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    [Event-F22] Star-Crossed Lovers [Tier 2]

    oh look the babysitters are here. You happy about being so bad at your job that you needed help from people vigilon? Cause their is your great protectors who are only here to get the rewards from this and only that. They don't care about you. He says rather flatly towards the kid who dared to just whine out about needing help as loud as possible making him rather annoying to at least to his eyes at the very least. With a annoyed sigh he just takes up his blade and holds it in his hand and quickly goes to strike out against the commander as his blade ignites into a red light as he goes to just end the fight against the commander before him with a strike. His blade quickly hacking through the enemy as each strikes pierces against it as he then looks towards his allies and just shrugs. I got two more in me. then we'll be playing the waiting game while the babysitters will do the work what a fun turn of events. He says with as much sarcasm and venom he can create in his voice while saying fun. #122077 BD:7+4-2=9 18x15=270-75=195 Party 1: [4/0/0/0/0] @Mars: HP: 780/970 | ENG: 22/88 | DMG: 18 MIT: 55 | ACC: 4 | EVA: 3 | Heavy Momentum:x2 [0/6/6/6/6] Hazado| HP 654/850 | ENG 58/80 | DMG: 13 | MIT: 127 | ACC 0 | EVA 0 | DEF PARA 9/10 | Thorn 36 | 16 Regen  [0/1/4/3/4] @Domarus | HP 846/930 | ENG 13/90 | DMG: 15 | FLN: 2 | 66 MIT | 3 ACC | 0 EVA
  2. As he made his way towards the docks he walks at a calm and steady pace not bothering to rush or make a sprint towards the destination it was a quest that he could be methodical with and enjoy the fighting that was going to occur. To enjoy and take his time with in any manner that he could please maybe he should start with taking out the leaders to cause chaos? Kill the underlings like a assassin? So many options. The grin that is on his face as the joy of that comes to mind since in the end the displays of powers is what he is living for in this game to see what sort of people he can push towards their limits. TO see when they will break. To see when they will give in. Since in the end it's better to see them break and go against the frontlines then watch them try to flourish up their. 'This is a world i want to flourish and grow instead of the real world. We can survive better in here anyhow. And what if the batter runs out on our gaming headsets? The worst that'll happen is a painless and random death that nobody would predict and it'll be done in a moment.' he thinks uncaringly. Arriving at the quest destination he looks towards the NPC that rushes over towards him to start the quest prompt as he tunes out the machine till it gives him the prompt. Not paying attention towards the story of fighting pirates or saving his cargo ship as he knows the gist of the quest by now through hearing about it from who knows how many 10th or 13th handed accounts of this thing.
  3. Mars

    [Event-F22] Star-Crossed Lovers [Tier 2]

    How about this pipsqueak? Maybe you get good at being an evasion tank and maybe you'll survive better in aincrad. But for now i have my target to kill and i'll kill mine before you do yours. My group can move faster then yours. We call ours. We kill yours. We survive we don't need frontliners to come and babysit us. Grow a spine! He growls towards the kid with martial arts as his blade ignites in a crimson aura as he is forced to admit Hidden abandoned him in this fight and proven that he can't rely on her for this fight and maybe even future fights against anybody or anything. 'She lives up towards the motto of looking out for number 1. I can support that, but i'll make sure to stab her in the front instead of the back.' He thinks with a snarl across his face as his eyes burn with rage as his amber eyes holds nothing but fury. He rushes towards the commander and quickly tries to gut the stupid thing as his blade stabs into it over and over. Running towards the creature a feral grin stretches across his face as he slashes along its chest as he then stops his momentum and slashes along its back, and then the back of the knees and then finishing it off with a clean stab through the neck as he pulls his blade out. backpedaling towards the group he just smiles figuring that with how things are going it'll be over sooner rather then later. Like that kid. He says towards @Vigilon with a amused look in his eyes. Action: San Ge vs commander 1 #121522 BD:4+4=8-2=6 18x15=270-75=195 DMG Party 1: [4/0/0/0/0] Mars: HP: 780/970 | ENG: 33/88 | DMG: 18 MIT: 55 | ACC: 4 | EVA: 3 | Heavy Momentum:x2 [0/4/4/4/4] @Hazado| HP 657/850 | ENG 65/80 | DMG: 13 | MIT: 127 | ACC 0 | EVA 0 | DEF PARA 9/10 | Thorn 36 | 16 Regen [0/1/2/1/2] @Domarus | HP 846/930 | ENG 33/90 | DMG: 15 | FLN: 2 | 66 MIT | 3 ACC | 0 EVA  Party 2: [0|4|2|3|2] @Alec: 704/760 | 63/68 | 134 MIT | 2 ACC | -1 EVA | DAM: 5 | BH: 7 | THN: 56 | SW: -25% DoT [2|0|0|0|0] @Stryder: 824/940 | 49/82 | 92 MIT | 4 ACC | 3 EVA | 16 DMG(17 charge) (COM 6 CHARGED) [2|5|0|2|2] @Vigilon: HP: 227/600 | EN: 13/70 | 14 DMG | 38 MIT | 3 ACC | 3 EVA | REC:3| PAR | 1 Taunt | T1 BLD
  4. Mars

