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  1. Jinx was well aware of the hunt that was around the corner, Stryder had given her plenty of heads up about it after all. Time to build up a large bank to help get the guild hall! And, repay her debt. After all, Stryder had gotten her a LOT of Tier 2 equipment to ensure she was ready to go. All for this specifically. The girl knew where to meet up with her guild, and she'd spent the morning mentally preparing herself for the fights ahead. She had spent most of it playing with Fou, and while her familiar couldn't talk to her...it felt like she knew what was up. A large number of battles that they'd have to endure... Jinx had to wonder who was coming, and specifically, Arabelle. Her last interaction with the scythe user hadn't been pleasant, and was the reason Jinx's only weapon, her only means of actively hurting another, sat in the bed-side table. She looked at it, smiled at herself, before leaving the house without it. She didn't need a blade, not with how much pain it causes others. Pain that Arabelle and Dustin caused....everyone. Jinx smiled warmly at Stryder, thanking him for the extra bonuses and quickly conusming them. She'd be useful, make good use of the gifts she'd been given. Of course, when Arabelle appeared, Jinx fell silent. She hadn't told Stryder about what happened, how could she? Stryder wouldn't....Jinx pushed the thoughts out of her mind, she... "Arabelle, i'm glad to see you're good. Not misusing your weapons i hope?" The girl didn't want to be mean, but she had to remind Arabelle...How little she approved of what she had done.... With a slight sigh, the girl turned to Stryder "Is that everyone for our mission today...?" Stats and stuff Bonuses
  2. Jinx smiled and nodded at Stryder. He was right, in a way. It didn't matter where, he had given them something for the future. With her newly upgraded armour she could...save everyone. She knew in a way, her style of combat wasn't exactly designed to go it alone. After all, the girls weapon now sat discarded in her room. Armour was her plan, to save everyone and cause no pain to those around her. That's when the offer of home, and specifically, more food came up and the girl was already nodding her head! "I'd love that...The drink you had was sooo nice so, i cannot wait to eat!" As always, Jinx's appitite was insatible and the girl was still hungry for more food. Just the offer made her stomach growl, and Fou lightly pawed at her face. "F-Fou, p-please that ticklesss" The girl said while laughing, but making no move to stop her familiar from continuing to tickle her face with its soft fured paw.
  3. Jinx hadn't even been to the 10th floor, and honestly, it was super interesting. Ever since the girl had powered up and gotten a series of super-strong armour, the girl had been feeling more and more confident lately. Therefore, even without a weapon in her inventory...The girl had been exploring. Across all the floors that she could, the towns and the people. It was super interesting to see such a wide diversity of floors, from ice to fire and everything inbetween. The 10th floor was like..a magical cavern. Jinx exited the teleporter and looked around. The girl wasn't wearing armour, in a town, why would she? She had a plain white shirt with a pink jacket, and of course. Her fluffy white familiar was attached to the girls shoulder, looking out with curious eyes as Jinx glanced through her journal. She was making notes on the floors, and now was time to explore! Jinx looked around first, this floor didn't seem nearly as occupied as the others. But there was one player she could see, and he was...well, sorta ginger? Jinx walked up to him, a passive smile on her face "Heya...A-are you, well...do you know this floor?" The girl, as always, forgot to introduce herself in any capacity and went right into the conversation as the forefront of her brain. Exploring Floor 10.
  4. Jinx

