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  1. The situation in front of her was…changing. Stryder and Hestia, they were split. A difference in ideals between the two front liners had become clear. Hestia wanted civil control, but the way she had worded it…In a way, even if it was wrong, she understood. Hestia wanted to return the real world to this world, its laws and rules. However, in this world, would that even work, or was it just blind idealism? Alisea wanted to answer that, but knew she couldn’t with what time she had left… She placed her eyepatch back over her left eye as she felt a pulsating in the back of her head, a dulled pain that always emanated when she was starting to push herself too hard mentally. She let out a scoffed laugh. “You’re arguing, while in agreement...Why is it that allies are always the ones who butt heads against one another?” She asked both of them, right as the other girl turned to leave. Alisea didn’t understand this move at all, overstaying her welcome, just because of a petty argument? She couldn’t help but think of how childish that action would be. To run away from any conflict, rather than to talk and explore it…Even in her dulled state… “So that’s it? You’re just leaving?” She took a few steps towards the other girl “Someone questions your beliefs, and your first reaction is to simply leave? No discussions, no debates or new learning…” A flash of pain crossed over the girls gentle face as her sharpened mind picked up a single word, a ‘him’ the other tank had mentioned…She tried to think, who was this him? And why was this idea of absolute control terrifying for Hestia? “I don’t know why, and in a few minutes, I won’t be able to work it out…Hestia, but running away from confrontations is never the solution” The girls eye didn’t waver from Hestia, despite that part of her mind wanted to yell at the boy behind her. For him to even suggest what he did set an anger inside of her, and anger was an emotion she detested feeling when she was finally mentally active.
  2. The girl didn’t believe him at all. He could have easily done this quest without her, even if he claimed the elf would have been able to kill him. It hadn’t landed a single blow…Maybe, ironically, she needed him and equally, he needed her? Was that really the case? She dismissed the idea, what a joke. People, needing her? “I’ll…take what you’ve said into consideration” She says calmly, her mind slowly sharpening up fully despite her desires to remain dulled. She didn’t want, nor need, her active mind right now. She bowed slightly to the boy and focused her single eye onto him “After all, in a world like this. Who knows, anything is possible. I just watched someone kill an elf, a creature that existed on fantasy only…” ’Maybe, just maybe. In a world like this, I can be useful. Not the burden that I used to be in the real world. If I keep becoming a tank, keeping people alive. Who knows…” So caught up in her own mind, the girl was simply staring at the boy in front of her with a dulled expression plastered on her face.
  3. The two assassins turned their attention back to Alisea, who gave them a hard look. Even with a single eye, she had long since become an expert at doing everything a normal person does without proper depth perception, after all, years of practise...made perfection. The pair of assassins ducked and dived, hacking and slashing at the girl who simply stood her ground. Hell, she never even raised the Rapier in her right hand to strike them back. And yet, despite the assassins being the only ones on the offense, the tales of the hP bars was a very different one. Alisea was sitting at around 75% of her hp, while Reaver and Spect, the two Laughing Coffin trainees, had been chipped down to around 50% each. The boys gave each other a panicked look as it dawned on them, they didn’t have the damage to kill their intended target! “Have you finally realized the truth?” She asks them softly as she takes a solid step towards them despite her small frame “I will not die here, for I decide that. You may outnumber me, but a simple fact is this. My numbers are higher than yours” The girl raised her weapon, and both the assassins took a step backwards, fearing the Rapier that she had equipped. Alisea let out a sad smile “See? You take this fight, and yet, are scared….I’ll give you this chance to flee, while I go help the other girl” Alisea turned to face the girl who had come to save her, and felt something sharp in her chest that was no weapon as she realized. The other girl was in more danger than she was! Thankfully, he had his back to her, and she took a few short strides until she was right behind the boy who was trying to kill Mishiro. “If I was to be your target, I ask this of you now. Stay focused on the task at hand” She says, before making a wide-strike with her weapon and catching the assassin completely off-guard. Oddly, as her blow connected, the assassin simply slumped to the ground as a yellow lightning bolt appeared near his HP bar. Paralyzed. A sad look was on the girls face as she looked at the boy at her feet “I’ll make the same offer…please flee before anything escalates”
