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  1. Artemis

    [ PP - F01 ] Girl Time w/ Ryoko

    She grinned at the taller player and clapped her hands together. “Yes! I love sweets.” Artemis sighed and scratched Luros’s head reassuringly before focusing her gaze back on to the player in front of her. “Aw thanks!” The player smiled meekly, “it’s not as creative as yours I guess. Yours sounds kind of original.” She shrugged and beamed at Ryoko, “So what’s a girl like you doing in the town of beginnings, hm? Shopping? Eating? Socializing?” Artemis nodded her head at her choice, “alright, that sounds like a great place!” She gave a signature smile to the player and gave her a thumbs up, “I’ll take your word for it!” She peaches over to the shop, beckoning her newfound friend with her. Oh ho-ho.. it looks like a really nice place actually. Got to hand it to the girl. She’s got a nice taste in shops. She turned back to Ryoko, “are you coming or what?” @Ryoko
  2. The girl sputtered, “mosquitos?! Why you little..!” She stopped herself and glared at the man. Breath in and out. “Just... get out of my face already,” she sighed, rubbing the bridge of her nose. What a jerk. Artemis watched him leave with a frown and turned to Prometheus. “Hard to believe there's idiots like him in the world, right?” She joked meekly, trying to lift the mood. ”It’s alright,” she shrugged. “I had to stop myself from launching my rapier into his forehead...” the girl murmured, scratching her chin. “Now that would’ve been a nice sight to see, huh?” She looked up and grinned at him. ”Nothing can kill me! I am the almighty Artemis!” She huffed, putting her hands on her hips with a sly smirk. “But at least he’s gone, I couldn’t stand the idiot.” She sighed and scratched the scalp of her cat with a faint smile. “So, you want to go out for that cake now? Sounds right about good at the moment.” @Prometheus @Pick
  3. Artemis

    [PP-F8] Lost and Found

    “Oh really? I never met him before,” she shrugged, pulling her cat back with a small smile. “Why, is he famous or something? I seriously don’t pay attention to anything that happens around here,” Artemis scratches her chin sheepishly and stifled a laugh. She turned her head to the shop and sighed, did he go missing or something? I swear this place was up and running not too long ago. She frowned and turned her attention back to the person in front of her. ”Yeah, I suppose you’re right though. We can always come back in the morning,” she suggested, “or we could just-“ A faint sound made her ears prick, “did you hear that? I heard that!” She turned to her familiar with wide eyes and asked, “you heard that, right?!” Her eyes scanned the area, not making out much due to the time of day, but she swore she saw something. “Whoever or whatever is out there, come out or I will unleash my fury on you!” She shouted meekly, a frown on her face. ID : 105420 LD : 17 + 3 = 20 - 1 (Darkness) = 19 <<Pinball Detected>> @Pinball @Kataware
  4. Artemis

    [ PP - F01 ] Girl Time w/ Ryoko

    Artemis chuckled at her social awkwardness and shrugged, “no worries. In fact, it’s nice to meet another clumsy person. Glad to know I’m not the only one around here.” Giving her the signature grin, Artemis put her palms on her hips and tilted her head. “Are you sure? You look like you’re trying to cover some large bump on your head or something,” she commented, getting up on her toes to see if there was any real injury. “Oh, well... hello back to you!” Artemis clapped her hands together and gave a wide smile, “of course! I am absolutely starving right now!” The player looked around the area, trying to spot any shops she knew. “Anything you particularly want kiddo?” Jumping at her loud burst, she gave a nervous chuckle, “Nice to meet you Ryo, I’m Artemis...” she paused, pointing to her familiar on her shoulders, “and this is Ailuros! Luros for short.” @Ryoko
  5. Artemis

