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  1. Katagawa

    [F1-PP] Oh Heck <<Easter Trio Boss: Fury>>

    Thread Summary:
  2. Katagawa

    [F1-PP] Oh Heck <<Easter Trio Boss: Fury>>

    ((Prometheus was skipped with permission)) (( @Arabelle roll for your item and then we can close this thread up)) Arabelle took another swing and a miss sadly. And Prometheus was nowhere to be found now. Looking towards the creature, Hokori noticed it starting to go towards Arabelle once more after her failed attack. Dropping her sword, she quickly leaped into the path of the creature, hugging it against her spiked armor. The fur scalded her, but she watched as the health bar finished draining and the beast shattered before her eyes. As she fell to the ground, she noticed the rewards screen pop up in front of her. The last hit reward had gone to her, but there was also a general reward that seemed to go to everyone else. Turning towards Arabelle, she just spoke with a calm voice, "Thanks for sticking around to the end." And with that she left without another word, ashamed of her poor ability to keep a team together once and for all
  3. Katagawa

    [F1-PP] Oh Heck <<Easter Trio Boss: Fury>>

    The two continued to bicker, one of them narrowly getting a lick in against the boss. Rolling her eyes, Hokori decided it would be best to ignore the two of them for now. Either that or she would get dragged into their argument. Swinging her blade at the furry creature, she realized that it was also coming at her. She took the hit as gracefully as she could, and her battle healing started to kick in. Hopefully this fight wouldn't have to get to become much worse than it already was right now. It was close to its end. Arabelle should be getting another swing at it anytime now, and if she could get her own thorns to proc against the creature, it should die from that as well. All of them were one small stroke of luck from landing the final hit onto the creature. Knowing how this has been going though, that luck won't come for quite some time.
  4. Katagawa

    Special Delivery!

    *giddy clapping* A ways from T3 still, but thank you for progressing my build so much. This will help so much when I get there. Items obtained:
  5. Katagawa

    [PP/F2] <<DHA 2 - Quartz Hatchling>>

    The creature came towards her, rolling a bit away from her. Seemed their little joke was continuing and Alex had missed his serve. "I don't mind you calling me Kat, seems to be the nickname most people have given me anyhow. Serve!" She went over to the dragon hatchling and propped it up with her foot a little bit, swinging her sword, a little arc of electricity froze it in place as it went sailing towards Alec. "Not too sure how we'll I'd do with tennis in real life. Perhaps we should find a way to make this a fun little sport though. Dragon Tennis. Has a bit of ring to it don't you think?" She had a smile on her face, happy to find the enjoyment within this death trap of a game. It was rare that she actually enjoyed life so much, always working on trying to get the best out of whatever situation she was in instead of working towards any sort of happiness.
  6. Katagawa

    [PP/F2] <<DHA 2 - Quartz Hatchling>>

    Alec didn't seem to mind the failed attacks so much, and honestly didn't seem too bothered by the hatchling attacking him either. As he knocked the dragon back towards her, she tried to swing at it, but her sword was too heavy. The hatchling fell to the ground once more, and started to scamper back towards Alec. "15, Love. Your serve." Well, at least they could make a game out of what was going to be quite the tedious fight. Probably for the best considering neither of them was going to die anytime soon. Well, at least some fun is coming of getting trapped inside of this game. Maybe being stuck in here isn't the end of the world. But there is still others dying out there to things like this. We need to at least get people into more safety before we can do anything about getting out. Otherwise saving a life on the front line costs us 4 or 5 people dying to mobs or PKers.
  7. Katagawa

    [PP/F2] <<DHA 2 - Quartz Hatchling>>

    This fight was going to be slow, but at least an enjoyable little game of pong had begun to form. The beast chewed up Alec a bit as well, but it seemed he was doing ok from it still. She wasn't quite ready for how the dragon was sent back towards her, so she was only able to stop it with the flat of her blade. Hoping that the hatchling wouldn't go for her she looked towards Alec a little bit sheepishly. "You're serve hopefully." Her eyes flicked back down towards the hathcling, waiting to spring out of the way in case it went for her instead of Alec. She relied more on not getting hit than actually taking hits right now, so she needed to be prepared for whatever she could be. And let's hope Alec can get more damage than I can do to it. There's no way I'm getting past those scales.
  8. Katagawa

    [F1-PP] Oh Heck <<Easter Trio Boss: Fury>>

    ((Symphony told me to just skip her for the rest of the thread)) The two people she needed to be fighting were bickering with each other, and the one other person that they were with seemed to have disappeared from the fight. Perhaps they were still around, but it was unlikely that the boss would be going for them and revealing her location anytime soon. Speaking of which, the boss unfroze and started to come towards Kat, she was able to block the attack with her large sword, but it was all she could do to not take the gnashing teeth of the creature. It may look cute, but it did not seem that friendly. "It doesn't matter who is what right now, can we just sort this out later when we don't have something that's finally moving at us?" She was hoping to kick the two of them into action, but she it came out more as a plea for help than anything.
  9. Katagawa

    [F1-PP] Oh Heck <<Easter Trio Boss: Fury>>

    This was going to be the home stretch, but it was going to be a little while still. Attacking the beast, she could tell it was focused on her now, even if it was paralyzed. This was finally going to steady out a bit now. She figured a little bit more ordering should finish this thing out, even if no one was listening at this point. "Symphony, stay off of it for now while it is still stunned. Arabelle, keep doing what you're doing. Prometheus, only go in if you think you can get a bleed to proc on it. It should be on me and that means until I can take a bigger lead with its aggro we only want to attack with things that will do some harm." Her own attack had put a small dent into the health bar as well, but it wasn't nearly enough for what she needed to be seeing happen. It was close enough though that one more bleed from prometheus should finish the creature off. Either that or they were here until Arabelle could regenerate enough energy to attack once more.
  10. Katagawa

    [PP/F2] <<DHA 2 - Quartz Hatchling>>

    With the beast starting to get ricocheted between the two of them, Hokori quickly struck to send it back towards Alec. He was definitely the one taking the aggro for now, especially considering that he seemed to take minimal damage from the attack itself. At the very east, his health bar hadn't moved that much. Hopefully he could keep that up. There was a little bit of damage actually on the creature, but at least it was something. Her own aggro should be up at least a little bit, so she knew she would be able to hopefully take over if Alec was falling behind. And if that wasn't the case, she'd have to find something to do. Maybe she could just try to call a switch if they needed to and she could take the hate for a little bit for recovery purposes. A long fight coming indeed, this will still likely be easy though.
  11. Katagawa

    [PP/F2] <<DHA 2 - Quartz Hatchling>>

    Hokori nodded to Alec, confirming that she had spotted the creature as well. It was small, and a little on the quick side. SHe hoped it wasn't too evasive like herself, but she'd have to wait and see. Hopping towards the bush, she purposefully overshot the bush and cut behind her. The creature immediately popped out in fear to meet her blade. It hardly did any damage, but knocked the creature towards Alec so he could hopefully get some damage in. And now we let this long fight commence. Keeping a mental tally of what was happening, Hokori hoped that should could call out a few things here and there. This was meant to be a straight-forward and fast fight, but she was pretty sure that it was going to end up going for quite some time. That was why she had the passive regeneration stuff prepared, that way she could always have some healing going even while inside of combat.