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  1. Hokori gave one last look around the area before starting to make her way back towards the Town of Beginnings. There were no materials to be found. Here, so hopefully they could either get some off of the enemies that would drop resources or just find them from gathering around there. "Don't worry, I can guide you there. Haven't been up there for combat, though I have looked around." Once she knew that Ryo was following her, she quickly made her way into the teleporter. "Floor 2!" And she was whisked towardss the hills and plains of the second floor. Let's just hope that I can actually take stuff on at this floor. I don't think we'll be in trouble, but if we get a bad streak of luck there might be an issue. It should speed things up for us though, we just need to be careful and efficient. @Ryoko
  2. Hokori watched as Pure took a hit followed by a quicck retaliation from him. "You're doing good, keep it up!" That's when she noticed one of the larger boars coming in from the side. Hokori stepped forward, going around pure and his fight to prevent drawing their aggro. The boar that was coming seemed to be more focused on charging ginto the fray rather than actually protecting itself. As such,, she was easily able to let it come to her. She brought her sword in a sweeping undercut, launching the boar into the sky. Letting the sword art take control of her, Hokori jumped up into the air just below it. Once at its height, she spun around and gave a spiraling downward cut, slamming the boar into the ground. As it lay there, motionless, Hokori fell towards thr ground in style with her large blade pointed into the ground. She landed in a cloud of dust and red pixels, the boar had been speared through by her attack and instantly shattered. It didn't leave any loot behind, but HOkori was just glad that it hadn't been able to interfere with combat. "Don't mind me, keep focusing on your boar pups." As flashy as she knew that looked, she didn't want Pure to take a hit because he was busy lookinng at her attack. (OOC: Added the one ACC I forgot I had equipped)
  3. With the threat of being attacked gone, Hokori was being able to relax once more. It didn't mean she had to watch out for Dustin opening his mouth once more. "There's no need for payment. You still holding your own life and learning from your mistake is all the payment I need." She didn't like sounding as formal, but it seemed to be the only way to communicate with people who were so social. She was much more used to the guy that couldn't speak in her presence. SHe followed him back towards the town, and listened closely. "Though having no hope is indeed a dire case. The loss of hope is what will bring down spirits the most. Always be honest about your odds. Don't make people think that they have more of a chance then they do." She knew it was going to be pointless to argue with them, but she would stand by her own statements. @Dustin
  4. Hokori continued to lean on her blade for the time being, though she was almost back to full on her energy. Thankfully there had been no mother boars that were coming in to attack pure. It seemed as though they were rather inattentive of their own offspring. That was assuming the game even had a system in place to determine which pups were the so called children of a boar mother. "Yes, vertical is up and down. You're doing great though, keep it up." There was no reason to dash his hopes of making progress, even if he had only hit the boars once so far. It meant that she could keep helping him. No one learned if you got it right the first try. The only issue was that one mistake in this game could cost you your life if it was bad enough. It promoted a poor style of learning, remaining in a comfort zone rather than trying to find what would be more effective. There was so little room for experimentation, though what could you expect from a death game.
  5. Hokori continued to try and find any materials that were hidden in the area, but there were none to be found. "It seems to be that way indeed." The lack of materials being seen was a little disturbing to her, but it wasn't unusual. The first floor was abundant with players still starting out in this game. Each one slowly making their way over their inhibitions. Though it was good that more of the game's population was getting involved, it meant that this area would be constantly devoid of many resources. If new players kept coming in here and farming it up, there would be little spawning between groups arriving. "Perhaps we should make our way to the second floor to get materials off of monsters. I don't know how high of a level you are, but I should be able to cover for you. I do have the gear to take quite a few hits." Realizing how ridiculous her statement might sound, she quickly amended it. "Up to you of course." (OOC: It's fine, take all the time you need. I am serious about going to do combat if you would like, though) @Ryoko
  6. Hokori continued to find no materials, but there was still a conversation going so she wasn't worried. She gave a bit of a laugh as Ryoko bestowed some luck towards her. "Thank you, though we'll see how much I'll actually need." It was possible that it could take all day for her to get the materials that she needed. Maybe it would be faster to go up a floor or two and kill some basic enemies. She didn't know how often materials dropped from them, but she figured that it would be a decent way if the girl could also fight. Saving it away for later, Hokori continued her still fruitless search. "Don't worry about getting ahead of me. We'll end up with all the materials we need eventually." At least, that was what Hokori was hoping to happen, who knew if the game would starve her of the resources she needed. @Ryoko
  7. It didn't take long for Dustin to finish off the dark elf that had approached them, and Hokori began to relax. She didn't have much time though, as there was a movement in the bushes behind Dustin. She motioned for him to be quiet as she made her way over to them. Once she was closer, she could make out the faint outline of someone hiding in the bush. They seemed as though they were aware of her presence, and was tensed up in wait to attack. She quickly brought her sword up and was going to strike down. The figure jumped out of the bush, attempting to sidestep the blow. Hokori knew that this was coming though, and was already turning her blade into a horizontal slash. The blade hit the second dark elf, and they burst into pixels with a look of surprise on their face. "There, I think we are finally not going to be interrupted."