    [Event-F22] Star-Crossed Lovers [Tier 2]

    Looking towards the red haired man he just shrugs his shoulder as his blade ignites in a red crimson light as he focuses upon his enemy and his alone. We don't need reinforcements you might want them, but i'd rather not. This is our fight not theirs they had their fight and this is ours. No need to allow them to get multiple rewards flame axe. He says calmly towards Domarus as he charges towards the commander his eyes having a cold and steely look towards them as it slowly morphs to a sense of glee s he can finally attack his foe once more with his blade from not being paralyzed for once. Though a burning fury for hidden once more not aiding him in this part of the plan. Slicing into the stupid fish before him he lets his blade try to knock its HP as low as he can get it as he then backpedals away not feeling like being skewered into paralysis once more. The stun lock haivng been enough for one time around for him. Action: San Ge against Commander 1 with concentration #121318 BD:6+5=11-2=9 18x15=270-75=195 DMG [4/0/0/0/0] @Mars: HP: 780/970 | ENG: 55/88 | DMG: 18 MIT: 55 | ACC: 4 | EVA: 3 | Heavy Momentum:x2 [0/4/4/4/4] Hazado| HP 682/850 | ENG 65/80 | DMG: 13 | MIT: 127 | ACC 0 | EVA 0 | DEF PARA 9/10 | Thorn 36 | 16 Regen [Paralyzed] [0/1/2/1/2] @Domarus | HP 846/930 | ENG 33/90 | DMG: 15 | FLN: 2 | 66 MIT | 3 ACC | 0 EVA [0/0/0/0/0] @Hidden | HP 840/840 | ENG 80/82 | 16 DMG | 81 MIT | 4 ACC | 1 EVA | 8 Holy DMG
  5. Making his way onto the sixteenth floor he looks out over the floor that looks like it was ripped straight out of the old times where man only had wooden huts and tiny islands going on for miles and miles as he gazes out towards the tiny settlement on this islands as he makes his way. The man wearing the usual black light armor that covers his form, and having his katana resting in its sheathe at his hip. The heavy armored gauntlets resting on his wrists and going up towards just below his elbow with straps keeping it from slipping off his arms. His amber colored gaze glances from one person to the next as his familiar walks alongside him the liger with a aura of flames surrounding it walking alongside the man. Mars lets his gaze flicker from one area to the next as he makes his way towards the docks where the quest was meant to start at. Having decided that he would go and test his might against the pirate like NPCs that were meant to be the foes against him in this quest. Though he has all the confidence that it would be done swiftly and effortlessly at the end of the day. The cloudless skies raining down as the perfect weather for not having to brave the seas during a storm. @Kirbs Consumed: Rare damage potion- +2 DMG Stats:
  6. Feeling the burning water hit his body was not a particuarly fun experience after being surrounded in a crushing wave of a tsunami the damage having been enough, and then add on top the leviathan hitting the healer and now leaving him the target. he wasn't going to make it to the next round if he dind't leave now if the odds were stacking up against him. With his form having the burn status effect he just raises the crystal upwards. I'm taking my leave have the other party join yours and then take down this beast if you can do so. I have done my part for what i can do against a giant sea serpent. He says calmly and then says the simple command phrase to get him out of this fight. Teleport, Town of the Beginnings. With that a light blue light surrounds him as he leaves the fight with the only thing he hears last as the roar of the leviathan as he can only assume it prepared another attack. Action: Teleport crystal #120311 LD:9+3=12+1+1=14 caught fire H:10] @Calrex: 1825/1850 HP | 147/176 EN | 16 DMG | 126 MIT | 4 ACC |  3 EVA | 0.6 ACH [PARRY + VR] [H:10] Jomei: 634/1525 HP | 90/151 EN | 19(20) DMG | 6 ACC | 0(6) EVA | 97 MIT | 2 SVY | 71 BH | 9-10/24 TV [H:12] @Mars: 276/970 HP | 3/88 EN | 21 DMG | 73 MIT | 6 ACC | 5 EVA | 2 HM | 9-10 PLZ | 9 PRB [Snowfrost] [Queen's Ire] [H:11] Hestia: 628/2065 HP | 82/170 EN | 1 DMG | 196 MIT | 84 THN | -1 EVA | 103 BH | 2 HM | 6 REC | 25% STNW [Snowfrost] [H:9] @Neopolitan: 696/1025 HP | 60/86 EN | 18 DMG | 59 MIT | 5 ACC | 2 EVA | 8-10 PLZ | 2 REC | 9 PRB | 4 FLN [Snowfrost] Mars has left the thread
  7. Looking towards the girl he just glares at her for the laughter as what has been struck is something that he would never stand by anyone that he knows not friend nor foe. Thus he will enjoy marking that smug look from her face as his blade ignites in his scabbard as he rushes towards the girl and strikes her with his blade in just a singular moment that would cut even a swallow's body in twain. Gazing towards the girl he watches as the game declares him the winner of this little duel of his with the princess as he puts hi sword back in his scabbard knowing that the girl is stunned he just smirks at her. Congrats you had the last laugh, but i hope you enjoy being stunned until it wears off princess. Remember this for the next time you want to laugh at me, and remember i am here if you ever need my blade at your assistance. He says in a sickening polite tone with his offer as he sends the friend request towards the girl with a grin upon his face. Accept or deny. Lets see what you choose princes. He says with a wave as he leaves the girl on low health, in the forest, stunned for who knows how long. Action: iai #120137 BD:6+3=9-1=8 8x11=88-23=65 DMG 111-65= 46/120 HP (Kityuisa's HP) STUNNED! MARS leaves the thread.
  8. See there you go kid. Now you're living in a true reality and not in that stupid lie you told yourself. Even if it is flawed if you think having more people is better. You'll just make more enemies. He says with a amused smirk on his face as his blade ignites into a red light surrounding it as he looks down the girl and figures he'll try to get her as close to death as he physically can do so. He lowers himself towards the ground bending his knees to prepare to propel himself towards her as his hand rests gently upon the scabbard of his blade as his eyes narrow as he activates the sword art. Charging towards the girl he goes to slash at her and manages to actually trip over her d**** cat that was present as he slashes along the ground before slamming his hand against the ground and pushing off of it as much as possible. Stumbling back he falls back upon his back with a annoyed growl. Well then looks like you actually trained your cat effectively if it felt like tripping me when we wanted to end this duel. Tell your cat to back off. Action: Iai #120125 BD:1
  9. Mars

