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  1. The black haired warrior looks forward as he continues to make his way through the desert as the night begins to fall as the sun sets upon the desert the temperature slowly cooling as it occurs. Making the once unbearable heat become tolerable slowly but surely for the duo as he smirks as the sight of pieces of boxed cargo are starting to be seen strewn about the desert in a seeming nonchalant uncaring method as he nods his head and points towards it. That is our goal Cosi, and also if you want to join me in killing some dragons i can almost insure you that it would mostly contain myself punching the dragon out in a singular punch for the most part till it gets to the later stages. he says towards the blonde haired man beside him as he continues moving forward towards the now seen goal of their travels. #105950 CD:8
  2. Mars chuckles at the girl's reluctance at the idea of going back down as he opens up his inventory and takes out a teleportation crystal and hands it to the female in front of him. You can either climb back down, or you can simply just use this teleportation crystal either way is rather effective. For myself i do need to get back towards town though time is money even in this world, so i'll hope to see you in the future keep in mind my offer if you ever need help with something. The black haired warrior would say towards ryoko as he takes out a teleportation crystal for himself and says the simple command phrase. Teleport, Urbus. With that he would be covered in a blue light and find himself back at the main settlement as he would make his way over towards the teleportation gate to exit the floor to find some new quests or possible allies to make for the future.
  3. Mars just nods his head towards the girl to be understanding of such commitments since it doesn't really put a hamper on him that much since it can only mean he can continue striving by leaps and bounds on his own time. Well Ryoko how about this then when you would want to quest with myself send a message that way we won't have to worry about schedule conflicts from your end. He offers the girl and with that sends a friend request to her to make it as easy as possible for her to get into contact with him as he looks towards her and offers a kind smile. 'Hopefully she accepts. It would at least be an easy way to see what drives her forward within this game, and once that is known then i can go from their.' He thinks to himself while smiling kindly all the while not allowing a single thought or other emotion then that to be visible in any shape or form.
  4. He nods in agreement at that from the thought of having to carry heavy equipment most likely since it had to be carried by cart initially all the way back towards the settlement of Fortaleza which was a night's walk away for all practicality making it all the more frustrating they would have to do so. he could only hope that the game is kind enough to somehow shrink the items down for the duo of players like putting it into their inventory like other games. Sadly i know i will be in this desert more then just this time since i will have to face a enemy that drops a unique item, and then to get onto this floor to fight a draconic drakeling that is on this floor for another quest. Though the drakeling one might be put on hold for a little while till i get stronger. Just for the sake of powering through that quest chain if anything. He says with a slight shrug of his shoulders as he continues moving through the shifting sands with practiced ease of traversing this floor multiple other times. #105886 CD:6
  5. He looks towards the blonde haired player with a glance when he asks about the type of cargo which is a rather fair question since the more eyes that their are to look around the faster they can try to get this over with to get out of this sandy hellscape. The target objective is supposedly your typical merchant type cargo carrier a wagon carrying a bunch of supplies that got scattered or strewn about the sands possibly. Our goal is to just find the wagon grab the items that got scattered or not scattered the NPC was not certain and then make it back to her all before twenty four hours have passed. He says towards Cosi sounding rather annoyed by the time constraint more so than anything else as the black haired warrior pushes himself faster to try and get the items at least before it comes time for rest. Having spoken in a rather serious and straight to the point army like manner to make sure that there was no confusion possibly. #105884 CD:10
  6. He smiles ever so slightly at the bow before quickly returning his face neutral and just shakes his head no towards the girl with a small chuckle escaping his lips. There is no need to bow to me Ryoko it isn't like i'm your teacher or something like that. Though if you wanted to repay me in some manner why not let me go on a few quests with you to get to know you better. After all if you're going to become a martial artist i would love to get to know someone who is using this style to see just how much different from myself they will be. He responds to the rather seemingly awkward but kind hearted girl. 'Also it would help to know if you can become a good ally in the future, or a rival depending on just how much determination you got going for yourself.' He thinks to himself as he stares at the girl with a kind look within his eyes awaiting the response.