  8. With Ryo starting to find materials of her own, Hokori was hoping she could find some as well. She didn't seem to have much luck though. It was slim pickings around the area and there wasn't another material to be found. It seemed that although the rest of the materials she had collected were universal, these were much more specific. "Seems as if the luck isn't being shared at the moment." She kept a kind tone in her voice, not having any malice that Ryo was ahead of her. She knew that she would be going at her own pace and that some would end up faster than her. She was just determined that everyone could make it to the front to help out with the people risking their lives there. It was unfair for people to ride off of their backs and expect to get out of this game for free. @Ryoko
  9. Hokori listened as the girl kindly gave her offer. "I have a feeling we will be able to sing for each other if we conttinue to do this quest together. I doubt that the NPC will have us not sing before giving us whatever reward they have in store." She did want to sing herself, though it would be good to hear someone else's singing again. Moving out into the plains, Hokori remembered the first time she had come out here. It was for a similar purpose, though this time it felt like the reward would be more substantial. With as Ryo was enjoying the simulated wind, Hokori quickly picked up a small crystal half buried in the ground. She was unsure whehter or not it would work, and as she tried to put it into her inventory her fear was confirmed. Guess things wouldn't be as easy as she was hoping them to be. @Ryoko
  10. Hokori listened to the girl who called went by Ryo as the two made their way towards the fields on the first floor. She offered responses as quickly as she could. "Kat is fine." She started out speaking in a very dignified tone, though she eventually softened up into a more casual tone. "There's no need for you to be ashamed about what happened, I shouldn't have been standing silent for so long." Hokori tucked an out of place strand of heir behind her ear. "I never really sung on my own, though I would always listen to my mother sing when I was a little girl. I wished she did it more, but it's been so long since I've heard her voice." She didn't say it, but the reason she was going through with this was so that she could relive the memories of her mother's singing. They were some of the best memories she had, and they were skipping away while she was stuck in this death game. @Ryoko
  11. As the two walked in silence, Hokori made sure to keep a vigilant lookout for anything that may come to attack the two of them. She was still unsure as to what all this quest entailed, but it seemed to have something to do with taking out some ungracious hosts. Her head turns as quickly as the boy's when a stick snaps behind them. Though it was strange an elf would snap a stick like that, Dustin ran in anyways. She was going to yell at him to stop, but it was already to late. It would've been much simpler if the three of them could've talked things out. It seemed that they wanted to just charge in and have all the glory for themselves. Though it was very stereotypical of them, she didn't mind it so much. If their pride ended up getting them killed, at least it didn't get someone else killed. She lumbered up slowly behind them, taking her time to find an opening. When she did, she quickly thrust her sword towards the elf. They saw the choreographed attack and nimbly dodged out of the way. It seems that I will be needing to use some larger area attacks if I want to connect a blow.
  12. Though it was good the two of them were beginning to work more in tandem, Hokori couldn't help but notice that they were still trying to take charge. She didn't offer any counterpoint though, not wishing to cause further strife. It wasn't going to make this outing end very well for either of them. He talked about having a strategy, though he didn't provide a solid one. She began to come up with a plan of her own, one where they lived long enough for her to engage and one where they didn't. If they were going to rush in and take the damage off of her, she would at least know she could be safe. It was an unecessary risk, especially considering their lack of heavier plate armor like her own, but if they were willing to take the risk she would let them. SHe didn't respond until they complimented her sword. She kept her answer concise, not wishing to talk too much. "Thank you." From her past experience with them, it seemed the more the two of them talked, the more they would drift apart from different ideaologies. @Dustin
  13. Though dissappointed they weren't able to learn before going to work on things, Hokori knew the value of hands-on experience. It was a little strange for her field, as hands-on meant dealing with things you still couldn't touch, but it still would make for a good chance to gather knowledge. As she made her way to send the party invite to the girl, she received one herself. Geussing it was from thenm, she quickly accepted it. With a slight bow, Hokori inntroduced herself to the girl. "My name is Katagawa. Feel free to shorten it if you'd like, many people seem to prefer that." She knew that being formal wasn't really needed in this situation, but she couldn't help herself from doing it. Being this polite was one of the few ways she was ever able to get respect back in her home town. Of course, she was also expected to be much more submissive back then. Straightening from her bow, Hokori quickly made her way outside of the shop. Once she knew that Ryoko was coming with her, she would make her way towards the exit for the Town of Beginnings. @Ryoko
  14. Hokori listened, feeling a little down after both of them had shared their stories. It was sad that the game had to have ripped that all away from them. She knew that the game's immersive style of play would've already ripped several relationships apart, but that would be on the fault of the people who played it too much. Now, it was being taken from everybody without a choice or a chance to right their wrongs. She moved in silence with Kimihito deeper into the forest to find materials. The trees Began to block out more of the afternoon sun and the air grew slightly cooler. It was strange that there was still no materials to be found, perhaps they respawned slower than she initially thought. Of course, there could be a player or two that is just ahead of them and they didn't realize it. There were several possibilities. @Kimihito
  15. With the player on their own two feet once more, Hokori only gave a nod of her head as an acceptance of her thanks. She was going to speak more with them when the NPC interrupted her. It seemed as though she was offering to train the two of them in a profession. She was unsure whether or not this was an actual quest or perhaps they would just learn how to use the game more effectively to vocalize what they wanted. Regardless, it would be interesting to listen to what the NPC had to teach. She also heard the comment about the other girl having been in a band in the real world. She decided not to say anything though, as it seemed as though she was trying to keep that to herself. Pulling up a window to write notes on, she sat down and crossed her legs at the ankles. Perhaps she would be able to learn quite a bit from the NPC . @Ryoko