    [ PP - F01 ] Girl Time w/ Ryoko

    Artemis yelped, jumping at the sound of someone hitting the wall beside her. "Jesus Christ!" She turned to see a girl about a good seven inches taller than her on the floor. "Oh my gosh, are you alright? Are you hurt?!" She fretted, glancing around her body to see any form of bruising. Oh wait... you can't bruise in here. Idiot! She face palmed herself and tilted her head at the pink haired girl. "You didn't lose any HP right?" She asked, "if you did. Heal her Luros!" She pointed at the girl and looked at her familiar who gazed at her with a dumbfounded expression. "What are you looking at Luros?! Oh right..." she coughed into her arm with a sheepish look. "You can't heal anyone else other than me," she sighed and looked up at the girl who was standing up now. "Is something wrong with your face or something?" She asked, tilting her head. "Did you hurt it?!" She quickly said right after, stepping a bit closer to the player with worried eyes. @Ryoko
  6. "Come on Luros!" Artemis beckoned her familiar with a grin as she entered the town of beginnings. "Where do you wanna go, hm?" The player scooped up her cat and placed her on her shoulders. "Maybe a café? We both know you love that shop that gives you free cookies," she stifled a laugh and grinned. "Or do you want to go shopping for gear? I could really use some new armor or some accessories," she mumbled, scanning the clothing she was wearing. Her cat gave a small meow of agreement and the player huffed, "wait, I'm broke though..." her shoulders slumped in disappointment, a groan escaping her. "Gosh darn it! What do I do now?!" She shouted hotly, pulling on her strands of strawberry blonde hair. Maybe I can go hunting for a little bit? Agh, I'm too lazy right now. What do I do?! Artemis blinked, a small frown forming on her face. @Ryoko
  7. Looking at her familiar one her shoulders, she gave a nervous smile. "Eheh… we'll be fine. Right Luros?" Artemis looked hopefully at her familiar. The cat gave a small mew in reply but glanced in another direction. Oh dear, this might not turn out so well. She fidgeted with the handle of her rapier as they made their way to a small boar. "It... I can't kill it. it's too cute!" The player whined, falling on to her knees. "Why does Kayaba make us do this?! Giant bugs, that's fine! But baby little pigs?! What did I do to deserve this torture?!" She shrieked, wrapping her hands around her head. Her familiar leaped off her shoulder and tilted her head at her with a curious expression. Artemis scooped her up and frowned, "I can't do this Luros! You got to help me here!" Her eyes were filled with panic. She's only a healing familiar though.
  8. Falling back on to the grass, Artemis blew a piece of hair in her face that was bothering her. "I guess. Names are powerful things too though, mind you," she replied, a giving a small smile. "I'm bored," she blurted out. "And I don't feel like looking for materials anymore," she groaned, rolling over so that she was facing the grass. "I have an idea!" She shouted with a muffled voice. "Let's play twenty-one questions! No harm in that," she suggested, turning over so that she was once again facing that sky. "Does that sound good? Or is it too weird to do that with a total stranger?" She asked, giving Cosi a sideways glance. "I mean its fine if you don't want to. We can just play another game like true or dare, or would you rather, or never have I ever..." The player trailed off, sighing again. "I'm rambling again." ID : 105315 LD : 4, Fail @Cosi
  9. Artemis pranced into the shop like a little kid. Somehow knowing that he weapon she had ordered was already done. Cough cough. Smiling and giving a small wave to Dustin, she picked up the rapier and examined it. “This looks really good! Thanks by the way, I’ll definitly come here soon.” She grinned at him and sheathed the rapier. Bowing slightly, she waved at him again and left the shop with her signature smile. Great, I can finally get some work done! But maybe I should get some armor soon... she sighed, I’ll have to come back to this shop again soon. + Lights Judgement
  10. Artemis nodded her head as she nibbles on a piece of tofu. Swallowing the food, she rolled her eyes and sighed, “yes mom and dad,” she eyes both of them with a frown. “Thank you very much, but if I go broke it’ll be my own fault. I am a strong independent woman!” She exclaimed, “and I don’t need two giant people telling me how to spend my money on,” she waved them off with a sheepish look on her face and went back to eating her ramen. She was about halfway done with her bowl when both of them inhaled all of their food suddenly. “Jesus Christ, men are a mystery,” she muttered under her breath as she pushed her bowl away. “Okay, I’m not that hungry anymore. Let’s go my precious children!” Artemis jumped out of her chair with a grin and dashed to the door like a child. @Cosi @Pick