    [Event-F22] Star-Crossed Lovers [Tier 2]

    Oh you got to be bloody kidding me! He shouts in annoyance as another strike hits his body as he just grits his teeth and toughs out the wave of paralysis that swift through his body as he just glares at the fishman that is managing to be holding on as he glares towards Hidden with unbridgled fury in his eyes. DON'T STAND THERE DO SOMETHING! He shouts towards the dark cloaked woman in annoyance as his eyes are clouded in annoyance and fury like that of a ravenous dog being held back by a chain attached to his collar. The man known as Mars a name he gave himself living up to the fury associated with war. Party 1: [3/0/0/0/0] Mars: HP: 780/970 | ENG: 56/88 | DMG: 18 MIT: 55 | ACC: 4 | EVA: 3 | Heavy Momentum:x2 [Paralyzed] [0/4/4/4/4] @Hazado | HP 728/850 | ENG 64/80 | DMG: 13 | MIT: 127 | ACC 0 | EVA 0 | DEF PARA 9/10 | Thorn 36 | 16 Regen [Paralyzed] [0/1/2/1/2] @Domarus | HP 846/930 | ENG 53/90 | DMG: 15 | FLN: 2 | 66 MIT | 3 ACC | 0 EVA [0/0/0/0/0] @Hidden | HP 840/840 | ENG 80/82 | 16 DMG | 81 MIT | 4 ACC | 1 EVA | 8 Holy DMG
  10. What? to weak to even try and defend yourself verbally princess? Since let me put it this way princess. I don't lie to myself i know what i do and what it does. i simply don't view it as bringing out the worst in people. I view it as freeing people from the lies they tell themselves. if that leaves them a worse person for it that means they are just allowing themselves to finally be free from their own lies. He says calmly towards her with a look in his eyes that he genuinely believes what he is telling her as he calmly draws his katana from his inventory and just looks towards the girl in front of him as he already gets into position charging up a sword art with a smile upon his face knowing how he is going to end this in a single strike. But you're right i did what i came to do today and that is help you with your familiar. he says calmly with a smile upon his face ready to finish the duel next strike.
  11. There it is. The one thing keeping you sane is it? Your sister is the only thing making you not want to lash out at this world for all of its injustice? Don't worry i can see that spark in your eyes. I'm not into the whole murdering, or kidnapping kids or anything like that so your sister who is in this world is just fine and safe don't worry. Well...at least safe from me. He says in a calm tone of voice towards the girl not being disturbed at all about the fact that he knows he is pushing all her buttons into this unbridled beautiful rage once more. He just smiles before continuing to talk once more as he looks her in the eyes. Is it really madness? Think about this i am just helping you come to terms with who you are. I am preventing you from living a life that is based in fantasy. Is it madness to live in reality, or is it madness to lie to yourself everyday and make yourself believe something that isn't true? He asks calmly once more not being threatened by the angry girl in front of him, not threatened by the cat. All of this being a wonderful show of amusement to him and in the end if she truly breaks from this it'll be a wonderful bloodbath that'll paint the floors.
  12. Awww so you're scared of the consequences? Scared of finally being caught? Maybe it's fear of the unknown? Fear of having to see the faces of those you steal from, hurt, murder, leave to die in a ditch against mobs? He suggests once more testing different things that would provoke violence loving the slightly dulled look in this girl's eyes as slowly but surely her fires are slowly being put out by the reality he wants to paint. Not the real one she coul face if she tried, but the one he feels like creating with this verbal duel against this girl and currently winning. What do i have to gain? Asking the wrong questions princess i have nothing to gain from this. It's what everybody else has to lose. He says with a amused tone of voice as he looks at her and waits for her next response as his posture is relaxed. His stance completely relaxed as if he has nothing to worry about, nothing to fear or impede him in any fashion at all.
