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  1. Jinx blinked a few times as something in her mind started to click, Hei was Stryders second, even if they all were said to be 'equal', she had a feeling that wasn't entirely the case. Still, Hei wanted to do something nice with the leader and Dustin seemed enthusiastic. Then again, the boy seemed to enjoy fighting so any chance he got huh? She placed the now-empty curry bowl into her inventory as she looked back and forth between the boys. They were going to get money for the guild, and wanted her to join them? She shrugged, maybe she'd be useful this way? "I'd love to join in, i'll try and be as helpful as i can" The girl said, managing to stick with Chinese out of comfort "Plus with my stats, i should be able to keep the monsters off of you guys...a-assuming i howl properly..." A memory came up in her mind where her howl had, twice, failed to work and someone she knew got injured because of it. She wanted to ensure she didn't accidentally get someone hurt, they shouldn't be in pain because of her uselessness. Her sadder mood was changed in a heartbeat however, when Dustin offered the cookie. Her face lit up with excitement and she ran forwards, arms outstretched and took the cookie, smiling brightly. Food! Taking a huge bite out of it, she started chewing and gave Dustin a warm smile. The way to this girls heart was truly through her stomach. "This is..delicious Dustin..Thank you sooooo much!"
  2. Even as she stared at the boy before her, Jinx continued to eat away at her food. After all the curry wasn't going to eat itself!....right? Ohh, could curries eat themselves? The, already outlandish idea filled Alisea with a wave of sadness. Why make a curry that could eat when she could eat the curry, then everyone wins...well, she'd win. It would suck to be the curry in that senario, getting eaten.... She blinked, before remembering Hei was trying to talk to her...Wait, Hei?! His name was Hei, and why did she know...Ohhhh, he was Stryders Second-In-Command! Her brain seemed to start catching pieces of information as it made sense why he was...wait, no it didn't. Why was he here? "Stryders out" She said simply in Chinese, still half-chewing her food completely forgetting it was rude to chew when talking to people "He said he was...ummm...he was out at...." The girl shrugged and frowned, why couldn't she taste curry? She looked at the bowl only to see it was empty. "Oh...it's empty...Well that's sad. That tasted nic...Wait why are you both here?" She was confused when Hei arrived, but maybe he wanted to see Stryder. But why was Dustin here, was it to see her? She liked him but, like...they were friends, wasn't that a good thing? @Dustin
  3. Jinx

    [PP|F4] Knock on wood

    Valhalla...? All Fathers? The girl ignored the fight taking place to focus on those words, why had Dustin said words like that...and more importantly, why did they resoniate something within her brain? She knew she knew, however knowing she knew didn't help her as she watched Dustin leap forwards and destroy the bear with ease...Hell, it almost looked like...Well, the way he fought. Reminded her of Stryder, who also used their hands to fight. Was Dustin trying to become like Stryder? Was that his goal, his ambition in this world? Not to make his own path, but follow the one set by another? She wasn't sure why, but for some reason, she found herself disappointing in the boy if that was the case. He seemed to full of life, it would be a waste if he did anything other than lead from the front. She nodded his head at the suggestion...although she couldn't place on why at first "You asked for my help Dustin...As long as you're not, taking me up against large boss monsters. I'm happy to stand beside you as your guildmate....and as your friend" She says softly, the auto-translate function of SAO swapping it from German as she raised her shield on her arm, and even placed her Rapier onto her back. She glanced around, how blood-thristy would this hunt of theirs become, she had to wonder that. @Dustin
  4. Stryder was out, had said he was....damn, Jinx couldn't remember what he said he was headed off to do. However, being left alone in the house did mean the girl could do something. Cook. Having recently unlocked the Chef specialisation with the quests, she had been experimenting and seeing what she could do, mostly because she could and, because of the system, she wouldn't burn the house down! She had a bowl of curry, with as much spice as she could throw in, and was licking her lips as the smell of chicken curry consumed the entire house. However, right as she was about to start eating, there was a knock at the door...the girl frowned. Who the...? The only person who ever came to visit was her, so who was...? She looked at her curry, and then the door...Why did she had to choooose! Alisea Dariem opened the door with one hand, the other holding her bowl of spicy curry, the smell of it erupting from the house as she stared at the boy at the door....He looked so familiar, and yet, there was something that rang a bell. She stared at him as she started to 'drink' the curry in her hands, chewing the meat and rice as she did. It was about 30 seconds of staring at the other boy when it dawned on her...She probably should say hello "Hi...I-i'm Jinx, are you looking for Stryder or....?"
  5. Jinx

