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  1. Priest

    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    Soon enough it was time, and the two priests knew it. Time had run out and many players didn't take the cross necklaces like they had hoped. The two of them sighed but there was nothing to be done. Instead the two nodded to each other before speaking up. "Anyone who is ready to confront the priest, it's time! Please follow me inside the church. I won't be of much help to you as I am no fighter. Hold onto the necklaces for those who have them as we enter." "And everyone who wishes to protect the church!" Zack called out. "Please follow me! Whatever is stalking out in the fields grows restless. We must keep the others inside safe until they have completed their task!" With this, the two priests would gesture for the players to follow them. Each of them whispering a quiet prayer that only those following very closely would hear. "Our Lord, watch over these men and women. Protect them with your grace and your love. Guide them on your path, and strengthen them with your Holy Light." Tier 1-2 Boss Fight Thread: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/17123-f13-eb-demons-crusade/ @Hazado @Domarus @tricolor_mina @Kyot0 @Dazia @Sunova @Cosi @Black @Krysta @Kimi @Vigilon @Dustin @Kairi @Hidden @Stryder @Mars @Neopolitan @Aereth Tier 3 Boss Fight Thread: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/17124-f13-eb-adulterated-realms-t3/ @Shield @Beat @Ruby @Itzal @Zandra @Calrex @Morgenstern @Hestia @Macradon @Seul @Baldur Thread Rewards
  2. Priest

    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    The priests continued handing items out when needed, and they stepped away to let Hestia take over. Zack was happy to see her in charge. She was a kind soul but was strong when she needed to be. Uri focused on handing out the items to the many players. Hestia being the first, Mina being the second. Then Dazia and Neo. They were hoping everyone would come pick one up, and hopefully they would. Then Zandra walked over and took one for herself. Uri noticed the look on her face. "If there is a concern please share it." When they heard her words, Zack couldn't help but chuckle. "No they are not meant to possess. They've been blessed and anointed in oils, prayed over. They are designed to repel any demonic influence in the area. It won't work against strong powers, but it should keep demonic aura off of you. As for the cross itself." he said, gesturing to the actual item. "The nails represent the ones that the soldiers drove into Jesus' wrists and ankles. The sacrifice he paid for our freedom from sin. It is not meant to condemn or possess you, but to keep you free of the Devil's influence, even if it be minor." Uri nodded with a gentle smile. "Caution is important, but so is trust and faith." @Zandra
  3. Priest

    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    Uri smiled brightly as players continued to file into the courtyard of the church. He was a little nervous before, but in the end he knew God would provide. "Ask and you shall receive," he thought aloud. He returned to providing items for the players, smiling, blessing and praying for them every time. None of them seemed interested in conversation other than the blue haired player, but he was fine with this. They were warriors about to do battle. It was natural for them to be so focused. Of course there were individuals who didn't seem to take the event as seriously as others, but he was praying there was a good reason for it. Zack and Uri froze when a chill shot down their spine. They had both felt the demonic influence that had just pulsed out of the church. Only they felt it however. The two looked at the church, then back towards one another. Whatever he was planning, he was about to perform it. "Uri, fetch the items real quick. Meet me at the front." Uri nodded and hurried towards a crate, reaching into it. Players would notice that he was still able to sell items throughout all of this. Zack rushed over to the front of the church and turned around to face the players. Then he spoke. "Greetings everyone. I'm relieved the Lord has sent you all to us. We aren't the only ones in danger here. Every life on this floor is, and you have been called to protect them. Inside the church is a priest who has been communicating and making deals with demons. He has allowed himself to become corrupted. In order to face this corruption, you must first cleanse your heart and mind. The devil is a master of lies, deception and manipulation. He preys on your weaknesses, and corrupts your heart with doubt. Do not let him get the better of you." He looked at the players, moving his eyes from one side to the other. "In addition, my brother and I feel another force of some sort. Whether it is one singular power or a horde of enemies we cannot tell. However what I can say is this: The force is powerful. I suggest having the stronger of the warriors protect the church from outside interference while the rest face the priest. I will not force you to go either way, but I implore you to do so." Uri stepped in beside his brother. "The demonic influence is strong, so we recommend you take these:" he said, holding out a necklace. The loop for the neck was made of loose string that would clearly give an itching/scratching feeling on the neck. Hanging at the bottom was a cross made of two sharpened nails: One long one going down, and a short one going across. "There are plenty for everyone and we implore you to take one into your fight." Uri looked at Zack before he nodded. "Everyone who seeks to face the priest inside, please come see me. For those seeking to protect the church and those inside from any outside force, see my brother Zack." [Players have until Tuesday 4:00 PM EST to finish making preparations]
  4. Priest

