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    (PP-F1) Chef Sisters <<EaL Cook>>

    Ilulu closed her eyes and smiled as Seika patted her on the head, sighing a bit when she said that Teru wouldn't want to live with them. "Yeah, she's so mean like that sometimes!" Ilulu said as she started heading out towards the gate to the fields with a little skip in her step. "Mmhmm! We don't gotta go very far to get our stuff! It's all probably in a few bushes nearby. It's still kinda dumb that the chef lady didn't have any ingredients though. Wasn't she and the rest of them just serving everyone in the restaurant?" Ilulu asked, now thinking about it herself. Turning around and looking up at Seika, Ilulu crossed her arms underneath her chest and tilted her head as she walked backwards. "So when we finish this lesson, can I sleep with you for tonight? I don't wanna sleep alone ever again now that I've found you!" Ilulu asked, a bit of an expectant look in her eyes, as if she had asked for candy. @Seika
  2. Shoron

    (PP-F1) Chef Sisters <<EaL Cook>>

    Ilulu nodded her head when Seika said that they would be here more for the free cooking lessons rather than actually eating the food at the restaurant. "Well of course we're here for the lesson! That way we can have our own restaurant and cook whatever we want! Maybe if we ever find Teru she can come live with us in our restaurant too!" Ilulu responded, getting a big smile on her face. The quest NPC heard them and came running up to them and practically dragged them into the kitchen in the back. "So I heard you wanted to become cooks! I can show you how to cook for free! Just do exactly as I say!" the NPC said, before looking around for a few seconds and walking back over to the two, not as happy. "Unfortunately, I have run out of ingredients, so I need the two of you to go out and bring me five ingredients from each of you! I'll be seeing you off now, bye!" the quest starting notification appeared before the NPC shoved them out the back exit near the gate that went out into the fields. "That was quick! But this'll be fun! Where should we look first sis?" Ilulu asked, looking up at her. @Seika
  3. Shoron

    (PP-F1) Chef Sisters <<EaL Cook>>

    Ilulu nodded her head when Seika told her not worry about it. It seemed to just be a better idea to not think about what having her over Seika's knee would have meant. Ilulu then listened to Seika explain why eating at that restaurant would be too expensive, as it could also possibly get them in trouble. "Alright... we don't have to go here. Where do you wanna go then Kiki?" Ilulu asked, looking down at Seika to see what she had to say. Although now Seika had her attention on the restaurant as she spotted the flyer that Ilulu had now spotted as well. "Free cooking lessons sound fun! Let's do that!" Ilulu exclaimed as she hopped off of Seika's shoulders and ran up to the doors, opening one up for Seika. "We can eat here too if we want, the stuff looks tasty here!" Ilulu added looking around the nice restaurant. @Seika
  4. Shoron

    (PP-F1) Chef Sisters <<EaL Cook>>

    Ilulu got slightly worried but then giggled when Seika said that she would have Ilulu over her knee if she caught her causing trouble. "I know you wouldn't do that, but what does having me over your knee mean? It sounds bad." Ilulu asked in response, not knowing what that meant since she never really got a punishment like that. As they walked, Seika brought up the concern that those places would be more expensive, but Ilulu shook her head. "But it shouldn't be that much right? Even if it's only a little more, it'll still be worth it! Besides, I'm super hungry! I haven't had anything tasty in a while, so I wanna have something really yummy!" Ilulu exclaimed, raising one fist in the air, as they got closer to the quest restaurant. Looking down at everyone from the top of Seika's shoulders just made Ilulu feel more excited, as if she was cooler than anyone else because she was up the highest. @Seika
  5. Shoron

    (PP-F1) Chef Sisters <<EaL Cook>>

    Now things were finally starting to settle in for Ilulu that a lot more than a couple days had passed, so it made sense that Seika was crying over missing her for so long. When Seika said that mom and dad would have wanted Seika to watch over her, Ilulu giggled a little bit. "But isn't that Teru's chore? I still like hanging out with you though. 'Cuz you're so cool!" Ilulu said, getting a big smile on her face. Then when Seika turned around and bent over for Ilulu to climb on, she immediately did so and laughed a little bit, sitting down on Seika's shoulders and resting her chest on Seika's head. "Thanks sis! This is already so much fun!" Ilulu exclaimed, looking down at everyone that was walking through the streets. "There was this cool restaurant I saw that I wanted to go to with you. It's the biggest one, so it should be easy to find." Ilulu told Seika about the place, looking around for it. @Seika
  6. Shoron

    (PP-F1) Chef Sisters <<EaL Cook>>

    When Ilulu saw that Seika had started to tear up upon seeing her, Ilulu tilted her head in confusion, not really getting why her big sister was crying. "Sis... why are you crying? Did I do something really bad again?" Ilulu asked, as this was only the second or third time Ilulu had seen Seika crying in her life, so something had to be a big deal for her to be crying in front of her. Seika asked where Ilulu had been this whole time, and once again Ilulu was confused. "Umm... I've mostly been just playing in this big town. The NPCs are so fun to mess with! Now I can play with you sis! But you missed me? It's only been like a couple days right? I didn't think it was that long..." Ilulu answered, still confused where all of this emotion from Seika was coming from. But now that there was two of them, Ilulu got an idea. "Ooh! Sis, there's a restaurant we can go to together! I've saved up as much as I can, so I think we can go together! This'll be fun! C'mon, pick me up! I want a piggyback ride!" Ilulu exclaimed, holding her hands up for Seika to pick her up. @Seika
  7. Shoron