  4. He said it wasn’t her fault, but it was. She was a burden on him just like she was on everyone else. She hadn’t been able to fight against that elf, and Shiro had to step in to keep her alive. Everyone she met in this game knew she was more of a hindrance than a help. Someone who would get in the way, or cause a distraction. That feeling continued to fester within the girl as they arrived at the blacksmiths store, and she quickly went inside. The conversation with the blacksmith was quick and she picked up the quest rewards. Not that she needed it with her Black Rain Heavy Armour. She looked at the boy, and frowned. Why was he still hanging around her? He was lying on the bench, and part of the girls mind told her to leave. To stop being a pesterance around this boy and let him move on with his life. “Thank you, for coming with me” She said softly “I couldn’t have…killed the elf without you”
  5. There was a comfort in being held by Stryder, even if what she was hearing served as a worrying reality. People, even in a video game, hadn’t changed a bit. The people in the real world, she’d listen to the radio and hear the stories. Gunfights, murder, arso, war. All of it occurring so commonly, it was like clockwork. The world operated on disaster after disaster. Even as she was, her mind had crystalised. She was sharpened, which was why she had closed her eye. Her ears picking up, everything. Each word, each breath…she could hear water moving nearby, although she had no idea where it was. All of it was heard by the girl. What Stryder muttered under his breath, as well as what Hestia was saying. She even picked up the hidden argument, over her. The dulled her…the her that didn’t understand anything, and if she had been a dulled blade, she’d of said nothing. She took a step back from Stryder, and looked back and forth between the pair of them. But they would see the look in her eye, sharp and aware. She even removed her eyepatch, and her golden left eye looked back and forth. “This world…is just like the one back home. Some people are good, some of them are bad. Bullies, murders, they always existed. I had hoped that coming here…would have stopped that, but it seems that’s not the case” She said softly in Japanese, shaking her head slightly. “The police, will be needed…This world, is a dark place. In a way, I’m the lucky one. In a few hours, I probably won’t be remembering this hell that is life. Won’t have to worry about the constant pain that plagues humanity in the front of my mind” The girl let out a sigh and turned to face Stryder “I know you want to protect me…To keep the shadows away from my mind. But that is not your call to make” She turned to Hestia “The same goes to you I’m afraid. I hate to be rude, however, it is not your decision to tell me the world is a dark place, that murders exist. That is something I know, and yet, when I’m dulled, it’s a reality I can forget” The girl let out a sigh as she looked between both of them, and swapped to Chinese “The burden of knowledge is always the curse that I’ve lived with”
  6. Jinx hated this, hated that they wanted her dead. And hated that she knew the assassins, knew what they were doing. But most of all, what she hated. Was that this other girl had become involved in this conflict. It wasn’t her fight, and yet, here she was. The feeling didn’t sit well inside the girls chest as she took several steps forwards, intercepting her two attackers. Her sharp mind knew the reality, she could survive being outnumbered. The other girl, she had no idea. Her two attacks swung at her with their daggers, and while their attacks did connect with the girls shield and her HP did drop a little, the two assassins came off worse for wear. The Thorns, as well as her extremely high mitigation level, meant a simple fact. The assassins couldn’t’ actually hurt her. It was something she had learnt from another player. A front liner who had help teach her how a tank fought. Not through power, but a war of attrition. She could out-sustain them. “T-the hell boss? I thought you said she was an easy target!” Called out one of the assassins to the leader, who simply looked back at his ally “She should have been. Normally she’s asleep, that other girl woke her up. But stay firm, we can take her. We’ve got the numbers!” Alisea let out a sigh “Reaver, I know that you’re scared” The girl said to the assassin leader “But I will not die here, nor allow the other girl to die. If you decide to commit to this fight, it will not end well for you” The girl had lowered her guard for just a moment, and the other assassin tried to strike her from behind. The blow managed to land, but did only a single point of damage as she turns around, and sighs “Please don’t ever strike me from behind again…I ask you fight me head on” The two assassins looked at one another, before the leader, Reaver, called out to the assassin striking out against Mishiro “You can take that girl right? This white-haired tank won’t last long” Despite his yelling, his voice faltered at the end. His show of confidence was merely that, a show, as inside, he felt worried.
