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  1. With a deep breathe he quickly activates the sword art as Cordelia does as well striking the fish once more as it glows in light before popping like a balloon as he just crashes into the water and a groan of exhaustion and pain as he just gazes up towards the sky. Lazily moving back to the boat and getting upon it and then just laying down refusing to move for his own benefit as he gazes up towards the girl with a bored and tired expression upon his face. That. Was one of the deadliest quests i have ever been a part of. All because i decided to AoE on the first turn instead of blitz them down one by one. He says with a half hearted chuckle as he then points in the direction of the shack. Can you just row the boat back towards there and finish this quest off. I want ot take a nap and a shower or just something to relax after all of that chaos. Thanks. Appreciated. He says with a dismissive wave not even waiting to hear the possible agreement to his question as he closes his eyes while laying upon the boat taking in the sun like a cat does during a nap upon a windowsill. Action: San Ge #137802 BD:5+5=10 90 DMG MD:8-1=7 250-12=238DMG 4] Mars: HP: 125/1010 ENG: 39/98 DMG: 16 MIT:43 ACC: 4 EVA: 3 HM: 2 FS: +1 to hate Concentration: (can be used) [5] Cord: HP: 542/780 | EN: 45/78 | 13+3=16 DMG | 12 MIT | 3 ACC | 3 EVA | 1 PARA VNM [DF] | 2 KEEN | 4 HLY The Lurker: /500 HP | 150 MIT | 2 Accuracy | -1 Evasion | 250 Damage per Hit | +50 on a roll of 9, +100 on a roll of 10
  2. He chuckled enjoying the reaction he got from the girl as a grin just settles upon his face as he figures the amount of damage the thing has done to him and the likelihood that the girl that is trying to help him with this quest will leave him to die. From what he has gathered it is rather low since she doesn't like people dying from her little remark of not wanting to have to deal with the moral guilt of somebody dying because of her actions. Though that at least puts her likely to not abandon but still possible if she ever views him as just a regular threat to her just as much as he is a threat towards the mobs that come to attack them. Taking the what he views as a gamble he preps his sword art and hopes that he won't be critted into oblivion by a giant fish. He then pauses remembering one mechanic of the game he hadn't used much except for just once within this game. Hey Cordelia Switch! He shouts towards the girl before he rushes to strike against the enemy as it jumps towards him once more to try and end him.Striking against the fish his blade clashes against its scales taking the same amount of damage away from the enemy only for the swordsman to suffer a rather bad fate as he feels the fish bite down onto him grabbing his right arm. Quickly tightening his grip with the left hand his right is forced to let go of the blade. Cordelia now would be a great time to actually hit this thing! He shouts towards her as he gets dragged towards the water as he closes his eyes and starts to take in a deep breathe. Action: San Ge against lurker +activating switch mechanic #137800 BD:3+5=8 MD:10 307 DMG to Mars now and 240-150=90 DMG 5] Mars: HP: 125/1010 ENG: 50/98 DMG: 16 MIT:43 ACC: 4 EVA: 3 HM: 2 FS: +1 to hate Concentration: (can be used) [3] Cord: HP: 780/780 | EN: 45/78 | 13+3=16 DMG | 12 MIT | 3 ACC | 3 EVA | 1 PARA VNM [DF] | 2 KEEN | 4 HLY The Lurker: 139/500 HP | 150 MIT | 2 Accuracy | -1 Evasion | 250 Damage per Hit | +50 on a roll of 9, +100 on a roll of 10 
