arts has been surpassed by the katana so i must get that katana to stay relevant within fights if it can do everything that martial arts can but even better.' He thinks to himself with a small grin across his face at the idea of having more strength of using less energy, more varied options for moves with such a blade the only thing that will be needed is training with the attacks, and he already has a perfect partner to do it with.
  9. Finally after long bits of walking he watches a man with a wizened look to himself and a beard to match the stereotype approaches him as he just looks towards the creature that is a NPC from the way that it has a yellow crystal above its head as he hears the creature out so he can get his katana. Well than young lad you must be that of a adventurer in need of some help getting the weapon that he is in need of. How about this if i can help you like my teacher had helped me once before. Go towards the north of the woods deep within a cave is creatures who will test your might, will, and savvy, and other delicate things needed for the power of this blade. Only than will you be able to retrieve it and learn the true secrets that hide within the blade that you will acquire. It is a blade that has been passed on through generations and i expect you to treat it with the respect of having such a blade. The man says as Mars himself just nods his head in a calm manner with a kind smile to give ease towards the man who nods and than points in the direction of the cave with only a parting wave goodbye from the player before he heads towards the cave. jackpot.
  10. With that in mind he continues moving forward through the area taking his time as he does so walking at a slow pace just observing his surroundings as he sees mixes of fear, worry, and pride from some of the more well equipped players those who think themselves heroes an warriors that can take down any sort of criminal that walks among them. 'Yet they don't even know when somebody supports such killers and will misdirect them to the far reaches of Aincrad far away from the killers in question without so much as a possibility of getting away from them.' He thinks to himself in amusement at those thoughts before looking away from the scared people upon the first floor and more importantly the overly arrogant the ones who have confidence in their skills with no proof of them being sufficient enough to actually aid them when the coins are cast and the dice are rolled for their fates to be determined by the end.
  11. He makes his way through the first floor at a rather relaxed pace in the search for something that is supposedly meant to occur upon this floor when one has a rank within the curved sword skill which he had done at he sacrifice of giving up his martial arts to do. Supposedly the katana is meant to be available if one does this and i plan to get it. he says softly towards himself as his familiar lets out a puff of flame and a low growl as his gaze shifts towards his familiar and gives it a small glare of a look before continuing forward through the town at a steady rate not moving to fast as he can see the looks upon peoples faces the ones of worry and wondering about what they are going to do about the news of frontliners turning. Of his rival turning upon these people as a killer alongside that hidden woman who had done something as well to get the APD's attention. 'APD to begin with interesting that they start now after the friends turn. Interesting how the events after one boss fight can create a landslide before the next boss is even found and a meeting is held.' He thinks to himself in amusement more so than anything else as he keeps his hands within his pockets.
  12. Mars

    Skill Refund Evaluation

    Skill(s) Being Dropped: Rank 1-5 of Martial Arts Mod(s) Being Dropped: <None> SP Refunded: 50 Cost: <50,000>
  13. Mars

    {PP-F17} Wanted

    Mars on the outside just nods his head calmly in a understanding manner as he gazes towards his partner as he would say those words seemingly just accepting them for what they are as Mars would respond with towards Pinball. I can understand that, but know that i will do my best to get you back to using the spear as soon as possible you can't just be afraid to use a weapon you're good with forever it puts those you care for in danger, and it puts yourself in danger. If you doubt my words try imagining our fight with the Nemeon Lions if you were using that sword instead of the spear that you were using. He says calmly to try and explain towards Pinball as he waits patiently for what he would say as he puts his hands behind his back not paying attention to his own familiar that walks up besides the black haired martial artist and partially igniting in a small aura of flames causing the area near the familiar to heat up. On the inside Mars couldn't help but feel annoyance at his rival saying he would use a stupid one handed spear of all things over his spear that was vastly superior and almost factually the best weapon within this game to eliminate hostile threats within a moment's notice. 'If you won't use your spear i will force you to use it. One way or the other.' He thinks calmly towards himself his face never once betraying any other emotion than comforting and understanding. When hearing the mention at staying at his place his eyes narrow for only a brief moment before he takes a calming deep breathe before staring at him. You can stay here with the rule that you will not allow yourself to be seen within my residence or exiting it. Also, as long as you're here we will be having a daily duel to desensitize you from fighting other players since i don't care for being attacked, captured, or killed by other players who would decide to attack you or me for being related to you. That way i can count on you to not freeze up in such a fight.
  14. Mars

    {PP-F17} Wanted

    He just raises an eyebrow at Pinball's return joke that he sends to him as he just rolls his eyes at the words as he crosses his arms at his chest as he stares at Pinball with a rather flat and seemingly unamused look within his eyes only having that single eyebrow raised. Well at least you still have the same joke quality since last i saw you. Mars says towards Pin in a rather matter of fact tone of voice as he keeps his eyes locked onto his rival to prepare for anything that could happen while he is within his shop since there is a multitude of things that could occur. When hearing the words of appreciation his gaze settles back onto his rival instead of darting around the room as if trying to check fro some kind of assailant the entire time to just appear out of nowhere. It's fine Pinball though let me ask you something if you went on a quest or went to fight a mob what weapon would you use? He asks his rival curiously as he waits patiently for his answer knowing that when the results are heard it would determine what he will try to move his rival towards to get the results he wants to see out of Pinball as fast as he can. Not willing to tolerate his rival's ridiculous attitude of trying to avoid his weapon for as long as he wants, so working on getting him adjusted to that would be the only way to make things go by smoothly and swiftly.
  15. After a few moments he just nods his head and starts to make his way back towards where Cosi is figuring that while he could continue to hunt he doesn't need to just go out and focus on that atm. Crossing through the cavern he slowly makes his way back towards Cosi only to find him in the grip of a crab whose health is actually rather close to halfway which might be saying something about tanks. So than...i see that Pinball rubbed off his horrible luck onto you regarding his fishing talents i hope this isn't a daily occurrence like it is with Pinball though. He says towards Cosi as he just watched for now waiting fro Cosi to ask him to help with this creature knowing that when it comes to himself or sometimes even Pinball there are personal fights we don't want others to get apart of. 'This might be one for him to prove his tankyness or something for all i know.' He thinks to himself as he proceeds to just sit down and wait.