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  1. Jinx

    [PP|F4] Knock on wood

    It took Jinx many moments to realize Dustins intentions, to fight the bear. She frowned as she found that out since...well, the monster looked sorta scary! However, before she could voice any of her worries, hell, before she could really ask how he was doing, he threw himself forwards. Jinx couldn't stop the sigh that escaped from her body, it was what she should have expected, and yet, seeing it still caught her by surprise. Dustin fought with nothing short of recklessness seen out of someone who cared only for war... "...it's nice to see you too Dustin..." The girl was speaking in Chinese and honestly felt like sighing. Why did she try talk to him while fighting? He was in his own world. Raising her shield towards the bear, the girl let out a slow sigh "Ok bear...I guess i'm your sole target, time to see how this goes. I just hope...you don't do anything painful to me, but...I gotta look after Dustin. He is my job, and...well, i cannot allow you to hurt him!" In that process, she banged her rapier against the shield. It made a somewhat loud noise, thankfully, her earmuffs made the noise much more bearable. Action: HOWL!!!!! Mama Bear: 200/200 HP | 60 DMG  [0] Dustin: 400/400 HP | 40/40 EN | 8 DMG | 14 MIT | 2 ACC | 2 EVA [2] @Jinx: HP/EN: 340/34 | 74 MIT | 2 THRN <18 DMG> | 1 Regen <5HP> | 2 Para <8-10, -EVA and turn> | 1 Bleed <9-10, 12DMG> Sand Armour Potion Used
  2. Jinx

    A test of might <<Dustin vs Jinx>>

    Dustin managed to drag himself up and took a swing, but somehow, the blade failed to connect with even her outstretched shield. Had Dustin, given up in this fight? After all, the boy hadn't given her any indication that he was pull out of the fight at the last moment, yet his last few attacks had been lackluster by his standards. She was about to ask if he had stopped fighting, when the boy started to explain himself. And Jinx couldn't believe it. So much, all from a single fight? Was that even possible? Some of it made sense, trust, to know the power of another...but...there was much she didn't know about combat, she let the system control her fighting. "Team building....I suppose, if nothing else...I trust you more than i did before" The girl said softly, before raising her Rapier at him "And, if you are like how i think...The only way i can honour your kindness, is not to hold back" Thrusting her Rapier forwards, the blade slammed right into the boys shield and she felt a pang of pain echo through her body! Thorns...sucked! "A-and now...Hold nothing back...I can take it" Raising her shield up and high, and braced herself. If Dustin wanted to go out, he'd take his strongest punch at her right now! ID: 111712 BD: 5 <Hit> @Dustin: HP- 143/280 | EN- 21/28 | DMG- 6 | MIT- 23 | ACC- 1 | EVA- 1 | THRN- 9 | BH- 1% <Bleed> @Jinx: HP 254/300 | EN 30/30 | 47 MIT | 2 THRNS <18dmg> | 1 RGN <5Hp> | 2 Para <8-10> | 1 BLD <9-10, 12DMG>
  3. The directions that Stryder gave her sounded familiar...had she asked this question before? Why did the directions, sounds so familiar? She shrugged a little, before smiling at him softly as she leaned forwards to pet the wolf "Well, l-lets get going! Those extra quests, we...I wanna help with the guild and, this is step one" She shifted a little in place, excited to get going! In her excitement, the girl latched her hand onto his and pulled! While she didn't possess a lot of strength, she was able to pull the boy out of his store and out onto the mountain ranges. After closing the door, the girl let out a slow breath. The area looked really, peaceful. She paused, smiling weakly before glancing around at the boy who was coming with her. "How many times have you reminded me that's the path we need to take? I feel like its...most of them" She looked over her shoulder, before shaking her head. Did that even matter... "The solution would be...no, adjusting it for me is selfish" Her last comment was in German, and the girl was completely unaware that she was swapping between her languages...again.
  4. Jinx opened her eyes slowly as she felt something...licking her face. Frowning a little, the girls eyes zeroed in on the culprit. Silver. Stryders wolfess familiar that had taken a liking to her, and often found the creature spending time with her. Jinx moved her hand to pet the wolf, who in turn, curled up properly on her chest. The girl felt a little uncomfortable, but that maybe be because she was lying on the couch rather than in Stryders bed. She'd been rather...insistant that he sleep in his own bed rather than giving it up to her. Climbing out of the bed, she glanced forwards the room that Stryder was sleeping in, and made a decision. So many times, he made her food. She should...try and do the same. She looked forwards the kitchen, and stood up. Putting on her eyepatch and ear muffs, the girl looked at the items spread around the kitchen. She had...absolutely no idea what she was doing, but she would...improvise! She had to figure it out...And NOT burn the house down in the process. She looked at the oven, and let out a slow breath "You can do this...It's a test, cook this and maybe i can...do it more. I was told i can become a cook so, i need to learn. It's the only way to do this, i do that i can become a chef" The girl had spoken entirely in Russian, but to her, it made perfect sense. When you knew so many languages....
  5. Jinx