  3. He just looks towards the girl with a deadpan look in a mix of disbelief, and amusement as he opens his mouth to say something and then closes it and glances towards the side where the lurker is slowly appearing steadily with the only hint of where it's coming from being the glow underneath the water. I don't know what to talk about first. The fact that you missed something the size of a semi-truck, or the fact that you're like a what? A twenty something year old girl that can't swim. He say swith a amused grin and speaking in a joking tone of voice as he then just looks away from Cordelia entirely and back towards the water waiting for something to try and jump out after him to try and kill him.Seeing the sight of a fish shoot out from the water with knife like teeth he quickly spins upon the boat doing so in place as a burst of wind surrounds him. The small fish impacting against the gust of wind as it shatters upon contact with the attack as a sigh of relief escapes the lips of the swordsman mouth. Okay. Two down. One to go. He says with a grin as that is quickly interrupted by the sight of the large fish once more trying to aim to take his head as he just hits the floor of the boat to dodge the jumping fish. The impact causing a wave to rock the boat pushing it away from the impact zone of the lurker. Action: Haku Senpu #137797 BD;6+3=9 *used concentration* 16x8=128-50=78 DMG DEAD MD:1 #137798 MD:3-1=2 3] Mars: HP: 432/1010 ENG: 50/98 DMG: 16 MIT:43 ACC: 4 EVA: 3 HM: 2 FS: +1 to hate Concentration: (can be used) [0/2] Cord: HP: 780/780 | EN: 45/78 | 13+3=16 DMG | 12 MIT | 3 ACC | 3 EVA | 1 PARA VNM [DF] | 2 KEEN | 4 HLY Fossil fish #1: 0/250 HP, 50 MIT, +1 Accuracy, +2 Evasion, 100 Damage per Hit. +25 Damage on a roll of 9, +50 Damage on a roll of 10 The Lurker: 319/500 HP | 150 MIT | 2 Accuracy | -1 Evasion | 250 Damage per Hit | +50 on a roll of 9, +100 on a roll of 10
  4. Figuring out the odds of his survival was rather daunting knowing that he quite literally needs to not be hit right now to dodge the fish that has been hitting him on the boat while he is now a guy wearing armor in the water while holding a sword. On top of also dodge the smaller more agile enemy as well on top of somehow hitting it to avoid dying later cause of some bad luck on his part. 'I think this is literally the worst luck i could've had because i made one dumb decision. I wonder if that will be a theme for this entire fight.' he wonders to himself morbidly as he just preps his strongest attack aiming for the small but agile fossil fish that is moving throughout the water. Just hit the lurker one more time and i won't die simple as that then Cordelia. he shouts putting a center force behind her name with a slight mocking and joking tone that he is taking with the girl. Staring at the water he sees the fossil fish come as he quickly raises his blade and cuts at the water as the sound of metal striking stone rings out across the very chaotic swamp front. The sensation of rushing water moving past him gives him some ease meaning he has survived an attack by not being hit by the fossil fish. However, the water soon develops a glow as the lurker comes charging towards him once more as the katana wielding man quickly pulls himself up onto the boat struggling for about 10 seconds to do this objective without tipping the entire thing over. A few silent moments pass as the lurker shoots out of the water with its mouth wide open having attempted to swallow the black haired fighter whole with its next attack. #137794 BD:7+2=9 240-50=190 DMG MD:5-2=3 #137795 MD:6-1=5 1/3] Mars: HP: 432/1010 ENG: 54/98 DMG: 16 MIT:43 ACC: 4 EVA: 3 HM: 2 FS: +1 to hate Concentration: (can be used) [0/2] Cord: HP: 780/780 | EN: 46/78 | 13+3=16 DMG | 12 MIT | 3 ACC | 3 EVA | 1 PARA VNM [DF] | 2 KEEN | 4 HLY Fossil fish #1: 60/250 HP, 50 MIT, +1 Accuracy, +2 Evasion, 100 Damage per Hit. +25 Damage on a roll of 9, +50 Damage on a roll of 10 The Lurker: 319/500 HP | 150 MIT | 2 Accuracy | -1 Evasion | 250 Damage per Hit | +50 on a roll of 9, +100 on a roll of 10
