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  1. Jinx was very much caught off-guard by the question being put back to her. What about her? Jinx was a little worried Mishiro was asking her about her life before the real world, while she never had done a good job at hiding and denying it, she did have to admit there was plenty she wasn't proud off. How her family belittled her constantly, and the family she made for herself. She had been made aware her family, the one she choose, were former criminals. But they were good people and she started smiling warmly remembering the idea of the familiy she had chosen. However, it seemed her friend was asking about the guild in game instead. "It...it really is like that. We're just, good friends. I joined them...b-by luck. The leader is Stryder, a-and during the first day we...we met and became friends. I found him a few months ago. I wasn't part of a group, i've never been that amazing at speaking with people so....He asked me if i wanted to join, a-and i said yes" There was no need to tell the girl that she'd found her friend crying at the wall of the dead. There were some things that even she wouldn't tell others. Mishiro didn't need to know that about him. Instead, the girl glanced over the lake and smiled. She let out a slow breath and stopped walking entirely, taking in the scenery. It was so obvious this world was fake, yet...Jinx wanted it to be real. @Mishiro
  2. Jinx

    [PP|F4] Knock on wood

    Jinx kept her shield tight in her hand as the bear swung at her. Despite her build of a tank, she took a step back to avoid the strike. There was no need to take damage if it wasn't required. As for a plan? The girl looked over at Dustin, and frowned. A plan? Ummm? She shrugged. "A plan...? I just thought, t-the same as before? I'll keep it's focus on me, a-and you kill it ok? Trust that i'll hold it here, a-and you just gotta keep hitting it until you kill it ok?" Giving the boy anod, she was very confident in him, she turned back to the bear. She could do this, she had too. "Ok then. You know how this goes, you're not allowed past me. I am the tank, and the only way you're allowed to hurt me friend is to get past me!" Satified that her howl would keep it's focus on her, the girl dug her feet into the ground and prepared for the bear to charge headfirst into her. She could tank it! -------------------------- Action: Howl (+2 Hate, -10 EN) Papa Bear: 119/200 HP | 60 DMG  [2] Dustin: 400/400 HP | 38/40 EN | 8 DMG | 14 MIT | 2 ACC | 2 EVA [4] @Jinx: HP/EN: 340/340 | 15/34 74 MIT | 2 THRN <18 DMG> | 1 Regen <5HP> | 2 Para <8-10, -EVA and turn> | 1 Bleed <9-10, 12DMG>
  3. Jinx

    {PP-F22} Guardians of the New Dawn

    Fear....This was truly fear. Jinx had never really understood emotions, but this feeling in her chest. Her heart hurt, each beat felt like something hammering in her chest. It felt as if something was wrapped around her neck, and it hurt. The fear, was overwhelming. She was nothing short of terrified. She couldn't do this! She was so scared, she didn't want to die! And this boy, he was...going to kill her! He was going to end her life, for no reason! Why, why did he want this? And then, suddenly, despite being nearly stunned with fear, her brain made it click, and in a moment of what felt like zen, the girl actually lowered her shield a little. "You're right...We don't matter, and despite what you're saying...I don't believe you want Stryder here. You see us as nothing, yet here you are, fighting us. If we didn't matter...you wouldn't bother waste your time with us" The girl glanced at Dustin. She wasn't leaving him, and while she was terrified of death and wanted to live. She refused to abandon her friend, and if she was to die with him. While it was not ideal to die...To die with a friend...was that her fate? She hoped that the boy wouldn't kill her, after all. Something about him seemed...off.
