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  1. Jinx didn’t expect the wolf to pounce on her, and let out a loudish squeal as she was taken down by the wolf. She squirmed slightly under it, and started laughing as the wolf licked her. It didn’t occur to her that it was the first time, in so long, that she had laughed. It didn’t occur to her that despite all her friends being dead, she was here having a good time. All of that vanished from her mind, if only for a moment. She was laughing, enjoying herself. “S-silver!” She called out, wrapping her arms around the wolf and cuddling her “I-it tickles!” She said, unsure why given the wolf wouldn’t understand what she was saying. But that didn’t matter. She smiled, happy. If a familiar, not even her own, could bring her this much happiness, then she knew what she wanted. More than anything else, she wanted a pet, a companion, for this world.
  2. The girl nodded her head. So his quest was over it seemed, and now, for her, came the real test. Would he simply up and leave, or stay around? Each presented a large number of variables. Staying would mean, he…? She frowned, what did it mean again? She knew she had known, but as of now, it was just a blur. She shook her ehad, before feeling the wolf press up against her. “Heya Silver” She said, leaning down and petting the familiar, scratching behind her ears as Jinx sat down on the ground “If only you could talk, oh the things I’d love to ask you about…” She smiled sadly. What she’d give to be able to hear them speak…. She looked around the floor, and shook her head. Stryder would come back, the fact he had willingly left behind Silver meant that. Or he was giving her his familiar, but that she doubted very much. After all, for as much as she loved Silver, she could tell there was something between the wolf and Stryder, something more than what she was allowed to get in the way off.
  3. For his…quest? The girl frowned, before remembering that that’s how it was done. How MMO games operated. There was not one match, not a series. But rather, a never ending match, like a survival game. Except one hell of a messed up survival game in this case. “So, with those items, you’re done here?” she asked, looking around with her golden eyes. She didn’t need him, but it was an odd comfort, to have someone with her for this. Then again, he had helped pull her out of the madness of her own mind. As had the others. She owned them all, so much. “Most players will help, I’m sure. The ones I’ve ran into, have all been helpful. So of that, I have little doubt. I’m sure there are dangers, in this game, but I’m capable of avoiding them…mostly” She wasn’t entirely sure, but she had faith in herself. After all, she had no choice. She would have to become independent, or risk death.
  4. Freedom? It was, somewhat, ironic. True freedom wasn’t something she had in the real world, her life was so heavily controlled by her career that freedom, the ability to do what she wanted, when she wanted, just didn’t exist. She couldn’t go out and get drunk when preparing for a tournament, hooking up meant someone might take pictures of her and post them online. And being one of the only females in the professional scene, in a primarily male dominated area, meant that she got a lot of unwanted attention. She watched the familiar collect something, and she frowned. “What’s Silver doing…?” She asked softly, not understand what the familiar was doing. Gathering materials simply didn’t exist in the FpS world, so a lot of what was happening was alien to her “I’m sure, other players will help. Despite being a video game, with the penalty of death hovering over our heads. Surely people are less, well…human”
  5. Jinx let out a soft hum as her mind tried to gather what she needed to know. Levels, time, that’s all the things she should have had, but, well…She took a deep breath and nodded her head. So that was her goal, her target. She had to get some levels under her belt, and aim at what ‘build’ she wanted. Back in her world, your playstyle was critical. In an MMO, there was surely their own style. “This isn’t the real world” she said instantly to him “This place, even If it’s all we have. It’s a game, and games have their own flaws” She turned to face Stryder, her golden hair floating around her shoulders “I may be weak, and my mind isn’t what it used to be, but…” The girl looked at the exit of the town, and much like the familiar, felt herself freeze up. Ever since retaining her will to survive, since she got her mind back, the prospect of exiting the town had started to, once again, scare her. “Right…” she muttered to herself, following Stryder and Silver out into the world of Sword Art Online.
  6. Jinx

