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  1. Hey people, sorry I've not been around, myself and my partner have been buying a house and it's taking it's toll on me! As soon as I have picked up I will get back to my replies for people :)

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      It's alright, life gets us all into inactivity sometimes.

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      I've been in your shoes! Take your time :)

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    Why do YOU play SAO-RPG?

    Snap Baldur-kun! :D
  3. “Horunka, that’s… that’s outside of the safe zone.” Her footsteps fell silent as she came to a stop realising where Paglikha was taking her. “We’ll be killed.” She said bluntly as she looked at her quest partner. “You reall-“ Too late, Paglikha had already stepped outside of the safe zone and began to weave his way through the boars to the forest. Gulping, Kaiida clenched and unclenched her hands, her legs trembling, eyes glazed over. “You’ll do great.” The words echoed through her mind as she shook her head snapping out of her brief reverie. “Thanks Chibi…” She muttered to herself before braving the chance of death. She rushed outside following the exact route that Paglikha had taken. “Wait for me!” She called kicking off the ground as she stumbled towards him. Tufts of grass and herbs had become increasingly common as she made her way forwards. At one point there was a good distance between her and any boar, kneeling down Kaiida begins to rummage around the foliage for some herbs. Managing to find them she picks them up and pops them in her pack. “Four to go…” She whispers before running over and joining Paglikha. “Sorry about that.” ID: 99084 LD: 19 Materials Found! Materials Found: Kaiida: 1/5 Paglikha: 0/5 @Paglikha
  4. “Pinball?” Kaiida said the name back to the person, who seem quite happily sat here chatting with her in the basement of a tavern. “Pin? What about PB, I’m going to go with PB.” She smiled at him as her eyes met his properly for the first time, she swallowed for a moment before pushing herself back creating some space between them. Standing she moves to the bed, “This is the room I’ve been staying in since the game started.” She says as she sits down looking at her feet, her chest rising and falling slowly. A small smile, a sweet smile, comes onto her lips as she looks over at Pinball. “It sounds like you get into trouble like this a lot, reminds me of before the game…” Water starts to well up at the bottom of Kaiida’s eyes, raising a hand she wipes them clear on the back of her sleeve. “Sorry I got you confused for someone else earlier PB. Hope you can forgive me for that, more importantly who’s Sugutsuya?” @Pinball
  5. Hehe, fair enough I'll see what I can whip up in a mo, Just gonna get to my replies :)
  6. @Vigilon any particular colour you'd like or your character is partial to?
  7. Hmmmm shouldn't be too hard I'll see what I've got lying around and I'll put something together tonight :)
  8. I could quite possibly make you one if you like, would need to work a few design bits out though :)
  9. As Benjamin was explaining the different professions to her Kaiida began to drum her fingers on the table, staring off towards the bottles at the back of the bar. The white haired girl stood up, and walks over nodding at the bar keep and grabs one of the bottles. It was labelled as Honey Juice. Snagging three glasses, one much shallower than the others, as well she makes her way back to the table, pouring the drinks as she does. Sliding one towards Benjamin she smiles at him. "So I need to pick if I want regular and low income, or sporadic and high income. I'd imagine that when the frontliners want to do a boss fight then there's a lot more consumables needed." Pouring some of the honied liquid into the shallow dish, Kaiida pushes it towards Sebastian. "Here you go." Herlips twitching with the hint of a smile before she clenches her hand. "Benjamin, what did you decide to take?" Her hand caresses her own glass before she takes a sip, her eyes opening wide for a moment before she takes another. "I honestly don't know what would be best for me." She fell silent, her finger scratching at the table again occasionally glancing at her the person who had decided to help her. "Why... Why are you helping me? It's because of my father isn't it. You want something from him!" She almost yells be downing the rest of her drink and pouring another one. @Benjamin Bookworm
  10. Heyo lovely peoples, would anyone like to have a thread with me at all?

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      Yay! Would you be okay starting the thread? Otherwise it will be generic cafe/Inn on floor 1 xD

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      well the question should more so be. What would you like to do during the thread?

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      Definitely a much better question.

      I'm honestly not too sure at the moment as Kaiida's still getting to grips with how to play the game etc... 

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    You, my friend are a legend :D
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    Homepage and desktop version :) EDIT: just checked profile page as well and no option there either :(
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    Hi All, I'd like to post a status but I'm not able to see the box I'm meant to post it in, I've tried refreshing the page & clearing the cache, is there something I'm missing? Thanks Kaiida
  14. “Sorry…” Kaiida was quiet the odd sob punctuating her silence, as she knelt on the dusty basement floor. “I thought for a moment you were…” Her breathing was short and quick as her right hand began to fly up and down at the wrist onto her knee. “I thought you were someone I knew, you look just like him…” As the boy dropped to his knees telling her over and over that it will all be fine, Kaiida closed her eyes, her chest that was rising and falling at a rate of knots began to slow down. “Really? It will be fine?” Her eyes were bright red even in the dinginess of the room, “The shouting, the people chasing you, I’m sorry for just dragging you away…” Turning her head so that she didn’t have to make eye contact she gripped the bottom of her green mottled shirt tightly. “Shishen, I’m sorry…” her voice a whisper, swallowing every five or so seconds. Eyes brimming again, “Sorry… I’m… I’m…” For a moment a fire sparked in her eyes, “Namida sort it out!” she almost screamed out herself. Shaking her head the white haired girl met the person in front of her eyes. “I’m Kaiida, apologies for you having to witness… That.” She held her hand out palm upwards, “They won’t be able to find us here, we can probably sneak out later on tonight…” @Pinball
  15. “Really Chibi? It’s five each so a total of ten that Zakariah needs.” Kaiida had stopped moving and started to stand up straight, offering her hand out to Paglikha she smiles, a glint in her eye. “Do you know where we’ll need to go to gather the herbs at all?” she whispers to him before raising an arm in farewell to the NPC and leaving the shop. Once she was outside Kaiida ran her fingernails of both hands down her cheeks. “Damn! Which way do we go? Oi Chibi, any ideas?” She calls turning around continuing to scratch for a moment before letting her arms fall to her side. She paused for several seconds wiping her eyes with her forefinger and thumb before looking back towards Paglika, sighing. Shrugging, Kaiida walks off towards the entrance gate of the Town of Beginnings muttering to herself along the way, “Am I really okay doing this? After so long in this town…” She stopped just shy of the gate, “This thumping…” Looking down at her palm Kaiida opens and closes it several times. “Right, chibi you ready? Lead the way.” @Paglikha