  4. A hybrid of feelings hit the girl at the same time. A panic as she felt her body going limp and she hit the ground, her breathing increasing as she felt a lack of control over her own body, and yet, excitement as the monster exploded on her shield. It was the first time when her shield had successfully killed a monster, yet part of her brain knew it was her battle. A frontliner had taught her this, and...she had to remember that whenever she fought. A war of attrition, where she would also out-last her opponent. Resting on the ground, the girl made an attempt to lift herself up. Sitting on the ground, the girl placed her Rapier into her inventory and looked around. The other girl seemed to be leaving, yet she made no attempt to stop her. Mace didn't seem to look like she liked her. She looked over at Mishiro and Dustin, and smiled a little, fidgetting with her classes. "Well...At least no one died. I'm sorry i couldn't keep its focus on just me, i didn't realize it had an area strike" Jinx had always assumed if she was doing her job properly, no one would get hurt. But maybe that's impossible, but if she did what she needed to do. Then maybe that's all that mattered. @Dustin
  5. The monster had an area of effect attack! Jinx could only watch as Furry hit Mace and Dustin with its attack! Hopefully they hadn't taken too much damage, and as long as Furry did its 'job' of focusing her, they'd be fine! She glanced over her shoulder, it didn't seem they the attack had his them tooo hard. She nodded to herself, so far....so good. Placing her Rapier on her belt, the girl gripped her shield to ensure she would last the battle. Offense wasn't her style, to be a rock was... "Keep attacking, it's low!" She yelled spotting the HP bar sinking into the red, they could do this! "A-a few more hits and we've got this!" The girl glanced behind her, specifically at Dustin. Even now, she didn't understand that boy at all. He seemed too happy, often masking sadness with it. To feel such a bombardment of emotions seemed terrifying, yet he took it in stride and refused to bend a knee. Maybe...maybe she could learn emotions from the boy? He was, after all, overflowing with them. The girl took a step towards her friend, before remembering...they were in a fight, and turning her attention to the monster ------------------------------------ Action: None. Regen Activates, 5HP recovered [H:4] Mace: 257/260 HP | 11/26 EN | 4 DMG | 47 MIT | 1 Taunt [H:8] Jinx: 360/360 HP | 1/36 EN | 53 MIT | 2 THRN <18 DMG> | 1 REGEN <5HP> | 2 PARA <8-10> | 1 BLEED <9/10, 12 DMG> [H:1] Dustin: 394/440 HP | 21/44 EN | 11 DMG | 14 MIT | 1 ACC | 2 EVA | 4 BH [H:3] Mishiro: 100/100 HP | 7/10 EN | 1 DMG | 27 MIT | 2 Bleed <<Furry, Fluffy Avenger>>: 16/250 HP | 50 DMG | 25 MIT | 2 ACC | 2 EVA |
  6. Jinx dragged herself to her feet, a little unsteady, but all in all, she was able to get up. Taking in many deep breaths, the girl placed her items on her body and inventory, looking around. IT seemed...everything worked out nicely after all. No one died, which was always a bonus? Mace, Dustin, Arabelle...all alive, partly because of her 'role' within the team. But, with the fight done...ARabelle seemed to wander off, and Dustin seemed to be doing the same while talking to Mace. The girl looked out across the fields, for her first time leading a group of people, that went rather well...even if she'd been crippled by the dragon. She was happy that she'd pushed through the pain, even if the splitting headache was still causing her grief now. It was a pain, a throbbing feeling, she was well used to at this point in her life. She'd have enough passive overloads to know the pain, and how to manage it enough to survive. @Dustin @Mace (OCC: Will end the thread here unless people have something they wanna post in particular)