    <PP-10> Frog of the Morning to you~

    An income system that existed throughout the entire game, rather than just a levelling and experience system. That would explain what the girl was explaining, even in pieces, she could keep herself mostly together. “I think I get it” she couldn’t find a worded way to parrelel it to what she knew, what she could remember, but mostly, the girl was making sense for her. Although the tongue still perplexed Jinx tremendiously, and the question of if this girl was really real. She was certain she was, but so much of her mind was still a mess. “Eat…?” The girl lightly drank her coke and frowned. What was…on one of those menus? She could barely remember “Are there, like, nuggets? I wouldn’t mind, a snack like that” she said finally. She had only used fast food places as ‘panic’ mode mood when she had forgotten to eat lunch on game days, and even then, someone else got it for her. Typically her agent, who knew what she liked. “So, what’s this game like? I’ve been here since day one yet, so much of it is just….black" Part of her knew why, she didn’t want to remember what had happened, so she’d blocked it out, memories she never wanted to open up.
  7. Jinx

    <PP-01> Shattered mind

    The girl looked up from the blade she held in her arms up to him. He followed her out of the small pool of water and watched him with curious crimson eyes. What was he considering? She opted to silence as he said something about salvation, which she didn’t understand. But, he was to a degree, right. She should head back to the main town, keep herself as safe as possible. She was weak, and death could be waiting for her…As there was no way out of this game other than victory, as much as it pained her to admit. “I’d…like to spend more time…” she said softly as she spotted the friend request. Out of instinct, her hand shot towards the ‘reject’ option, but she stopped herself. This wasn’t her old job, where she was spammed with thousands a day. This was a new world, and one where she…had to become someone else. Accepting Hydras request, she smiled at him, almost sadly “I guess…I’ll have to wait for you in the town?”
  8. Jinx

    <PP-10> Frog of the Morning to you~

    Indeed, it was something that Jinx just, well, didn't understand. How could you own a store in a video game? In her profession, you went into the map, won and moved on. Then again, different game...different in nature? She looked around, the store did seem to replicate that of the fast food place back home, a place she would fully admit, she had a weakness towards during some nights and gave into her cravings. "So, it's basically, how you earn money" she said finally as she was handed the cup "How you can, purchase upgrades and items?" She asked, still trying to gain a comprehension of the world she had woken up in. She knew that she'd been, unawake for many months, possibly longer. She honestly had no idea how much time had passed, and the why. The girl flinched. She hated those thoughts. She got herself her drink, a diet coke, befor elooking at Froppy with a frown. "A-are you sure you're ok with..this, putting up with me...?"
  9. Jinx listened to Stryder explain the game, explain MMO games. She had to admit, she wasn’t a fan of the system being the way it was. “So basically, the game favours those who have played it for longer?” She asked to confirm what she suspected. She disliked that system, the one that gave the longer time players an overwhelming advantage over the new comers. But then again, different game style, different target audience. “I mean, I see it as, hmm…This world, this game, heavily depends on your gear and level, someone like me couldn’t win a straight fight with you purely because of the difference in our level and items…” The girl took a deep breath as her mind, after months of being hopelessly lost in the dark, tried to find some semblance of sanity.
  10. Jinx

    <PP-10> Frog of the Morning to you~

    Jinx smiled at Tsu, she didn't fully understand how her mind worked, or how this girl-girl had managed to get her back on her feet. But she wasn't gunna complain since she was finally aware of her surroundings for the first time in quite sometime. The arrival of McFroppy's caught the girl by surprise as she frowned at it. What was, this doing here? She knew she was in a vido game, yet it looked, right? "H-how did you...? Is this, yours?" She was a little confused, then again, the rules of an mmo weren't anything she'd bothered to learn before due to her job in the First Person Shooter scene. Still, she looked around and looked very confused, turning to face the other girl despite the request to sit wherever she wanted. "So this is like...an NPC store that you control or own?" She wanted to understand, namely because she didn't. In her gaming world, there was no such thing like this. You accessed your load out, got your style then went into game. This was the other way around for her, and was more than a little confusing at times.
  11. Jinx petted the wolf, right before it ran off. The girls face flashed with hurt, after all, the wolf had stuck her deep and, even if she had no idea, served as a catalyst that kept her alive and in the right mindspace. To see if run off, it was as if a knife cut through her chest. The distress on her face was apparent. “Y-yeah, game..mechanics” she echoed. If she were rational, she’d expand about game mechanics, however the blondes scrambled mind was a firework of panic until the wolf came running back. Jinx got onto a knee and opened her arms, hugging the wolf. “Wolfy…” she muttered happily before turning to face him. “Yeah, once I get a hang of the game..mechanics, I’m sure I can…I mean, I mastered the FPs world…How hard can…another set be?” she was asking, partly because she wasn’t sure. This was her first mmo game she’d ever delved into, and had no real idea how it was supposed to work.
  12. Jinx

