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  1. Miyuki


    The rather joyous giggle that escaped from Enna's mouth made Miyuki want to join her. "Eto… Right now? I was thinking of later~ But okay! Let's GO!!!!!" Watching the reactions from the shorter human next to her, Miyuki chuckled, "Gotta be blunt about it~ Joking around is kewl beans~" Her eyes now focused on Enna, the sudden hair raising expression along with the unsheathing of her weapons caught herself somewhat off guard. "Of course they do." She hearself unsheathed her curved sword, her expression instantly mimicking the other girl's. Not sure if Enna was joking or not, Miyuki joined in, she herself began to joke around. Upon discovering that Enna was in fact, joking. Miyuki couldn't help but let out a charming laugh once more. Two of the things that Miyuki did the most, laughing and smiling. Taking the hand of her newfound friend, Miyuki allowed Enna to help her up. With the two of them now standing, Miyuki and Enna's height definitely seemed out of sorts. Enna, being closer to 5 foot, and Miyuki being closer to 6, the two definitely had a huge gap difference. Miyuki jokingly put her elbow on the head of the shorter feminine person. "So short teehee~" Removing her elbow, Miyuki ushered for Enna to lead the way. "After you." @Ennakai
  2. Miyuki was, as per usual, creating works of art. Her small "ink pen" that she had bought off an NPC not too long ago, flying across her thing "paper" substance as she drew. The shapes forming that of her own story. Despite the fact that she was now trapped in the game, she never gave herself a break from drawing or painting. It had, after all been her way of life. And everyone had their own way to cope with the things of the world. Miyuki was currently working on a nose that just so happened to be stubborn when the familiar ding of an incoming message could be heard. Putting her stuff back into her inventory, Miyuki tapped away, checking her new messages. Attaching some sort of crazy emote at the end of her messages was only a regular thing with Miyuki, and not a second doubt of hesitation she hit send and jumped to her feet. Rather than how most would walk, Miyuki began to skip down the cobblestone walkways until she reached the end of the town. The pathway to the garden was obviously shown and Miyuki shrugging off a small fly that landed on her shoulder began her skip to the garden. Where, August would be eagerly awaiting her arrival. The way to the garden was definitely unmistakingly beautiful, and Miyuki was enjoying every second of it. "IM HERRREEEE~~" Miyuki skipped into the clearing that August was at, her grin showing from ear to ear.
  3. Miyuki


    "En-na~ Aww ~ kawaii-desu!" The info broker was right in that it was that season.. Halloween... The thought only made Miyuki's grin widen. Back when she was not in the game, she always went all out during Halloween. It always gave her a chance to make her own character come to life. Whether they be, dragon girls or succubus. Whether it be a red-skinned mage or a white haired elf. Miyuki definitely loved the thought of Halloween, along with the fact that there were plenty of haunted houses around that would spook her. "Then its decided! You and I are going to attend a spooky house here in the game! There has to be one around somewhere, right? After all this is now our world." The fact that Enna was an info broker made Miyuki feel somewhat surprised, "Wow, compared to me you do a lot more. I don't really have any sort of important job as of now. I don't even know where to begin~" A sly thumbs up instantly pointed in Enna's direction, "Good job~" Now having been caught 'staring', Miyuki's eyes sparkled with mischief, "A girl can't stare?" A simple wink was given, "Do you even have anything to look at though..?" Speaking her thoughts aloud, Miyuki made a small 'kyaa' noise. "As for places to go, I haven't really explored this town yet. I always rush into danger and stuff, so I suppose it might be nice to take a pace back for the day. Want to be my escort?" @Ennakai
  4. Miyuki


    A sudden sound spooked Miyuki to the point that her arms flailed out and her eyes widened. A small yelp escaped her lips as she got scared. Flashes of purple filled the vision as the appearance of a person overlooked her laying down body. Once the person moved away from the vision, Miyuki sat up and turned to face the person. Her mind having processed what they were saying, Miyuki's expression of surprised easily switched to a smile. Scratching the back of her neck before her fingers found their way to a small strand protruding from the buns on either side of her head, Miyuki processed what the person had said. Just what I needed, something to entertain me. "You certainly spooked the living gods out of me~ The weather is definitely nice, but its too nice to be just laying around. I want to do something. What are you up to yourself?" With raised eyebrows, a thoughtless movement occurred in that Miyuki held out her hand to greet the person, "The name's Miyuki. Spelt M-I-Y-U-K-I. Pronounced 'Me-You-Key' with the emphasis on 'yu'~" Each part of her name was pronounced as Miyuki would say her own name, so as to not cause any problems. Not everyone was Japanese-American after all, meaning that her name could easily become difficult to pronounce. Waiting to hear the girl's response, Miyuki let her eyes scan the graceful figure before her. Long purple hair, with dazzling purple eyes. The details to the figure seemed rather feminine, along with the height of the player in front of her. However, one thing that remained to dumbfound Miyuki was the rather flat chest she saw before her. There was seemingly, nothing there. The pale skin of the person seemed untouched by the sun. Something that Miyuki definitely found fleetingly delicate. What a strange character... I like it. @Ennakai
  5. Miyuki


    The first floor on Aincrad was the very beginning of everyone's adventure here at the castle in the sky. The seemingly endless, or rather 80 square kilometer wide terrain was vastly different with no real push towards anything specific that defined itself. Yet, Miyuki still loved the charm that the first floor held. Despite being so very far from danger, it held quite a unique aspect to the otherwise deadly world she was now a part of. The Town of Beginnings was stretched out in front of Miyuki's hand as she stretched it outwards. Her rear end settled down on a surprisingly cold stone bench as it was around 25 degrees Celsius. The bubbling water fountain that sparkled in the sunlight in front of her created a sound that could barely be heard over the hustle and bustle of the marketplace nearby. Everyone seemed to be rushing about the specific day that Miyuki had found time for herself to be rather lazy, something she never really felt. Her own creativity urging her to do something which resulted in the soft tapping of her foot on the stone pavement as her leg made small yet abrupt movements. Once again staring at her outstretched hand, a frustrated sigh escaped her smiling lips. Miyuki tossed her body backwards, her back making a soft thudding sound on the cold stone as she laid down. Her hand now stretched towards the sky, eyes darting to each cloud trying to make out the shapes. A charming and enthusiastic laugh escaped Miyuki's chest as she saw a fluffy bunny in the shape of one of the clouds.
  6. Miyuki


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    Profile Username: Miyuki Real name: Miyuki Saki Age: 20 Gender: Female Height: 174 CM Sexuality: Homosexual Profession: LEFT BLANK Skills Total Skill Points >> 5 << Spent >> 5 << Unspent >> 0 << Non-combat: » Here Passive: » Here Combat: » Here Weapon skills: » Curved Sword [1/5] [5 SP] Inventory Starting Package: PACKAGE B "DPS" Weapons/Tools: Rare Curved Sword: Simple curved sword, with a small snowflake charm attached to the hilt (ENHANCED: +1 DMG +1 ACC) Armor: Vanity Armor: Black set of light armor with a small spot in the back to hang her curved sword across her waits Potions: Starting Healing Potion(Heals 50) x3 Mats: tier 1 x10 Battle Ready: Starting Healing Potions x3 Empty Empty Empty Empty