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  1. As her thoughtss drifted towards darker thoughts, Hokori was interrupted by the little girl. She immediately caught herself, and a hollow smile came across her face. "Yeah, I'm fine. Let's go get ourselves that medicine. The village won't get that medicine if we don't help." It probably would, but the girl didn't need to know that. They seemed rather mature for their age, which was both a blessing and a curse. Sure it meant that they could have wisdom beyond their years, but it also bore that knowledge of knowing. Either way, Kat gestured for the girl to follow her and began to move her way over towards where she knew the village was. She had considered doing this quest before, so had done some research on it. All she didn't know for certain was whether or not she could take it on on her own. The girl was unlikely to slow her down, but it was going to be seen if it could speed her up. @Theodosia
  2. The young girl seemed determined to progress, and that was quite admirable. It was a little worrying as well to see someone like her making their way towards the front lines. Every bit helped, but the stress this would put on her life was unfair. A little kid like her should have the chance to play and frolick in the bushes. That was all taken away from her now. At least the adults could say they have had a childhood. And for some this was them able to relive those fantasies. For her, it was just a mass grave waiting to see how many people weer able to crawl out of it. The quest would be simple enough, and there hopefully woldn't be anything to threaten her. The monsters themselves weren't going to be too strong, so it was entirely possible they could be in and out with barely a scratch. If there was any worry, Hokori knew that she would be able to pull back the two of them enough to avoid combat and regenereate the health and rseources they would need. @Theodosia
  3. Katagawa

    [PP-F01] Secret Medicine (Etherial, Katagawa)

    Hokori was grumbling as she was trying to move an item that didn't seem to want to be moved. It was some weird quest item that was bugged and wasn't removed from her inventory. "Another thing to plug it up with no use for it." As her mutterings continued, she was interrupted in this process by another girl. They seemed a bit younger, though being a video game that wasn't surprising. It also seemed like they were more of the shy type. "It's just one of the many things developers can't seem to get right. You would think they have dealt with enough pooor inventory systems playing games that they would be able to fix it." The girl introduced herself as Etherial. "Katagawa. People usually call me Kat, but call me whatever you'd like." She closesd her inventory and stood to offer Ehterial a handshake. Even in a game like this, she still clung to the bits of dignity she could find. @Etherial
  4. Hokori was still looking for materials when she heard Ryoko shout towards her. She turned to see the gleam of a material flying towards her face. Just in time, her hand raised and she caught it in her hand. "Thanks" Checking her quest log, she noticed that the counter had not ticked up. "That's strange, doesn't look like you can hand me materials. Guess the game only counts it when you loot it from the source." She figured that might be how it worked. She still had materials from when she started the game, so it waas entirely possible that it wasn't just counting the number of meterials in her inventory. It would be much simpler to just count whenever she received a material from a list set of sources. Probably a good thing that they hadn't gone higher, or the mobs materials may not have counted. "Well, I'll keep searching. If you want to split any extra materials you find at the end we can do that." @Ryoko
  5. Katagawa

    [PP-F01] Secret Medicine (Etherial, Katagawa)