  7. Jinx tried to focus on the battle plan, and if she had, it would have made sense to the girl. The enemy was extremely agile, and so they needed to outsmart is since they're never be able to out fast it. Surely they'd eventually catch it unprepared and be able to cut it down, all they needed was another stun to connect. Or at least, this is what the girl would be thinking if Dustin hadn't whole-heartidly distracted her with the one thing in this world that the girl truely adored and loved. Food. At the mere sight of the cookie, the girl licked her lips. It looked, delicious! Without any hesitation, the girl placed her weapon on her side and extended her hand to accept the cookie! "That looks...so tasty! Thank you so much Dustin!" Smiling brightly at her friend, the girl did what came naturally when she saw food. She ate, and as she chomped away on the cookie, she completely forgot she was on a battlefield with a monster trying to hurt her! Smiling brightly after completely demolishing the food, she tilted her head to the side a little "I'll find a way to repay you...that cookie was amazinggg" As she was speaking, she heard another voice. Maces. She turned towards the other tank player, and that's when it clicked. She was in the middle of a battle, and wasn't tracking the enemy anymore...oops? ------------------------------------ Action: None Taken [H:4] @Mace: 260/260 HP | 12/26 EN | 4 DMG | 47 MIT | 1 Taunt [H:8] Jinx: 360/360 HP | 1/36 EN | 53 MIT | 2 THRN <18 DMG> | 1 REGEN <5HP> | 2 PARA <8-10> | 1 BLEED <9/10, 12 DMG> [H:1] Dustin: 440/440 HP | 22/44 EN | 11 DMG | 14 MIT | 1 ACC | 2 EVA | 4 BH [H:3] Mishiro: 100/100 HP | 6/10 EN | 1 DMG | 27 MIT | 2 Bleed <<Furry, Fluffy Avenger>>: 34/250 HP | 50 DMG | 25 MIT | 2 ACC | 2 EVA | [BLEED 0/2]
  8. Things finally seemed to be going well, the bunny was injured somewhat and it seemed to be unable to land a blow against her! Despite the battle having an extremely slow start, finally things were going their way. Now the job was simple, remain the highest position of hate and ensure the monster didn't kill anyone. One and the same of a task. Jinx let out a slow breath as her allies attacked the mob, forcing it to keep dodging. However, it seemed that the stuns they were applying onto it made it easier to hit. With the stun wearing off, Jinx knew it would be a waste of her time to try and strike the bunny. She heard Mace say..words, but they didn't click inside the girls head as her earmuffs muffled the sound of the order, so the Tank did what she thought she was being asked to do. Stand her ground. Jinx dug her feet into the ground, and even moved her right hand behind her shield to keep all her strength behind her weapon. She had this, she just needed to tank up a few more shots... ----------------------------------------- Action Taken: None [H:4] Mace 260/260 HP | 11/26 EN | 4 DMG | 47 MIT | 1 Taunt [H:8] Jinx: 360/360 HP | 2/36 EN | 53 MIT | 2 THRN <18 DMG> | 1 REGEN <5HP> | 2 PARA <8-10> | 1 BLEED <9/10, 12 DMG> [H:1] Dustin: 440/440 HP | 23/44 EN | 11 DMG | 14 MIT | 1 ACC | 2 EVA | 4 BH [H:3] Mishiro: 100/100 HP | 7/10 EN | 1 DMG | 27 MIT | 2 Bleed
  9. While in battle, it was important to remained focused, to keep track of everything trying to kill you and hurt you. Even with her high levels of mitigation, Jinx did not want to give the bunny creature any opening if she could avoid it. After all, maybe it had some insane damage ability? It was impossible to tell, but she didn't want to be caugt off guard as she watched Dustin finally land a blow on the monster! Finally, now they could star-!! Her brain cut itself off as the boy...hugged her?! While part of her wanted to hug her friend back, they were in the middle of a battle! She smiled, and even rested her head on his shoulders for a moment before shaking...f-focus! She pulled back, and oddly, her face felt...warm? In fact, the worse of it all was Jinx spotting Dustin offering Mace a cupcake? Instantly, the girl looked down as it felt like the monster had attacked her,..but there was nothing, so why did it feel like something was bleeding? She didn't understand, why! "N-now is the time to Focus! You guys, f-finish it up! I'll keep the monster focused on me for now!" The girl could have struck, but...seeing Dustin give Mace food...why was that imag...oh. In a moment of guilt, she realized why seeing that annoyed her. She was so hungry! ------------------------------------------------------------- Action: Howl (-10 En, +2 Hate) [H:4] Mace: 260/260 HP | 11/26 EN | 4 DMG | 47 MIT | 1 Taunt [H:8] Jinx: 360/360 HP | 1/36 EN | 53 MIT | 2 THRN <18 DMG> | 1 REGEN <5HP> | 2 PARA <8-10> | 1 BLEED <9/10, 12 DMG> [H:1] Dustin: 440/440 HP | 23/44 EN | 11 DMG | 14 MIT | 1 ACC | 2 EVA | 4 BH [H:1] Mishiro: 100/100 HP | 7/10 EN | 1 DMG | 27 MIT | 2 Bleed <<Furry, Fluffy Avenger>>: 59/250 HP | 50 DMG | 25 MIT | 2 ACC | 2 EVA | [BLEED 2/2] [Stun 1/1]