  5. You do your job princess and i'll do mine don't worry about this. These things will be dead before you know it, and then we'll be on our merry way to not dying and never doing something as dumb as this again. He says over towards the girl as he focuses the only fossilized fish that hit him and prepares to just cut it into two as he just smirks to himself remember duoing the herculean labor with pinball which was about as equally stupid as this. Though if he does this successfully it'll at least mean the girl will be able to maybe compete with him in terms of damage and getting ahead doing quest successfully that they really shouldn't be doing in the first place. Charging towards the weakened fish he quickly goes to slash at it to end it's life as his sword cuts into the fish draining its health down to zero, but right before it could just die with some sense of accepting its fate he feels the impact of it against his chest lowering his health once more ever so slightly. Turning his head he sees another fossil fish dive for him as he quickly side steps the attack only to see the giant lurker come towards him once more and knocks him off the boat and into the water. Sonova!- He shouts before he impacts with the water closing his eyes as he feels the weight of his gear try to pull him downward as he reaches an arm forward and grabs a hold of the boat before pulling himself up taking in a deep breathe of air once his head has surfaced the waters. Action: San Ge vs #2 #137783 4+2=6 MD:8-2=6 100-43=57 to me 16x15=240-50=190 DEAD #137784 MD:4-2=2 #137785 MD:8-1=7 250-43=207 1/3] Mars: HP: 432/1010 ENG: 65/98 DMG: 16 MIT:43 ACC: 4 EVA: 3 HM: 2 FS: +1 to hate Concentration: (can be used) [0/1] Cord: HP: 780/780 | EN: 50/78 | 13+3=16 DMG | 12 MIT | 3 ACC | 3 EVA | 1 PARA VNM [DF] | 2 KEEN | 4 HLY Fossil fish #1: 250/250 HP, 50 MIT, +1 Accuracy, +2 Evasion, 100 Damage per Hit. +25 Damage on a roll of 9, +50 Damage on a roll of 10 Fossil fish #2: 0/250 HP, 50 MIT, +1 Accuracy, +2 Evasion, 100 Damage per Hit. +25 Damage on a roll of 9, +50 Damage on a roll of 10 The Lurker: 409/500 HP | 150 MIT | 2 Accuracy | -1 Evasion | 250 Damage per Hit | +50 on a roll of 9, +100 on a roll of 10
  6. Love. Such a weird concept to have within this world where it'll just fizzle away eventually like all thing from his point of view. A game that'll last for years and provide people to spend time as such during it's duration where a person can die and be claimed by the claws of death at any moment. Where they could be murdered at the hands of another player for one reason or the other without any hesitation or sometimes without any reason to begin with on top of it. A soft chuckle escapes the lips of the black haired man at hearing about the girl's boyfriend as he sits up feeling the boat beginning to rock about figuring the fight is about to start as he gets within the san ge's stance of attack figuring it'll only pull one mob out to fight for them to burst it down within a instance. However, much to his personal hate not only the boss appeared but two minions to surround the thing on top of it. Quickly getting out of the but swift stance he focuses upon all three of them and activates his next sword art he has in mind. Cordelia focus the big boy. I'll keep the focus on me for this fight to let them just try to hit me. He says towards the girl before striking at the three fish. 'i really wish i had battle healing right about now.' He thinks to himself with a slight scowl realizing the possible danger of what he is about to do with his plan. Getting ready to strike Mars' familiar coats his blade in a thin veiled flame as the man grins to himself as he jumps towards the enemies to get within striking distance as he swings his fiery blade in a x shaped strike. The blade bouncing off the armored form of the boss, but at least damaging the weaker one for about a quarter of its health if he can guess from how fast it depleted. Though sadly it wasn't without pain as he feels the strike of a fossil fish impact against his chest, and then followed up by the lurker itself hitting him with the light thing on its forehead. Okay...maybe something different. You fight the big thing by yourself in terms of getting its hate and i'll deal with the smaller things. Man i thought it would've been rather bad at actually hitting me, but these fish are actually rather fast moving considering how heavy they should actually be. He says taking some calming breathes a bit caught off guard by the damage and accuracy of the creatures. Action: Amatsu No Homura 8x16= 128DMG 8x18= 144 #137778 BD:3+4=7-2=5 MD:6+1=7-3=4 #137779 BD:6+2=8 MD:10 