    <PP-10> Frog of the Morning to you~

    The girl looked at Tsu, her mind just couldn’t rationalise the tongue. It just made, no sense. And yet, the fact this did know her said everything about her being real. She did find a comfort in this girl, partly because she wasn’t telling her to just get on with her life. Telling her to move on and act as if her friends had never even existed. For that alone… “I’m grateful” she said aloud finally “Most people, told me to just, get over it…” She couldn’t find the words to explain how much of a relief it was to have someone understand, or failing that, she seemed to care enough to let her go at her own pacing. “Thank you for just…listening, for offering to…” she smiled weakly “The others, they all told me to just, move on, to…well, get over it” she shuddered slightly “You know Tsu, i…I feel, calmer…So, thank you”
  13. Jinx

    <PP-01> Shattered mind

    Jinx was, oddly happy. She knew, deep down, she didn’t deserve to be happy. She was the reason her friends were gone, the reason they no longer lived. And yet, despite that knowledge bearing down on her, Hydra, Peter, was making her happy. He was making her, want to keep on living. Live, for those who aren’t alive anymore, live, for herself. The girl felt a shiver race through her, the cold water finally getting to her and she stood up and exited the small pond, sitting herself back down against the nearby rock. She accessed her inventory and pulled out the weapon she’d picked up at level 1, a Steel Sword. Nothing special. She took a deep breath, she had no idea how SAO worked. She didn’t know what the game mechanics would be like, but she had mastered an entire genre before, what was to say she couldn’t do it again? “Hydra..” she said finally, remembering that she should give him the respect he deserved by calling him by his alias “I have…I have no idea where to go next, what I can do to…get better. I was, and still am, broken…I don’t know where I can, fix…”
  14. Jinx

    <PP-10> Frog of the Morning to you~

    The girl didn’t fully understand Tsu, didn’t understand how it was possible for the girl, even with weird genes, to have a tongue, to make the noises of a frog. Assuming she really was…real. Jinx was still unsure, like many things, about how ‘real’ the person before her was. At least, she had been, until it became clear the girl knew her. Pain flashed over her face. So far, she hadn’t run into anybody who knew who she was and she had been greatful for that. For no one to know how pathetic she’d been, how fundimentally broken she had become. It was nice to live a lie. “I…yeah, I am” she said, trying her best to be modest about the entire situation. “I…well, if you knew me, then you know this type of game…really isn’t my setting” she said softly “I came here with my friends…b-but…” She cut herself off, they were dead…As much as that single word cut through her like a hot knife “Well…you can imagine what happened…”
  15. The girl had finally stood up, but she reached out her hand in an attempt to pet Silver. She had, grown fond of the wolf. Even in such a short time. She took her first proper look at Stryder. Her mind, even she knew, wasn’t all there, but she could put plenty together. He was adventurous, the kind of opponents she used to run into in the lower brackets who were driven on instinct as their killing force. However, there was a key difference between players like herself and players like Stryder when it comes to first person shooters. The mental game, not that it mattered much here anyway. But in an MMO, a game style she hadn’t played much ever, was different. From what she remembered, it was slower. Items were hugely important, as was levels. Her friends used the phrase ‘grind’, and not the dancing kind, to describe these games. Something she wasn’t looking forwards to. “Well, given the way you hold yourself, even if we do get involved in battle, you’ll be able to kill them by yourself” It was, atmittantly, an assumption, but one she knew she was right in. And if she wasn’t, well, she’d find out if death gave her what she truly wanted. To see her friends one final time.