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  1. Jinx

    [PP/22] Rest and Recovery

    The girl shook her head slightly. There was so much about this world that was real, so much of it that the girl WISHED it was real...But even if she prayed, somethings were nothing more than dreams to fade away upon awakening. This world was one of those things. A world she didn't even create, a fake one, was more of a home to her than one where she was made of flesh and blood... "My parents, they loved me at first...But more and more, i grew into trouble. They couldn't work, they had to...care for me. I once, nearly died, because i cut my hand and didn't notice it for three days while my parents were working. So many things that made their lives harder, because...I nearly died when i was born..." The girl let out a sigh as she brought her knees up close to her chest. "Even if people care, you and...the guild...Once we escape this world, even if you find me...Even if we are like we are in the game i....I don't..." The girl curled up tigher slightly...The stress of the fights tonight, and now talking about her past it...It reminded her of home and...She couldn't....
  2. Jinx

    [PP/22] Rest and Recovery

    The girl couldn't NOT frown at what Stryder was saying. Find her, outside of the game...? She went completely silent, confusion and many many questions running through her mind. What the...She had heard it, even with a dulled mind, those words ran through her mind and the girl couldn't escape it. Eventually, she found the words that were floating around in her mind. "What do you mean, find me?" She frowned, not fully understanding why Stryder wanted to... "E-even if we escape this world...Even if we can, i'm...me. I'm more useless there then..." She let out a deep breath "In this world, sometimes...i forget it is fake. Because i feel, more useful...More alive. In this game, i'm more of a person than i was normally..." Alisea leaned back against the couch, shifting her place quite a bit. "I don't...talk about home much, and...well. My parents, my life was...hard. At least here, in this place...I can forget about them. I can live my life however i want, without worrying...about them"
  3. Jinx

    [PP/22] Rest and Recovery

    Aliea often didn't like to think about home, about the world that surrounded her before Sword Art Online happened to her, for a wide range of reasons. It had been a prison, a cage without an escape. Suffering to all those around her. Her parents, they fought so hard for her, only for her to be useless idiot. Giving up so much in their lives because "We'd be humiliated" if they gave up on her. "Our friends would never talk to us again". And how could Jinx forget "The government is paying us a ton for her disability from the lawsuit". The girl KNEW that, while her home life had been different, so conflicted...She'd mastered language after language, showed off to everyone...only to be hated at the end of the day. She'd tried but...Only those who lacked her blood seemed to love her. The street-gang who... "Home...was never mine. The family i made, we lacked blood...But they, they saved me. They are my family, but...Even here i don't...thank them enough" She said. Home wasn't those who gave birth and gave her life, but rather, those who made the life she had worth living. The street gang that...The girl smiled warmly thinking about them, they had given her a life worth surviving in. Without them...She wouldn't be the girl she was today, and while she had no 'choice', she'd hate not to be herself. This, who she was now, was how she wanted to be. "If you need my help Stryder...Then i promise, you'll have it. You've been a good friend to me, and...It is the least i can do. I mean...I've basically lived in your house forever now..." The girl saw him so close and rested her head againts him, once again closing her eyes and lightly grabbing onto his arm with her own, holding him lightly.
  4. Jinx

    [PP/22] Rest and Recovery

    Jinx nodded her head. In a way, he was right. She was getting stronger, all it took was a glance at her stats to know that fact. But still, despite the power she possessed in game. It still lingered on the back of her mind. Her as a burden, something that simply held those around her back. It had been her life for years, the constant reminder flashing in the back of her mind that whatever she did....she was a weakness, a crutch, to those who stood beside...No, those who lifted her up. "You, think my smile is cute...?" The girl broke the hug, taking a step back and looking down, spotting Silver move onto the couch and sitting next to the familiar, gently stroking her fur. She looked up at her friend, and with her other hand, adjusted her glasses slightly "I want to smile, but sometimes...I just feel so...useless. In fights, i can...use my stats. But beyond that, even if we escape this game. In the real world, there are no...stats that make me useful. And i remember hearing my parents, worry, about me, all the time. The said....that i'd be a burden on them till the day they die..." The girl went silent. She didn't talk about home often, how could she...It was filled with memories that made the girl question if her survival was honestly worth it at all.
  5. Jinx

