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  1. Hokori nodded towards the boy after the beat had been finished off. Thankfully, it was not nearly as close of a fight as they had made it seem to be. As she took the item, she nodded her own thanks, a little out of breath from running around a monster and trying to avoid it constantly. After catching her breath, she started to make her way out of the cave. "Not a problem. Looks like you've got yourself a story and we've got ourselves some experience. Perhaps we'll see each other around again. Unless your optimism gets you killed before we would cross paths again." She couldn't resist the slight jab towards him. She meant no offense, but she did know that they had very different views of this world. He may think everything can go fine if you just practice hard enough, but she knew that death was inevitable, all you could do was to try to minimize it. Thread Summary:
  2. rolling (start of wolf 2 fight)
  3. Though two more boar pups came towards Symphony, she reassured Hokori that things would be fine. Trusting her as such, she leaned on a tree to watch the fight unfold. Of course, as soon as Symphony tried to attack, she ended up getting her dagger stuck in a tree. Stifling a laugh at the sight, Hokori made her way over to the tree and quickly and cleanly cut it into two. The tree shattered, freeing the dagger for symphony to continue wielding. "Don't look right at the superficial point you wish to strike. You have to make sure you follow all the way through the targets body. You need to think three feet past the boar with your thrust, otherwise you'll never put enough force to do more than scratch it." Backing off once more, Hokori hoped that the woman had taken her advice seriously enough and waited to see if she could get the job done. There was no guarantee it would connect, but the least she could do was help them out. @Symphony
  4. HOkori was walking about the first floor and decided it would be best if she started to make her way up the floors once more. There was a significant lacking of content left for her to do here. And ever since the person she had been doing the Dragon quests with seemed to ahve disappeared on her randomly, she needed to make her way back through doing those eventually. For now though she would focus on lower level content. Until she found another person who could act as a mentor and a way for her to get help on high level content, she was stuck with her own wits about doing this stuff. Once on the second floor, she quickly spotted a quest about a venomous dog creature that was terrorizing some merchant. Deciding it would be a good idea to start making her way out there, she decided to make sure she was ready before truly getting it all happening.
  5. Hokori watched as Symphony quickly dispatched the boar pup that had bounced off of her blade. It was a quick death thankfully, so at least she wasn't one to toy with her prey. But the joy she was having was perhaps worrying. There was little that she could do to help litigate her fears of this woman becoming quite the killer later on down the road. Perhaps it would improve at a later time, but for now, she still had that concern. Wiping the concerned look off of her face, she quickly got a reply back towards her. "Oh no, not a problem. Always willing to help make sure that people get some help. On top of that, I seem to get a little bit of experience points still when I'm near these deaths, even if they are incredibly weak. Not as much as it used to be, but still something I guess." Hokori hung back a bit and let Symphony lead as she looked around for more boar pups to hunt down. It was goign to be another long run at this quest it seemed. But what else was new, this quest was punishing to anyone who couldn't take on multiple at a time it seemed. @Symphony
  6. Hokori gestured for Symphony to lead the way as they went to find themselves another boar pup. Watching the battle from a fairly close distance, she was ready to leap into action in case another mother boar showed up to the fight. Instead shoe noticed that the small boar was coming towards her. She gave a soft chuckle and pulled out her large blade. Holding the flat towards the boar, she watched as it bounced harmlessly off of her blade and reeled back towards Symphony. "It's all yours here." This should be interesting to watch. One strike should be enough to finish it off, and the boar was still a little bit stunned from running into a tree and then the flat of a blade. But perhaps Symphony wasn't quite ready to get moving along towards the next quest. This was a good determinant though of being able to accomplish ones goals in combat though. And hopefully that would carry properly over to the next quest where a bit tougher of a challenge awaited her. @Symphony
  7. Hokori listened to Symphony talk about how builds like the ones she planned on could mesh well. It was certainly the kind of build that could be taken down easily, but would be strong when it wasn't targeted for specifically. Enough accuracy would pretty much destroy the investment that she had into evasion. However the amount of commitment it would like take should balance it out in the end. She would have enough of a backup plan that she could make sure that there was little use for that accuracy once she switched over too it. As she was in thought, Hokori watched the woman quickly take out one of the other boars that had shown up. "You're fine. You're getting better at taking them down as well which is good. There's another material there by the way, one or two more should finish up this part of the lessons for you. I can't help you out that much sadly or the quest won't count, but I can make sure that you only have to focus on the monsters the quest spawns and not anything else that might spawn on the side. @Symphony
  8. Hokori listened to the player, intent to try and find out some information about her. She seemed a bit more attentive to the world around her, more so than all the other people who had left her to her own devices while trying to help them on this quest. All that attentiveness certainly didn't seem to give them that much stability though. At the mention of a stealth build, she realized that that could play quite into the favor of the build she was trying to make. With her making it already hard to hit, she could ensure her teammates victory even further by making sure that they still were focusing on her even in their frustration. "I'm actually working on switching it out," she said in response to Symphony's question, "don't really like the style, but it's what I started with. Trying to become an evasion based tank. Doesn't seem to be too popular though so I'm kinda stuck figuring it all out on my own. Landed a nice unique piece of gear though from someone doing a giveaway. I was the last one there too." She pointed to her greyish armor at the same time. Though she didn't really like the appearance, it was the best piece of gear she had. She would probably want to try to shift it to something a bit more her style if she ever got the chance. Probably some sort of quest or micro-transaction that would get her the ability to change an item's appearance. @Symphony