    [PP|F4] Knock on wood

    Jinx stared up at the roof that was on Stryders bedroom. She'd stolen his room for...too long now, and yet, she could never bring herself to not come back. His bed was so comfortable, and Silver cuddled up with her most nights now, making them more and more bearable. Today Stryder was out, doing...something. She wasn't sure what, he had said something about a quest...or was it a grind? She couldn't honestly remember, and part of her was happy to not, today was her offical lazy day where she could nap to her hearts content! ...Or so was the plan until she recieved a certain message from Dustin. The boy....Jinx wasn't sure how to feel about him. She really liked him, and the fact he called her his favourite guild member... That made them friends, surely...right? He hadn't outright said it though so maybe...maybe she was mis-understanding all of this? However, she blinked only to see she had typed a reply and sent it..h-how?! Well...now she had to go. Standing up, the girl made a short walk to the teleporter...only to forget the 4th floor was SUPER COLD! She donned her armour, but it felt like it did little to fend off the waves that crashed into her armour. However, despite it all, she smiled when she ran into the boy. The wind blowing her long hair around, even making her eyepatch flutter a little. "S-sorry i took a bit...I got lost" In reality, it had taken the girl not even 5 minutes to make it there...although given her perspective of time, it was impossible for her to know that.
  6. Jinx

    [PP/Floor 4] 'Essence of a Person'