    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    Zack had returned to Uri's side as the priest continued to hand out goods and items. Uri sighed as Zack approached. "So many weary souls. They've had a hard life. I fear the devil may seek to bring them to ruin." Zack placed a hand on his brother's shoulder comfortingly. "Worry not. They are weary yes, but strong in spirit and will. All we can do once the battle starts, is pray and ask for the Lord's hand of guidance." Suddenly another player approached the two. A player in blue armor and hair. Zack nodded with a smile in response to Calrex' words. "Of course warrior. I feel sorry for Tagas, Avarious and Leothiel. They were once angels but were forced into a mortal state. Avarious and Leothiel for their sins. Tagas by the power of demons channeled as magic by men. In their mortal state they used what angelic power they had left to fulfill their wishes. Tagas ended up a puppet of man while Avarious and Leothiel fell in their attempt to control the world..." Zack looked Calrex in the eyes. "However, the enemy is no angel. It is a priest who has been speaking and dealing with demons. More than likely he is possessed at this point.. In addition to this we're concerned that something else is approaching. Whether it's a legion of greater demons or a single fallen angel we are unsure. But it is dangerous nonetheless. We want the stronger of you all to protect the church while the rest cleanse the priest and the land. As for what the demons are capable of..." He turned to Uri who nodded and spoke up. "We're rather unsure. Demons can do all sorts of things so long as they have permission. However what both demons and fallen angels are capable of, is in fact deception and manipulation. They are excellent at placing doubts, turning others against each other, and playing at one's weaknesses. At the end of the day, we are concerned that may be your biggest threat. You are all warriors, but not every warrior has a clear and moral heart. Many give that up for greater strength, revenge, survival, or other means..." "In conclusion, demons are more destructive and don't protect themselves as much. Both they and fallen angels are excellent at toying with the minds and emotions of humans, but cannot force them to do anything without submitting to their will. If a Fallen angel has in fact appeared, the best we can do is drive it away. You can't kill an angel after all." @Calrex
  5. Priest

    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    The priest listened as she moved on to ask about the man personally. To this he would nod and continue. "His name was Miraak, and I've known him his whole life. Brown hair that reaches the bottom of his neck and dark brown eyes. When he was young he was the type who was always bullied. People stole from him and beat him down, even if we tried to protect him. Soon enough he found the Lord who filled him with the Holy Spirit. Suddenly there was a change. He was no longer drenched in despair or hurting, but instead was filled with peace and even happiness. He began to train as a priest, and taught the Word of the Lord to the people, who also gained hope at seeing his transformation. However, he reached a point where he wanted more. He wanted the Lord to punish those who harmed him. To the point where he became impatient and began enacting revenge, which of course began to draw him away from Christ. Eventually he wanted more, wanted the ability to keep any bullies from stopping him. And from there it just continued to grow. Then, one day, he spent a full day in the chapel alone to spend with the Lord. When he walked out he was completely different. No longer did he show joy or happiness. Instead he showed arrogance and a slight hostility towards us." Zack sighed and looked on towards the chapel, his eyes full of sorrow and worry. "He began to disobey the scriptures, and preached laws and rules that the Lord had never spoken of in the Bible. Even furthermore he himself did not abide most of these laws, and yet professed that he knew the Lord. It became clear that he was 'fixing' the issues only man could see, and not the brokenness that the Lord could see. Now the settlement is in chaos. People divided. His teachings are nothing but the rules and laws of humans who are flawed to begin with, and are far more strict and harsh. They demand perfection from the people. It is the opposite of what Jesus Christ had accomplished when he died for our sins. If it were required by the Lord to be perfect to enter the kingdom of heaven via good works, then no one would reach Heaven. For no one is without sin. However Jesus had died for us, and taken on our sins. We have but to admit we are sinful and accept him and his love... He's tainted that understanding." Zack looked back to Hestia. "We do have items that have been anointed with oils and prayers that we plan to hand out to everyone. It is not so the land itself, but the presence of demons and fallen angels that affects an individual. They are not of this world after all, and have some influence over us." When she asked about the feeling he shook his head. "Satan would not step out of the shadows. I doubt the Fallen Angel would ever do so. More likely it is either a powerful collection of demons, or a very powerful one. Regardless of this however. Even if it is not Satan, demons and fallen angels are powerful foes and are not to be underestimated." @Hestia
  6. Priest

    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    Uri continued to sell items to the players who came for some. With each who came he gave them the blessing and wished them luck in the upcoming fight. Soon however he noticed one of the players approaching his brother. Zach, who saw Hestia approach him, turned and bowed slightly with a genuine and honest smile to her. "Greetings Hestia. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. You may call me Zack. How may I be of service?" He heard her questions and saw her look, and nodded in understanding. "Yes of course, I understand and should have expected as much. You have much experience behind your eyes, but also much weight as well... For a while now there has been several false teachings spreading through the settlement. Over time our world has begun to grow more and more dark and corrupt. If you look at the grass in the area, it is no longer as green and fresh as it once was. This is because one of the priests of Angel's Point has chosen to speak and deal with demons Hestia. We don't know how far exactly, but we do know that he has become corrupt because of it. We also don't know why he has chosen to work with demons. In truth, we don't know much about what is going on with him outside of his corruption." He turned to look at the players in the area. "Normally we handle things like this ourselves, but.. It's different this time. We don't know how far this has gone, and if he's being possessed by demons force may be required. And while my brother and I are trained to protect ourselves, we wouldn't be very good against him. As for what he may be capable of, we.... Aren't too sure. He has some proficiency in fighting with a polearm, so he will most likely use the Arch Priest's Staff but. If he is being possessed and strengthened by demons, he may have other abilities too. That's not all though." He glanced around the ground they stood on, past the fence and gate. "I worry.. I feel as if something will strike to keep you all from defeating him. That's why I plan on proposing two groups. One to fight the priest and one to protect the church from whatever outside force is approaching. Another thing to worry about: Demons follow Satan, the king of lies. You and your comrades must be cautious not to listen to the priest or the demons, no matter how much sense they make. No matter how right they sound, or how good their intentions, no matter how good they may seem." He looked into Hestia's eyes once again. "If you have more questions I shall answer, but I am not all knowing. Demons work in the shadows, and hide their true nature. Only by the name of Jesus Christ can they be forced out into the open. However my brother and I would likely be killed before we have the chance." @Hestia
  7. Priest