100-43=57+50=107 Dmg to mars (78 dmg) #137780 BD:10 MD:7-3=4+2=6 250-43= 207 DMG to mars (1 dmg to lurker) [1/2/3] Mars: HP: 696/1010 ENG: 76/98 DMG: 16 MIT:43 ACC: 4 EVA: 3 HM: 2 FS: +1 to hate Concentration: (can be used) [0/0/0] Cord: HP: 780/780 | EN: 64/78 | 13+3=16 DMG | 12 MIT | 3 ACC | 3 EVA | 1 PARA VNM [DF] | 2 KEEN | 4 HLY Fossil fish #1: 250/250 HP, 50 MIT, +1 Accuracy, +2 Evasion, 100 Damage per Hit. +25 Damage on a roll of 9, +50 Damage on a roll of 10 Fossil fish #2: 172/250 HP, 50 MIT, +1 Accuracy, +2 Evasion, 100 Damage per Hit. +25 Damage on a roll of 9, +50 Damage on a roll of 10 The Lurker: 499/500 HP | 150 MIT | 2 Accuracy | -1 Evasion | 250 Damage per Hit | +50 on a roll of 9, +100 on a roll of 10
  7. He grins when hearing the girl react to the nickname as he keeps that mentally tabbed for another time figuring he'll just push her every now and then to get a reaction if things get a bit too stale for his own tastes. With a dismissive wave of his hand towards the girl he hands her the fishing rod and then takes out his own katana getting into the initial stand of the sword art with his eyes locked onto the target. With the blade low to the ground he watches as the fossil fish slowly falls to be right in front of him as he strikes out slashing against it's hardened skin five time before putting the blade below the fish and cutting straight through it as it's health depletes to zero. With the fish shattered he sheathes the blade away and turns his head back towards the other sword user. There we go one more down of those things. Your turn to try Cordelia lets see if you fish up the actual boss unlike myself. He says with a chuckle as he sits down upon the boat and just leans back with his hands behind his body so he can lean upon them for support. So besides this quest what is your plans for the day i just plan to drift from quest to quest. Action: San Ge vs fossil fish #137772 BD:9 17x15=255-50=205 DMG -12 eng [0]Mars: HP: 1010/1010 ENG: 86/98 DMG: 16 MIT:43 ACC: 4 EVA: 3 HM: 2 FS: +1 to hate Concentration: (can be used) [1]Cord: HP: 780/780 | EN: 64/78 | 13+3=16 DMG | 12 MIT | 3 ACC | 3 EVA | 1 PARA VNM [DF] | 2 KEEN | 4 HLY Fossil fish: 0/250 HP, 50 MIT, +1 Accuracy, +2 Evasion, 100 Damage per Hit. +25 Damage on a roll of 9, +50 Damage on a roll of 10
  8. Floor twenty three the home of the dark elves, their racism against humans, their fear of the overworld where the other half of the floor resides and the way out of this floor, and the breakup of the frontlines. SO much on such a..well iconic is the best way he could describe this floor. Dark cave with many tunnels and rare flora of any kind makes the underground part rather natural for a underground place especially one for the dark elves. Something that is rather classic in a fantasy setting to be certain. A amber colored gaze makes their way to lock themselves towards the nearest exit of this racist town. The stares of npcs and the few brave enough to throw a few words his way he just ignores the liger by his side ignites the darkness around him with the fires that surround the fire elemental creature to provide him some light along the way. The black haired individual wearing black light armor from shoulders down with heavy metalic gauntlets around his arms. A blade sheathed away at his hip with the blade being fairly long but thin from how the sheathe was designed.. he had one simple location and goal in mind when coming to this floor and that way to clear out the local quest that was nearby the one known as uzgeke. Supposedly some large stupid monster that gave out a decent amount of experience for it. seemingly could be quantified as the queen bee of the later floors which he can always get behind something that is weak giving out more exp then it should. He sighs softly as though his familiar has provided him some light it isn't enough to make up for all of the darkness around him. I should have probably invested into dark vision like i wanted. Might come up more often then not later eventually. He mutters with a scowl gracing his face for a brief moment.
