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  1. (Place Holder) Loot ID98712 Results = LD 4 (Fail)
  2. Now back out under the dark night sky, Yuni considered going home and turning in for the night. She figured it would be a bad idea to continue searching as she could barely see in the dark. She wondered if anyone else in Aincrad was outside working on clearing the game or, leveling up. Yuni looked up, her gaze shifted to the bottom of the next floor. She told herself " I will get up there, soon I'll get all the way up to the frontlines and, I'll help. Just like I promised myself." She continued walking. Looking around her, she saw what looked like a material a few meters away. She walked towards it, before catching her foot on a rock and falling face first. She groaned and picked herself up, and picked up the material. She silently celebrated, excited that it was possible to find the materials in the dark, despite the lack of light. Roll ID# 98687 results: LD 13 (Success; +1 quest material; 4/5 quest material)
  3. Soon enough the sun dipped below the horizon and night was upon Aincrad. As the sky went dark, Yuni cussed under her breath, as she still hadn't found any materials. Am I just really unlucky or, is material hunting just really hard in this game? Thought Yuni. Slightly annoyed by her luck Yuni manipulated her menu and, opened her inventory window, " Two more? I'm about ready for this quest to be over," She complained to no one. She wondered if she could find someone to help her complete the quest. After pondering for a few seconds, she decided it would be too hard to find someone and, it probably would be best to finish the quest by herself. Walking out of the forest she had stumbled into, she decided to continue her search in the open fields where it would be brighter and easier to see materials if she did happen to pass any. ID # 98630 results: LD 3 (Fail)
  4. Deciding the best option would be to look for materials on her way to the spot where she was searching before she headed in the direction where she remembered, the other materials to be. It was dusk in the digital world and deep shades of crimson and purple painted the sky. As Yuni walked towards the small patch of flowers she found earlier, her eyes gazed at the ever so pretty sunset. She realized she wouldn't get back before night time, but it was worth it to her to be able to see the sunset. Shaking herself out of the trance she was in she picked up her pace. She didn't want to get back to late.As she neared in on the patch of flowers she saw earlier she smiled, happy to be back in the fields, despite her fear. She didn't know why it just felt so nice to be back in a place so pretty. She smiled, probably for the first time since this horrid death game started, and she laughed. Who knew something so horrid could be so pretty. Roll id #98603 - LD 2 (fail)
  5. Looking at the clock in the corner of her display, she decided to head out again, in hopes to do everything before nightfall. Getting up she walked out into the alleyway. There wasn't near as many people walking by as there had been earlier that morning, Yuni noticed this and some of the tension in her shoulders relaxed. She walked down various alleyways to figure out where she was previously searching. After walking down a particularly wide street, Yuni gave up and decided to just go down a straight path until she ran into the edge of the safe zone. After thirty minutes of walking Yuni made her way out of the town of beginnings and, once again began her search. "This time I will only need to find the remaining two materials so it shouldn't take as long," Yuni thought aloud. She took in a deep breath and started her second search of the day. Roll 98523 Results - LD 1 (Fail)
  6. After some more searching and, finding nothing, Yuni decided it was time for a break. She decided to head back to the town and rest up a bit. Lying back in her bad at an inn Yuni's mind continued to wonder as it usually did. How long has it been, Yuni thought, by now my friends have probably moved on. They know I'm not strong enough to clear this game. Did they even ever have hope for me? She wished she could just have 5 minutes with them. To tell them to wait for her. They were all she had and, she would tell them almost anything, she had only felt that way about three people and, even then it took years for them to gain that trust.She sighed and thought about her previous thoughts. Would she ever trust anyone, like she trusted them, during the course of this horrid game? ID# 98471 - LD: 2 (Fail ; 3 quest materials )
  7. Excitedly Yuni continued her search, and with her search, she continued her thoughts on the front lines and on the possibility of partying up with someone. How would she even meet up with someone? Maybe she could ask around the town of beginnings. Yuni let out a sigh, it had been months since she had a full conversation with someone, how was she expected to just pick up a random conversation, let alone persuade someone to party up with her. Frustrated with herself she kicked the nearest stone on the ground. "Why did Kayaba tear me away from my life" Yuni muttered under her breath. Walking towards the rock she had kicked she again found a material. Releasing some of the tension in her shoulders; from frustration; Yuni picked up the material. At least luck was working out in her favor she figured. Looking in her inventory she smiled, "Just two more" She told herself. ID# 98467= LD 11 ( Success! +1 Quest material ; 3 quest materials)