  10. The battle was going from bad...to well...bad? Jinx watched as none of her allies were able to secure a hit on the bunny, thankfully the creature hadn't been able to deal any damage to her. A total of 1 damage when compared to her high levels of mitigation, she could tank this creature forever. But she along surely couldn't do enough damage to kill it, that's why she had allies no? She let out a low humm, thinking about the situation and shrugging. At the end, she couldn't help her allies hit the target. But instead, what she would do is her best...Surely that'll have to be enough, hopefully? She looked at the Rapier in her right hand, and while she was not a fan of playing with the offensive weapon, with her allies struggling, what other choice did she have? She tightly gripped the handle of her weapon, before shrugging. What did she have to lose? She charged forwards, and with recklessness, she swung her Rapier with a jabbing motion. However, Furry almost seemed to see the strike coming and dodged at the last second, and her Rapier nearly connected with it. The girl raised her shield in preparation for the monster to strike back. This was her job, on the front line and while there was still terror, she knew...she could tank this! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ID: 117801 BD: 7(-2)=5<Miss> *Regen activates, 5HP regained* [H:2] Mace: 260/260 HP | 16/26 EN | 4 DMG | 47 MIT | 1 Taunt [H:6] Jinx: 360/360 HP | 10/36 EN | 53 MIT | 2 THRN <18 DMG> | 1 REGEN <5HP> | 2 PARA <8-10> | 1 BLEED <9/10, 12 DMG> [H:0] Dustin: 440/440 HP | 40/44 EN | 11 DMG | 14 MIT | 1 ACC | 2 EVA | 4 BH [H:0] Mishiro: 100/100 HP | 7/10 EN | 1 DMG | 27 MIT | 2 Bleed <<Furry, Fluffy Avenger>>: 213/250 HP | 50 DMG | 25 MIT | 2 ACC | 2 EVA
  11. Jinx's single visible eye looked over at Mishiro, and despite the biting at her chest, the girl smiled warmly at her friend. This is why she became a tank, not just to look after herself, but to...endure! She wouldn't fall, not to this creature! She felt something, she had no idea what, but it was a warm fire igniting within her chest. Her smile, what seemed nervious, calmed down and a seeming fire appeared in Jinx's eye. She could do this...she HAD to do this! Despite her defensive nature, the shielder took a step towards the creature, and threw a look behind her. Dustin, Mace, Mishiro. They were...struggling, so far the only one to deal damage seemed to be her. While she could feel anger, the only feeling she felt, or rather, the feeling she thought it would be is...sympathy. She felt bad for her allies, and Dustin seemed defeated. She looked away from her opponent entirely, of all people...Dammnit Dustin! "Dustin!" She yelled, the loudest the boy would have ever heard her speak "Don't you give up on me...We've been through worse. Remember...when that player-killer came at us, and even when it went bad, we stood together?! This creature is nothing like him, a-and we can beat him...Now get up and fight like a warrior...A Warrior Kadin would be proud to call his brother!" Part of the girl was worried...to bring up his brother might hurt him, but...Dustin seemed so down, it was the only thing she could think about to help him. Make him realise that right now, she needed him to fight! Action: Howl! (-10 EN, +2 Hate)
  12. The stun made the girl scared, it hit at her heart and forced her to breath heavily. She knew she'd react like this, knew that if she got hit with a paralyze ability, she'd panic. But that knowledge did not stop the fear flowing through her as she did everything in her power to prevent a panic attack from grabbing her throat! Deep breaths....She focused on her breathing, right uptil Dustin spoke to her. Looking up at her friend, she couldn't even pretend to put on a smile "I'...I'm ok, j-just a little scared" There was no point in lying to him, it would be nothing short of rude to do so and Dustin had earned her respect as a friend...namely through food. After she was free, she took Mishiro's arm and hauled herself up, and glared at the bunny. So far..no one had managed a hit, and if that's the case....Howl was her only option! Her attacking was unlikely to connect, at least this way she'd be useful! "D-don't worry about me! This thing can't hurt me. As long as i track my HP bar, that's all that matters! It does no damage to me...So come on, hit me with your best shot! You'll never break my shield!" Action Taken: Howl! (-10EN, +2 HATE)