  9. He watches the rather swift interaction as he can just grin as he can rather remember this same kinda setup he had with pinball one would setup the kill by going first and the next would end it swiftly afterwards not many could handle the both of them going all out against a target. To top it all off this girl seems to have a rather good katana to have been able to cut the stone fish with one perfect swing of her blade which is either luck or skill which he can't decide based upon how this game functions. Looking towards the girl he just grins and nods his head as he pats her shoulder twice before going back to fish upon the boat. Well princess if you plan to do that everytime then please by all means continue to one shot these fish i'll put up. Who knows maybe by the end of the day you'll have leveled up off of these things to one shot the halibut this quest is all about. He says jokingly towards the girl with a smirk upon his face as he puts the bait into the water and then is forced to wait for the next catch that will come their way. However, it seems that luck wasn't on his side as nothing immediately had bitten upon his fishing rod though much to his surprise he feels a sudden tug upon his arms as his body lurches forward ever so slightly. the boat rocking ever so slightly from the sudden force of momentum shifting him enough to almost fall off the boat if it wasn't for his end impacting against the wood as he then steadies himself. Quickly putting his foot against the boat he pushes back to a standing position causing the boat to tilt ever so slightly towards the water he starts reeling his catch in with his face in a determined look as he flings out another fish made of stone. Well princess you better be able to kill this one as well in one shot! he shouts over towards the girl with a smirk and a challenging look in his eyes. #136775 CD:5+1=6 nothing
  10. The shout of a voice is what catches his ear as he looks towards the one that welcomes him to this tavern of noise and ignorance and fountains of bliss and knowledge. A drink to numb the mind away from reality or the ability to lend a ear to learn what one’s better knows of the going inside of the world around them. Truly a place of contradictions of whcih many loose lips have probably spilled a secret or two they weren’t prepared to do so. “I’m just here to learn about why people are talking about this place. Something go down here recently to cause people to start talking, or you just that good serving drinks people can’t help advertising?” He asks getting straight to the point as well as deciding to amuse himself with a joke as he sits down at the serving area and looks at the owner. Casting a glance at the pink haired girl he is instantly reminded of the one who stood up for the fool of a event leader. He just glares for only a brief moment before scoffing and giving a dismissive wave. “Hello to you to moving target” he says giving the girl a new nickname since the one he is thinking of he’ll reserve as princes since it was amusing enough for him. He glances about keeping his fingers ready to summon his karma from his inventory just encase he could have started a fight. Since as much as he hates to admit it Aincrad has made him more blunt and cocky in his approaches to people.
  11. With a dazzle of light he arrived upon the floor as he glanced down to the paper within his hand wit ha slight scowl as he tried to memorize the directions as he glances about where he is taking inventory of where the supposed way he was meant to go is suppose to be. The player being by himself with none of his combat gear equipped just his standard black top and long grey pants of vanity quality. His familiar having been left to its own devices to attend towards back on the seventeenth floor while he investigated what this entire business that supposedly went down is about since it isn't everyday that he hears such a far fetched tale as he had from his travels of other floors. He makes his way towards the tavern that from what he was told at least is meant to be some info guild's base of operations that he can go and see things for himself to check if the news is true, or if he just had been scammed for some col to make a quick buck out of a fool wanting to understand what has been going on. 'A local info guild going a bit quieter is always worth a look.' he thinks to himself as he arrives outside of a tavern and looks at the name and then down at his paper. Riker's Edge. Well now or never. he mutters to himself and walks into the bar his amber colored gaze looking around the room as he enters within as his messy black hair just falls where it may. As he enters he just makes his way towards the counter of the bar figuring if he will start anywhere it will be with the person that would interact with the most people. The atmosphere of the place from what he can gather immediately is rather energetic despite what he had been told was going on setting off some mental alarms already in his head that he had just been duped for some information. A tall tale being told to earn col. A sneer crosses his face at the thought of that as his right hand tightens into a fist as he does his best to reel in his immediate fury of wanting to punch something within a safe zone. 'Just wait it out. Just wait out.' He thinks to himself rather quickly managing to compose his anger that was rather visible for quite a few seconds if one was to look over towards the newest arrivals entrance.
