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  1. Alisea looked over at Chelsea, the other girl was right. They just had to do their best, nothing more, nothing less. She could spend all day reminding herself she was in a video game, trapped, and that she hadn't done anything to help herself, or others, escape. She'd just, existed. But that wasn't a bad thing in of itself. "You're right, sometimes i just worry...that i'm not doing anything. But if i threw myself at the frontlines, all i'd do it die. And that scares me more than anything else in this world. So we'll just, keep working fowards to become stronger" Alisea liked Chelsea, she had a way of making...everything seem so much, simplier. She let out a sigh, right as Chelsea managed to find some materials. "Y-yeah, sometimes they are just, scattered all over the place. The game-system seems to play, well, games when it comes to finding materials. I, well...i've always had bad luck trying"
  2. Alisea couldn't truly understand what Chelsea was talking about when it came to langauges. For her, they'd been easy to master. It took her a few days, maybe a few weeks to learn a single language, before moving onto the next one. She couldn't explain it, other than her IQ number being rather high. But still, she knew other people struggled. Her guild leader, despite all her attempts, hadn't been able to learn chinese. "Well, there are things we all struggle to learn. It's taken me...years, but i finally understand how to cook for example..." Alisea hesiated for a moment, before nodding her head "Something like that...I spoke to someone who said...our bodies wouldn't last forever in the real world. We're on a timer to get back to the real world. But all of these experiences, they're real for us. When we escape...I just hope, they aren't too harsh on those who...struggled. I know, i've done nothing to help us escape..." Alisea let out a sigh and sat down, stroking the head of her familiar. It was horrible of her to wish she could stay in this world, that this world, she felt more alive in that the nightmare of the real world...
  3. Jinx mentally marked down another person from America. It seemed, despite it all, a good few people originally came from there. Still, it was rather interesting. "I think your accent is fine, e-even English. Languages, they're not easy for most people so" Of all people, the tank knew she shouldn't talk. She'd been 'lucky' for languages. Something about in her just kicked, even when she was absent minded, she could learn them. The girl smiled warmly at Chelsea. It seemed the 'rules', for people like them, well...they didn't apply. "I'm certain my body is somewhere in Tokyo. I lived in America, but...well, it would be easier for them to drop my bosy off in a hospital and move on with their lives..." Jinx shook her head. She shoudln't be focusing on this, not now..."I just hope, when we come back to the real world...People understand what we had to do"
  4. Jinx watched Chelsea equip the items her guild leader had given her, and despite it all, she was worried. Those items were super important of a gift given to her, and she'd be a little upset if Chelsea took them. But, she seemed nice. Alisea just hoped her faith wouldn't punish her guild leader. Thankfully it seemed to be the case, she seemed honest and genuine. "I just hope they help you Chelsea. He let me borrow them, and, yeah...he's nice. O-oh, i forgot to ask Chelsea. If you don't mind, where are you from?" Jinx had noticed recently that peopel seemed to be, from everywhere are around the world. Part of her wondered where her real body was. She was certain they had to be in hospital somewhere, although. She could still be at home, if her parents even wanted her body there. She'd need even more attention now than before...
  5. Alisea looked at the ground. This girl was almost singing her praises...There was nothing to praise her for. She was doing the right thing, nothing more. She believed it was correct, so she..she did it. She wouldn't willingly compromise herself. That just wasn't her style. "I'm, nothing special Chelsea. It is those who are on the frontline, those who put themselves in danger. They are the heros. Me? I'm just, some girl who is too scared to..well...I suppose it doesn't matter. I want to help others, so i do. It took me nearly a year to leave the town, a-and, only because Stryder came to my aide" The girl frowned at Chelseas question. She...had no idea. She'd never gone looking for materials...Wait.. "oh, i have these!" The girl accessed her inventory, and made a trade request. Gloves coming up in the listing. "Accept the trade, these gloves, they're supposed too help you find items. J-just promise you'll return them. They have...well, a special person made them for my guild-leader, and i'd hate to lose them" Jinx smiled warmly at Chelsea, right as Fou woke up. The familiar started to climb over Jinx's armour, causing the girl to try and catch her familiar, to a degree of failure. "F-fou! That tickles!" -Trading:
  6. Alisea nodded her head at the girl, before it clicked. Chelsea wasn't a gamer, and hadn't done what she herself had done. Alisea had spent a solid...year? studying the menu and the abilities within it. It meant when she did start getting levels, she knew what she wanted and how it would help her. Clearly Chelsea hadn't thought like that when she'd put her first level into healing. "Sorry, i'll try explain better. But, y-you shouldn't be discouraged. Even if you're not conquering the floors, y-you could be like me. I try and help other people, h-help keep them safe and slowly power up. I'm not in the boss rooms, i'm not even able to get close to them. But i do what i can, even...even if it won't matter in the scale of things" It did hurt to admit in a way, that overall, everything she'd done over the past 3 years did nothing to truly. But, still... "It's not cowardsly to want to live, trust me. I know. I selected tank abilities to ensure, i'd never die...Despite standing up for the others, at heart. I'm scared"
  7. Alisea listened to Chelsea make her offer. She had, a healing abliity? At level 1?! The girl was trying to make this game harder for herself? Taking a healing ability instead of a raw combat ability, was just...well. It was clear that Chelsea wasn't much of a gamer. Poor thing, being pulled into a world she had no interest in. "The healing ability is nice but...well, my advice would be to get some combat stats in your favour. Even if it is something as basic as enhancing your armour" Jinx took a look around, but nothing seemed to be paying too much attention to Chelsea. Jinx glanced at Fou, her familiar still napping away "If we do get involved through, well, i won't stop you. I've got a lot of healing, you see, i had my guild-leader help me select my skills. I've got enhanced armour and healing, plus little Fou here can heal me during battle when i need it" The girl smiled warmly at Chelsea, trying to help the other girl for a potential rough future "It's good, to want to help others. But you need to ensure, you yourself, is safe"
  8. "O-oh, i didn't realize all you had left was getting the materials. Well, that'll make it easier..." Jinx started walking with Chelsea. It was, odd. This girl was in the same place as her, and now...well, it was almost like talking to a more competent version of her younger self. Scared, but wanting. A friend had stood by her side, and shown her how she could push forwards. Go past her limits. Was it now her job to show this to Chelsea? jinx nodded her head "Correct, we'd have to leave the town. But i promise, not a single monster will hurt you. They shouldn't mess with us, not unless we try and mess with them. And even if they do, well. I've got an ability called Howl. Long story short, it'll force any monsters nearby to attack me. Meaning i'll keep you safe Chelsea, and that's a promise" Jinx looked up, they were near the edge of the town. She turned to her friend. For her, this might be scary. Leaving the town properly. It had scared Alisea a lot....She just hoped she could convince her friend she'd be ok.
  9. Jinx let out a sigh, how could she not focus! Languages were her gift, one of the few thigns she could do without thought...although, that might not always be a good thing as she'd managed to explain it all..In French. Of course she did. "Yeahhhh, i sorta...have a way with languages and sometimes i get distracetd...and forget what one to use.." The tank glanced at her feet before Chelsea asked her to join, and Jinx smiled warmly "It's my pleasure...After all, i want to help everyone, a-and you're part of it" With fluent movements, Jinx opened up her menu and sent a party request to Chelsea, an action she'd done a million times before to the point where she didn't have to think about it. "So we'll need to find the starting point for your quest. It's probably an npc store, it-it'll be on your minimap which is about...here...?" The girl pointed to where she'd assume it would be on her friends Hud. "I'm afraid...well, i have to follow you to find it. Once we do, i promise, i'll lead you every step of the way. After all, i'm your friend, we gotta look after one another right?"
  10. Jinx watched the girl struggle with her menu, and in those moments, Jinx knew she HAD to help Chelsea. She reminded her, of, well, her. Stryder had spent hours teaching her to use her menu, where to access and how to use it properly. She'd...well, she'd be in her position if not for his kindness. Jinx looked at the quest, and recognised it quickly. The Earning a Living questline, one she herself was meant to be doing...and had forgotten when Fou entered her life. "Well, it's like this..." the girl started speaking, but...well. She was speaking in French, the girl not realizing she'd, once again, swapped langauges by mistake "The game has professions, and you can make things to help others by completing the quest. See, yours is for the Alchemist, which is like...a potion master" The girl opened up her own menu, and showed her own quest. While jinx had about 8 quests, she highlighted her own. It had the same title, mostly, just with the word 'Cook' instead. "See? Now, to begin, you just follow the instructions...See i dunno how your quest works, so..if you bring it back up, i can lead you to where you need to go" If Chelsea informed Jinx she'd been speaking in a language she didn't understand, the shielder would pout slightly, swapping back to Enligsh "O-ho, sorry, i...I sometimes forget which language i'm speaking in...anyway.." And would repeat herself, this time in Enligsh and a bit slower, trying to make an active effort into remembering to use the right language for her friend.