    [PP/22] Rest and Recovery

    Jinx blinked a few times as Stryder spoke to her, and the girl put effort into hearing his words, not letting them escape her like what usually happens. Despite it all, the girl kept her arms wrapped tightly around her friend and her eyes-shut. She felt weak. Her entire role within the game was to take damage, to hold people...And Stryder knew it. He reminded her of it, reminded her of her failure. Her weakness....Her Burden to everyone. She'd always be like, this! A useless idiot who no one cared about, an idiot who... Her thoughts came crashing down as the girl tightened her hugging. He...didnt' think she was useless? She, meant something to him? But, how...? Surely, he was...No, he wouldn't hurt her intentionally. He had let her live here after all. "I mean....a lot..?" The girl asks, somewhat confused on what her friend was saying to her "But, if i was stronger...If i wasn't so weak, i could...I could protect you. I just want to...protect the people who care about me..." The girl breathed in heavily as her arms tightened around STryder, but her legs almost seemed to weakn as she leaned into him more as he gave her a final compliment, and the girl smiled softly. "I did...my job....I kept, my friend, safe..."
  6. Jinx

    [PP/22] Rest and Recovery

    Jinx didn't react when he pulled her into a tighter hug, and Jinx wrapped her arms around him tightly. Physical affection was...weird, yet it was nice. Jinx couldn't explain it, and yet, it felt too right. Given Stryder was a little taller, the girls head 'tucked' itself on the bottom of his shoulder, and she even closed her eyes warmly enjoying the cuddle. Burden....That's all she'd ever been in the past. To her family, her friends in the real world. That's why she picked the name Jinx after all...But Mishiro and Stryder.. Neither of them say she was one....But still. She opened her mouth to say her piece, right before it struck deep. He'd sent her away, not because she was slowing him down, but because...he wanted to ensure she was safe? Jinx blinked, and then she noticed it. Her eyes were wet, and there was...tears? When had she...? "I..I'm not...?" She questioned, although she knew...Stryder wouldn't lie to her...He never had. "I always thought...my mind, was a burden. I just wanted....to not be useless...It was my job to look after you, to take the damage so you didn't have too...And i couldn't even do that properly"
  7. Jinx

    [PP/22] Rest and Recovery

    Jinx allowed him to step away from her, shifting in her plain shirt and jacket that ensured she was always warm. It was just, rain? The girl frowned, since when was it raining? She hadn't noticed it raining at any point, then again...it did require her to notice something behind herself. She shifted on her feet, right as he picked up her bowl and a flash of guilt passed through her! She'd completely forgotten she even was... "Oh...My curry..." She mutterd, frowning before remembering her bowl had been empty when Stryder came back. Namely, she'd consumed it all...very quickly. She felt a rumbling within her chest...and part of her was tempted to open her inventory and find another snack she was certain lived in there when he.... Jinx blinked. She did...amazing? As the girl processed what Stryder was saying to her, she took a half-step into his as he played with her hair "I did...well...? But, you told me to leave...I thought i was being a burden to you and...well, everyone..." The girl glanced down, lightly toeing at the ground with her bare foot, her eyes hidden behind her glasses, but staring down at the ground.
  8. Jinx

    [PP/22] Rest and Recovery

    Watching his remove the corpse-riddled armour, the girl found it a little hard to watch. The armour was the one she'd won at a raffle, and now it looked ruined...Even if it was completely useless to her, it had been pretty to look at and now... Jinx blinked twice, her mind washed blank. She glanced up and spotted the hand now on her head, and the warm sensation bubbling in her chest wasn't just from all the curry she'd consumed. Alisea couldn't explain it, but she'd always enjoyed it when someone played with her hair. It was calming. Although Jinx hadn't expected to be pulled into the hug, and in the moment of forgetfulness, dropped the empty bowl onto the ground as she wrapped her arms around Stryder. "I managed...to keep the others alive too. The scarecrow was giant, and he...he used his scythe to attack them....But i blocked...." The girl skipped over her words, as always. She made no attempt to break the hug, but... "Your hoodie...it's sticky..." She says softly, runing a hand over...she didnt want to know...
  9. Jinx