  12. He nods his head while listening to the girl taking in a few details and knowing for certain by now he had never met this girl in any of the events that had occurred during his time within Aincrad. Which does mean it makes things a lot more difficult in finding holes for the moment, but that is just part of the charm laying in wait to see if something comes up for the snake to strike at its prey. A rapier? I do always wonder what the appeal of such a weapon is when it comes to damage. I can only imagine it has something to do with how it's used by royalty or the like during practice sparring matches or such, or that is to say, that is what they show quite a bit on television shows and such to give the appearance of such. He says with a dismissive shrug being honest with the girl upon his thoughts of the matter as his eyes catches sight of the shack as well as he makes his way over towards the destination. The shack being made of rather clean and pristine wood compared to the bridges upon this floor that are in much worse shape then this little house had been. Though it has obviously had wear and tear here and there upon it with the wood looking rather aged with it reaching the end of its lifetime, and the pier that comes out from this point looking as if it had bites taken out of it from some carnivorous animal or the other. With a raise of his hand he knocks upon the door as the sound of a male comes out from the shack. "i'm coming! i'm coming!" Soon after a NPC comes forward a middle aged man that doesn't smell quite all that pleasant to be around. The lion that is Mars' familiar growls a bit and covers its nose with its own paws as the owner looks upon the npc. We are here for the legendary fish. We need a good fishing pole to capture it though i was hoping you could get us acquainted with such a fishing pole. We're wiling ot barter if need be. He says calmly towards the NPC who loks rather ecstatic upon hearing the news and goes into his shack and hands Mars the fishing pole. "Here ya go kid! You look like you can handle that big ole' thing there with that young lady right there besides you. Just give me teh fish afterwards and i can promise something good!" He says rather cheerfully and then gestures towards a nearby boat. "Just take that right there boat out towards the middle of the lake and you'll be fine" With a nod of his head Mars makes his way towards the boat and pushes it into the water near the chewed up docks. he then steps up onto the boat and rows himself out towards the middle of the giant lake that surrounds the main settlement and then takes his first lucky attempt at trying to fish up something good. The lake being rather calm with not a single stir in the water, and the noise of a gentle breeze and the buzz of insects being all that the players can hear besides their familiar and any talk they have. After awhile of waiting the pull of the fishing pole catches his attention as he quickly reels it in and with a grunt of effort he tugs upwards as the sight of a..the best he could describe it is a fish that looks like it's covered in a layer of stone depicting a fish skeleton shows up. Well then lets go then Cordelia. Lets see what you can do? He says towards the girl with a smirk upon his face. (battle order. Cord->mars->Fish) #134729 CD:8+1=9 FOSSIL FISH [0]Mars: HP: 1010/1010 ENG: 98/98 DMG: 16 MIT:43 ACC: 4 EVA: 3 HM: 2 FS: +1 to hate Concentration: (can be used) [0]Cord: HP: 780/780 | EN: 78/78 | 13+3=16 DMG | 12 MIT | 3 ACC | 3 EVA | 1 PARA VNM [DF] | 2 KEEN | 4 HLY Fossil fish: 250 HP, 50 MIT, +1 Accuracy, +2 Evasion, 100 Damage per Hit. +25 Damage on a roll of 9, +50 Damage on a roll of 10
  13. He nods his head along to what she says letting her speak her mind and not interrupting her since even as messed up as he can be sometimes he at least has a sense of manners to let a person speak their thoughts before cutting them off mid sentence. With himself finding his initial thoughts of the girl being rather true that she does seem rather keen on being open with her thoughts and feelings most likely, and on top of this seemingly rather...spacey is the right word he might be looking for? That or excitable and rather eager are the phrases he could use to try and describe the person to his left. Well for myself i am rather tanky most likely compared to yourself i figured i could be a rather decent strategy to have some tank behind my hits if i do some solo adventures. Along with that i do have evasion as well so that is not a worry either. He says with a nod of his head not being phased at all about the quest that