    (PP-F1) Chef Sisters <<EaL Cook>>

    As Ilulu started to walk away, she began to set her eyes on other restaurants that could possibly let her have a table to herself. It made sense that first floor restaurants would do that, since there were so many players that it would be almost a waste of space to reserve a table for one person like that. Opening a restaurant just seemed like a much better option, since this problem of having nowhere to eat would be fixed, and Ilulu could eat whatever she wanted to eat without any complaints. That meant doing that profession quest, but Ilulu couldn't even get into that restaurant in the first place. When Ilulu thought that most her hopes were lost, she saw a familiar girl looking around at restaurants in the distance, so Ilulu ran up behind her and did what she usually did to her sisters by yanking down her socks. "I socked you sis! Bet ya didn't see that one coming!" Ilulu exclaimed, before hugging Seika and looking up at her. Ilulu still didn't really understand that two years had passed since she had last seen her sisters, having lost track of time long ago. So this wasn't really emotional for her, more or less just being a usual greeting. @Seika
  8. Ilulu had been wandering through the streets of the Town of Beginnings as usual, mostly keeping to herself and going about pulling her pranks occassionally. This day however, Ilulu had finally scraped up enough col from her wanderings to actually get herself a nice meal at an NPC restaurant. It still wasn't player made, but at least it would be nice to eat. Making her way to the entrance of the restaurant, she also heard some players talking about a profession quest to become a cook was in that same restaurant. It sounded fun to Ilulu, she had always wanted to become a cook and have her little dream restaurant. When she went up to ask for a table, it seemed as though you needed to have at least another person with you to dine there. "Phooey..." Ilulu muttered to herself, starting to walk away from the entrance. She didn't really know anyone in this game beside her sisters that she had never found, so Ilulu had given up immediately at getting a table.
  9. Shoron

    Ilulu - The Small Dragon

    *Her hair and eyes are red, and the little horns aren't real Profile Username: Shoron Real name: Ilulu Yashin Age: 12 (10 at the beginning) Gender: Female Height: 3'11 About: History/personality Ilulu (ill-lew-lew) is the youngest of the Yashin sisters, all of which came into SAO. Being the youngest of the three, Ilulu gets to get away with things that her sisters can't, and she is somewhat aware of this. Ilulu is a bit naughty, in that she likes to use her age to her advantage when she wants to. Most of the time however, Ilulu is a sweet girl who just wants to help her older sisters, despite her shortcomings. With Kireina, Ilulu looks up to her greatly, not so much with Awateru considering her cold behavior. She still want to be be like Awateru, just Kireina seems better in her eyes. Growing up, Ilulu was always the baby of the family, although she usually got hand me downs in most cases from her sisters. She looks up to both of them, doing just about anything they tell her to so simply because she thinks they know best. For the most part, this has kept her out of trouble, along with helping her get along with her siblings. In school, Ilulu mostly distanced herself simply because she would just hang out with her sisters whenever she could, which was the main reason she even got SAO, to play with her sisters. Her username Shoron suggested by her sister Awateru, means small dragon, and Ilulu liked the idea of it. So now here she is in SAO, still mostly unchanged. Virtues: Helping: Ilulu will do whatever she can to help those she cares about, mostly her sisters. Ilulu isn't very stubborn, so she helps with pretty much anything. This has it's downsides, but most people see it as just her being a cute kid helping. Sweet: Ilulu is still in her innocent cute kid phase, having yet to grow out of it. She doesn't really think of herself much, choosing to try and make others happy, once again being mostly her sisters. Outside of them, Ilulu still likes to be nice to others, since most are nice right back. Seizing: Whenever Ilulu has the chance to better the situation or odds in anything, she'll take that chance. This includes taking advantage of her age to get away with certain things. She mostly just wants things to be as perfect as can be for her siblings, so she'll take those chances for them. Flaws: Prankster: Ilulu is a bit of a troublemaker, with pranks being one of her only hobbies. Usually her sisters put a stop to things, but sometimes Ilulu gets herself into a bit of trouble. Her pranks are harmless for the most part, although she never really knows where to draw the line. Boundaryless: Ilulu completely lacks boundaries on what is good and what is bad. She mostly just acted however she felt like behaving. Whether it be social customs or things you just don't say Ilulu knows almost nothing. Vengeful: If you do something to Ilulu that she herself doesn't like at all, she will try to get payback. In her mind, two equal wrongs make a right. Usually this side of her is never shown, so most just assume you can push her around. Profession: (Leave blank until the Earning a Livingquest has been completed.) Skills Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills: » Rank 1 2H Battle Axe Inventory Weapons/Tools: »DPS Starter Kit Stalwart Axe+ [Rare T1 2H Battle Axe] (+2 ACC) Black Cloak [Vanity Armor] 2500 col 10 T1 Mats Roleplays » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle - in progress (no "in progress" means its complete; "incomplete" can mean one or the other person stopped replying for a long time) Relationships (optional) Story Thus Far (optional)