  8. Yuni filled with energy once again began to search. She decided it would be best to search the same area as she had found one of the plants needed there so, she might be able to find another there. Taking a deep breath in Yuni continued her search. She looked around, it didn't look like many monsters spawned here, good she thought, she was already scared enough going outside the safe zone as it was, the last thing she needed was combat. Somehow her thoughts managed to wander back to the front lines. She had never even seen a clearer, how could she ever dream to be one. Yuni knew she couldn't do it alone and, it terrorized her, the thought of having to talk to someone and possibly even make a friend. The idea sent shivers down her back, as much as she would enjoy having someone to talk to, she didn't want to screw something up or put herself in a position where she might embarrass herself. Her mind distracted, Yuni tripped on a small stone. Dazed she looked around confused what she tripped on. Looking around, she spotted another material. She immediately hopped up to pick it up excitedly. Roll id 98366 - LD = 14 ( Success; +1 quest material ; 2 quest materiasl total)
  9. After searching for a while Yuni gave up and decided to search another area. Keeping note of where she was she made her way out farther into the fields. Along the way, she saw lots of players grinding and monsters fighting them. She thought to herself " How can they possibly risk their life like that? Don't they have something they want to get back to? " As she continued to walk she gave her previous statement some thought, she realized if no one fought on the front lines they wouldn't be freed. The people fighting have to fight for everyone. She wondered to herself if she could ever make it to the front lines. Would she have the courage? Would she have the strength? She decides to renew her promise to herself, that she would do all she could to help end this horrid game. She refused to sit around in a game and do nothing, while her friends were on the other side of the tunnel, waiting for her. As she continued to walk she spotted a plant growing to the side of where she was walking. It looked like it might work as a material so she picked it up. ID# 98267 Loot die: 11 (success +1 quest material )
  10. After struggling to find her way out of the Town of Beginnings for about an hour, Yuni finally stepped out of the safe zone onto the fields. She was amazed how pretty the vast fields were. Yuni spent a few minutes staring at the virtual fields before her, never realizing how pretty the virtual world could be. Finally, she shook herself out of it and started searching for materials. She had to take a few minutes to think of what type of materials she would need. Yuni tried to remember if she had overheard anything about material gathering from other players but, she couldn't recall anything. She spent a few minutes wandering around, looking for materials. She considered asking another player she saw in the fields what would work as a material but, he looked busy and she didn't want to embarrass herself so, she kept to herself. ID# 98266 results: Loot die: 10 (fail)
  11. Yuni stepped into the crowded street, tense as groups of people walked by talking and laughing. Silently she slipped through the crowds to where she had heard of the NPC. Sure enough, after 10 minutes of searching the plaza, she saw a little shop in the corner. She let out a breath of relief as she entered the shop which had only one other person in it. She readied herself and stepped up to the NPC stationed behind the counter of the shop. "H-hi, are you Zackariah?" " I am Zackariah, what do you seek?" The NPC responded in a calm tone. Hesitantly Yuni answered, " I-i heard you had a quest for beginners, I'd like to take that quest." The NPC seemed to freeze for a second before responding again in the same calm tone, "Ah, yes. In that case, may you bring me 5 tier one materials?" Not less than a second after, a quest window appeared in front of Yuni. Her finger hovered over the <<Accept quest>> button for a second. She thought of all the people who had died, did she really need to join them? She quickly erased those thoughts from her mind, thinking no, I've stayed inside scared too long I have to at least try. She tapped the accept quest button and started to head out into the fields.
  12. Yuni woke up, or rather she decided to give up on sleeping, after yet another sleepless night. She stared at the planks of the ceiling above her. Tears formed in the corners of her eyes. “ N-no” Yuni muttered to herself “I can’t do this every morning. I’ll see my friends again, even if I almost die in the process.” With this said she stood up, remembering her promise to herself. Preparing herself to finally leave the safety of the inn and to do something she equipped the only equipment she had, a small dagger. She had overheard rumors of an NPC who had a quest to help new players out. When she heard these rumors she decided she would finally stop staying in the safety of the inn and, she would do all she could to clear the game. Recounting the conversation she had overheard she headed out, in search of “Zackariah.”