  7. Alisea watched the pair of them as she waited for an answer to her question. Her mind was sharpening up properly, and it was clear in the look in her eye as she waited patiently. If she was honest, she knew they were probably trying not to laugh at her. Players fighting players, in a world like this? It was such a stupid question wasn’t it…? Caught up at being annoyed at her own dumb question, the girl was very unprepared to be pulled in by Stryder. She frowned as he held her, but there was a comfort in what he was saying. To know that maybe, he really was there to help her. To ensure she survived, because he wanted to. She closed her eye and let out a slow breath, however, this calmness did not last long as Hestia answered her question. The girl interrupted the Front liners words, perhaps differently to how the tank meant it. The need for a police force, meant players were constantly fighting and killing one another. Guilds, Itzal, whoever that was, was a war-band leader? Prepare to fight a war…or die?! She leaned into Stryders chest, and closed her single eye. Was that really, the world? So full of hate and darkness that players, trapped in a video game…were fighting and killing one another? “Is that the way this world is really like?” She didn’t speak loudly, cuddled up against Stryder’s chest he’d hear her, and Hestia would have to listen very closely to hear the girl speaking “War, extermination, police…I thought, in this world, things would be different. That maybe people would change…” She let out a sigh and rested her head on Stryders chest fully.
  8. Alisea panic for the loss of her earmuffs and headphones, one that was starting to become more fearful than the risk of being murdered, was quickly resolved as the other girl shoved them into her hands. She calmed down straight away, and placed the items on her person. She looked at the other girl with her single eye, and in those few moments, didn’t understand. This girl was a stranger, someone who’d she’d never seen before today. And yet, she was willing to put herself between danger and herself. And acted as if they knew one another….Hell, she was willing to die to…le her run away? ‘Listen here little’ one. Sometimes, you get a choice. Run or fight. You’ll be hella scared, maybe even wanna cry. But you stand, and you fight the good’em one. Remember, when it comes to a fight, be the one to decide what happens’ Alisea Dariem froze. She knew that person who had said that to her, years ago in the real world. A good friend of hers, and she looked at the back of the other girl. John was right, it seemed…even now, scared. This girl was fighting the good fight, for her sake. It was her job to return the favour. As the girl, and the assassins talked, the girl quickly put her armour on. The lead assassin let out a loud laugh, and the two standing near him walked forwards also “We outnumber ya’ three to one. That idiot behind you can’t help you none…Now if you wanna die so badly, let me help you out!” The boy used his Charge ability, and in seconds, he was about to make a clean strike against Mishiro, his dagger about to connect with her…Only for a silver shield to intercept the strike, and the boys HP dropped slightly. He leapt backwards in surprise. “Who decided you were going to kill her?” The girl stepped forwards, speaking in Japanese, and everyone would see that Jinx was a tank. Heavy plated black armour with a multitude of coloured trimmings, a large shield that damages her attackers, and even a rapier blade in her hand. Her single red eye looking at the people in front of her as she stood beside Mishiro “She has made the brave decision to save another, and you’re going to try and kill the person who has decided to save my life? I hate being rude, but I hate….i hate to be rude. But if you try and hurt us…I’ll have no choice but to do the same back” Jinx takes a step forwards, and glanced at Mishiro with a bright and innocent smile “I know you asked me to stay behind you, but trust me. They can’t deal any damage to me” Turning back to face the assassins, they seemed to falter at seeing they were against two people, not one. The ‘easy’ target they had in mind was how armoured and active in the fight. “Damn, idiot girls” The lead assassin shook his head, and glanced behind him before focusing his attention on the people in front of him “Even if she’s up, we’re gunna kill both of ya. Run while you have the chance” He said right as he, and the two behind him, charged forwards.
  9. The girl felt a wave of annoyance wash through her as, even in her dulled state, she could tell Shiro was angry at her. She blinked, and suddenly, the elf was…gone? She knew, in those few moments, Shiro had killed it. She felt sadness for the elf, even if it had been harassing someone. To kill something to human for something so minor, felt wrong. She listened to what the boy had to say, and in a way, she understood? He was trying to help her, but…maybe, she didn’t want his help. However, despite her thoughts, she simply smiled at the boy “It’s fine, I…I shouldn’t have hesitated like that. It just, looked so human I couldn’t help but…” The girl let out a soft sigh. Shiro didn’t like her because she was weak… She started trailing after him as they made their way back to the main town, but the girl couldn’t suppress the feelings that started to bubble. Feelings she had hoped to have put far behind her, and yet, here they were…always haunting her.