  11. Jinx, in part, doubted her own hearing. Chelsea wasn't even level two...? In a way, it made sense. After all, she herself had taken a long time to even leave the town, yet alone becomes as strong as she was. And her guild were the ones who had helped her get this far in of itself. Without them, she herself might have been just like the girl in front of her. Jinx smiled warmly at Chelsea. Part of her wanted to hug the girl...but, they'd only just met. That's weird to hug someone, right...? She couldn't remember. "I see, so you got snared in here trying to help your brother...Well, if you'd like, i'd be happy to help you Chelsea. You see...I, i was just like you too. I didn't leave the town, n-not until someone was nice to me and guided me. They, made me strong. If you'd let me...I want...i want to help you, like he helped me" Jinx opened up her inventory, and wanting the girl to have faith in her, equiped all of her armour. The girl went from being dressed in rather casual clothes to coated in heavy armour, shield attached to her arm and extra padding over her chest piece, which seemed to almost glow with fire. Fou, the girls familiar, cuddled up on the shoulder-piece, which was modified to allow her familiar to rest there. Jinx smiled warmly, despite not having a weapon on her. "S-see Chelsea...? If you want to leave the town, i'll be by your side the entire time"
  12. Fou made an odd-chirping sound as she was caught and handed back to Jinx, the familiar clambering up the small girl like a climbing frame before perching herself onto Jinx's left shoulder, and settling down, almost napping. Jinx smiled warmly at the other girl, she didn't seem annoyed, or angry. She'd even spoken nicely to Fou. That's all it took for Jinx to start liking this girl, to be nice to a familiar, was always a good sign in her books. "Me..? My name is Alisea Dariem..A-although, my in game name is Jinx" The girl replies softly, shifting a little in place as she smiled askwardly "O-oh, don't worry about hurting me. We can't get hurt in towns like this, a-and besides, i'm pretty hard to take down...I'm a tank after all" The girl had been studying her build a lot of late, and while she wasn't sure where she planned to go, she did know her role. Raise the shield, keep those around her alive. She took the time to look over the other girl but...Much like her, she wasn't waring any clear armour. Perhaps, she was a weaker player...? Or someone who just prefered their own clothes when it wasn't needed to carry armour?
  13. "H-hey Fou....Don't run off!" Jinx ran forwards as her Familiar turned back to face her, and the girl pouted. Her familiar was restless, and had been acting up. So naturally, Jinx had let her out of the house...and she ahd basically ran off. So Jinx chased her, and so the game began. It ended up, of all places, on the first floor! Jinx had put all of her equipment away, wearing just a plain white shirt, black pants and shoes, chasing after her white-coated familiar. Fou turned a corner sharply, and Jinx did the same...Issue: Fou is small and could run through Shyes' legs without incident. Jinx could not, and basically crashed into the other girl before she even noticed she was there! Jinx hit the ground, and let out a soft whining noise as she looked for...a person! Oh god she'd just run over someone! They were gunna be soooo angry and.. "A..ah, i'm so sorry!" Jinx scrambled to her feet, partly using the wall to get up, and offered her hand to the red-haired girl she'd basically bodyslammed "I..i didn't mean...I was chasing Fou...a-and she turned and...Oh please forgive me" Jinx bowed her head very quickly to the stranger. She'd basically slammed into them, how rude! Did she had anything she could give the girl...? Food, money..? How was she meant to act..Ohh why did she leave the house today, she'd already made someone hate her again...
  14. Jinx

    E3 trades

    Trading to @Arabelle -1 Easter Bunny's Favour (http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/19122-e3-easter-2020-eg-egg-n-eggys-wondrous-shop-of-wonders/?do=findComment&comment=604320)
  15. Jinx had been spending a lot of her time doing, well, her own thing. Namely Fou. Her familiar required, well, took up a LOt of her attention now a days, that and all the cooking she did to entertain herself...and feed herself. Her appitite had gotten bigger of late, and often times she would snack down on whatever she could make. It had started as curries, but recently she'd moved onto french and even started trying out steaks and chicken properly. There was a milion ways to cook it! The girl couldn't not think about it as she entered the newest event, easter. If she liked chocolate more, perhaps she'd...Ohhh, maybe she could add chocolate to her food! That might be tasty. That's when she arrived at the exchange, and looked through her inventory. 50 Eggs. Enough for the item, although...jinx brough up her messeges, and double checked the name. "It was...huh, here it is. Easter Bunny's Favor. Yeah this is the one" With her purcase made, and a happy little hum, the girl started walking back. She glanced at her shoulder. She missed having Fou there, but for a trip like this, it wasn't really needed. Egg acquired