    [PP/22] Rest and Recovery

    Jinx was neck deep in a curry when Stryder came back, that is to say...He'd walk in to the girls entire face being hidden behind a curry bowl and the loud sound of slurping taking over the entire house. It had been a curry Jinx made for a special occasion, and lost within internal turmoil, opted to start eating. Jinx lowered the bowl....and nearly dropped it! Stryder looked... "Death..." The girl muttered out loud, tilting her head slightly at her friend. "Stryder...I kept the same, just liked you asked. Did things go well, with your boss?" She had to assume so, after all...he'd come back to the house. But...She stood up from the seat, still holding the half-eaten bowl of food as she frowned a little. The last time she'd seen him, he'd yelled at her to leave, then to protect people...like he didn't want her to be fighting at all.
  10. Thread: Complete Rewards: Jinx: -2SP -Familiar Mastery Skill: Healing -400 Col
  11. Jinx picked herself up, and smiled as already...Fou had proved herself, twice over now with the two times her familiar had healed her. They trusted one another, meaning... The girl opened up her messenger, and found a name. It was time for a rematch no? Jinx smiled like an idiot as she sent the message, and put on her armour. There was one way to get used to battle, trial by fire. Fou was her friend, her familiar, her healer. So she'd look after Fou, and Fou would look after her. "Come on Fou, time to get a taste of the world..." Jinx stepped towards the door, before laughing softly. "Yes, i'll be careful around stairs from now on Fou" Jinx rolled her eyes at her familiar, before leaving out of the door with urgency. With a kick in her step, and excitement bubbling away in her heart. but Most importantly, a friend on her shoulder. "Fou!"
  12. Jinx was so distracted by her familiar and the new noise she was able to make Fou make, that she had forgotten something about the house...Well, a lot of something. Stairs, it was the stairs. Jinx had spent so much mental energy petting her familiar that she fell down a flight of stairs. The girl crashed into the ground with a groaned pain as Fou, who had managed to avoid the stupidity of her owner, slowly made her way down the stairs and just stared at Jinx. "I know....I was distracted" The tank player said, sitting up and rubbing her head, before frowning a little H-hey Fou...Can you heal me again please?" she requested her familiar. Despite the loo of judgement from it, Fou's coat started to glow white, and the outline went over Jinx's entire body and the little hp she'd taken in her house was healed up. The girl smiled, and after the white aura faded, picked up Fou and cuddled her warmly as a thank you for looking after her.
  13. Jinx spent many more minutes laying in bed, playing with her familar as they both went to paw the other in a game of tag. Jinx couldn't even hide her smile, Fou was the very kind of friend she needed in this world. Her familiar seemed to understand, in such a short time, her mind. Admittantly she'd yet to have a breakdown, an overlord, with her familiar around so maybe things would change then. But for now, for these few days, the girl was permitted to be silly. She could be truly herself. And she loved it. "Fou, catch!" The girl tossed a snack, and the familiar leapt up, mouth open, and caught it. Jinx petted Fou's head, and cuddled up to the familiar for a moment, before standing up out of the bed. Her familiar didn't let her go far, leaping up onto her shoulder and settling down. It seemed Fou had learnt a few things from Bandit... "Never allowed to go anywhere without you now, eh Fou? Well...I suppose there is no point in protesting...We stand by one another little one" The girl scratched her familiar under its chin, and Fou made an adorable purring noise that caused Jinx to keep scratching as she exited her room.
  14. The girl rolled around in her comfortable bed, almost purring alongwith her familiar in the comfortable sleeping arrangements. This place was where the girl felt almost no guilt in being absent-minded, after all, it was her...what would her friend say...kingdom? She couldn't remembe,r and sighed right as her familiar pounced on her! "F-fou!" The girl explained in surprise "Are you ok...coming to live with me?" The girl asked, getting a curious look from her familiar, right before it pawed her noise! The girl huffed playfully, before returning the favour and booping the noise of her familiar. Fou looked at Jinx as if she was insane. Jinx starting laughing softly. "You're adorable Fou...I'm so happy you choose me" The girl sat up in her bed, and her familiar leapt onto her shoulder, snuggling her insanely soft fur into the girls face "I'm being serious...You choose to be my friend that day Fou. It was more than just, me choosing you. You saw me and showed yourself to me, and...today i learn you can heal me...I don't believe in fate, or destiny...But i'm so happy everything worked out like they have Fou. You've made me such a happy girl"
  15. Jinx walked up the stairs, and quickly walked through the open door to her room. For as fancy as the first floor had been, her room was extremely basic. A chest of draws and bed-side table, a chair and...a massive bed. The bed was a Kings size and had an abundence of pillows and blankets scattered across it. Fou did the most natural thing in the world, leapt forwarsd into it. Jinx followed a second after. She buried herself in the abundance of comfort, and a sigh escaped her lips. Here, in this bed, was where she could truly relax. Where her mind dulled and the world was nothing more than a pleasant feeling across her hands, her face...Where the only noises would be Stryder when he came home after doing, whatever it was he said he was doing that her dulled mind couldn't recall. Her sliver of paradise that she was allowed to call her own, and truly be herself in.