    [PP/Floor 4] 'Essence of a Person'

    Jinx had braced herself against her shield, waiting for the Snow Beast to run into her! One of these attacks, it would connect...And her Thorns ability would do something to help in this fight. She would just have to wait...and hope Neo was able to land the killing before onto the beast before it landed it onto her. The snow felt a little cold to the couch, but thankfully, her heavy Black Rain armour kept her warm enough, plus the coat that Neo had generously offered for her to use. The beast charged again, and Jinx tightened the grip on her shield...However Neo's strike hit first... And Jinx was amazed at what happened to the Beast. Instead of the usual attack of a blade connecting and an explosion of pixels, Neopolitan's weapon made tendrils that restrained the beast?! She had never seen that before, never even heard of such a weapon! "W-what was that!?" She couldn't keep the questions behind her mental 'wall' "I've never seen..a-anything like that, the way it didn't explode and..a-and the tendrils and the....What kind of weapon do you have?"
  6. He had reminded her a few times? She searched through her memories, but the only things she could see were flashes of his face, not the words being said. That seemed...well, a little weird if she was honest. Why wouldn't learn the words, but rather, memorising her Leaders face? Why would she be doing that? Weird. However, she shrugged and smiled at Stryder. "I suppose so, i mean...the path up here is sorta hidden most of the time..." She said, before starting to walk forwards, but hesitantly as if expected Stryder to tell her she was walking in the wrong direction. As they walked, the girl looked at the boy and figured to ask him a question that was burning on her mind. "Hey Stryder, i've been meaning to ask this....Why don't you use the auto translate function? You're the only person who seemed to get confused when i talk" It was something that had...well, not bothered but confused her. Her shifting in languages was something she knew she couldn't stop, it just sorta...happened. And yet, everyone in the guild had the auto-translate online...except him. Why?
  7. Jinx watched her guild leader carefully..or as carefully as someone who has an eye-patch and suffers from sensory overload could. His face seemed...well, weak. Was he not a morning person? She was certain he always woke her up, so she had assumed...was she wrong? Seh bit her lower lip as she tried to remember what kind of morning person Stryder was, but she was drawing nothing but blanks which left her annoyed once again. However, as the boy sat up, two thin...no, three things clicked in the girls mind. The first being that he did remember! So many people forgot, and he remembered! He did care about her enough to remember events that were important to her! She couldn't not let that wave of excitement rush over her. The second was that her Guild leader was...well, shirtless. She wasn't sure why that mattered, but something in the back of her head said it was. Was it...normal to be shirtless in front of people? And the third caught the girl off-guard, that being there was a pulse in her heart when she looked at her guild leader properly...Was that supposed to be common, a-and what was it? "You remembered! Y-you haave no idea how happy that makes me...Usually people forget about...well, me" Her words came out like a tidal wave...and in Chinese "Ever since you let me tay here, i've felt so much more...comfortable...While i still have my overloads....people forget about me..." The girl let out a short breath, and when Stryder stands up, she'd hug him tightly and speak, this time in Japanese "Thank you...for not forgetting about me"
  8. Her good mood, despite all its energy that seemed to seek through her limbs, was shot down by a single word uttered by her guild leader. The word being Katherine. Alisea didn't know the entire story, but she knew Katherine, also known as Eatos, had died. Stryder felt responsible for it, and was seeking ways to be redeemed. Her absent-mind would have grabbed onto it more, questioning if he only saw her as a redemption for failing to save his other friend, but right as the thought crossed over, the excitement for today rushed through her bones and she found herself etching to get going! "I slept rather well Stryder. I woke up a few times...b-but that's just...because, well...i'm really excited for today! I mean..y-you remember what today was yes...?" The girls excitement hesitated, hoping Stryder remembered his promise to her. While part of her didn't want to believe he'd ever forget the promise he made to her, she had said that to herself several times in the past with her parents having made promises to her, only to never follow up on them.
  9. Sensory overload had always been her biggest weakness, ever since she was born and nearly died in birth. It was something Alisea Dariem was more than aware was her biggest flaw, however...the pain that wreacked around her body was nothing like she'd ever felt before! Every beat of her heart pulsed through her head, every breath sounded like a hurricane and every sound, even with her earmuffs around her ears, sounded like a drum exploding near her. She looked up, her only usable eye flinching as the lights seemed a lot brighter! The girl was on the ground, using her shield to keep herself up and not completely collapse onto the ground. Rhaegal was staring at her and...Dustin! She had to, protect him! She gripped at her shield, trying to move...That's when something hit her shoulder. Slowly turning around, Jinx frowned as Arabelle was there. The girl was talking, and...Well, she was sounding, right. Pay...attention to her stats? Alisea frowned, before realizing what the girl was talking about. It...it hurt! Eevery,, breath...hurt. She glanced up, her HP was....high, well in the green! She was, right... "Y-you're right....it...hurts, this overload but...I ...I have to, i can...." Jinx looked at her, and nodded her head at Arabelle. Even if pain overwhelmed her body, she could...do this! "Thank...Ara....Stand and fight Dragon! You....are for me...." Each breath hurt, everything in her body was starting to hurt...but she could, she had to, do this! For everyone who was here! Action: HOWL!
  10. Jinx