  13. Jinx had to admit, this wasn't going the way she wanted it too. So far, it seemed like no one on her team had actually managed to hit the creature! And despite the fact it didn't appear too intimidating, she felt nerves run up her. If they weren't able to land their shots, this battle was going to get harder and harder from the get-go...Still, she had a job to do, no point complaining. The creatures eyes zeroed in on the girl, but she refused to back away! She wouldn't be afraid of some rodent...r-right? The girl managed to raise her shield in time, blocking the attack and she grinned. This is how a shielder, how a tank, fought! Her smile was cut off by seeing a yellow status effect come up, and she felt her body refuse to move and she collapsed onto the ground. And she tried, so hard, to keep calm! She couldn't lose it now....it was just a stun, but the others might get hurt...Dammit! "I'll be..o-ok...." She said to Mace's advice. She was trying to relax, but she felt her heart beat increase, and tried to suppress it with slow controlled breathing. If she allowed herself to break, to have an overload here....she'd take a lot of damage..o-or even die! ------------------------------- Action: Stunned, unable to take action Regen Activates: Gain 5HP @Dustin
  14. As the party started to hunt down their prey, the girl found herself walking with Dustin and, if she was hones, smiling a lot. The boy was often kind to her, giving her food snacks and generally keeping her entertained and safe...mostly. Hearing him call her his 'bestfriend', even if part of her doubted it, made the pink-haired girl smile ear to ear. She'd always been bad at making friends, so to have someone call her their best friend warmed her heart. "I'm fine Dustin...And i promise, i'll look after you this time. Unlike last time we fought, i won't have an overload...i've gotta look after you remember" Smiling brightly at the boy, she did have to wonder how the hell she got to this position. With someone who seemed to look up to her, her, someone who didn't understand emotions for the LIFE of her. But still, it was a warming feeling non-the-less. However that was right as the fight started, and Jinx let out a slow breath to calm herself. Mishiro and Dustin were behind her, and she'd keep them safe. She tightened the grip on her shield, this was the one thing she could do is protect. The girl looked over at Mace, and tried to smile, failing horrible as it looked more like a terrified look. "Got it Mace....Don't worry, i'll look after everyone" Feeling confident, the girl took a step forwards and tightening the grip on her shield, and sucked in a deep breath of air. "I am your focus evil...bunny thing. Focus on me! The only way you can hurt my friends, is to cut me down first! And i will NEVER fall!" Action Taken: Howl (-10EN, +2 Hate)
  15. What did she have in mind? Honestly, she had no idea what kind of familiar she wanted. While the idea had, of course, been active in her mind, she haven't thought towards the pet itself. Everyone talked about how the familiar's skills were the most important thing, and to ensure it synergised with your abilities. That's all people talked about, and yet...Alisea knew that wasn't why she had wanted a familiar. It was something, much closer to home...She started smiling softly, getting excited at the prospect of getting herself a familiar, a pet, a friend. "Honestly, i don't know Mishiro. All i know is that i've always wanted a pet, a friend to spend time with. I only had one back home, a-and i love her a lot. Even if we are trapped in a game, i...I would like them, even for the short time i'm around for" As they walked, the girls focus was split for a few moments. Mainly from the familiar falling asleep on her shoulder, and walking more carefully as to avoid waking Bandit up, and listening to Mishiro talk about Claude and how they were family. She was jealous, to have someone that close to you, to always look after you. To have family, who may not have been born it, but taken in. Jinx smiled brightly at Mishiro. "Even if he wasn't directly related, he became family right? Honestly Mishiro, that's the most important family. The one you choose to love...They're the ones who'll always be there" What the girl had said was hitting close to home for Alisea too. Her biological family, she knew she was a burdern upon and perhaps, being trapped in here, was a relief for them. But to her proper family, the one she choose. She could only imagine what they were doing, but hopefully, they were still alive. They were idiots sometimes, but Jinx wouldn't trade them for the world.