    The nod should have filled Jinx with confidence, and while it did, there was still...a lingering fear. What if Neo was wrong, what if she missed, what if her information was wrong? So much was banking on Neo knowing how strong she was, since...The Snow Beast was going to kill her in only a few hits, her life was truly on the line. The more she though about it, why hadn't she asked her guild to come with her?! That would have made so much sense! "If you're sure then....I trust you Neo. My life is...quite literally, in your hands..." While it felt weird to say, it was far from the first time. So many times before, she had placed faith in her allies to keep her alive, to deal the damage she needed to be dealt. She tightened her grip on her Rapier, and entered the cave. The Snow Beast turned its eyes onto her, but the girl did not hesitate. She knew she wouldn't be able to afford to hesitate, to hesitate would...would be death. That's how it worked, or at least, what people had always said to her. The girl, despite her large armour, had no hesitation and charged forwards, getting a strike against the Snowbeasts fur...Issue is, she brought almost no damage to the table. But surely Neo would clean it up. ID: 111627 BD: 7<Hit> 1DMG [1]Jinx: HP/EN: 340/34 | 47 MIT | 2 THRN <18 DMG> | 1 Regen <5HP> | 2 Para <8-10, -EVA and turn> | 1 Bleed <9-10, 12DMG> [0] @Neopolitan : I dunno your stats, i'll let you control the beast <3 Snow Beast: 249/250 HP | 160 DMG | Snow Beast will always deal a minimum of 24 damage, even through Armor and Armor Abilities.
  7. Jinx let out a deep breath, it felt somewhat relieving to know that these battles were...much easier than she had honestly expected. She knew that the Merefolks couldn't hurt her, and yet, the fear was a constant, eating away at her. So instead, she had charged against the merefolks and landed her offensive blow onto the creatures. She was certain both of them were still focused on her, and even if they weren't....She had no energy left available to cast another Howl ability.....wait, wasn't that important to tell people? "O-....Oh i don't...I can't Taunt them...I don't hav...!" In talking to her allies, the girls single eye lost track of the single merfolk. It had approached her from her blind spot, her eyepatch blocked her view of it as it swung its blade at her! Alisea moved, but it was a little too late. Its blade connected with her shield, but that's when Jinx realized....she could fight back right here...She pushed her shield forwards, and the thorns smashed into the monster. She watched as its health dropped, from the bleed as well as the thorns from her shield. She looked at the others, going to finish her sentence "I...i can't taunt them....I have no energy..." She had wanted to give them information, to be...co-coordinating with her allies...isn't that a thing? *Regen Occurs, Bleed Occurs, Attacks Occur, Thorn Occurs* [11/9] Jinx (Level 15) - 299/300 HP - 5/30 EN - 2 Para - 1 Bleed - 47 MIT - 2 Thorns - 1 Regen - 1 DMG [0/5] Arabelle (Level 7) - 140/140HP - 5/14 EN - 6 DMG - 2 ACC - 9 MIT - 3 EVA - 2 Para - 3 Prosperity [2/0] Saphira (Level 12) - 240/240 HP - 18/24 EN - 27 MIT - 1 EVA - 6 DMG - 1 Regen - 1 Bleed [1/2] Dustin (Level 12) - 240/240 HP - 14/24 EN - 6 DMG - 32 MIT - 1 EVA - 1 Para - 9 Thorns - 2 BH [4/4] Gyras (Level 9) - 180/180 HP - 17/18 EN - 40 MIT - 2 Thorns - 1 Taunt - 3 ACC - 1 DMG  MOBS Merfolk 1 - 31/150 HP 45 DMG -42 HP | Bleed 1 ---> 12 DMG each enemy turn for 1 turns Merfolk 2 - 12/150 HP 45 DMG [Paralyzed]
  8. Jinx felt something in her chest watching the group move towards the dragon with little hesitation, was this what Stryder felt when he lead the guild into battle? It felt...overwhelming, and while there was something she couldn't place her finger on, she could taste the fear. If someone died, it was her fault....she couldn't...couldn't let that happen..... Right as that thought crossed the girls passive mind, the worst timed attacked...Rhaegal stuck against Dustin! Had...had her howl not been good enough?! The monster should have targetted her, why hadn't it?! She felt the feeling in her chest vanish, to be replaced with something she didn't like. A tighness in her chest, and she could hear each heartbeat in her chest pounding inside her ear, each breath seemed louder...! Her mind was being too active, but...but Dustin had been...!!! She moved to Dustins side, placing her Rapier on the ground and checking to see if the boy was ok "D-dustin i'm..i'm so sorry! I thought my Howl would....!.!!!" What the girl would have said collapsed as the dragon's loud screetch made Alisea flinch and buck. She'd always been sensitive to loud noises, but her ear muffs could only nullify so much and the noise felt like a dagger being rammed into the girls head! She collapsed onto the ground completely, tightly gripping her head as wave after waver of pain crashed into her. It felt like her head was about to split into two!! "D-du....." The girl tried to speak, but there was nothing to come out as her overally active mind overloaded and the girl started to fail. Curled over, the girl glanced at the boy to see him...just as bad as her. Curled up...The girl felt a stronger wave of pain crash into her, each heart heat was starting to hurt within her chest...And yet, there was soemthing there...a desire to, act! Jinx was on her knees, and yet, she yelled as loudly as she could. An attempt as a battle cry, that was much higher pitch than she had intended, and yet, the Dragons' eyes zeroed in on her as her Howl ability took effect. The pain echoed and pulsed through her body again "I...I will...not let...hurt him!" The girl failed to form a proper sentence, and couldn't even hold her rapier as the pain bloomed through her. Kneeling and leaning on her shield, she just hoped...it wouldn't target Dustin...She was his stand..a-and had to...had to...do...s-something... *Ability used:* HOWL <10 EN> +2Hate to Jinx
  9. Jinx

