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  1. Ptolemy gave a small smile towards the dejected player, not that it would do anything anyways. Steering his attention back towards the Variant, he got ready to engage the mob. Activating one of his sword arts, he dashed off towards the enemy. One hit from me won't kill it, he thought, but I think I can lower it down enough for the others to kill it on their turn. He plunged his spear down into the Nepent's body, earning an eerie and shrill shriek from it. As he retreated back to the group, he lowered his spear with a sigh. His eyes skimmed over to the HP of the Nepent. He had only dealt about a third of its health. "That will do," he muttered, turning his attention back to Kirbs and Mortambo. "Will you two be able to finish it off?" He asked, a small and genuine smile caressing his face. Combat: @Mortambo
  2. Ptolemy nodded and got his sword art ready once again. He sprinted off, leaping into the air to deliver a fatal blow to the nepent. His spear slashed through the mob, making its HP drop down to zero in a span of seconds. Watching it disappear into a blue cloud, he turned back to the other two players. "Alright. Just two more after this before the variant, correct?" He asked, lowering his spear with a heavy sigh. Running a hand through his hair, his lips formed a thin line. This quest is taking much longer than I had expected... I did not expect to join a party on such short notice. I would've only had to battle two of these if I went by myself. He gave another inaudible sigh and shrugged the thought off. I suppose it's too late to take anything back now. He smiled to himself anyway. I did meet some interesting people, though. @Mortambo Combat:
  3. "Yes, I remember and likewise," Ptolemy returned the nod with a smile and stuffed his hands into his pockets. Smiling to himself as he watched the interaction between Mortambo and Kirbs, he switched his gaze over to the overgrowth that surrounded them. We should be leaving soon, this quest might take all day, after all, he thought to himself as he returned his gaze back to the other players. "It is indeed a beautiful familiar. At what floor did you tame him?" He asked, genuinely curious. "A peasant, huh?" Ptolemy chuckled at her childish behavior, it reminded him of his own little sisters back in Berlin. He found the whole ordeal to be amusing. "Perhaps you should not say that when you're familiar is right there-" He cut himself off as she then turned to her familiar and started arguing with it. He found it hard to contain himself when the familiar started ignoring its own owner but stifled it down anyways. "I indeed assume that Scarfy can be a bit of handful sometimes." He craned his head to look at his familiar-- which was placed on his shoulder. Cygnus wasn't a very problematic familiar, he was quite calm, actually. He raised his brow in amusement as he watched the girl go crazy with her hand motions. He turned his head to the nepent closest to them and nodded at her. As she took off, he couldn't help but realize how experienced she looked. Perhaps she was actually into video games? He wasn't sure but he was impressed that she had managed to kill a nepent so fast. Snapping back to reality, he gave a nod towards Kirbs and rushed off, his Core Collapse in hand. As his grip tightened on the spear, he unleashed one of his sword arts and slashed right through the nepent. He couldn't help but feel giddy when it dispersed into a cloud of blue. "That is the first wave, yes?" Combat: @Mortambo
  4. Ptolemy’s eyebrow raised as he read the message that Mortambo had sent (or I guess he did, idk). He was honestly impressed that his armor had already been finished. “It looks well made, thank you,” he said sincerely, opening his menu up to retrieve the money he had promised. As he sent the transaction, something in the corner of the shop caught his eye. “If it isn’t a hassle, is it okay if I purchase that as well? I’ll pay with materials this time.” Ptolemy paid the shop owner once again and gave a little wave of goodbye as he left the shop, probably for a while. -1,500 Col -6 Mats +Supernova +Core Collapse
  5. The blue haired player blinked at her strangely but smiled regardless. I feel like if I do anything too drastic, she’ll end up fainting from nervousness, he chuckled at the thought. Extending his hand to shake hers, he gave a warm greeting, “Ptolemy, a pleasure to meet you.” He let go of her hand and took a small sigh. Looking around, he shrugged his shoulders. "I don't see him yet, I can always wait with you. A lady like yourself shouldn't be waiting alone in a forest." “Yes, I suppose he is. He took quite a while to catch but I find it worth it.” Ptolemy nudged Cygnus’s head with his finger and let out a small laugh when the serpent let out an annoyed sound. "He is unusual if I do say so myself, but he gets the job done so I have no room to say anything negative." Ptolemy turned his attention away from his familiar and turned towards the other serpent-like creature that took up most of Kirbs's arm. "Scarfy? I see." Turning his head to another play, he gave the man a small smile. "Pleasure to meet you, sir," he said formally, turning his head slightly to face Kirbs. "Did we not just meet a couple minutes ago?" @Mortambo
  6. Ptolemy entered the shop with a breezy smile. "Greetings, I'm just here to order something," he said to the shop owner. Making his way to the orders, he quickly wrote down his order. looking up, he made a small thin line with his mouth. "Alright," picking his paper up, he handed it to Mortambo. Patting the other player on the shoulder, he gave the man a small salute. "Just message me when you finish it, is that alright? I can also pay when I get back." He asked, raising a small brow. "Whatever you do, just make sure you don't rush it. A rushed product is not a good one," he grinned, patting his shoulder one last time before leaving out the door. @Mortambo