  10. Ojou-san. Alisea frowned, her mind may have been dulled, but she knew languages like the back of her hand. Young Lady, formal connotations. Alisea looked at the other girl, and slowly dragged herself to her feet, looking at the people who had emerged out of the trees. She looked over the people before her with both of her eyes, and while there was a slight throbbing pain in the back of her mind, she pushed past it and shook her head. “None of them…wait…why were they watching me sleep?” Part of the reason was she couldn’t see their faces, not properly, her eyes were still adjusting to being awake, and otherwise her answer would have been very different on if she knew the people standing in front of her. However, when Mishiro started to yell, Jinx flinched heavily. Sharp sounds she could somewhat handle, but loud noises were the quickest way to crippling the girl with sensory overload. Alisea grabbed her ears and put her hands over them, but in the same move, dropped her eyepatch and earmuffs onto the ground, scrunching her eyes shut. “Oh, we know there ain’t no mobs here little missy. We’re here for the girl you stand in front of, our quarrel ain’t with you. That one behind you ain’t know her place in this world, and if you wanna stand up to us…I guess you don’t neither” The tall boy took a step forwards, and shifted his weapon. If Mishiro’s eyes were sharp, she’d see a coffin tattoo on the boys wrist. The sign of a Laughing Coffin. The boy was a new recruit, and he had to prove himself by bloodying his hands. “Now get out of the way. One idiot girl ain’t stopping us from our prize” The boy grinned darkly as he brandished his dagger. Alisea slowly opened her eyes and looked around, and felt two separate waves of panic run through her. The first was that she had overheard them, and didn’t understand why they were wanting to kill her, and the fact this stranger may die for her! And on top of that, she couldn’t see her Eyepatch and earmuffs! Despite the items being at her feet, the girl felt a panic attack starting to set in as her breathing accelerated and she started looking around, clearly panicked.
  11. It wasn’t that Alisea didn’t understand the importance, after all, she did. Not only was this a quest, a dim-a-dozen quest that everyone would end up doing, but the elf wasn’t a human. It wasn’t a real person and, therefore, she shouldn’t be concerned with its life. And yet, she couldn’t help herself. It looked so many that every time she saw it, she couldn’t help but see it as a person. Distracted mentally by her situation, she didn’t see the elfs weapon until it was too late and it slammed into her armour. It did a total of…1 point of damage. Alisea looked at the elf, and tightened the grip on her sword. She could do this…she had to do this. She raised her sword in the air, and looked right into the eyes of the Elf. That proved to be the final error, as she saw the creature as just so human that she…she couldn’t bring it pain. She knew all too well what it felt like to cause pain, she’d spent years doing it by mistake. Slowly, the girl lowered her blade “I can’t….I can’t do it” She said slowly as she took a step back and looked over at Shiro “I’m sorry, I just…I can’t do it. He looks so human, and to kill him for what is a misunderstanding….” Alisea hasn’t fully grasped that this was just a game, and refused to let that change her decisions. [3] Huginn: 20/20 HP | 0/2 EN | 2 DMG | 1 PARA  Elf: 3/12 HP | 9 DMG   [7] Jinx : 299/300 HP | 11/30 EN | 27 MIT
  12. The girl heard the mention of two tanks..and rememberd Gyras. The tall man, glasses, heavy armour. He had also been the tank, and the healer…and yet, switching…didn’t really occur that she could remember. Then again, a lot of yesterday was a bit of a blur. She opened her mouth to say she’d like to try it, as Stryder threw himself forwards…again! Was he asking for pain? She watched with her single eye, and despite watching it, her still sharpening mind missed the dirty that Stryder used as a weapon to get a strike onto Hestia’s shield. That moment made the girl start to question, how does Hestia even win the fight then? Sure, against monsters having allies…But against someone…Would she ever have to fight a player? She prayed not, she never wanted to hurt anybody… The girl stepped forwards “How often are players fighting each other?” She asked, unaware of the recent events in the boss room recently. She shifted her foot in the ground as she looked back and forth between them “I thought it was just the monsters of this world we were fighting, so why would I need to use underhanded tricks against them? Wouldn't they only work on people?” She didn’t fully grasp that some players just didn’t have their heads on properly.