    A test of might <<Dustin vs Jinx>>

    Jinx kept her single visible eye onto the boy on the ground. He had wanted a fight, and despite the fear in her chest that was making her heart pound so loudly she could hear it in her ears. Dustin wouldn't die when she won, he'd get up and...hopefully he liked her after this. He called her his favourite, however, was that really the truth? She took aim with her Rapier, she could end this duel right here, right now...All she needed to do was land this last attack, and her promise would be kept... She raised her rapier, right as the boy said he could see up...!? Alisea was, in those moments, completely and utterly flustered. The Rapier completely missed its target, jamming itself into the ground as the girl took a step back, and had her shield half-raised. "You...you could, w-wait what...i..." Alisea felt a shiver run through her body...She took a deep breath and looked as Dustin would start to stand up "T-that was...i mean, i...didn't expect that...c-comment" ID: 111376 BD: 3 <Miss> @Dustin: HP- 154/280 | EN- 22/28 | DMG- 6 | MIT- 23 | ACC- 1 | EVA- 1 | THRN- 9 | BH- 1% <Bleed> @Jinx: HP 287/300 | EN 30/30 | 47 MIT | 2 THRNS <18dmg> | 1 RGN <5Hp> | 2 Para <8-10> | 1 BLD <9-10, 12DMG>
  10. Jinx loved the small little Ferret, watching the creature on her arm eat to its heart content. She found it impossible not to smile, after all, the creature was just so adorable. She made no comments about how it ate the food quickly, and then moved onto her shoulder to nap. Her walking was slowed down, mostly to ensure she didn't disrupt the familiars napping. She glanced at it and even gently stroked its head. It's fur was soft, warm even. It reminded her somewhat of her families old pet, a very small dog....although, she couldn't recall the breed of it...not for the life of her dulled mind. "C-can i? I'd love to hold onto him...He's...adorable" Jinx had to admit, the mere idea that she was allowed to stay with the familiar left her with joy. The entire walk, Jinx reminded steadily focused the animal, rather than the people she was with. If she had, maybe she'd remember the thoughts that fear of Roman and what he'd done...But the memories were missing, much like the focus within her mind.
  11. Jinx

    [PP/Floor 4] 'Essence of a Person'