  7. Ptolemy let out a low grunt as he felt something collide into him. Hearing something fall to the floor, he tilted his head. He looked down and spotted an unfamiliar face. It was a girl-- most likely younger than him. Snapping out of his thoughts, he let out a small chuckle. He held out his hand with a warm smile. "No, don't blame yourself. Apologies, it was my fault for making myself unknown to you in such a dangerous area," Ptolemy replied, pulling her up. He looked around before settling his eyes back onto the stranger. "I don't suppose you are doing the quest that is around here, are you?" He asked, tilting his head. "It just seems so that I am doing that quest myself." Glancing at the creature wrapped tightly around her arm, he gave a small chuckle. "Is that your familiar? You don't find many tamers around here, it's good to see another person like me." As soon as he finished, a streak of white landed on his head. "Speaking of the devil himself. May I introduce you to my own familiar, Cygnus." @Mortambo
  8. Ptolemy cleared his throat as he strolled out to the plains of the floor. Without looking, he cleared his throat and started to talk out loud, "so Cygnus. This will indeed be the first quest we will be doing together," he smiled, feeling as if this is a checkpoint for him. "Exciting is it not?" From the corner of his eye, he saw his familiar tilt his head at the player. "Of course, you barely know what I am saying," he sighed and opened his inventory as he walked. I suppose I have been gaining too many levels before this quest. He chuckled and lifted his shoulder for a bit. "You'll be helping me, right?" He asked Cygnus, who seemed to understand him and gave a small gesture of his head. I'll take that as a yes. "Alright then," he made his way out of the town and started seeing the rolling plains in the distance. That'll be good then. Battle Ready Inventory:
  9. S U M M A R Y: Ptolemy: > Title of <<Feather Winged Leviathan>> Tamer > A familiar <<Feather Winged Leviathan>> > 2 SP > 200 Col > 2 Mats Black: > 200 Col > 1 SP > 5 Mats
  10. "Well, at least now I know you could be a significant qualifier for when I want to rant about anything astronomically related," he said in a joking manner. "You know more than most people, that is indeed correct." He glanced at his familiar, who was now firmly latched on to his shoulder. I fear that that will bothersome very quickly. He turned his attention back to Black. "You seem to know a bit about history as well, that can be useful at some point or another." "Alright, Cygnus it is," he declared, turning his head to his now named familiar. "It is suitable, thank you for helping me out. But what about Camelopardalis? Just imagine introducing your familiar to anyone. 'Meet my familiar, his name is Camel... Camelpardal? Camelopardalis'. It's just a real mouthful," Ptolemy sniggered. "Cygnus does sound very interesting as a name, thank you." "I could always help, just don't rob me of all my materials. I need them as well," he smiled, remembering that he was going to indeed open a shop at one point in his time in Aincrad. ID: 107228 LD: 3 + 3 + 2 =8, Failure No Treasure Chest found. @Black
  11. “You know strangely a lot about astronomy,” he chuckled, taking his words into consideration. “I suppose you are right though, it would be thoughtful to name him something that involves astronomy. There is a constellation named Draco, and was coincidently found my Ptolemy himself. But I don’t think naming a dragon that means dragon in another language is such a good idea.” He searches in his head for a few seconds. “There are a few constellations I know of that are near Draco. Perhaps Cygnus, Cepheus, or Hercules,” Ptolemy mumbled. “I know of a sort of long named one called Camelopardalis. Do any of these sound good to you?” He looked up at Black and grinned sheepishly. ”I’ll take that into consideration,” he looked at his familiar. “I don’t think he’d like to see his kind getting slaughtered anyways.” He turned to Black and nodded, “of course. I have to repay you anyways. About that...” he took off the borrowed ring and handed it to him. “Much thanks for that, too.” ID: 107218 LD: 1, Failure @Black
  12. Ptolemy chuckled, “aren’t we all?” He cleared his throat and smile briskly at Dustin. Perhaps hat wasn’t the best way to introduce myself to him. The player sweatdropped at the thought. “Alright, sounds like a good plan,” he muttered, following after him. It was quiet for a few moments, with the exception of Dustin’s humming. “I am almost certain that there can be some guitars. Perhaps if you chose the be a performer.” Ptolemy mentioned, shrugging his shoulders. He is kind of quiet. Maybe just to strangers though? People perpetuate me sometimes. He sighed and rubbed the back of his neck, “must be nice having a father like that though,” he mumbled. If fathers do that, I’m pretty sure Victoria would be a better father than... father. He deadpanned at the thought. Never mind, Victoria would make a horrible father, much less a parent in general. She’ll kill the child with all her talking before she can actually raise them. @Dustin
  13. Ptolemy coughed into his shoulder as he returned to black with his familiar ‘floating’ behind him. “Thanks. I really couldn’t have done it without you,” he grinned greatefully at Black. What’s Final Fantasy? “I suppose. Yeah, it does indeed look pretty cool,” Ptolmey mumbled, poking his familiar with his index finger, making it wriggle in the air. “Please, no flash photography,” he chuckled, covering his face. Peeking from the cracks of his hands, he shrugged. “It does feel nice to finally have one though.” Why is it that when I try to do this quest, I get no luck whatsoever. I guess Black really is lucky. Or I’m just cursed with bad luck or something. “What should I name him?” I’m pretty sure it’s a ‘him’ at least. He looked at Black, “got any ideas?” I feel as if I’m not creative enough to come up with names. He sighed, taking a closer look at his familiar. “I am all out of ideas.” @Black
  14. He picked up the bell and looked at her, "aren't these things supposed to be for cats?" He sighed, shoving it into his pocket. "So fun to play." He muttered sarcastically, "this will definitely give me a long lasting impression on video games. The first one I play and then I am suddenly in a game where I have to fight with swords if I want to get out of here," he chuckled to himself bitterly, feeling as if this whole thing was surreal and unrealistic. "Ah, no," Ptolemy put on a crooked smirk. "I am not a pacifist, but I'm going to go with the slow route. As a plus, wouldn't you love to spend your time with me anyway? After all, you are the one that approached me." He mused and shrugged, "I have plenty of time myself, so we can just go on with it. Chatting with a stranger you just met can be rather exciting, no?" He raised a brow at her as he stepped out of the town. @Mutsu