    [PP|F4] Knock on wood

    Everyone dies? Jinx knew he was right, it would be a fool who would disagree with such a statement and yet, there was something that just didn't...make sense to her about his statement. Death was inevitable yes...but why accept that? She couldn't, and yet, it wasn't her place to...was it? The idea slipped away from her mind the moment it started to make sense, and instead, she simply turned to the boy with a question burning in her pocket. What happened to him, that hurt him so? Why would he accept death as the best option? How broken was he...? And how broken was she? Were they both just burdens waiting to get the people around her killed, all because she couldn't look after herself. Was he just as broken? "Stand and f...fight!" She yelled at the bear, wanting to distract her from the pain within her chest the more she thought about it. The constant reminder of what the real world of who she was, and no matter how far she tried to deny it. That's who she was in the real world, and people never changed right? The girl was so distracted within her own thoughts that she didn't even answer the boys question, but rather, staring off into the distance with her single eye. Was there a point where the broken can be repaired, or was it just not worth the effort to save the and let them rot away? We all have to die, why not let those who are broken lead the charge? Action: Howl!
  11. Jinx

    A test of might <<Dustin vs Jinx>>

    As she had predicted, and she had been taught, she as a tank would win any war of attrition. Sustain of her healing abilities, her high levels of mitigation. Hestia, a front line player, had told her that a tank was invaluable for the damage they can 'negate', and it seemed this battle was won through that..and the thorns did a huge part as well, given otherwise her attacks dealt 1 damage to her opponent. As for the boys final attack, while it seemed to lack power, at least the boy seemed to accept the truth. This fight was over, but....despite hating fighting, even she had to admit, it felt a lot closer than it was. "B-bragging right? I want...nothing to do with bragging Dustin" She frowned at the boy who had fallen onto the ground "You didn't ask me to fight you for pride on the line. You asked me to help you, and...i wanted to help" A fight like this...did pride matter? The girl unequipped her armour and shield, wearing her rather plain clothes before pausing. She knew so little about Dustin...and they were friends. "...Dustin, am i allowed to join you? I'd like to come with you to talk to your brother..well, i won't talk but...If we're friends, then lets go together...Please" @Dustin
  12. Jinx

    [PP/Floor 4] 'Essence of a Person'

    Jinx let out a slow breath as the beast eyed her up hungrily...could it even eat her? If it won the fight, wouldn't she just, explode? The idea rolled in her mind for a bit before she dismissed it, if she died would it even matter? She pushed it away, she wasn't going to die ,that wasn't an option. Her guild needed her, her family needed.....needed her..to stay here. Alisea Dariem shook her head, she couldnt' be...thinking about home. About the white walls of the few family photos her family, usually of just her parents when they were still happily married, that being the years before she came along and ruined their lives by being a disaster and burd...! The girl was pulled out of her thoughts and memories by the Snow Beast attacking her, however it somehow managed to miss despite the fact she was making no attempt to dodge! Hell, her shield was in the snow to make herself more sturdy from being knocked over. Alisea risked throwing a look at her partner with her eye, before focusing on the beast...So far she hadn't taken any damage but...it would happen soon. "Come on, i'm not even...dodging!" She taunted the snow beast. While a dumb decision, she wasn't certain how else she'd trigger her Taunt ability. Attacking the snowbeast was pointless, her Rapier did, well, no damage. Action: Howl
  13. Jinx