    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    Uri breathed a sigh of relief when players began making their way over to the church. Zack smiled and patted his brother's back encouragingly. Uri chuckled embarrassingly. "It's comforting to see them actually here." Zack nodded. "Why don't you help the players to their items. I think I see someone who could use some encouragement. I'll be back shortly ok Uri?" Uri nodded with a smile. "Don't worry brother, I'll take care of them." With that Zack walked over to the player with the pink hair. He stood beside her as the two of them looked upon the chapel. "When a priest colludes and deals with the devil on the inside, and acts like a righteous man on the outside, he corrupts not only himself, but people's perspective of his beliefs, as well as the world around..." He turned to look to the girl and gave a comforting smile. "However darkness never lasts. It can be stopped in the end. Uri and I are hoping you and the others can aid us in putting a stop to this. Even though the darkness can be terrifying, it becomes less frightening when you remember that you are not alone. Find hope and strength in that thought, for you have many who will stand beside you all the way." Suddenly another player with brown hair walked over to her and greeted her, showing that they knew each other from one point in time. Zack smiled and nodded to them both. "I will leave you two then. Thank you for coming to our aid." Uri stood there at the ready as players came over to collect items. The first was a black haired girl and he smiled and nodded to her. "Greetings ma'am. Is there anything I can help you with? Anything you need?" When she didn't reply to him he gave a nervous chuckle and just made the exchange, handing her the items she ordered on the cardinal system. "I hope these help you in your-" When she turned and walked away his hand held in the air for a second before he sighed and let it fall. The next player to approach him was a blonde haired man. The priest heard his words and nodded. "Certainly! Let me gather them for you." He collected the items required and handed them to the player. As he thanked him and turned around however, Uri would continue: "Don't let actions and words of the past hold you down. Seek strength in your friends and allies, those around you. The devil hits strongest when we are on our own. May the Lord bless you, and give you strength in this fight." As the player walked away another player approached, a brown haired player. He smiled and nodded to him. "Of course! One moment please," He gave the player all the items he required and handed them to him. "May the Lord bless you, and give you strength in this fight." As he moved on another player approached. This time Uri knew exactly what kind of person they were. However, he did not have the reaction the girl had hoped for. Instead of looking scared, nervous or angry, he looked sad. He would close his eyes for a moment, and speak softly. "Father, forgive her for she knows not what she has done." He continued this small prayer but the rest could not be heard. @Hestia @tricolor_mina @Vigilon @Morgenstern @Hidden
  8. Players of Aincrad!  There is a darkness rising on the thirteenth floor!  The true priests are requesting players help in exposing and destroying this invading evil.

    The citizens of Angel's Point are in grave danger.


  9. [Players have 1 Week until they face the bosses (1 T1-2 boss, 1 T3 boss) Standing at the edge of the courtyard stood two priests. Each of them in simple clothing standing side by side as they looked over the settlement of Angel's Point. Zack Ophir stood there silently with a grim and worried face, while his brother, Uri sighed. Zack turned to look at his younger brother and gave a comforting smile. "Uri don't worry too much. The woman promised she would help spread the word. The Lord did bring her to us remember?" Uri gave his older brother a loose smile. "I know brother, and I trust the Lord. However I can't help but be.. Anxious I want to say. So much is at stake here. This could be our final stand. If we don't stop it here-" "I know," Zack said solemnly as he nodded. "If they don't stop it. This may be the last we see of this world of ours. Let us pray they are strong in the Lord and drive back the evil." Uri nodded worriedly before looking back down to the grim town below. "So many lies twisting the minds of the innocent... I hope that young lady Neo can in fact reach out to a great many players." "She may be mute, but there are many ways to communicate. Do not worry, she will get through." They stood there a moment longer before both of them felt a chill and turned to look at the church. They looked at each other worriedly. "It's time.. Uri, you collected the supplies for them? They must be ready." "Yes Zack. They won't be unprepared... It's up to them and the Lord then?" "Yes. Now, we must inform the young lady. It's time." A message was then sent out to not only Neo, but every player she had spread the word to. Every player who was made aware of the trouble stirring up. <<Uri can Sell equipment to the players if they do not have time to prepare>> <<All costs to purchase items are colored in red.>>