    Jinx's Evals

    Claiming the 2nd Flame Aura on Jacks Heavy Armour
  5. Jinx smiled warmly at the stranger at his offers for both herself and Stryder. While it may have not been what Stryder wanted, it would help him. The girl let out a silent pray of happiness. At least Stryder would be safe, that's what was important to her. The girl let out a sigh of relief. When he was off being, well...himself, that armour may just save his life. Those around her would be kept safe. Then he turned to her, and the girls eyes lit up at his offer. He was willing to enhance her armour, make it easier for her to help others. She'd be able to stand on the front line for longer, and in turn, save the others. Jinx did the only thing she could to thank him. She bowed her head low, eyes closed. Fou, caught by surprised, dug her claws into Jinx, but the girl was dead silent. "Thank you so much for this. I promise, i'll save everyone i can with it. I promise to make good use, keeping everyone i can safe" Jinx raised her head and smiled at him before he left. Jinx looked at the vouncher, and smiled as she turned to Stryder. "I don't know who..or even how. But he gave me something to save everyone i care about and...I can't let this pass me by. I'm going to save everyone i can...by being their shield"
  6. Jinx spent her time petting Fou, even though it became clear her familiar wasn't as tired as she first thought as Fou clambered up onto the girls shoulder. It was where her Familiar spent most of her time, and honestly, it was comforting for Jinx. She smiled at her familiar, right as she heard a voice and felt Stryder move. She quickl spotted the newly arrival, and for those moments, Jinx froze. It wasn't that she was scared, but rather...The shock of having someone appear behind her did leave her slightly stunned. She finally switched her brain on, and heard his question. what did she...want? She wanted that photo, of her real life...but also. "A way to protect the people i care about" The girl replies softly, standing up "I want to be able to help those i care for...If you can, upgrade, items...Then my Heavy Armour, the Cursed one i have. It's got an ability, Flame Aura. If i could have it doubled up, make it harder for the monsters to kill me. If you could do this for me, i could...save those around me" The girl did feel slightly bad asking for it, but. If she could get more armour, she could...help everyone. -Asking for Flame Aura on Jacks Cursed Armour @Stryder @Father Wuotan
  7. Jinx's face lights up at the prospect of being taken to the quest to see her friends, and she nods her head rapidly with excitement "O-of course i'd love to ...oh" Jinx was looking down at her Familiar, who had woken up in her excitement. Fou almost glared up at Jinx, who smiled guiltily and began to stoke her familiars soft fur. "Oh, Fou, i'm so sorry...i didn't mean to wake you up i promise" The girl let out a sigh, her hands full now. One taking care of her familiar, and the other feeding herself the tasty drink she'd happily been indulging in. In her defence, it was nice... "You'd really do that for me Stryder? Thank you so much...I'd hug you but...well, i'm sorta trapped" The girl looked down at her familiar, not wanting to move and 'rewake' her up just yet. Jinx knew she'd have to eventually, but not just yet. "To see the real world, is a gift in of itself"
  8. It seemed so impossible to be true, to be given a picture of her friends, her family...from the real world? How could it even see a memory she treasured? Jinx smiled softly and took another drink. It didn't matter how. All that really mattered was her, family. She could see them, even as a picture. It would be enough for her. A reminder, of what awaited her in the world beyond Sword Art Online. That, in of itself, could drive her throughout it. With a reminder that her family would be watching over her, in some way. At least, her family in the real world. Not to mention the family she'd started to make in this game. "Even if its just a picture, a memory that i've lived a thousand times in my head. To hear them, to own something of them. It would be a precious memory, one i'd never be able to lose even if my mind..." A somewhat guilty smile crossed her face. They both knew she wasn't always like this, even if her minds activity has started to become more 'normal', she was still prone to overloads and her mind was,, well...Useless. She let out a sigh and closed her eyes a little as Stryder answered her question, and she didn't udnerstand... "I don't get it. If you're asking someone, then by not asking, nothing happens. So you should ask, or...i can't remember what Shiro said after that...He always had a way..." the girl placed her drink on the ground, trying to recall something a friend had told her. But the exact words alluded her much like much of her active mind..
  9. Jinx

    [PP-F4] Reopening old wounds

    Jinx had hoped Arabelle would help her, make Dustin realizing that killing wasn't going to solve anything! That they...But Jinx's eyes flashed with betrayal as Arabelle not only didn't help her but actually...worked against her! It wasn't her decision, but then....why did Dustin invite her?! Dustin was her friend, and he knew, he had to know she wouldn't...wouldn't approve of him killing anyone! So why! Why would he invite her?! Did he....want her to suffer? To watch as he killed Greil? What would that achieve?! Was her friend wanting to get rid of her? Was that how much of a burden she was to both of them? They wanted to get rid of her, in the most cruel way they could? Jinx didn't moved as they stalked off, too worried about reality to do so. Jinx allowed those moments, when both her friends were gone, to cry. She hated it, but...Was this Arabelle and Dustin trying to get rid of her, the useles burden, from their lives?! Was this how far they were willng... Jinx shook her head and glared where they had gone! This wasn't her friends trying to get rid of her, but her friends being lost! Arabelle and Dustin were her friends and she wasn't going to let either of them do anything stupid! Equiping her armour, the girl ran forwards as her mind whirled. She had to do this, she knew what had to be done...Even if her friends hated her for it, she'd....she would do this! The girl arrived right as they'd found their targets, the player killers. Jinx's recently formed instincts kicked in and she placed herself between Dustin and the player-killers, and threw a look at her friends. In her rush, the girl hadn't found time to clear up the red-eyes she'd had from crying "N-no one is dying today...Got it" She said, her voice harder than before. Jinx finally understood what this suge in her chest was. Determination. She had a goal and...she would achieve it! Action Taken: -Howl (Idk how this works against players, but Jinx has placed herself between players and will move to intercept attacks) Stats:
  10. Jinx smiled warmly at Stryder as he rubbed her hair a little. She didn't understand why it was nice, but it was. The girl glanced down, feeling an odd surge throughout her body causing the girl to frown. She knew it was a surge of emotion, however she had no idea what emotion it was. It wasn't a familiar one, not that many made sense to the girl. She shifted, pushing her confision to the side when Stryder started to talk about how she could.... The girl nearly dropped her glass on Fou as Stryder told her she could...get something from back home! The girl was speechless, she dived internally and much like before, Stryder would see a dullness in her eyes when she wasn't exactly home. The idea of...being able to see her family, those she choose....Even if it was just for a moment. The girls heart felt like it exploded. "I could see the again...? E-even as a picture, i'd be able to see them?" She asked, as if she didn't believe what she'd just been told. It couldn't be possible yet. Stryder hadn't lied to her before, why would he? She started happily shifting in position, the idea of being able to see her old family overwhelming her with happiness. She wanted nothing more to see them, to talk to them. Even if it was nothing than a picture, it was a taste of home that she needed. That Alisea wanted more than anything else. She clsoed her eyes a little, happyly content...before rowning and looknig at her friend. "Wait...If you know what you want , why don't you ask for it...? What is it you want?" The girl had no idea why Stryder seemed, well, worried? She didn't understand, couldn't explain why the person who seemed to overflow iwth confidence seemed...well, afraid almost. What could worry the person who dived head-first into danger?
  11. Jinx