  11. The player sighed in relief and shifted her sitting position so that she’s now on her knees. “You’re so dumb. And that’s coming from me!” She exclaimed, pure shock written all over her face. “You better keep me around,” she huffed, crossing her arms. “I’d be coming after you if you didn’t. And you don’t want to see these claws gauge your eyes out!” She warned jokingly, holding her nails up to his face. ”Really? Don’t go up yet, just wait for it to leave or something. It’s better safe than sorry. And yes, you still have to buy me cake!” She piped up, “you’ll buy me cake until you are broke! Unless you’re already broke or something. You’re not broke yet, right?” The player sheepishly asked him, not wanting to spend all of his Col on her. She held up a finger and grinned. That’s right... he’s not going to die because he owes me cake. Artemis chuckled to herself. Idiot. @Prometheus
  12. “Wait, I don’t think that’s such a good idea...” she trailed off as he walked away without letting her finish. Oh boy, he better not get himself killed. She peeled over her shoulder to see him fall back along with a strong gust of win. Artemis gave a small yelp and another... another as he kept getting launched backwards. What is he thinking? ”Uh, Prometheus. I don’t think you’re doing this the right way,” she coughed, watching him walk off again. He’s actually going to get himself killed if he keeps this up. Good lord, what is going through his head? She gulped as she watched him appear in the nest. Watching him get swept back again, she sighed. “Just stop already, just wait for the bird to leave before you get in okay? You’re going to die if you keep this up you idiot.” She frowned, slapping him on the back of his head. @Prometheus
  13. “What a generous man you are,” Artemis shook her head and sighed with a small smile. “It’s not just the weapon that saves the people. Some people just waltz right into a fight,” she coughed into her fist. “Like me,” she glanced in another direction sheepishly. “Can’t Kayaba... y’know, just basically kill you with a snap of his fingers?” She looked up at him and snapped her fingers in his face, “just like that. He is the creator of SAO after all.” She shrugged her shoulders and looked around, spotting some material in the corner of her eye. Her face went blank as she took Picks statement into thought. “That’s a very interesting notion I believe,” she scratched her chin in thought. “Too much thought for my ol’ head though. None of that for me!” Artemis said, not giving a care about the similarities and differences of the real world and this virtual prison. “But!” She spoke up, “fighting can be very different mind you. There’s different strategies and ways to fight. I mean, sure there’s the same sword arts and weapons. But everybody has a different way to fight.” ID : 105297 LD 20, Success @Dustin @Pick
  14. “Wait, what?” Artemis’s eyes went blank for a second as she took the strangers words into consideration. “Well... good sir, if you were a real man— I bet you wouldn’t hide your face like that, hm?” She tilted her head at him, “if you were a real man, hiding behind a creepy old mask would be cowardly. Correct?” The player mused, shrugging her shoulders. Artemis puffed out her chest and gave Prometheus a pointed look. “Excuse me good sir, I am anything but a lowlife coward. I’m not leaving here! No way, no how!” She huffed, crossing her arms with arrogance. “And you!” She turned to the creepy looking guy, “Don’t think you can come in here and talk crap without getting a good beating from good old Artemis!” She poked his chest feverishly. “So I suggest you get out of here before I claw your face off!” Artemis coughed shortly after her fit and gave a small innocent smile. “Thank you!” @Prometheus @Pick
  15. Artemis

    [PP-F8] Lost and Found

    The player pouted, “I guess you’re right. It’s an unreasonable time to go shopping I suppose.” She sighed, shaking her head. Gosh darn it. I wanted to eat something before I went on a major shopping spree. Why is life so cruel? Artemis grinned and extended her hand, not fazed by the bluntness. “It’s Artemis, nice to meet you Kataware. Interesting naming by the way.” She shrugged and gave a small smile, “I dunno, I just wanted to get something to eat before I did some stuff. I heard this place is pretty good anyways.” Peering at the shops door, she chuckled and tapped her fingers against her arm. “So why are you here? I mean, for food obviously, duh. But any particular reason why this place?” Forgetting about a special someone, she scooped up her familiar from wherever it was and grinned, “This is Ailuros by the way, Luros for short. Say hi Luros!” She picked up her familiars paws and ‘waved’ it at the stranger. Her cat gave a mewl of protest before twitching her ears in defeat. @Kataware