    Hokori had been hanging around the first floor for longer than she would've liked. Of course, that wasn't all bad. She could still get a fair amount of experience here, and helping others meant bringing more people to the higher levels. The game did seem to hold people's hands for the beginning, but she knew how tough it was starting in this game all on your own. Many people wouldn't even be able to share it with friends and family back home. As sad as it was, she knew she had to carry on. There seemed to be some sort of meeting going on near the teleport gate, but Hokori was unable to figure out what it was for. It seemed like it was a large group of people gathering to go fight or do a difficult quest. Though she may have been able to do it, Hokori felt as though she would be more of a burden than an actual help to others. Instead, she was content to sit on a bench and organize her inventory for the millionth time. As confusing as the menus were, they were lacking in functionality. "I would kill for a sorting system in this inventory screen," she muttered aloud. @Etherial
  6. Hokori watched as Theo got immediately very excited about having someone to go questing for her. Even though she didn't have experience, she was pretty sure that she could keep the little girl defended from harm. It would take a bit more effort to do that and attack, but it meant that she wouldn't have to have someone's death on her hands. The girl talked about the queset, and Hokori tried to piece together what she knew. "I don't know what they are, but it sounds like some sort of plant. Likely going to be imbued with animal intelligence and a thirst for human blood. Depending on the type of plant they are from we should either be wary of some tangling vines or getting swarmed by them. That means my AoEs will be useful, but the tangling might make it a little hard to protect you completely." Hokori caught herself planning out loud. She put a smile back on her face, trying not to bring the girl's hopes down. "We should be able to do it. That village won't get the medicine themselves now, would they?" @Theodosia
  7. Letting out a mental sigh of relief that she hadn't scared the girl, Hokori listened as the girl rambled on for quite a little while. Once she had calmed down, she just smiled back at the girl and gave her her own username. Her tone was a little too casual for her tastes, but she had been quite uptight with her language for most of her life. "It's great to see someone like you still having this much boundless energy. My name is Katagawa, people tend to call me Kat though." As she spoke, Hokori considered the little offer the girl had given her. She had known that there was another quest for her to do on this floor, and it sounded like one of the ones she had yet to do. As long as she could protect the girl, there shouldn't be an issue with letting them tag along with her. "As for your quest, I could come help. I don't think I've done it myself, and it shouldn't be too hard. Most games make the beginning quests really easy so beginner's like you and me don't get frustrated." Not that anyone trapped in a game for two years could really be considered beginners, but it was something to help assuage the young girl. @Theodosia
  8. Hokori had been wandering about for some time now, with little reason to be doing so. Though she had been trying to help players still getting their feet wet in this game, she should really be making sure that she could keep helping them. Most of the people she had met were now passing her up in level as she remained at the bottom of the ladder. There was no grand plan to become the best, but she knew she wouldn't be able to help others if she was unable to help herself. Heading towards the exit for the Town of Beginnings, she noticed a little girl who was pacing in front of the gate. Perhaps they were waiting for someone, or possibly considering something quite brash. Either way, she approached the girl. She was tall, buy there was that glow of innocence about her. In fact, Hokori wasn't that much taller than her, no more than half a foot. "Hello, do you need any help?" Though her heavy armor and large blade resting horizontally across her back may have been intimidating, Hokori tried to keep her voice as gentle as possible. All the more reason I should probably change up how I'm playing this game. @Theodosia
  9. Hokori continued to wander around the hilly fields on this floor and she was eventually able to find herself a material to collect. After making sure that it was actually a material and incremented the quest counter, she returned to see that Ryo had already found her fifth material. Though she gave words of reassurement, Hokori didn't really listen. She did however, give some kind words back. "It doesn't matter whether or not you got them faster. What matters is that we'll both get them eventually. We're under no time limit or risk of death right now, so I don't mind if this takes all day. The only issue we will have with this taking so long is that much more time it takes before we can offer our support to those clearing this game for us." She showed the material that she had gotten. "It took a while for me to get this far, but at least now we'll be able to be closer to our goal." @Ryoko
  10. Hokori continued to look around, though there was little that she was actually able to find in the fields. It seemed as though the amount of materials that could be found was significantly lower than the times she had been here before. It was honestly quite strange. Perhaps there was just too much farming in the game and it was lowered. That seemed unlikely. Unless there were notes she had never seen before, she had never heard of their being a patch to the game. It was honestly a miracle with how well the game was running. The number of players in here simultaneously is staggering. And though it is a sad fact, the more people that died meant the game would be able to run smoother and smoother. Perhaps one of the few silver linings to be found in this game. @Ryoko
  11. Still not finding any materials to gather for herself, Hokori turned to talk to Ryoko. Of course, what she instead saw was the girl having face-planted into the dirt. It was an embarassin sight, and Hokori quickly turned her gaze away from it. Once Ryo had managed to gather herself, she would approach and placce a hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry so much about it. Happens to everyone, I would think a bit more while otehrs were getting used to the game. It's what gravity will do to people." Perhaps if there was some sort of flight mechanic they could avoid this, though that would severaly go against the setting this game seemed to have. In the end, she felt is was more just a way to make sure that plaayers didn't try to cheat the system and shortcut to the top of Aincrad. Another safeguard in place so she couldn't break the system. @Ryoko
  12. Hokori decided to take a short break from all of the hunting and gathering they were doing right now. It had already been quite some time and she still only had two materials to show for it. The game was definitely being quite mean to them at this point. She sat on the grasses of the second floor and decided to try and talk a little bit with Ryoko. It wasn't much, but it was something to help pass the time as she waited for her energy to recover some more. "It most certainly isn't. Though I don't seem to have the best of luck when it comes to gathering materials. I hoped that one day I would've been able to find plenty, but that day has yet to come." She stood up once more, unable to bear sitting around and not doing anything right now. "Let's just hope there's a few more materials we can find laying around. I'd rather not be out here all day." @Ryoko
  13. Hokori watched as Ryoko continued to miss the Boar. It was slowing the two of them down, but wouldn't be the end of anything. She quickly charged in with her spinning attack once more. The boar barely stood a chance as she managed ti slice clean through it. Amazed at the games effects, she quickly took a look at the rewards. Thankfully, there was actually a couple of materials in there. "Do you mind if I take the materials, as you're nearly done? I'll give you the consumables in here if you'd like them." Ryoko seemed to be a reasonable person, so hopefully they would be able to just make this quest go as fast as possible. She had still not gotten any materials until now, so she had a lot of catching up to do. "Let's take a short breather before we go find another mob. Maybe there's a few more materials hiding around here."
  14. It weas nice to be able to chat a bit more casually with someone. Of course, it was still not the best for her. Ever since she had gone to university, she had longed to be able to have a conversation with other women. The few that were there at the university with her were either just there to find themselves a man to latch on to, complete airheads who got in on parent's money, or both. She gave a cursory glance aroudn the area. "Guess it's about time we call it here I guess. I hope to see you around sometime in the future." It would be good to see how the two of them were progressing. She wasn't going for the fastest route of progression, but she was trying her best not to continue to fall behind. Divying up the resources they found as best as possible, she turned away towards the Town of Beginnings.
  15. Reaching down to grab one of the items marked as a material up off the ground, Hokori quickly came back over to where Black was. She laughed along with him at his own witticism. "I don't doubt that, though there would probably end up being someone who would best you with no experience and only the game's systems. Who knows, maybe if there are VRMMOs after this we can look for a gun based one and we can give it a try." It was nice being around a guy who was actually nice to her for once. Though she was still being treated like another guy for them to hang out with, it was at least not encroaching into the weirdness of those who wanted to have it both ways. Perhaps the two of them could work together more often, though she decided to save that conversation for a later date. @Black