    [F17] Obsidian Invasion

    Objective: Fortify the Walls ID: 133313 Final LD: 14+3(MIT)=17 LD With Fou on her shoulder, Jinx jogged around the wall to ensure there wasn't any glaring holes in the wall. She'd feel horrible if she didn't do her job properly, and the town suffered as a result of her being lazy! The girl got her familiar to go and help her, and she heard a familiar 'Fou fou!' noise. Checking it out, indeed, her familiar found a series of cracks that could let the entire wall fall! Jinx fed her familiar a snack as a reward, before sealing up the crackles with the nearby stone to keep the wall intact. "Good job Fou! With this, hopefully, the wall will keep everyone safe! Thanks to you little one" The girl raised her arm to stroke her familiars ears and chin lovingly and even got a second snack, just to ensure her familiar knew she was indeed well loved.
  12. Jinx

    [F17] Obsidian Invasion

    Objective: Fortify the Walls ID: 133310 Final LD: 7+3(MIT)=10 LD Jinx smiled at the repair work for the wall, the towns shield, that she'd made. In a way, her pride did stem from the knowledge that the towns wall was like her in battle. Acting to shield everyone else from harm. If she could ensure their shield was up and standing, then much like with those she fought alongside, she could ensure their shield protected them. It was her job after all. It didn't take Jinx long to find the next part of the wall that was in needs of repair, and grabbed a few stones, was able to ensure it wouldn't shatter if someone attacked it...hopefully. Jinx took a step back, admiring the word she'd done and whistled over. Her familiar, Fou, leapt up onto her shoulder and the girl stroked its chin. "Did you have fun with them Fou? I just hope you're ready for the harder parts of the job..."
  13. Jinx

    [F17] Obsidian Invasion

    Objective: Fortify the Walls ID: 133307 Final LD: 18+3(MIT)=21 LD Jinx smiled as she watched her familiar playing with the NPC's, helping keep them calm in the face of chaos. With the NPC's taken care off, Jinx moved her attention back onto the wall itself. It was looking good, nearly done if she was honest with herself. Grinning widely, the girl climbed up the walls to ensure all of it was intact, and spotted some shattered stone. "H-hey! I need some spare stone over here please!" She called out to the NPCs who were playing with Fou. The NPC's heard her call, and using some carts, moved it over to Jinx. The girl hesitated, but managed to push it up the wall enough that it fitted nicely in the wall. Jinx smiled and looked around "The walls looking much better! A few more fix-ups, and i think we'll be good on this front!" Jinx called out to the others, looking around and spotting Fou clambering up an NPCs shoulder. The girl leapt down from the battlements, and beckoned her familiar over.
  14. Jinx

    [PP/22] Rest and Recovery

    Jinx shifted in his arms, her head making a constant pounding as her overload had threatened to take her out entirely. Thankfully, she kept her head steady and focused on the conversation. mostly. The dull sensation overrun the girl, hence why she had gone nearly limp into her guild-leader and friends arms. She took many deep breaths and tried to bring her mind alive, but it faltered and tripped over itself. Slowly, the girl managed to find her feet and pull herself up. She turned around, nearly tripping in the process before smiling softly at Stryder, a shine in her eyes "I..thank you...Need, nap..." The girls failed attempt at a sentence made perfect sense to her, and even bowed to Stryder slightly. In her mind, she'd thanked him for everything including staying at his house again, thanked him for it in the bow, then would head to her room for sleep. The girl moved up the stairs, ensuring she didn't trip over before turning into her room, forgetting to close the door (again), and collapsing on the bed with a soft 'thump' noise she always made when she was tired, or overloaded. She was asleep the moment her head hit the pillow.
  15. Jinx

    [F17] Obsidian Invasion

    Objective: Fortify the Walls ID: 133300 Final LD: 17+3(MIT)=20 LD Jinx was smiling brightly at Arabelles appearance. Honestly she hadn't expected her to come, well, at all honestly. But now she was here, she had confidence that this will would get up in no time! With that confidence in herself, the girl turned to continue patching up the wall, moving another heap of stone in place before turning to the NPCS' nearby. They looked, well, terrified. Jinx climbed down form the wall and walked up to them with a soft smile. "I promise, i'tll be ok. We're going to protect you. This wall we're repairing, it'll hold them back...And i promise i'll be here with you. We'll save your town, and its people" Jinx glanced at her shoulder, and nodded to her Familiar, who hopped off of her shoulder and starting playing with the nearby NPC's "Her name is Fou, and...If you play nicely with her, she'll look after you while i keep repairing the wall"