  13. He grins at the slip up as he looks down at the girl with a grin upon his face as he stares her in the eyes with a passive but amused look in his eyes as if he knows something. That look and air of superiority of his stance and gaze as if there there is just more about him. Some might believe it, some could chalk it up rather easily to arrogance or pride. You have? What hmm. i noticed that pause. You have nothing out there in the real world worth fighting for. You could die happily in this game as long as you achieved what you wanted. You don't care about the real world. He says with a edge to his words as if he is trying to make every phrase, every word a proverbial sword cutting through any argument or defense that is being layed before him. Since as far as he can tell he has been on the attack primarily in this battle of wits. He then grins as he looks down at her. You don't want the real world. You want what this world provides you. That is why you want to stay as long as possible? Those little friends you're trying to protect from what you actually are? Thief, runaway murderer, Identity theft, arson? He says testing out different forms of crimes that come to mind to see which ones get a rise out of the girl. Since that is all he has been doing. Testing out theories one after the other to see which ones provoke emotional reactions.
  14. You clearly didn't keep in check a few moments ago little miss ego you could be doing so much better in trying to say that lie honestly. Also, i am not deaf to logic and common sense. I am deaf to the fools who lie to themselves to try and make themselves feel better about the reality of the world they live in. He says with a ever so slight growl to his worlds as his eyes ignite with a emotion anger, and pride. And do you honestly think people want to risk VR after this? Sure new laws will remain, but at the end of the day it has killed people it'll always have that stigma and the moment it causes another death people will freak and shut it down out of fear of another travesty like this game. He says calmly towards the girl as he crosses his arms at his chest as he looks towards the girl with a amused little smirk across his face as a phrase rings in his head. Above the law? You certainly see yourself oh so high and mighty little girl. What daddy's money carrying you through life? Well let me tell you not everybody has that privilege then. Some of us are just nobodies with no future who are better off dying in the heat of battle so they can die a martyr. Or they can die a nobody, just like they've always feared. He says calmly as a breathe memory of the monument of life after having checked it to make sure Pinball was alive comes to mind. And seeing hundred upon hundreds of names that nobody knows, or cares about in this game. Just gone and dead. He stares down at her as the sounds of the rustling leaves from the wind continues to play in this forest based floor as he stares down at the girl as the sun hangs in the sky. Apathetic amber eyes staring down at the girl with very little care or barely any emotion in them anymore. If you continue to follow your ideology feel free to do so,but know that when you fall. Break down. Murder somebody close to you. I'll be there in person ,or in the back of your mind saying. I told you so. And when you're ready to embrace that feel free to seek me out or Pinball.
  15. Princess let me put it this way. I think your words are falling on deaf ears, and furthermore you're right about something this world is only about survival and thus i will survive as much as i can through every means necessary. I am fighting as hard as i can for the world i want, and let me tell you it isn't the world outside. I have nothing outside. This world has something for me. He says with a smirk as he chuckles ab it with a grin across his face a hollow sort of laughter escaping the lips of the dark haired man as he stares at the girl as he walks over towards her taking his time in doing so. Everything about this just seeming like a bad joke to him some murderous little girl trying to play saint. This is the stuff in fantasies. When he gets to stand right in front of her he just looks down at her. Go ahead if you want to play saint to your friends. They'll figure out eventually your true colors. And when you're alone at night like everyone is you'll have to deal with your thoughts. Your true feelings. Your murderous intent.They'll build up and one day explode at the worst time. He says with a simple smile and doesn't hit the girl willing to make this a battle of words if need be to the girl since while punching someone repeatedly into submission is fun. Winning a game of verbal chess is fun when one or the other gets into checkmate.