  13. Yuni

    Yuni's Journal

    Profile Username: Yuni Real name:Yuni Matsuo Age: 15 Gender: Female Height: 158.7 cm General Summary: Yuni was born into a pretty average family.It was just her, her mother and father. There was never any fights in her family. The evenings were normally quit and life was good. Despite her wonder family and her relatively comfortable life, Yuni wasn’t usually happy. Yuni despite being well liked always struggled to make friends. Despite this she often times tried to socialize but, found herself failing yet and yet again. It was usually due to her nervous nature. At around the age of 15, she stopped talking to people almost entirely. She sat in the corner by herself watching other’s pondering, trying to figure out what made it so easy for them to just talk to others, while she was just a nervous mess. Yuni was also very sensitive in nature and took things to seriously. After a years of dealing with her sensitivity she learned to conceal her feelings. This was around the time when Yuni discovered the world of video games. She didn’t know why she first chose to play that free mmorpg on her 14th birthday but, she did. Yuni was amazed with the world the vast digital worlds and, more importantly she actually made friends. To her it was as if she was an entirely different person in game. Her sensitivity and her fear of talking to others was greatly diminished. She was able to go out and have fun, without worrying about the judgement of others or, whether or whether not someone liked her. A year had passed since her 14th birthday, she was now 15. Her social awkwardness and sensitivity were still obvious and apparent but, now she had made a few close friends. Her friend circle was small but, tight. She finally felt that she had people she could depend on and be herself with. Other’s saw her as the weird girl that sat in the corner but, her friends saw her for who she really was, an enthusiastic and caring person. When she was herself, she was probably the most enthusiastic out of the group, always trying to make her friends smile. She was energetic, caring, funny and most of all happy. With the help of her friends, she opened herself up more. After six months, she still struggled with social interaction but, with some nervousness she could talk to a stranger or a classmate without breaking down or scaring them away. Though she had only gotten a taste of what it was like to have friends, she wanted more. She wanted to be able to talk to people just like anyone else could and to be happy. When she first heard of the nerve gear and sao, she thought it could be her chance. To be in a world completely like her own but, she wouldn’t have to be scared. She thought that if she could be confident there, she could be confident in real life and she could become happy. After saving as much as she could and standing in line with her friends for a week she finally purchased sao. Though her friends waited with her they couldn’t afford the game. They waited simply because they cared about Yuni and wanted to see her succeed with her goals and be happy. After she had her nerve gear and was it was all over with she plugged in. That’s when the death game started. As soon as she learned the true motives of Kayaba, she knew she had to fight, for her friends and to the hope of one day seeing her dreams of happiness become reality. In sao although still plagued by her real life fears, she has improved greatly. She is now able to somewhat join in casual conversation and, keep a little self confidence. Virtues: Enthusiastic- Even though Yuna is usually silent, when she is around people she trusts and likes, she is very enthusiastic. This makes her great at keeping others spirits up. This also makes her very likeable when she opens herself up to others. Fierce- When necessary and with proper motivation, Yuna can be a very fearsome fighter. If you give her a good reason to fight or even worse put a friends in danger, you better get out of the way. When she fights she will always put her full effort n and nothing less. Although nervous, she will not hesitate to fight when her friends are ni danger. Patient- Yuni is very patient, she doesn’t get angry very easily and, when she does she calms down quickly. Yuni is also patient when it comes to mistakes, tending to forgive and forget. This does not make her easy to take advantage of, she knows the difference between a screw up and just being manipulative. Flaws: Dependant- Yuni relies on all hear close friends for her happiness. When they aren’t around she is usually silent and prefers to be alone. She has been improving in this aspect but, she still depends on her friends to be happy for elongated periods of times, and she hates to be seperated from them. She is very unlikely to try to strike up a conversation without a close friend around or, if she isn’t with people she trusts. Sensitive- Yuni is very sensitive and tends to get upset easily. This often leads to her getting upset when someone just joking,or was just trying to give advice or criticism. When her close friends are around as previously mentioned she becomes a lot less sensitive. Her sensitivity can make her misunderstand many situations. Withdrawn- Yuni isn’t very sociable when not around her friends, and struggles to befriend people. This leads to many problems when recruiting or talking to others. As previously mentioned she has been improving on this. Profession: N/a Skills Used SP: 5 Unused SP: 0 Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills: » Dagger Rank 1 - novice Inventory (Starter set B) Weapons/Tools: » [Rare] Dagger Enhancements: Damage Paralyze »Cloth armor (vanity) »(3) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP) »2,500 Col »(10) Tier 1 materials Roleplays Transactions: Relationships None