    Jinx looked at the other girl, she was silent, but then again, that was her thing. Was it that she couldn't talk, or simply refused to? She wasn't sure, although, it wasn't her place to say. Instead, she checked her book and let out a slow breath. She knew the damage numbers, she just needed...to know. "Neo, can i ask a question...? H-how much damage can you deal? The monster will...well, it will kill me in three hits" Jinx tried to push the fear out of her voice, but it was there, pulsating like her heart. She was afraid, because while she wanted to do this, if she died...everyone in the guild who was relying upon her would be left alone...protecting them was her job, her responsibility. She couldn't afford to fail them. "The beast deals, 160 per hit...and it has...250 health...A-are you able to kill it, before it kills me?" It was an important question, after all, her life, quite literally, depended on it. If Neo was unable to, then, she'd have no choicebut to abandon this quest...
  12. The girl honestly wasn't sure how to respond. While its true she hadn't let him down so far, h...The girl shook her head, she didn't want to think, it was...too painful. Instead, the girl simply nodded her head at Dustin. To know he put so much faith in her, it made it simple. She had no choice, she had to step up to the challenge at hand. Had to be the player he thought she was, and that would just have to be enough for everyone. "I'll be fine, just make sure...you kill it" She said as she spotted it. The drake, and the girl lifted her shield up. It was time... The girl took several steps forwards, but unlike some tanks, she didn't run into battle nor make a loud yell. Sure, she had to use the Howl ability in order to aggro the monster, but yelling always hurt her head. Raising her Rapier into the air, the girl swung it hard...against her shield! It made a loud 'Boom' noise that caught the attention of the dragon, and the girl let out a slow breath...She had to do this. "You will not get pass me Drake...I made a promise to protect, and you're not gunna get through me..." (OOC: Reminder the last person in the party rolls for the mobs attacks) --------------------------------------------- Action Taken: HOWL (+2 Hate) Rhaegal - the Emerald Hatchling: HP: 125 - MIT: 25 - ACC: 0 - EVA: 0 - DMG: 50 - <<Screech>> On a LD roll of 17+ when this boss attacks, this boss will let out a piercing wail that somehow freezes the player in place, removes all evasion properties. [2] Jinx: HP 340/340 | EN: 24/34 | 47 MIT | 2 THRN <18 DMG> | 1 Regen <5HP> | 2 Para <8-10, -EVA and turn> | 1 Bleed <9-10, 12DMG> [0] @Dustin: [0] Gryas: [0] Arabelle: [0] Mace:
  13. Arabelle...had a very valid point. She was their teams tank, she was the focus on the monsters, the thing stopping them from targetting...and killing, the other members of her guild. If she backed away, if she let the fear beat through her....then they'd die! And she had promised them all, and Stryder, she'd stand tall for them. Being lifted out of the water, she nodded at Arabelle, her single eye seemingly glowing with determination. "Y-you're right...i'm sorry, I won't let it happen again" She said as the rest of them commenced their assault, but the merefolks turned and sprinted towards her, weapons raised. The fear rushed through her, but she didn't back away from them. She raised her shield, and despite everything, charged forwards! "I will NOT be afraid!" She called out, more to herself as the merefolks strikes! The first ones attack didn't connect at all, but the swing had caught the girls single eye and so, she didn't see the second merefolk appear to her right and swing. His weapon crashed into the girls armour, and Jinx took a step back, but stayed on her feet, she even managed to swing her Rapier and land a blow. "I won't be afraid anymore...The others are counting on me, i don't have time to be afraid!" ID# 111022 results: BD: 10 (Hard Crit) 3 Damage (lol) [10/9] Jinx (Level 15) - 299/300 HP - 4/30 EN - 2 Para - 1 Bleed - 47 MIT - 2 Thorns - 1 Regen - 1 DMG [0/5] Arabelle (Level 7) - 140/140HP - 4/14 EN - 6 DMG - 2 ACC - 9 MIT - 3 EVA - 2 Para - 3 Prosperity [0/0] Saphira (Level 12) - 240/240 HP - 23/24 EN - 27 MIT - 1 EVA - 6 DMG - 1 Regen - 1 Bleed  [1/2] Dustin (Level 12) - 240/240 HP - 16/24 EN - 6 DMG - 32 MIT - 1 EVA - 1 Para - 9 Thorns - 2 BH [4/4] Gryas (Level 9) - 180/180 HP - 17/18 EN - 40 MIT - 2 Thorns - 1 Taunt - 3 ACC - 1 DMG  MOBS Merfolk 1 - 104/150 HP 45 DMG Merfolk 2 - 36/150 HP 45 DMG
  14. Jinx watched silently as another arrived, another member from the guild, Gyras. The girl felt her mind bloom, explode almost, as she tried to think. With another member....that meant parties, split-attacks...She was silent as they talked to one another, trying to think. Her mind rationalising it all to her. 3 Tank players, 2 damage players. They would have to split up, the question was with who? She looked up at the others, and felt a wave of heat crash into her. Dustin....Well, that made the decision a little easier. The girl cleared her throat in an attempt to get everyone's attention "I'm sorry to interrupting, but with Gryas joining our group...We'll have to adjust our plan a little. We'll split up into two parties, attack the dragon from two sides at the same time..." The girl felt a wave of pain rush through her head, but she pushed past it. She had a minute before her mind really started to hurt but...she had to...help them. She looked at Dustin. Normally, she'd partner her up with Arabelle, after all, she knew what the other girl could do... "Dustin, you're gunna partner up with me. Gryas, Mace, you're with Arabelle. You're both tanks so i need you to keep her s...saf....." The pain became too much, the light was too bright and the noises! Alisea closed her eye tightly and took a deep breath, she couldn't afford an overload now! They needed her...Dustin needed her! She was his favourite guild member, she wasn't going to let him down! Slowly, she opened her eye and looked at the boy "I promise, i'll keep you alive. You said i was your favourite, so...i can't let you down" @Dustin @Arabelle @Mace @Gryas
  15. Jinx watched the pair chat, and that's when it finally dawned on her. These two knew each other long before the game, they just seemed to natural together that it had to be the case. How else would they seem to get along just so well? A soft smile escaped onto her face watching them interact, they reminded her of her friends back home almost. They always had a go at one another, 'jabs' they called them. It seemed Bandit, the cute little ferret, was the focus of their jabs. "Mishiro does have a point, Bandit is very cute" Jinx couldn't side against it, after all, the small creature was very cute. Following the pair, the girl felt silent. What was she meant to say here that didn't involve 'Hey, thanks for not dying'. However, that's when Mishiro placed some treats in her hand and the girl frowned. Was she being...allowed to feed bandit? The joy that rushed over the girl was obvious as she walked up to the ferret smiling "B-banditt. Snack time" She called to the familiar warmly, excited at the idea of the creature eating from her hand. @Mishiro