    [PP|F4] Knock on wood

    With her shield raised, Alisea felt...oddly at ease. When she was comparing this bear to most enemies she'd fought recently, these were much easier. Bu did that make it 'right' that the fear, that she was so accustomed to, was no longer there? That fighting giant monsters was simply, her life from now on? Maybe...maybe this world was so much better than...! Her thoughts were interupted by the bear taking a swing at her shield, thankfully, while she was a tank, she wasn't immobile and took a leap backwards, dodging out of the bears claws. She recovered quickly, however, she coudln't not find Dustin...interesting. He talked so much about combat, and his...well. The girl could only call it love (Not understanding the difference between love and what she should be calling a deranged and unhealthy) obsession as he spoke to the bear...about its death? She didn't understand, what did he mean...? "A death it...deserves?" She questioned verbally "W-what does that mean Dustin? Surely there is nothing that deserves to die, everything, a-and one, deserves to live no?" Action: HOWL Mama Bear: 47/200 HP | 60 DMG  [1] @Dustin: 400/400 HP | 21/40 EN | 8 DMG | 14 MIT | 2 ACC | 2 EVA [4] @Jinx: HP/EN: 340/340 | 16/34 EN | 74 MIT | 2 THRN <18 DMG> | 1 Regen <5HP> | 2 Para <8-10, -EVA and turn> | 1 Bleed <9-10, 12DMG>
  14. Jinx

    [PP/Floor 4] 'Essence of a Person'

    The white-haired tank was completely oblivous to what she'd done to her partners attack, unaware she'd made the fight last longer than it had to as she watched the Snow Beast eye her hungrily. Her mind, almost as if it were a person, tapped her on the shoulder. 'Two hits, three and you're done' It reminded her as she tried to keep focus, to beat away the fear that was eating away at her conviction to stand and fight. That's when it charged, and all that fear came crashing into her much like she feared the monster would. It was going to knock her over, rip her throat out...then it was gunna go after neo and...! Go after her allies. For the girl, time seemed to stop as it finally dawned on her. She'd be so afraid to fight, because she would die. Wasn't that why she became a tank in the first place? To avoid death? But if that was the case, then...why was she here? Yelling at monsters? If she wasn't there, Neo would be the target...She couldn't allow that. Not while she had a single good eye to use! As the monster flew above her head, while the fear bloomed through her, there was something else. Something that made her feel...untouchable. Completely oblivious to the glare of her ally, and feeling more confident, Jinx doubled down on her defensive position, and gave the monster glare of her own "I get it now...I have to be the front line...Even if i'm scared...Terrified, we all are scared...Being scared isn't the issue, it's letting that get the better of me...So that's it. I can be afraid, but against a monster like you, even if i'm scared...I will Hold firm!" Action: Howl! [4] @Jinx: HP/EN: 340/340 HP | 34/24 | 47 MIT | 2 THRN <18 DMG> | 1 Regen <5HP> | 2 Para <8-10, -EVA and turn> | 1 Bleed <9-10, 12DMG> [2] @Neopolitan: 760/760 HP | 67/76 EN | 12 DMG | 59 MIT | 3 ACC | 2 REC | 8-10 PLZ | 4 FLN Snow Beast: 67/250 HP | 160 DMG | Snow Beast will always deal a minimum of 24 damage, even through Armor and Armor Abilities.
  15. Jinx

    A test of might <<Dustin vs Jinx>>

    Alisea Dariem, unlike her opponent, had not noticed the crown surrounding her. With access to a single eye, with the amount on sensory information reduced as it always is, her focus was on the boy in front of her. Her..opponent. that was what he was right now. He had wanted the fight, and, despite it all, was...well. For someone so dedicated to a craft, he seemed to struggle more than she would have been expecting. Keeping her shield raised as the boy charged in, she was surprised his blow didn't connect against her shield and he moved backwards, almost afraid of her follow up attack. She let out a slow breath, calming herself before she charged forwards, leading with her shield. If she could stop him from seeing ehr strike, surely it would connect! Except by raising her shield, she herself was blinded and couldn't see how close Dustin was until her shield ran into the boy, and while it wouldn't deal any damage, it would force him to take a step back as her Rapier swing missed, but by barely an inch. That's when his words made sense, but she was still blind to the world "Put on a show? I-i thought you said you wanted me to try my best, not..mess around?" The girl asks, confused at what she saw as a shift in the boys attitude. @Dustin: HP- 147/280 | EN- 20/28 | DMG- 6 | MIT- 23 | ACC- 1 | EVA- 1 | THRN- 9 | BH- 1% <Bleed> @Jinx: HP 254/300 | EN 30/30 | 47 MIT | 2 THRNS <18dmg> | 1 RGN <5Hp> | 2 Para <8-10> | 1 BLD <9-10, 12DMG>