he has heard about. Supposedly some giant fish with scales as tough as metal compared to the previous quests that are around its level. Glancing towards the girl he just chuckles a bit and runs his hand through his hair slightly. I might have a katana though i am thinking of going martial arts once more. The blade doesn't feel all that right in my hands. It feels like it actively fights against the way that i desire to fight. He says towards Cordelia as he then shrugs his shoulders ever so slightly and then with a swipe of his finger a menu pops up as he takes out a item. Some simple hand wraps. I use to be a martial artist that felt more right then this blade. Versatility is nice i will admit much better then martial arts any day of the week, but being able to hit the opponent with my own fists and having that...in a sense more versatility in my movements felt right. The katana feels, at least for my own blade, like it's meant for quick but weak strikes. When i more so prefer powerful strikes that can take a opponent out in one hit. Feels more satisfying in a sense i guess if that makes sense to you? He says towards the woman letting a bit of his own ideas out to see what will be observed.
  14. In the midst of his thought he hear a familiar ding go off as he glances towards what should be empty air in front of him as a menu pops up that is asking him to join a party towards this player. 'okay so she asked me to join a party. I have no reason to not do so.' He thinks to himself as he clicks the button prompt and soon after he sees the familiar hud pop up with it's faded look in the top left corner of his vision as he looks towards the girl in front of him. He sees her rather joyful expression upon her face and stance as he can only assume she is rather pleased with something in her mind or thoughts which soon followed up with her introduction. The name is Mars that is about it really, and from what is probably obviously to yourself i am a damage dealer myself and that is all that i have in terms of skills as well. Now lets get a bit of a move on. We can walk and talk. He says towards the woman as he then gestures with his hand to follow as he starts making his way towards the destination in question. Some area around the the edge of the giant lake surrounding the city that should have a shack and a boat that would allow them to traverse into the water. What about yourself? What can you do? He asks the girl while walking along her right side, but slightly in front of her. Mars' familiar eyeing the bird with the same predatory look with a displeased growl since its owner is preventing him from burning the bird.
  15. He continued making his way over the stone bridge that looked rather surprisingly prestine compared to the multitude of other bridges that had been made upon this flor. One after the other having been taken over by decay and time. The water having wasted away most of the other bridges down to being functional if not a rather risky plan for someone who wished to keep their clothes in a more clean condition then what they had started when traversing upon this floor. His ears caught the sound of something moving along the bridge the sound of steps that are rather rapidly getting closer catches his attention as he slowly turns his head back to catch the sight of some white haired girl making her way towards himself. A small smile graces his face as he could either imagine a fight about to happen, or perhaps another person he could try to see he could push the right buttons on to get a rather amusing reaction from. The familiar by his side a lion looks towards the bird with a predatory gaze. Halibut? If that's the name of the quest on this floor then the answer is yes. I am just heading towards the next location to prepare for whatever floor boss is going to happen next. What about yourself? He asks in a rather calm if not a bit blunt manner towards the girl his eyes having this rather uninterested look towards them as he lets his gaze go up and down the girl to get a catch for how well suited she is for this quest, and if she is going to slow him down in his endeavors. 'Katana, light armor, and a bird. Probably a accuracy familiar, or searching one , or just a pet to keep her company i've heard there is a few of those floating about as well. Straight forward in her approach. Might be just the direct and overly open about how she feels.' He thinks to himself coming up with some theories and ideas as fat as he could at the small cost of being absorbed in his own mind for a bit missing the first sentence of whatever this girl would say.