  7. Mars just smiles at the girl's antics finding them utterly ridiculously but amusing all the while because of said antics which is a rather different change of pace for the black haired marital arts user that he was unprepared for in all honesty though not turning it down by a long shot. A fresh of breathe air compared to the idiocy of his rival he had to deal with he watches the girl attack and nods his head at that. So going to be acrobatic type of fighter moving around a lot and using your feet to attack? He asks the girl a simple question as he then makes his way towards the boulder knowing that if he does indeed strike at the boulder and lands the hit that would mean the end of this quest for the girl. Which is rather surprising as he remembers this taking a full day to complete on his own but for this girl would only take a few hits. 'Is it because of me? Or did this quest become easier?' he wonders idly as he then goes in for a punch at the boulder. His fist connects to the boulder and then shatters into a millions of pieces. Action: Basic attack #105863 BD:6+2=8 14 DMG Ryoko: HP 60/60 | EN 4/6 | DMG 4 Mars: HP: 600/600 ENG: 59/60 DMG: 14 DMG ACC: 3 EVA: 3 Savvy: 1(ACC when dodge) Regen: 10 HP 3 rounds The Boulder: HP 0/50 | -2 EVA
  8. Mars bursts out laughing at the girl's attempted recovery of her failure as he walks over towards her and gives her a genuine friendly pat of the back being a fellow person that has shared in the misery of missing a totally static unmoving object once before. Don't worry Ryoko we are all like that when we try to punch this boulder it is just part of the nature of this da**n thing. When i first did this i somehow missed punching that thing multiple times to the point i was contemplating just up and leaving this quest. This is why i do call it a test of patience and willingness to persevere through failure. He says in a gentle and understanding tone towards the girl before he then turns towards the boulder in question and once more gets in a position to strike it with a grin on his face. Having a sense of grand satisfaction everytime he obliterates part of this boulder's health. The black haired warrior moves forward towards the boulder and goes to strike at it only to somehow find himself going to miss with his fist somehow. Reacting quickly he lets his hand touch the ground as he moves his left leg to strike the boulder and true as it does it hits and knocks the boulder below half health as he pushes off of it. Spinning within the air as he lands upon the ground with grace and looks towards the girl and gives a thumbsup. #105835 BD:3+2=5+1(concentration)=6 14 DMG Ryoko: HP 60/60 | EN 5/6 | DMG 4 Mars: HP: 600/600 ENG: 59/60 DMG: 14 DMG ACC: 3 EVA: 3 Savvy: 1(ACC when dodge) Regen: 10 HP 3 rounds The Boulder: HP 17/50 | -2 EVA
  9. Mars follows Ryoko towards the boulder while having his arms behind his head in a rather relaxed manner as he looks towards the boulder remembering his own torture involving this quest having done it so many times within the past to just accomplish it. He watches the girl move forward and strike the boulder with ease as he just nods his head. 'Lucky shot.' He can only think remembering the many times he somehow managed to miss the stationary object over and over again. He walks over towards the boulder and moves his arm back and swiftly punches forward as it makes contact with the boulder the attack being used with enough force and power to almost knock it into the yellow. That was pretty decent. He says as his only comment with a nod of his head as he takes a step back and looks towards Ryoko. If your hand hurts from striking this boulder you might want to think of trying to strike it in a different manner then what you are doing now, or striking it at a entirely different angle. Try to find the fighitng style that is most comfortable for you and your way of hand to hand combat since you shouldn't try to force yourself to fight a way that your body is not meant to do so. He says as some friendly advice towards the girl as he once more takes a few steps back to sit on the ground nearby to evaluate the girl's from and how she is exactly going to fight possibly if she does try to change up her way of fighting to be more comfortable for her. If there would be any such changes at all. #105832 BD:9+2=11 14+1=15DMG Ryoko: HP 60/60 | EN 5/6 | DMG 4 Mars: HP: 600/600 ENG: 59/60 DMG: 14 DMG ACC: 3 EVA: 3 Savvy: 1(ACC when dodge) Regen: 10 HP 3 rounds The Boulder: HP 31/50 | -2 EVA
  10. Mars looks down towards the girl with a slightly amused look at her reaction to looking down towards the ground which is both rather natural do to the realistic feel of the game that truly gives the feeling of if you fall you will die horrifically. While also possibly playing off a possible fear the girl could have towards heights which would be rather interesting for certain since that means she will be quite literally fighting her body's natural reaction to run from that situation during the entire time they are up on the mountain. Don't think too much about a fall down think more so on the fact that you are slowly reaching your goal. Measure yourself to how close you are getting every single step to push yourself harder to reach that goal faster. He says down towards the girl who is climbing up the mountain as Mars reaches the top first as he takes a cautious step back to make sure to avoid a errant gust of strong win to knock him down the mountain. Once ryoko reaches the top he would just nod his head at her with a approving smile and look within his eyes rather glad that the girl managed to survive. Yeah it is rather fun to get that kind of a workout anytime of the day really and you can expect that much hardwork having to be put into every move that you are going to do for this fighting style. He says as a cautionary warning as he glances about to the side and then spots the NPC that is walking towards him holding a stone bowl of something that is unidentifiable from this distance, but Mars remembers well it is the paint like substance to form the whiskers. Next up you have to talk to that NPC then he will lead you to the Boulder i will follow you so you can learn how to punch it without feeling like you broke your hand. He says in a joking tone of voice towards the girl.