  13. The girl completely missed Stryders speech, after all, she had been petting Silver. The wolfess was occupying her attention completely and Alisea allowed her mind to switch itself off as she cuddled up to the wolf. However, she wasn’t able to remain like that as they started heading out, and Silver went to Stryders side, leaving Alisea with no familiar to pet. As they walked to…wheverever they were going, the girl flipped through her inventory and added her equipment onto her person. After all, it was time to fight. Her armour, Black Rain, was large and bulky. Black plated armour with various tint colours, but thankfully, it didn’t cover the girls face and her hair spread out all over the shoulder and back of her armour. Grabbing the Shield of the Fallen and Gentleman’s Rapier, although why Stryder would give her a weapon with such a weird name was beyond her, she felt confident that she’d be able to do her job….Tanking. She noticed a few monsters nearby, and part of her heart sank. She hated fighting, but it was needed…The one saving grace was that the mere…things didn’t look human. Humaniod yes, but distinct enough she wouldn’t get distracted…hopefully. She took a step towards them, right as she felt Stryder address her. “I’ll be fine…I’ve got the new armour you gave me to keep me alive” She said, gesturing towards the shield she had been given before slowly walking towards the monsters… Alisea Dariem let a slow breath of air escape her lungs, and glanced behind her with a single eye. Sharpened up as the girls mind slowly focused on the reality of the situation. She had to keep everyone alive. Raising her Rapier into the air, she swung the blade against her shield, creating a large noise that caught the attention of the monsters. “My name is Alisea Dariem…and you will not break my defense…” The girl didn’t yell, she detested loud noises as they made her head hurt. But her voice was loud enough for the monsters to see her, and a pair of them charged forwards right at Alisea! In those few seconds, all her bravado vanished and, in those moments of panic, the girl raised her shield and hoped to god the monsters wouldn’t hurt her! The first Merefolk to arrive at Jinx managed to catch the girl as she was still raising her shield, and its sword slashed across her armoured chest. The flinched it caused out of her brought her shield in close, and the girl took a step away from the fight. Ironically, the step back caused the second creature to miss its swing at the girl. Alisea looked up and felt her breathing increase, unaware that the first strike had dealt a single point of damage. She looked around, hoping the others would actually be in this fight! After all, the ability she had used, Howl…Meant these Merefolks would fight her, until she died or they died. Roll: Stats:
  14. The girl watch Shiro ram his spear, however this time the monster managed to deflect the blow and keep itself alive. She turned to look at the boy with her single eye. He wanted to kill it, and while she did too...Part of her felt bad, wanted to hug it and tell him it would all be ok. The creature was so weak it couldn’t even swing its blade at her! That’s when the boy said he wasn’t finishing the elf off, and that meant…she would have too? A wave of sadness passed over her face. She didn’t want to kill it, it looked so weak and helpless….And yet, in the back of her mind, she reminded herself it wasn’t real. “…Sorry..he just, looks so human. I can’t not feel bad for him, even if he isn’t real” She said to the boy softly, before tightening the grip on her sword “But…I understand” She took a step forwards and swung her blade wide to try and strike the elf! However, it would be clear the girl was unfamiliar with how to swing a blade as the strike was wide and lazy, and the elf managed to raise his own sword to block the strike! Alisea took a hesitant step backwards “He…blocked it…” She muttered, more to herself than anyone else. ID: 108644 BD: 4 <Miss> [3] Huginn: 20/20 HP | 1/2 EN | 2 DMG | 1 PARA  Elf: 3/12 HP | 9 DMG  [7] Jinx : 300/300 HP | 11/30 EN | 27 MIT
  15. The girl had fallen asleep while being at the lake. She couldn’t remember finding the lake, but it was pretty so the girl had spent some time staring into the water, before the urge to sleep overran her and…she just hit the ground. Unaware of the danger she was in, or the potential at least. Falling asleep outside a safe zone, oblivious to the fact she could have been killed. She had been having a..rather weird dream, right as she felt something grab at her shoulder. The girl shifted, unhappy about being woken up, and turned to look at the person who had interrupted her nap! However, without her eyepatch on, she opened both her eyes. Crimson on her right eye, and bright yellow in her left. “Hmmmm….?” She asked, still half asleep as she looked at the other girl “..w-why did you wake me up? I was having a good nap…” The girl whined, sitting up despite her desire to lie back down and take a nap. That’s when the stranger did something weird. She turned her back to her and…yell out at the trees? Alisea didn’t understand…and maybe this girl was crazy? But as she demanded they reveal themselves, three people exited from the trees. All of them were wearing black light armour, some that looked like rags, or a cloak depending on the look they were trying to get. None of them had an orange marker however, but each carried a weapon on them. “Our intentions? The better question is who do you think you are, coming in and interrupting our hunt?” Demanded the leader, a large male with dark cropped hair “The only misunderstanding is the part where you come in…This has nothing to do with you Tank, get outta here. This is your only chance”. From her scouting before, Misiro would know that only half of the players had revealed themselves, the other three remaining hidden in the trees. Alisea frowned as the people came out of the words, and slowly moved to grab her earmuffs and eyepatch, but didn’t put them on just yet. She didn’t understand what was going on, where those players…watching her nap? Why would they do that, it didn’t make sense. She didn’t recognise them, so why…?