  11. Summary: Mars:2534 COL, Perfect T1 unidentified armor, 5 T1 mats, Rare T1 unidentified armor, 3 SP Pinball: 2534 COL, 2 T1 unidentified rare consumables, 5 T1 mats, nametag, 3 SP
  12. Mars just nods his head towards the black haired spear user with a smile that is hidden by his armor as he grins victoriously to himself knowing that part of the charm of this outfit it makes it much more easier to fool people since no facial expression are given away that could ruin his lies. Only his eyes that could possibly try to betray his intentions which he always keeps towards a neutral perspective at all times to make it that much more harder to read him. No problem at all Pinball i'm glad that you were able to do your fair share of the work like we always have done. He says towards the spear user in a amused tone of voice to the man with a nod of his head as he makes his way into the main settlement to head towards the teleport gate so that he can head towards the tenth floor to possibly face a more dangerous quest or at the very least destroy groups of enemies to gain some nice loot and other things.
  13. He looks towards the silent spear wielder with a raised eyebrow in surprise that he hasn't said anything as of yet which means that would have to be because of himself having pushed Pinball to finally using his spear to make him useful in that fight instead of a bum that expects some kind of special treatment seemingly. he then blinks slightly as he signals over to a chest as he just walks over and grips part of the chest and then forces it open with his bare hands as he checks what he gets and chuckles softly at seeing a rather good pull from this chest as he just nods his head and pockets the perfect armor for himself quickly while sending the consumables to pinball then half of the mats and col. Knowing that by doing so he is breaking the rule of everything down the middle since the armor is definitely worth more then consumables but he is willing to play dirty for this. That is everything we got it got split down the middle. he says in a cool and calm voice not betraying a single idea that he might be lying. #105824 LD:19 1350 COL, 8 T1 mats, Perfect T1 unidentified armor, , 2 T1 unidentified rare consumables.
  14. he raises an eyebrow at that slightly surprised by the behavior but just grins to himself in the end wondering just how far Pinball is going to try an go with this idea that he can take quests on without actually doing them himself. 'Though that doesn't mean i am any step closer to figuring out what the heck has gotten into him regarding that spear of his. There has to be a reason why he is being totally different did the time away really change him that much?' he thinks to himself but follows his partner since to complete the quest does require the duo to return to the blacksmith and his buddy so that the quest reward can be given out and that way the two can split off to do there own things from there on out. Which for Mars will mean he has to go on another quest and do it himself or with anybody that he meets along the way which could be plentiful or just a weak player that might not even be worth mentioning. (OOC: roll for that chest amigo.)
  15. He looks over towards the man known as Kosan and just raises his eyebrow ever so slightly with a small chuckle escaping his lips and nods his head at that assessment of a rather basic style of what he is doing. Well you fail to see the reason Kosan is that i don't view myself needing to have mitigation at all when i can just dodge the attacks of my enemies more then they can hit me. When i can get battle healing alongside that i would be dodging more hits then what they can dish out towards me. Meaning i can just heal faster then they could hurt me. He says in a extremely confident tone of voice towards the masked player. When he sees what gets dropped by the creatures and figuring what they had gathered in total they have gotten a sizeable amount of loot that could split between the two of them. When hearing that he would wish to join him he just gestures for the man to follow him as they make there way towards the beast known as Cerberus. #105783 LD:3x25=75 Mars: 1 Perfect unidentified T1 armor, 1 T1 uncommon unidentified consumable, 1 T1 unidentified rare consumable, 8 T1 mats, 3379 COL, 2 SP Kosan: 1 T1 uncommon unidentified consumable, 1 T1 unidentified rare consumable, 8 T1 mats, 4928 COL, 2 SP